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2021.04.20 11:16 Kinojualex Airdrops este año

AirDrops (2021) Bueno, pues ahí van algunos "AirDrops" para que te entretengas un ratillo ...
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2021.04.20 11:16 well___nani Sova vs Phoenix ゐもボ | Valorant montage

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2021.04.20 11:16 Sacxy Happy 4/20

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2021.04.20 11:16 well___nani Sova vs Phoenix ゐもボ | Valorant montage

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2021.04.20 11:16 Bored_of_this_shit Indicator of autism?

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2021.04.20 11:16 OneAndONlyRavioli Attempt 2 at doing something

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2021.04.20 11:16 baybulatov -25% for 2 weeks! 8 colours!

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2021.04.20 11:16 Air-Constant Here's my reply to all of your "advices".

Point 1: "Just hit the gym bRoH / change your style". First of all, I think that is very sad having to change your habits in order to be appreciated by someone (but this will be seen in another point of this list). While that's ok to adapt, changing your whole hobbies/passions/ambitions is very wrong Imho. Often, who says this, has never lifted once a barrel in his/her life. I regularly workout since 1.5 years and I am in perfect shape. I always did several sports (MMA, swim, running and so on). As the second one, I wear casual and sometimes elegant clothes. Nothing too fancy. But One of the people who gave me this advice is always dressed like a drug dealer lmao. So, big nope. I don't like to judge other's appearance. But apparently, they do.
Point 2: "Just get rich BrOh". This will merge with the point I told about in the First one. BTW, I worked as both woodworker and sculptor. I am now paying my own studies since I couldn't afford it before (recently hit 25) and I am doing great (I already have job offers and I have 1 year left to graduate). I even bought myself a small apartment. But that's not about being rich or so on. I work 1) because I enjoy these works and 2) to pay whatever I like to do. And that's it. I am not an ATM.
Point 3: "Looks don't matter bRoH". False. Big Time false. They might not matter exclusively but they do matter. You know about what? First impact. If you pass it, then personality will have a bigger space. But if you don't (and first impact, especially on dating apps, is 90% based on your looks) you are f...ed, especially if, like I do, you have unusual and exotic traits that don't match the beauty standards of the country you live in (planning to move since I graduate lol).
Point 4: "Just be yourself BrOh". Remember what I said in point 1 and 2? Well, you got it. How can you say first "Be rich and change yourself in order to be loved" and then "People must appreciate you for what you are". Yea, very coeherent, isn't it?
Point 5: "Work on yourself BrOh". That's what I'm doing since the day I was born. We all have High and down periods. But I worked, I am graduating, I speak 3 languages fluently, have plenty of Friends, hobbies, workout daily, I am a voltueer and the list can go on and on. Oh, and that's not my depression. I see people licterally beating their SO and always get laid, while I struggle to even get a date lmao. Coff coff. "LoOks DoN't MattEr". Coff coff.
Point 6 (last one): "There will eventually be someone for you bRoH". Maybe. I had a bunch of short relationships and one LTR ended after 5 years. First of all, saying this to a person that planned to get married and had an harsh break up, is not a great idea. BTW, that's not guaranteed. Not at all. You may roam your whole life and don't find that "special person". Or you may find him/her. That's mostly luck. Forget about PUA's stupid advices. That's not even confidence. But luck. And PARTIALLY, good looks.
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2021.04.20 11:16 well___nani Sova vs Phoenix ゐもボ | Valorant montage

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2021.04.20 11:16 Dull-Chemical9854 I feel like a big fat liar

