Go! Looking for Lv 42+ friends who can open/send daily gifts till lucky friends (after Best)DM pls! |

Looking for Lv 42+ friends who can open/send daily gifts till lucky friends (after Best)DM pls!

2021.04.20 10:37 SagnikChamp1999 Looking for Lv 42+ friends who can open/send daily gifts till lucky friends (after Best)DM pls!

DM for trainer code yo
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2021.04.20 10:37 BeWhoIBe Plotting and temp on the same drive

Hi there. I have a spare laptop that I could use to start plotting on one of my external HDDs. Is it ok to use the same external HDD as the temporary space? The laptop in question doesn't have enough internal storage.
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2021.04.20 10:37 cryptodenis $Astroape UP ON PANCAKESWAP - NFT Store - Launchpad - Chart Bot - Charity - Marketing - Bridge Platform

Astroape launched after a presale at dxsale.

Unlike most other projects they audited before release by Techrate and this gained the trust of us investors early.

I suggest you to check the website and read about the utility of the project. Since this project will create an all in one platform in a week.

$1,856,974 Marketcap. There are 2200 holders and growing rapidly.

They already put an ad on poocoin website.

WEBSITE: https://astroape.finance/

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/AstroApeBSC

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AstroApeBSC

REDDIT : AstroApe/

Let's go through the utilities;

NFT Store : A unique APE theme NFT store where users can buy & sell NFTs.

Astro Launchpad : Helping community members & holders launching their dream tokens.

Astrobot - A custom price and chart bot solution for the community.

Charity - Weekly and Monthly donations to charity.

Ape Marketing - Helping Brands to market their products/ projects online via custom ad solutions.

Astro Bridge - Building an ETH BSC Bridge for the AstroApe Token.

Roadmap ahead is below too. In a short time they plan to complete the platform.

April 19, 2021 - Send applications for Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and Apply for Unirocket Bot.

April 20, 2021 - Integration on Blockfolio, Trust wallet and addition of Logo on Pancakeswap

April 22, 2021 - Launch of APE NFT store, ASTRO Launchpad & Charity Initiative

May 1, 2021 - Launch of ASTRO BRIDGE.





🔥Tokens Burned (44%) : https://bscscan.com/tx/0xde7e9c07b9b7bedfeef1158da998224235cafd8851e59c43c20137737d061755

🔒 2% Dev tokens Vested for 6 months


🔒Liquidity Locked for 1 year through DXSale 🔒

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Sale price: 1 Million per BNB

Listing price 0.9 Million Per BNB

Dev Tokens : 2% (Vested for 6 months)

Marketing Tokens : 2%

Tokens Burned: 438 Million

For Sale: 300 Million

Liquidity: 216 Million

Dxsale Fee: 6 Million

Liquidity lock: 80% For 1 Year
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2021.04.20 10:37 rntsdl03 Why is this sub pro-genocide?

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2021.04.20 10:37 AdditionalLog2045 Nike yeezr

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2021.04.20 10:37 ImThe_Guy 4.20 for 4/20

Wouldn't that be nice.
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2021.04.20 10:37 Lonely_DungeonMaster [Homemade] Lo Mein

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2021.04.20 10:37 EldritchWeeb Pass v-for index to methods?

I'm still learning, but I'm making a site that fetches some json, iterates through it into a table, and makes all that clickable to show details (which is just showing more columns in a row).
Issue is, my clickability relies on a method that triggers on click that takes an "isClicked" variable and toggles it. This means that clicking toggles *the entire table's* details.
Now, I wanted to just make an object or array of such toggle variables - as many as there are rows in the table, however many they iterated through. Then, when one such row is clicked, it'd change its associated variable. But... I can't seem to find how to pass to methods which row is clicked. I can't even take, like, the id of whatever object the current row is associated with, because `v-for="obj in objects` (...) `obj.id` doesn't seem to work.
Any help is appreciated, even if it's just dissuading me from the current way to toggle.
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2021.04.20 10:37 RapidSeaPizza Please, its 4am

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2021.04.20 10:37 kalarepar Trwa protest operatorów żurawi. 100 budów w Warszawie stanęło

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2021.04.20 10:37 thefearguy4218 Happy 420 (didnt know what flair to use)

Happy 420.
Lets take a toke for all thoes who lost their life and thies who lost their freedom to make it legal and for thoes who are still fighting. Lets honor the stoners before us while we welcome the future stoners.
This is our day so please enjoy it if you can
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2021.04.20 10:37 hmmmmmmmm143 What did people do to replenish electrolytes in emergencies before the invention of sports drinks/electrolyte powders?

