Go! Here's my lovely PS2 after many many years. 🥰 (/r/ps2) |

Here's my lovely PS2 after many many years. 🥰 (/r/ps2)

2021.04.20 10:57 ContentForager Here's my lovely PS2 after many many years. 🥰 (/r/ps2)

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2021.04.20 10:57 TwitFeedBot 🐦 @NoMansSky: https://t.co/UnJR8jmKSr

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2021.04.20 10:57 AntiP--sOperations Barclays’s Derailed Prison Bond Deal Shows Growing Might of ESG

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2021.04.20 10:57 Glavandin Can bastion headshot others in turret mode?

Can bastion headshot others in turret mode or am i rentarnded?
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2021.04.20 10:57 Businessbureau Which ETF to invest in and how frequently should I buy ETF?

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2021.04.20 10:57 dinojeans My Crypto Ride

2015 - signed up to Coinbase, didn’t complete a buy though, because I’m stupid.
2017 - (December of course) bought as much as I could...
2018 - played around with mining Garlicoin because I thought it was funny, and wanted to know how mining worked. Throughout this year I Invested poorly, got scammed multiple times, and lost money.
2019 - Bought little bits and pieces, was happy with my portfolio. I met a homeless guy and we became friends, I started to support him personally and financially because the bureaucracy of the welfare state kept screwing him over. I started to sell off my crypto to help keep him housed and fed. Went back through my old wallets to try and help myself out while being basically unemployed. I had forgotten about my Electrum wallet, oooh an update, ok, install, aaaaand it’s gone. Ffs.
2020 (early to mid) - during the crash I was financially screwed and kept supporting my friend during a really hard time, managed to get him housed while the welfare state consistently screwed him over while he was grieving for his daughter and grandson that died in a car crash. Long story short, I got into debt supporting him and myself while he was waiting for the payments he was owed by ESA and Universal Credit. Sadly during lockdown he died from lack of treatment for an infection in his leg. I had sold off basically all of my crypto during this big dip, lots of ETH for £100 per token. So I was left heartbroken and skint while covid kicked off.
2020 (mid) - had to take out loans because I had ended up with no support from any of the government support schemes.
2020 (late) - I had been studying a Masters, so I got my student loan through, got another personal loan through the government, coupled with a very stressful load of profitable work, and spending very little through lockdown. I pumped everything into stopping interest on debts, and then everything I comfortably could into crypto.
2021 - HODL! I’ve been continuing to try and onboard friends and family. I mainly hold BTC, ETH, and BCH, and have seen great returns, and have paid people for small pieces of work in BCH. I am now in the best financial position I have ever been in in my life, all because of crypto. Time in the market, not timing in the market. I am working on some NFT work in education and art at the moment, and am excited for the future of these technologies.
TL:DR Started buying at ATH in 2017, got scammed multiple times, sold at the worst points, then I matured in my approach and over the last couple of years went from the worst financial position in my life, to the best. Not through day trading or anything like that, instead through hodling and using crypto, knowing that I am then part of the future.
TL:DR What’s the learning? - Be wary of scams, be careful, and know that investment in the crypto market will on average provide gains against fiat, so don’t feel salty and lose faith when you make stupid short term decisions. The technologies are amazing and will continue to mature, becoming more powerful and ubiquitous.
Thanks for reading, it has been quite a ride so far, I’m looking forward to seeing where we all go with this!
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2021.04.20 10:57 eire1979au As far as I'm concerned we've won the PL 8 times - more than any other team

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2021.04.20 10:57 everynameistaken000 Child neglect post

Very odd. I'm thinking either untrue (best option!) Or someone trying to come up with a believable situation / excuse for social services.
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2021.04.20 10:57 dontcalmess Roasted Cauliflower Steak Recipe - Only 20 Minutes To Make

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2021.04.20 10:57 Gloseekeronline Bryce hall tiktok star talks about Addison Rae and an upcoming boxing match

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2021.04.20 10:57 pagegrrrl $

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2021.04.20 10:57 arthurmorgan360 Is this some kind of sick joke that I don't understand?

