Go! Evolution of shocked dedede (2000-2018) |

Evolution of shocked dedede (2000-2018)

2021.04.20 10:34 A_usual_glimpse Evolution of shocked dedede (2000-2018)

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2021.04.20 10:34 birajgarg Are you sure about that?

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2021.04.20 10:34 SnooBooks3095 Rubber tree propagation help! :)

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2021.04.20 10:34 keithwaits R efficient programming

I am currently comparing the names all levels in two variables. This is to find highly similar cases that might represent type-os or other mistakes.
To do this I perform a double loop over both sets of strings and compare all to all.
Would there be a more efficient way to tackle something like this. I'm looking to reduce compute time.
An example:

Names1 <- paste("R",1:10,sep="") Names2 <- paste("r",1:10,sep="") comp.names <- matrix(NA,nrow=length(Names1),ncol=length(Names2)) rownames(comp.names) <- Names1 colnames(comp.names) <- Names2 for(i in 1:nrow(comp.names)) { for(j in 1:ncol(comp.names)) { comp.names[i,j] <- stringsim(rownames(comp.names)[i],colnames(comp.names)[j]) } } 
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2021.04.20 10:34 CarlosSmithudemy 70-740 - MCSA Windows Server 2016 Real Exam Practice Tests

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2021.04.20 10:34 CanidPsychopomp Way up above the flatlands: La Maliciosa (2227m), Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain

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2021.04.20 10:34 070420210854 I was walking down the street and saw a ladder at the base of a tall building with a sign “Climb to success” so I thought, what the hell and started to climb.

Finally, after 150 or 200 feet, I got to the last rung and found myself staring at the most beautiful vagina I had ever seen. My face was so close I could even smell her secret delights. My eyes finally moved from her perfect clitoris to her gorgeous face. She smiled back and said “Hi, I’m Cess”
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2021.04.20 10:34 CarlosSmithudemy 70-742 - MCSA Windows Server 2016 Real Exam Practice Tests

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2021.04.20 10:34 xRedditMan21 Waiting for Newgrounds to come back up be like:

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2021.04.20 10:34 ArmoredVortex06 Repost since none of you saw this

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2021.04.20 10:34 Zealousideal_Sort_76 Wonder if they will bring in Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman and Danny DeVito’s The Penguin as well still as a cameo special appearance on next year’s #theflashmovie⚡as well🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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2021.04.20 10:34 No_Iron_4147 Frequencies

I just wanted to ask, can you layer frequencies with music? Not affs but songs of your choice. I just wanted to know because I usually use subliminals on one tab while watching videos or listening to music and some of the subs I'm using contain freq.
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2021.04.20 10:34 LoginB Blursed Thor

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2021.04.20 10:34 Astrongtower Seagate Archive HDD Failure. No Crash, No Spin, Silent. Troubleshooting Advise…

