Go! Any advice for an Incoming exchange student from the UK coming for a year abroad at Concordia? (M 22) |

Any advice for an Incoming exchange student from the UK coming for a year abroad at Concordia? (M 22)

2021.04.20 12:02 the_real_jelly_bean Any advice for an Incoming exchange student from the UK coming for a year abroad at Concordia? (M 22)

Looking for any tips re housing and anything else you think might be useful
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2021.04.20 12:02 djaennik23 Schwachstelle für den Spieltag? Wen eventuell rausnehmen?

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2021.04.20 12:02 Jasons-revenge Say sike right now

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2021.04.20 12:02 BongasaurasRex Favorite line in Bloodline

[Lindon had requested that security measure to stop Sages from popping in unannounced. He suspected that one day soon, Eithan would be able to teleport. Best to plan for that early.]
Literally busted out laughing at that, had to put the book down for a minute.
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2021.04.20 12:02 BanTheESL Spicks and Specks S09E01 (G Flip, Linda Bull, Dilruk Jayasinha & Frank Woodley)

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2021.04.20 12:02 edrdos Awareness feedback loop

Throughout the first chapters of TMI, we are being encourage to use intent to cultivate certain abilities, like noticing when the mind wonders and so on. What’s curious is that throughout the meditation process you are also supposed to maintain peripheral awareness but I find it hard to know if I’m indeed maintaining peripheral awareness as in order to check what’s in the background I’d use attention.
With many other techniques there’s a clear feedback loop which is easily distinguishable. For example

  1. When your mind wonders and you wake up, it’s quite easy to appreciate that you have woken up, which serves as a nice reward mechanism
  2. Similarly with internal awareness, it’s quite easy to distinguish when there are subtle distractions and appreciate the moment when you notice without losing the focus on breath
So while you’d use intent to maintain both, there’s still some clear indicator when you’re successful at both.
Similarly, is there something you do to check whether your peripheral awareness is open and active?
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2021.04.20 12:02 Maras123 If not, my money go on Josh

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2021.04.20 12:02 Valjean444 Sharrell's World "I only go live with John Yates on Thursdays because the rest of the time he's working" -Why tell such an obvious lie? Not like we can't see they go live together daily across three different channels.

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2021.04.20 12:02 glensince1992 Oops

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2021.04.20 12:02 BezimjennyBez Sad

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2021.04.20 12:02 MinnieAllison13 How hot is this pink?

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2021.04.20 12:02 tilpitappi Minä🇸🇦irl

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2021.04.20 12:02 Emile111000 Religion

Do you think if suddenly there is proof that God exists and religion is right, will people accept it, start believing in God and follow religion's rules and believe that religion is the truth?
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2021.04.20 12:02 Nightspectre And back to sleep I go

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2021.04.20 12:02 lipcrib hola my name is lipcrib, i just want to trying to promote my youtube channel, i want to reach 1000 subs so my ch can get monetization, you can check my content if you like please consider subscribe

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2021.04.20 12:02 ArDaGokDuMan Türk kızlarını skim

Ulan yedi ceddini siktiğim sanki senin o kara amcığına kaldık bizde.Ulan kesin 18 yaşına geldiğinde erasmusa fransaya gidip Cezayirli adamla foto çekilip instagrama "Fransız sevgili yaptım ayol" yazacak.Ulan kolum yanlışlıkla kıza çarpıyor kız tokat atıyor bende ceddin deden diyerek bi yapıştırıyorum amsalaklar gelip "Gücün kıza mı yetiyo oglim" diyor ulan amın evladı kız bana vururken kikir kikir gülüyordunuz ben kendimi savununca mı suçlu oluyorum Lan sikik badboy badboy diye ağlarsın dayak yiyince twitırda erkekler ölsün diye tivit atarsın
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2021.04.20 12:02 Jaikal How to be toxic 101

My friend had to pause for 1' in dark age, and this guy unpaused 7 times. Before we resign after a long game he started talking s**t. I hope microsoft will do something. It is freaking TG'S nobody cares about elo man.
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2021.04.20 12:02 TareqQaimari After Grand Order: First Order