After feeling sick today and eating light food and drinking plenty of water wasn’t helping, I had a feeling I needed electrolytes and drank a little gatorade to feel better. It made me wonder what people did before the invention of drinks like that, especially before medicine was more easily accessible (would this be pre-Industrial Revolution?) and in areas where clean water might be harder to come by.
I don’t know much about the specifics on why electrolyte watejuices/etc. work better than drinking water and food alone, but I imagine even back then people would figure out pretty quickly that drinking too much water would actually hurt and that most food doesn’t replenish lost electrolytes. Sorry for vagueness, just being curious and any time period pre-electrolyte drinks will do.
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2021.04.20 10:37 Sonsofbirches 12yo boys can't physically be held down by adult women. Therefore they can't be raped. They also can't be victims.

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2021.04.20 10:37 honolulu_oahu_mod Mazie Hirono’s Mother, A Prominent Role Model For Her, Has Died: The U.S. senator often talks about how her mother, who fled an abusive relationship in Japan, helped shape her own identity.

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2021.04.20 10:37 switzonia101 What industries do you think zoomers will kill?

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2021.04.20 10:37 Breadmytoast identify this font

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2021.04.20 10:37 Kevdrums87 Jo bud northeast

Married mostly straight here. Looking to throw some porn on in my car and jerk our dicks. Looking for afternoons around 4:30 when I’m done work. Shoot me a message!
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2021.04.20 10:37 jester_hope My VanMoof's Last Stand

My S3 has just been collected by UPS and taken on its final journey back to the big VanMoof warehouse in the sky.
She didn't leave quietly, though. My family was woken at 5.30am on the day of collection by the loud sound of metal being beaten against metal; BING BING BING.... BING BING... BING BING... Emerging from my slumber and clouded in confusion, I mumbled to my wife "What the hell is that?"
"It's that bloody stupid bike" she said.
And sure enough—there it was, sitting in my darkened hallway sealed inside its cardboard box, bright light emerging from the handle holes like something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, cycling through its full repertoire of sound effects "VROOM... BING BING BING... VOURRRM... VROOM... BING BING BING... VOURRRRRRM..."
Of course, VanMoof had told me to disconnect from the bike and sign out of the app before I packaged it up so there I stood, completely powerless, trying to reach the reset button through one of the box handle holes. My efforts were futile and I quickly realised I was going to have to cut my way in.
When I opened the lid of the box the display said 'Err 40' and the bike was cycling through startup / bell / shutdown sounds, lights turning on and off, on and off. A reset gave some temporary respite but the sound and light show quickly started again.
By this point my whole family was out of bed (and probably several of my neighbours too) and I figured my last option was to reconnect via the app and see if I could make it stop. I first looked up the error which was listed as 'Bell button' and may occur when you "hold the bell button too long" or if water "gets into the button". Bearing in mind it had been sitting in a sealed box inside a house for several days (and in my shed broken for several months prior) neither of these things could have been the cause.
Switching off every sound and alarm I could find in the app eventually resoved the situation and we were able to go back to bed. Everyone was very relieved when the box finally left the building.
The UPS guy told me he was going to pick up another one straight afterward from a guy who lived nearby, had sent his back for repair once already and was also returning it permanently.
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2021.04.20 10:37 Pendrakhon I had a nice winning streak, so of course this had to happen. Yeah, I know I didnt do much either.

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2021.04.20 10:37 WannoHacker Barclaycard defends decision to cut customers’ credit limits by 95 per cent

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2021.04.20 10:37 singapur5656 in Americans we trust

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2021.04.20 10:37 DogeSmallMonk Hey want to join the movement

Hey i wanna join the movement but cant get any doge, just managed to do the account
anyone ready to send 2 doge, will hodl forever
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2021.04.20 10:37 BinkyRcweb Thein Sein Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

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2021.04.20 10:37 Network_God Car AV Help needed!

I'm experiencing major problems with my AV/Navigation system and I'm getting quite upset trying to fix it. I'm looking for genuine suggestions.
Here is what I have:

Recently it's been acting a little weird. When I'm driving long distances (2+ hours) sometimes the screen blacks out then an error message pops up saying that the system is getting too hot. After shutting down the car a bit and restarting it, it goes back to normal.
A couple days ago, all of the AV features stopped working unexpectedly. The navigation works perfectly, no issues so far, but when I go to the AV menu and click on any AV options (FM, AM, DVD, HDD, SD, TV, Bluetooth, etc..) the menu starts loading and freezes up until I back out with a button to go back to navigation menu. I can still pair devices to Bluetooth and make phone calls over the Bluetooth system, but no other media. I'm quite confident it's not any of the settings on the system.
I tried resetting the system to factory defaults and it did not correct the issue.
It's confusing me because literally everything is fine except all of the AV options. I'm not sure if this could be because the system overheated, because a wire wiggled lose, HDD failing, etc.. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and I'm open to answering questions.
If I need to update or reinstall the software, I wouldn't know where to begin.
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2021.04.20 10:37 Yoshi_is_my_main Mod Soy_juan giving warnings for comments not having proper grammar. What is with that?

Made a joke comment on a freaking meme about sirens and this mod messages me. He says he didn't want to make a public comment but proper use of grammar and keyboard are appreciated here. Who does this guy think he is? Being the moderator may have gone to his head a little bit.
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