I have a Seagate Archive HDD (Seagate (STEB8000100) Expansion Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0 for PC Laptop). It was in an external enclosure. I have several external hard drives including a WD. I may have accidently used my WD power adapter for my Seagate Archive HDD. Nevertheless, my Seagate Archive HDD is no longer working.
I bought several of these Expansion Drives. I opened another one and it is a Seagate Barracuda instead of a Seagate Archive HDD. I was just hoping to have a Donor for parts but no luck there.
I went ahead and ordered from an online website the exact match PCB boards to see if I can get this hard drive working by myself. I am not looking forward to sending this off to a Data Recovery Service, but I am thinking about it.
If someone could help me troubleshoot this a little beforehand to see if I can get this working without having to send it off that would be greatly appreciated.
Here are my thoughts.
The drive is completely silent, there was never a horrific ending to the drive. Like it is spinning up and crashing, knocking, beeping, whatever. Just one day I plugged it in and nothing.
Now here is the odd part. It seems like something is barely connecting because in keeps connecting and discounting in windows. You hear the Windows Notification that it connects and then disconnects. Sometimes it stays connected and you can see in “Computer Management” under “Disk Management” the drive. It is like it is barely connected on a sub low level.
What will happen is that in “Disk Management” a window will pop up and say you must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it. MBR vs GPT. Of course, after doing this, I get the error “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”.
Disk 2, red down arrow, Unknown, Not Initialized
Most of the time the partition data or the available space does not show up in disk management, but rarely it does show up, i.e., size of partition and available space to create a disk partition. However, even when that shows up it still gives me the error “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”.
My thoughts are that the drive is fully functional, but I may have blown a diode or something. The hard drive was sitting in an enclosure and had an extra PCB Board that was a bridge between the power supply and the hard drive. This other PCB board on the external enclosure is working perfectly. I popped out another Hard Drive from another enclosure used it on the bridge and everything works perfectly. So, I am not sure how the Seagate Archive HDD failed even when the External PCB power supply which held it did not.
This is what leads me to be that somehow the PCB Board is no longer working on the Seagate Archive HDD and this may be a simple solution. I ordered a new PCB Donor Board and was hoping all I must do is transfer the “Bios” and install the new Donor Board and everything works.
My question is troubleshooting.
Before messing around with my vital “Bios” chip. Can I just swap out my Donor Board to just see if power is restored and the drive spins up? I know I will not be able to access the Data however, I would be able to confirm that my other original PCB board is the main culprit. Then proceed to swapping the “Bios” chip on the Donor Board.
Will swapping the PCB board without swapping the “Bios” chip cause any “Data” loss or damage the Seagate Archive HDD?
Troubleshooting Steps
-1 Order Donor PCB Board -2 Swap Original Board with Donor Board without Swapping Bios Chip -3 See if Seagate Archive HDD powers on whatsoever, spins, etc. -4 If powers on and spins up, swap out Bios Chip -5 If Bios Chip is swapped and drive is still not responsive begin consultation with “Data Recovery Service”.
Another question is do I simply just send this off to a “Data Recovery Service” I would hate to swap out my Bios chip and make it more difficult for them to recover. However, if it is a simple PCB Board Swap and Bios Swap, I would prefer to do it myself.
Please feel free to give me any other pointers. I am just trying to perform some basic troubleshooting tactics before sending this drive off for an expensive recovery. I just have a feeling that this might be as simple as a PCB Board/Bios swap because the drive was never dropped, and in perfect condition. It is not that old either.
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2021.04.20 10:34 yavin4hell STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US

Stop posting about Among Us!! I'm tired of seeing it! My friends on TikTok send me memes, on Discord it's fucking memes, I was in a server, right, and ALL of the channels are just Among Us! I showed my Champion underwear to my girlfriend, and the logo, I flipped it and I said, Hey babe, When the underwear is sus?! HA HA, DING DING DING DING DING DING DING, DING DING DING!! I fucking looked at a trash can and said, That's a bit sussy, I looked at my penis and I think of the astronauts helmet and I go like, penis? more like penSUS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa
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2021.04.20 10:34 chocolateraiin Ready for Season 3!

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2021.04.20 10:34 Marco_Polonio Materazzi è caduto, una testata gli hanno dato

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2021.04.20 10:34 roxxyapple I need to apologize