I feel like a big fat liar
I am 19 years old. Like 300 pounds. My brother is nearly 17 and can be violent and inappropriate. 2 years ago at my Mums house he came up behind me and grabbed my breasts while standing behind me. Before that in the years and months before he had shown me his “pocket pussy” and since this incident has shown me the porn he’s watching. I told my guidance officer. I can’t remember whether she told me she would tell the police or not but I think she did. They got involved. And my family has been shitty with me ever since. Sure I’ve made mistakes in my time. I’ve stolen lots of money from my family. I haven’t stolen anything for over a year. It’s been a pretty bloody rough couple of years. My parents got separated and my Dad treated me like a new wife. Telling me about how shitty my Mums family was, her miscarriages and so on. They didn’t believe my brother did anything. And because I’m fat they said I should of been able to stop it. The one thing my parents can agree on is that I’m a big fat liar. My brother came back to live with my Mum at the start of this year basically, because my Dad kicked him out. Since then he’s ripped 5 of my shirts by grabbing onto the collar and pulling when I annoy him. 1 time was when it escalated after I had sat down in the living room while he was watching TV.
I told my brother he didn’t fix the wifi when it was not working well and he got all mad and I closed my door and 2 seconds later he busted in while I was sitting at my desk watching Shameless. I said “don’t burst into my room without knocking”
He says
“Why? Are you vibrating your little pussy off?”
He thinks it’s funny. He hits and punches and kicks me if I annoy him. If I ask him to help bring in the groceries or god forbid ask him to unstack the dishwasher. No I can’t go stay with my Dad. And this post isn’t to ask, what I should do? I already know. I need to leave. I need to get a job and leave.
He told me the other day I looked like Monica Geller when she was 14 and fat. And then asked me how my quadruplets were going because of my big belly. I was sitting on the ground today and he said “tell me when you need help getting up” Insinuating I wouldn’t be able too because I’m too fat.
My Mum doesn’t give a fuck. She’s burnt out on being a Mum. It hurts me more that she doesn’t care then the fact that he insults me and hits me. She said “Well, you do overreact don’t you?”
I’ve had some veins pop up on my upper thigh where I’ve been punched and kicked before. It may be completely unrelated but I’ve only just noticed them. Could they be because of pressure to the area? There like little tiny spider veins that older people get. Not 19 year olds. Maybe it’s because I’m fat.
I live in a country which doesn’t allow anyone to carry any weapon. Not even pepper spray. I’ve hit him back a couple of times but I’m so shitty at throwing a punch or even hitting. It’s not worth it, he comes back harder.
My brother is starting to use my Fathers old manipulation tactics and it’s actually extremely triggering. He can tell when I’ve turned on my voice memo recording on my phone and completely changes his tune. And says “Oh you know what you’re like when the recordings off Blake” “You’re a fucking liar trying to paint me out to be the twat here”
Whenever I do tell my Mum the first thing she says is “Did you provoke him?”
This provocation might be, Asking him to pick up his washing Asking him to help with the groceries Unpack the dishwasher
And sometimes yes I do provoke him. Usually only when my Mums home. So maybe she’ll react Maybe he’ll do something that he does when she’s not there.
AND TRUST ME I KNOW IM NOT HIS MOTHER That’s what I’ve always been told. But I am so sick of him always getting treated so differently to him. Expected to do more jobs around the house because I’m a girl. It’s always been this way.
The neighbours called the police the other day because I was yelling so loud at my Mum and brother.
I feel like a liar because like in movies siblings fight a lot. And it’s normal. And I feel like I’m making too big a deal out of this. Sure the weird sexual stuff is off. But like the hitting maybe not.
He’s a gaming addict. Actually diagnosed. And gets angry if anyone takes his console alway. I beg Mum to take it away. She says no; and that she needs to have him have it too use it as currency. So she can say “If you don’t do your homework, you can’t have your PlayStation” MAYBE I could get my head around her giving him the thing he’s addicted too if she actually used it as leverage. But she doesn’t even do that!! And no the punches aren’t that hard. Only leave small bruises if he gets me on the arm. But I feel this is just what siblings do?? Am I right? Or am I wrong? I feel like I’ve bought so much pain to my brother by the police getting involved. I never called them. But I should of known and I did know by talking to my guidance councillor. And when I was asked to go to the police station, I went. And I told them. And then my brother got traumatised being pulled out of class and talked too by his psychologist at his school.
But that wasn’t 2 years ago. And it hasn’t stopped. And yes I’m a big girl. But my brothers taller than me now.
The insults are really really wearing me down. He puts his hands in his shirt and round his shirt to make it look like a big belly and points at me. He gives me these horrible looks if I dare to eat something. And my Mum doesn’t give a fuck. Sometimes if we are fighting she goes to her room and locks the door. One time she said “you too deserve each other” While I was trying to get some sort of reaction out of her after he had hit me and ripped my shirt and I was taking his laptop and console cords. She wasn’t going to discipline him. So I had too. No wonder I get hit.
This is normal right? Like kids hitting each other? Maybe not the weird sexual stuff but yeah
I have brought so much fucking heartache to my brother. I think he is sexually repressed. I don’t know why. We’re not religious. He can jerk off or do whatever whenever he wants too! He says I’m not his sister anymore because he completely denies touching me 2 years ago. Tbh I can’t really remember it. I’ve really blocked it out. But thank God for past me because I wrote it down in my notes. On the date it happens “(My brothers name) groped me today”
I block a lot out.
I don’t know I don’t know
I’m such a fucking fattie. Maybe my Mum would do something if I was skinny.
A couple of years ago, i got so fed up with my brother being on his PlayStation. Only because he was violent after. That I turned it off while he was playing And when he turned it back on I turned it off. And then he hit me with a belt.
My Mum said Well you shouldn’t of turned off his PlayStation.
This was after we already knew he had an addiction that was diagnosed by a psychiatrist.
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2021.04.20 11:16 LeksiBelly How do i remove a feed from pgsharp