I've watched Zero and Unlimited Blade Works, then Heaven's Feel, and I've watched Grand Order: First Order.. what now?
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2021.04.20 12:02 FFBot Official: [Simple Questions and League Issues] - Tue , 04/20/2021

DO NOT post Who Do I Start, Add Drop, or Trade questions in this thread; find the appropriate thread within the INDEX.
Questions about Collusion, How Waivers Work, Stat corrections, League Scoring, etc. all belong here. Any commissioner question on how to handle a situation in your league belongs here.
Any simple fantasy football question, especially when you are looking for a quick answer rather than a discussion, usually does not deserve its own thread and should be posted here. Occasionally a platform's customer care department, such as u/YahooFantasyCare may be available to address your questions directly in this thread.

Remember: Most answers to simple questions and league questions don't change from year to year. How much has changed in collecting dues in the 2 years? We encourage you to use the search function for questions like this.
  • When answering questions, please make sure to sort by NEW!
  • Do NOT reply with only a yes or no. This just removes the other person from the index without them getting information. You are not helping.
  • Explain why you came to the conclusion you did
  • Please respond directly to the OP or the Bot will not pick up your comment
Individual Simple Question or League Issue (with very rare exceptions) threads posted after this point will be deleted in order to keep the subreddit clean. Post here instead! If everyone sorts by new, your questions should be answered. You can also check out /FFCommish
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2021.04.20 12:02 bmihai358 How to see temporary files

I had a project that i spend 3h on it and it crasht. Is there any metod i can get my files back?
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2021.04.20 12:02 dill70789 Jj should do geoguesser vid it would be really funny cause he wouldn’t know where anything is

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2021.04.20 12:02 newsensequeen Looking for tracks similar to Way it goes by Hippo Campus

I'm making a new playlist to "vibe," as my current emotional disposition is avoiding anything majorly depressive.
Here's the vibe reference:
Way it goes
Carmelyzed Crusade by Apricot Ink
I like Tame Impala, Neutral Milk Hotel, Glass Animals, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Elliot Smith, Pond, Alt J, MGMT, but other suggestions are welcome, too!
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2021.04.20 12:02 SidLeSquid The Arms Collection III

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2021.04.20 12:02 they_have_no_bullets Why I think the "fake" anti GME marketing call was real

The post was locked because the streamer admitted it was a hoax. Thinking about it more, that just doesn't add up.
First, if it was fake, then the acting was superb...better than most professional actors, and the script brilliant.
Second, think about motives. What is the motive for creating an excellent fake video, then admitting it was a fake right after? It certainly doesn't boost your popularity to do that, probably causes you to lose a lot of respect and followers to admit you tried to con your own followers.
Now think about the flip side: Shorts certainly have a motive to turn influencers into shills, and we've all interacted with enough FUD, shills, seen moderators sell out and accept bribes etc, that we know this is going on. So it really wouldn't be surprising.
If it was real, there is a motive for posting it to get social exposure.
So if it was real, why would he say it was fake the next day? This one is easy. If it was real, then immediately after going viral the poster would be contacted by high profile lawyers threatening to sue him into the ground, or perhaps other threats to his safety. Remember all the death threats?
I know what it feels like to be on the other side. I once discovered a criminal extortion scheme and initially started filing complaints. But soon realized that the forces i was up against were much more powerful than me and that the safety of my family was in danger if i continued. So i just said "it was fake, all my bulletproof evidence i submitted was fabricated" and everyone was happy to drop it..despite that I could never have possibly fabricated that evidence.
Similarly, i do not believe this random twitch streamer and a buddy have the capability of writing such a believable script and acting it out so perfectly that it would be completely believable. Even professional actors are pretty obviously acting when they act, there is just too much authenticity to this recording to disregard it imo.
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2021.04.20 12:02 EfficiencyHumble4660 Sagen om Emma Sophie Roy bliver mere og mere absurd.

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