It's been a solid month since we've spoken to each other, and my feelings for you haven't changed one bit. I don't know if that's what you intended to happen by going No Contact with me, but if making me hate you was the goal, it didn't work.
Everyday I think about what I could've possibly done that drove you off. I keep coming back to how our date ended, and I realize how I could've handled it so much better than I did. I shouldn't have let you tell me to go home, that you'd be okay, when we knew there was a possibility of the cops showing up to interrogate you. I should have stayed with you. I was stuck in goo goo ga ga mode from our night together, and I didn't think to check my privilege or think about the danger you could've been put in. But being lovestruck is no excuse, you were probably feeling the same sensations as me and had no choice but to be confronted by the police with no one to back you up. I don't know if you hold that night against me, but I do, and I wouldn't blame you if you did too. I'm sorry for not thinking more critically in that moment. I wish I could go back and change how those last few minutes panned out, but I can't...I can only hope that I'll get a chance to prove how much I care for you in the future.
If that's not what drove you away, I can only imagine that it was something that happened on your end that you didn't tell me about. I can understand you wanting to avoid being up front about something that happened if you weren't sure of how I would respond. You didn't get a chance to know me well enough to know that I always look at things from multiple perspectives, not just my own. I try to understand what was going through your head and what might've made you do something. More often than not, I understand why people do things, and I can forgive, even when most people think its naive of me to forgive. That's why in every note I've written to you I've said something along the lines of "you can talk to me, it's not my place to pass judgment."
There is truly not one thing I can think of that you could've done or lied about that would keep me from wanting you in my life. You're too perfect for me to just give up on this relationship at the first sign of trouble or misunderstanding. Your actions couldn't possibly do more damage to me than my own mind already does while it tries to figure out what went wrong.
I'm really trying so hard to not come off as desperate or clingy but my GOD, everything about us just worked. And I seriously did not think I could connect and feel so comfortable with another person as quickly as I did with you, let alone at all. You were everything I wanted.....
I almost said those 3 words that night, but I held back because I didn't want to seem too eager or scare you. I didn't want you to think that I was just an inexperienced girl who doesn't understand the weight of her words. I accidentally let them slip out when I was talking to a friend about you after we finally met. I told myself that I'd have plenty more opportunities to say it to you...but now I don't know if or when that'll ever happen. Regardless, I'm always thinking about saying them to you, with conviction, because you deserve to hear them from someone who means them.
I'm hoping, wishing, dreaming, praying, sneezing, FARTING, even, that you'll come back into my life someday soon.
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2021.04.20 10:34 msg5253 Emu zoomies! Emumies!

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2021.04.20 10:34 pureMJ Is there an Mod for Advanced Shelf and Quality?

If I have to design it, it would be something like:

Storage Tier 0 1 2 3 4 ...
Stack Size Multiplier 0.5 1 2 3 4 ...

Shelf Quality increases or decreases storage tier.
Vanilla Shelf has a base Storage Tier of 2.
Mechanical Shelf has a base Storage Tier of 4, requires components to build
Electronic Shelf has a base Storage Tier of 6, requires more expensive materials to build.

This would be a balanced storage mod based on shelf.
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2021.04.20 10:34 Main-Owl-8633 Seeking a Hiking Buddy in Kenya (GMT +3 Timezone)

I am a female in her 30's who loves hiking and although I love group hikes, I'd like to start hiking with just 2 or 3 people from time to time. For this reason, I am seeking a hiking partner who is in Kenya, preferably Nairobi.
Ideally, I'm looking for someone who loves nature and is open to exploring our country.
Any takers?
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2021.04.20 10:34 Past_Deal "Your deposit has not reached the required number of confirmations. As such, we have temporarily frozen"

Hello everyone, anyone who experience this kind of error?
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2021.04.20 10:34 Nico_Akane I can't trust myself anymore.

Well not that I trusted myself to begin with. I've been harming myself since the third grade and I didn't realize it till a few weeks ago. I have a gap in my memories so I can't remember everything, but I do recall hurting myself and not being fully aware of it. I would do it almost like a zombie. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew I was doing something wrong.
Only recently did I notice the scars on my thighs and the weird attraction I felt towards them. Seeing the scars somehow makes me want to do more, almost like refreshing them, make the wounds fresh again. For years I've had suicidal thoughts and I've almost acted on them in the past. I came so close to dying in the fourth grade but stopped at the sound of my six year old brothers footsteps. My family has never noticed this stuff with me, and if they did they didn't show it.
I remember back in elementary, just seeing people be so happy with others but then feeling like a bother when they finally noticed me. My family looked so happy when I left them alone. I don't have a bad life at all, hell most would be so happy to have a happy family like mine. But I just never fit in it.
Eating is a chore at this point along with other daily activities. I often feel nauseous just thinking about food, I still get out of bed and perform normally, but only because I have an audience. I've really been struggling with my mind lately, I've come so close to killing myself just to turn away without a reason. The simplest thing could make me mad and irritated but only for a moment before I go back to being numb. A slight nudge could have me pushed over the edge at this point, and honestly? I couldn't care less if I died anymore. I can't trust my body, I feel like it might just go off itself on its own. I don't plan on seeing next spring anyway.
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2021.04.20 10:34 stuffneons (18) hello out there :)) ♡︎

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2021.04.20 10:34 Octa_vian Note to self: Before suggesting doing a raid, look up what the skull means.

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