I don't know how to remove a feed from my pgsharp.
Can you help?
How do i add a feed for shiny pokemon?
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2021.04.20 11:16 Aubrey-David Mods said 2 guys kissing is n/s/f/w isn't that homophobic

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2021.04.20 11:16 Enz10007 BOS VII T-60 Set

Won it off a PVP and the dude said it was legacy. Im almost 100% sure its not
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2021.04.20 11:16 well___nani Sova vs Phoenix ゐもボ | Valorant montage

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2021.04.20 11:16 Elon_pls_do_porn_69 Petition to make Jebediah Kerman the next zero-g indicator on crew dragon

Because we know there are SpaceX employees watching this sub...make this a petition to make a Jebediah Kerman plush the zero-g indicator on the next crew dragon mission !!
Credit to Matt Lowne for the idea
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2021.04.20 11:16 transfixiusednon Anyone gotten a vaccine at the Showare center in Kent?

Lots of appointments available there! Can anyone let me know how the clinic is being run.and what to expect? Is it efficient and safe (meaning social distanced, no huge lines/crowds, etc?)?
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2021.04.20 11:16 well___nani Sova vs Phoenix ゐもボ | Valorant montage

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2021.04.20 11:16 Meeeemyboy The Lost

I just completed Boss Rush with the Lost after hundreds of failed attempts, now onto Greed Mode with the Lost, any tips to help with what will most likely be a struggle?
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2021.04.20 11:16 The_danni Promocodes?

If you have any working promo codes, can you please post it here? Thank you in advance. Oh, if you're gonna post "lmao I need some too," just know that that is not useful information lol
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2021.04.20 11:16 ShinetalesRS The total value of this return is 0 GP. The total emotional value of this return is immeasurable. My returned iron can't be happier (the very next best weapon in my arsenal was elder 2H...). Thank you Jagex.

The total value of this return is 0 GP. The total emotional value of this return is immeasurable. My returned iron can't be happier (the very next best weapon in my arsenal was elder 2H...). Thank you Jagex. submitted by ShinetalesRS to runescape [link] [comments]

2021.04.20 11:16 Ok-Technology-8454 Mans Swears while Bleeding out of neck

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2021.04.20 11:16 well___nani Sova vs Phoenix ゐもボ | Valorant montage

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2021.04.20 11:16 well___nani Sova vs Phoenix ゐもボ | Valorant montage

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2021.04.20 11:16 Azjatyk Remember, Rollercoster goes down so it can climb back again.

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2021.04.20 11:16 well___nani Sova vs Phoenix ゐもボ | Valorant montage

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