Go! [US-SC] [H] NYM96, Paypal [W] Paypal, GMK Delta |

[US-SC] [H] NYM96, Paypal [W] Paypal, GMK Delta

2021.03.03 01:29 Cosmic_Doc [US-SC] [H] NYM96, Paypal [W] Paypal, GMK Delta

Timestamp does not come with the keycaps pictured
NYM96 Gray -Alpaca switches (lubed with Krytox 205g0) and filmed (Deskeys).
-Brass plate.
-Durock stabilizers.
-1/8in Neoprene Rubber case foam (this stuff is magical lol)
-I've also got an unused aluminum plate if you want it.
My 96% 5lb boi is in need of a good home. It's been a fantastic keyboard but I'm switching to a 65% because of desk space.
Asking price: $250 + shipping
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2021.03.03 01:29 Flying_P1ckle I think I found the problem for the overheating.

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2021.03.03 01:29 moear3311 MEGA BLASTOISE LOOKING FOR 10!!!!! 7299-5930-0751

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2021.03.03 01:29 LogozdipYT Neutral team?

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2021.03.03 01:29 sweetcookies7474 Trading og teddyz

Looking for: full diamonds, Ltbs+diamonds
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2021.03.03 01:29 MustTakeFlight What do I do after getting machinist?

So I’ve been playing this game with the goal to get machinist and main it, after grinding through 150+ quests of the msq I’m finally here and... now what? Sure I have the class but without a goal now I don’t know what to do. Not to mention now I don’t even know how to level this guy, not like I can q for dungeons and stuff as that take 10+ minutes as a dps. I don’t even have a hunting log as this quest, and going back to all the old zones to do sidequests seems so boring as well. And I don’t wanna continue the main quest yet because I don’t really like ninja all that much. I even tried PotD but that seems just as soul crushing as wasting time in q forever.
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2021.03.03 01:29 kooompe Almandine Garnets in Mica Schist from Connecticut, eBay link in comments!

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2021.03.03 01:29 InspirobotBot Wed Mar 3 02:29:23 2021

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2021.03.03 01:29 docmn612 My DE1 finally arrived

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2021.03.03 01:29 Cookielady99 Successful 1B Vaccine at Walgreens! I hope my experience helps you.

  1. Made appointment on Walgreens website last Saturday at 4:30 a.m. Was offered dose 1 nearby on Tuesday. Dose 2 was scheduled in another county.
  2. Arrived with confirmation printed out, paperwork filled out, driver’s license, insurance card, work ID. Checked in quickly. Was asked to confirm my profession (also on my insurance card).
  3. Pharmacist confirmed that it is okay if 2nd dose is out of county, as long as it is in CA.
  4. Got the Pfizer jab and waited 15 minutes. No side effects. So happy!
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2021.03.03 01:29 Stressweekly Kanata 's Handmade Meal

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2021.03.03 01:29 TryforDry “Thanks, Jesus.”

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2021.03.03 01:29 Obliviousobi Alto and Rabiot Joint Mission

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2021.03.03 01:29 cdoern01 First day of voting over on r/takecareofourplants

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2021.03.03 01:29 charlotteloumorgan Which is more annoying to you?

For me, even though the toddlehighchair thing is so annoying, I feel the constant phone calls/texts from other Sims, sometimes more than once a day asking to hang out, go on a date etc etc etc are the most annoying! 😓
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2021.03.03 01:29 sk4p3g04t Every Time a Wanderer Joins in SOS2

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2021.03.03 01:29 Ace_Opal Ahh, but which is the real TLC #14 🤔

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2021.03.03 01:29 MyRevolution_468 Week 1 of nofap and im feeling more anxious than usual.

Can anyone relate? Its a bit annoying tbh. I went to the mall today and i couldn't even look people in the eyes. Normally i could easily, can any of yall relate to this?.
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2021.03.03 01:29 Hopterfixer Traveling with Travelers Checks

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2021.03.03 01:29 Magick_Comet My BMC Luna at the dog park today...

3 1/2 years old...rescued...loves treeing squirrels!
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2021.03.03 01:29 giraffetooth i kicked a hitchhiker out of my car in the middle of the desert

About 3 months ago, I was driving alone on a trip to visit my parents. Most of this drive goes through a desolate desert with barely any vegetation.
Approx. an hour into the drive I saw a 20-30 year old with shorts, t-shirt, backpack, and a water bottle giving me the thumbs up on the side of the road. Considering the road is less used nowadays, I decided to help him out because it didn't seem like he would see anyone else that day.
At first he seemed quite normal at first but after we introduced each other and had a couple conversations, he started to act strangely. He would occasionally flick his head twice and make a face, but would continue with the conversation like nothing happened. about 30 mins after driving him, he started talking politics and was VERY adamant on his way of viewing things being ''correct". I wasn't afraid of sharing my own thoughts and opinions, so I did as respectfully as I could. Without warning he cut me off mid-sentence and screamed at the top of his lungs. I was shocked and really didn't know what to do (looking back he was obviously on drugs). He pushed me past the point of comfort in my own vehicle at that point, so I pulled over and ordered him to get out of my car. He took his stuff and once outside I zoomed off, leaving him at least 60km away from the nearest town.
Later, when I arrived at my parents house, I looked over to the passenger side door, and he left his water bottle! I assume he was fine, but who knows, maybe I killed some druggie because I didn't look to my right for a couple hours.
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2021.03.03 01:29 workworkworkeveryday Packers Urged to Trade for CB Stephon Gilmore

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2021.03.03 01:29 TheLegendaryDarkBot Hi, I’m back again with perfectly timed accidental genius. Not gameplay, but I was listening to the song as I was booting up the game. “How to Be Me” by Ren and Chinchilla

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2021.03.03 01:29 Heisswasser ASICs rise up

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