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2021.04.20 11:48 qcue44 NAME!!

Me and my friends set up a podcast named 'Freethinkers Sovereign' last year and we aimed to cover topics like history, political ideologies, philosophies, social issues, and many more! (we wanted to cover everything and not just stay in a small topic circle) We have made 4 episodes and stopped recording for 2 months. Now, we're planning a comeback for our little podcast and we're thinking of renaming it with something more quirky and witty.
And please suggest eye-catching color combos for the main cover as well!
Thank You!! Every comment will be appreciated!
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2021.04.20 11:48 Objective-March-233 Multiple accounts with Ledger Nano

Hello fellow Monkeys. Is it possible to have multiple banano accounts (addresses) under one wallet created with Ledger Nano S?
I've added a second account to my wallet yesterday but today after syncing with Ledger BananoVault shows only the first account. Afterwards I've made an experiment and created new account again, then restarted BananoVault and reconnected Ledger - again only the 1st account is visible, the other disappeared.
Fortunately only my main account had banano in it but still a bummer for the future. Any ideas?
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2021.04.20 11:48 aquakeyblademaster Mildly interesting: First DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY trailer ever. The start of an epic face to face

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2021.04.20 11:48 flymetothemoon_gme 1 doge = 1 doge now and forever!!

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2021.04.20 11:48 VanillaPlainJane Breckinridge, Colorado

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2021.04.20 11:48 ItsaTiki In an alternate universe TeslaXLinux

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2021.04.20 11:48 johnrock001 Best Anime Vampire Girls

Best Anime Vampire Girls - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-vampire-girls/
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2021.04.20 11:48 Foxsbiscuits CCWGTV Remote not working if I cast Prime

If I cast Prime from my phone I can't play/pause using the remote.
It works fine if Prime is launched from Google TV.
Any ideas?
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2021.04.20 11:48 smackparrot Submitted VS Pending?

I’ve got a transaction that seems to be stuck, gives me the option to speed it up and says “submitted” all YouTube videos show how to stop a pending transaction, but I can’t seem to push it through with the 0 ETH transfer with higher gas fees. Anyone able to shed light as to what is happening? Or is this transaction complete and just not showing in MetaMask?
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2021.04.20 11:48 radialmonster Texas lawmakers advance bills blocking access to gender affirming health care despite opposition ...

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2021.04.20 11:48 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Octane: Lone Wolf] [Little Cow] [Titanium White Anispray] [Titanium White Dire Wolf]

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2021.04.20 11:48 unberden Sen sipariş verme kanka

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2021.04.20 11:48 cudumrem HELP - Shortcut Resetting After Turning Off Laptop

Hello there,
I have Ubuntu 20.04 on a Dell Latitude 5510. I set a shortcut to close a window on Super+Q. Whenever I restart/shutdown my laptop, the shortcut doesn't work, but in dconf it's set to Super+Q, as well as in settings.
I have to delete the shortcut then add it again whenever I start up the OS.
It's not gamebreaking, but it's kinda annoying.
Oh, and I also have Pop-shell extension installed, I don't know if that's messing with anything.
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2021.04.20 11:48 parsaking2007 🤣

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2021.04.20 11:48 Yakel1 Don't miss the full contest next week -Search up "should snowden pardoned?" on any o the big search engines, and you'll see exactly where they stand on this rare modern day hero.-

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2021.04.20 11:48 RevolutionaryLet6680 Contributing to open source

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2021.04.20 11:48 Littledarkangel_ Hey🖤

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2021.04.20 11:48 castelessGenealogy Mochi Lithuania

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2021.04.20 11:48 Actual_Shock The Right Aircraft For Each Route: How Alaska Looks At Its Fleet

Choosing the right aircraft for a route takes a lot of analysis and planning. Alaska Airlines frequently does well in this regard. Alongside the airline’s latest route announcement out of Santa Rosa, Simple Flying got a chance to speak with Brett Catlin, Alaska’s Vice President of Network and Alliances, on how the airline chooses a particular aircraft for a particular route.
Airlines mostly choose to add new routes where they can become profitable. In some instances, profitability takes a few months or even years to get to on a route. However, maximizing the chances for profitability is a delicate art that Alaska Airlines’ team has mastered. The big calculus around that is what aircraft the airline will use for a new route.
Mr. Catlin explained the following on how the length of a flight plays into choosing a route:
Santa Rosa to Burbank holds significance in Alaska’s network. While it is not the most flashy new route, it is part of the airline’s West Coast strategy. In response to startup Avelo Airlines, Santa Rosa is a market where Alaska has a strong brand presence, and it wants to ensure its customers can fly with them on routes out of the city. Nobody online Free
The E175 is a great option for that route, according to Alaska. It will likely be the jet that serves the route for as long as Alaska flies it, and it will allow the airline to operate both a domestic first class experience and standard economy.
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2021.04.20 11:48 Fantastic_Ice4142 Mint buttermilk

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2021.04.20 11:48 johnrock001 Top 10 2020 Anime - Best Anime In 2020

Top 10 2020 Anime - Best Anime In 2020 - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/top-10-2020-anime-best-anime-in-2020/
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2021.04.20 11:48 SamianQuazi Which of these is the best ice cream?

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2021.04.20 11:48 mayatmt 23 [F4A] [Chat] Hit me up

Hi all,
New Reddit user here!
I started to explore reddit and decided to post here. Looking for someone for chat. I prefer chatting on Reddit at first and later we may switch to other platforms.
Please be in age range of 18 - 30. Girls or Guys, does not matter for me.
I am last year student but stuck at home during pandemic. Love to go out, party, meeting my frieds, exploring new things and places and so on.
So, hit me up!
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2021.04.20 11:48 dr-jaykay Damn it barry

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2021.04.20 11:48 J3n2TheCoolest1 Best season from chapter 2 (poll)

Which season was the best season from chapter 2?
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