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2021.04.20 10:57 rens_beemer FREE GIVEAWAY: REAL ARTWORKS, DIY'S, AND HYBRIDS!

ART WORKS, 20 DIY'S, 100 HYBRIDS first one to comment gets all! Ofcourse that person can't fit all in his pocket but can go home and empty his pockets and come back lol
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2021.04.20 10:57 xrghini facs?

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2021.04.20 10:57 globalartwork Is it possible to crop a workout?

I’m an idiot and I forgot to stop the workout, so now it shows my drive home. I want to crop that time off. I can’t find that option anywhere in the app. Surely that’s possible right?
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2021.04.20 10:57 Illgotothestore Are there any youtubers who can prove they actually and accurately predicted this specific dip? On 04/17 All I saw was To The Moon videos

These guys with their charts and graphs and full color 8x10 glossy fotos of how cryptos were going to continue to skyrocket just shows it really makes no sense to even watch such nonsense. No one can predict the crypto market, especially not by drawing straight lines and expecting accurate extrapolation into the following days.
There are some that just wish to educate and that's great, but the chart-line-drawers are completely full of press the like button, subscribe, ring the bell crapola charlatans
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2021.04.20 10:57 orhnkyk Apex Legends Android and iOS Version is Developing

Electronic Arts announced that the mobile version of the battle royale game Apex Legends, which is published in 2019, will come. The first beta versions of Apex Legends Mobile, which will come to iOS and Android platforms, will begin in the coming days. Also, the game will be free. Details are in our news.
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2021.04.20 10:57 Redit-autoname2284 Crappy sidewalk design

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2021.04.20 10:57 QuixoticDon Do dogs think the ground is peeing back at them when sprinklers go off?

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2021.04.20 10:57 cryptodenis $Astroape UP ON PANCAKESWAP - NFT Store - Launchpad - Chart Bot - Charity - Marketing - Bridge Platform

Astroape launched after a presale at dxsale.
Unlike most other projects they audited before release by Techrate and this gained the trust of us investors early.
I suggest you to check the website and read about the utility of the project. Since this project will create an all in one platform in a week.
$1,856,974 Marketcap. There are 2200 holders and growing rapidly.
They already put an ad on poocoin website.
WEBSITE: https://astroape.finance/
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/AstroApeBSC
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AstroApeBSC
REDDIT : AstroApe/
Let's go through the utilities;
NFT Store : A unique APE theme NFT store where users can buy & sell NFTs.
Astro Launchpad : Helping community members & holders launching their dream tokens.
Astrobot - A custom price and chart bot solution for the community.
Charity - Weekly and Monthly donations to charity.
Ape Marketing - Helping Brands to market their products/ projects online via custom ad solutions.
Astro Bridge - Building an ETH BSC Bridge for the AstroApe Token.
Roadmap ahead is below too. In a short time they plan to complete the platform.
April 19, 2021 - Send applications for Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and Apply for Unirocket Bot.
April 20, 2021 - Integration on Blockfolio, Trust wallet and addition of Logo on Pancakeswap
April 22, 2021 - Launch of APE NFT store, ASTRO Launchpad & Charity Initiative
May 1, 2021 - Launch of ASTRO BRIDGE.
🔥Tokens Burned (44%) : https://bscscan.com/tx/0xde7e9c07b9b7bedfeef1158da998224235cafd8851e59c43c20137737d061755
🔒 2% Dev tokens Vested for 6 months
🔒Liquidity Locked for 1 year through DXSale 🔒
Total Supply: 1 Billion
Sale price: 1 Million per BNB
Listing price 0.9 Million Per BNB
Dev Tokens : 2% (Vested for 6 months)
Marketing Tokens : 2%
Tokens Burned: 438 Million
For Sale: 300 Million
Liquidity: 216 Million
Dxsale Fee: 6 Million
Liquidity lock: 80% For 1 Year
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2021.04.20 10:57 xxxfrieda spanisch-malte gefunden in meinem spanisch buch

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2021.04.20 10:57 misana123 Cuomo-Controlled Legal Marijuana ‘Cannabis Board’ Rolling In for Summer

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