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2021.04.20 10:46 NoobProMemes4_20_69 Przed i po jebaniu dzieci

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2021.04.20 10:46 nawukosk More information?

Hey Guys,
i got recently into cryptos (all with binance) and now I think I managed to buy some MBS with Trustwallet. First I thought I’ve lost my money, because it won’t shown in my wallet. After adding a custom coin by searching this phrase: 0xe361344013cc906c56bba111bde00c421852c73b
Now coins are displayed in my wallet! I’ve got a 12 word memoric for my trustwallet, if I lose my phone, I can restore my wallet with this phrase? With all my MBS?
Are there any more informations about MBS as on Moonboys.finance and the Telegramm group?
Thanks guys, I will hold and hopefully we will see us on the moon!
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2021.04.20 10:46 AdAlert2671 Trying to revive dead memes part 1

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2021.04.20 10:46 Acceptable-Sort-8429 The Gasman!

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2021.04.20 10:46 axelgoh Please support my tarot business or give a follow at insta mystical tarot reading please give me a follow thanks

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2021.04.20 10:46 BenSherman_LAPD What is the goal for burning elongate?

How many can we expect lets say in this year elongate tokens to be burned? Does it stop eventually
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2021.04.20 10:46 SilverFlasher This round Shiny seemed to convey the appropriate message for today. Use your excess fiat to send them a message! BTW, Intaglio mint products are almost sold out everywhere. So beautiful they’re worth the premium.

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2021.04.20 10:46 Veela711 An ode to the spider that died biting my ass

Oh dark spindly legged creature, How I extol your grit. So fierce even in your last moments, You refused to quit. How stacked were the odds, You vs the monstrosity. The behemoth of a booty, No escaping it’s velocity. In one final hurrah, Before your untimely demise, Striking swiftly, tiny screaming, You shout battle cries. You die silently, Sinking your fangs in my flesh. And when you see the red welt rise, May you finally rest.
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2021.04.20 10:46 pleasedontfollowm3-2 Pichana Yoosuk

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2021.04.20 10:46 Anok456 AB DEVILLERS BIO DATA

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2021.04.20 10:46 Korba007 Sam found himself a new ride :)

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2021.04.20 10:46 n2k66 Don't worry bout this dip guys. Just put in 10 bucks. Should be hitting there shortly!

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2021.04.20 10:46 Flame_Boi You have a clock that shows your remaining lifetime, it suddenly goes from 50 years to 4 hours, what will kill you and what will you do in those 4 hours?

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2021.04.20 10:46 FoxScopeGamingYT star trek memes arent used enough!

star trek memes arent used enough!
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2021.04.20 10:46 inlovewithmayonnaise only day of the year where we accept the american date

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2021.04.20 10:46 pleasedontfollowm3-2 Pichana Yoosuk

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2021.04.20 10:46 Spinkly Taking Chances

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2021.04.20 10:46 iMiernik Trust wallet help

Hi guys,
Sorry if i’m not allowed to post here!
I have a few questions regarding trust wallet. What is the best way to cash out. Am i best to convert it to say ethereum or bitcoin and send it across to my coinbase then sell?
Just unsure as i’ve currently got some money in there and when I decide to sell, i want to make sure its done right. I tried sending a small amount of BNB to my binance account still nearly 24 hours on, it’s not arrived. Nor has my BNB topup, so i was unsure whether it is just having a service issue.
Any help would be massively appreciated❤️❤️
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2021.04.20 10:46 bmamluk ethnographic map of the balkan peninsula 1918

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2021.04.20 10:46 TanikaIkerd Merchant Token $MTO ICO - The most complete review you will find - Tokenomics, ICO Details, Token Distribution, Roadmap and more

About HIPS Payment Group Ltd (hips.com)
HIPS Payment Group Ltd. is a provider of innovative and cost-effective e-commerce and mobile payment solutions. Built on cutting-edge technology, Hips is disrupting the finance industry with its Payment gateway for Point of Sale, e-commerce, and m-commerce, a fully integrated, digital financial commerce platform with full reconciliation and financing support.
HIPS Merchant Protocol (HMP), the Hips Merchant Protocol Gateway (HMP-gateway) and the governing Merchant Token (MTO) is a solution that introduces consumer protection concepts from the traditional card payment industry to any blockchain with support for smart contracts like Ethereum, Cardano (ADA) or Solana, which we believe is the missing piece for crypto payments to have a market penetration and acceptance among mainstream consumers.
HIPS Merchant Blockchain is the native blockchain for HMP and Merchant Coin (MEO), optimized for real-time Merchant transactions created for Payment Service Providers (PSP) and EFTPOS devices with full support for backward compatible financial protocols like ISO8583 enabling crypto payments in standard terminal messages, using the existing terminal, and card scheme infrastructures for crypto payments in Hips Merchant Blockchain.
ICO Lanchpad: https://ico.merchanttoken.org Merchant Token Website: https://merchanttoken.org
Blockchain Platform: Ethereum Country limitations: US, Canada Registration country: Sweden Registration year: 2020 Office address: Strandgatan 1, Halmstad, Sweden
Public sales: Apr 01, 2021 - Jun 30, 2021 Pre-sale token supply: 5,000,000 MTO Token Supply for ICO: 50,000,000 MTO Total tokens for sale: 55,000,000 MTO Max Token supply: 100,000,000 MTO Current Phase of ICO: 60 of 100 Fully Diluted MC: $79,000,000 Hard cap: 37,404,503 USD Raised: $16,400,142 USD
Token info
Ticker: MTO Type: Utility-token Token standard: ERC20 Current Token price in USD: 1 MTO = 0.82 USD Accepted currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, NOK, JPY, CHF, AUD
Token distribution
Seed supporters - 8% - 10% unlocked after ICO / 90% over 2 years Private-sale participants - 5% - 25% unlocked after ICO / 75% over 6 months Team and advisors - 11% - 100% after 4 years from ICO Strategic Partnerships - 13% - Tokens are released over a period no less than 48 months. Further details to be announced. Strategic Ecosystem grant pool - 13% - Tokens are released over a period no less than 48 months. Further details to be announced. Public-sale participants (ICO) - 50% - Tokens are locked until ICO ends / Unsold tokens will be burned
Merchant Token Roadmap
1 - Project Launched June 2020 - The Merchant Protocol Project was privatly Launched by Hips Payment Group 2 - Merchant Protocol Contract November 2020 - The first Merchant Protocol Contract was live in the Ethereum blockchain 3 - MasterCard Pay360 Conference 16 - 19 March 2021 - Announced the Hips Merchant Blockchain and Hips Merchant Protocol 4 - Launchpad ICO Start 1 April 2021 - Launchpad ICO Start 5- Announcing partnership April 2021 - Announcing the first big partnership 6 - Announcing partnership May 2021 - Announcing the second big partnership 7 - Launchpad ICO Ending 30 June 2021 - Ending the Launchpad ICO funding 8 - Exchange listing 12 July 2021 - Listing on Uniswap 9 - Announcing partnership July 2021 - Announcing the third big partnership 10 - Exchange listing 5 August 2021 - Major Asian Exchange listing 11 - Exchange listing 12 August 2021 - Major European Exchange listing 12 - Exchange listing 19 August 2021 - Major Global Exchange listing 13 - Launch of MPG Q4 2021 - The Merchant Payment Gateway and dispute central dApp goes live
Payment methods on ICO
- Coinbase using any Crypto (I suggest for lower fees to use Litecoin - LTC) - Buy using Visa or Mastercard - Bank Transfer
Compatible Moble app and Tokens Wallets
Merchant Token (MTO) can be stored in all wallets supporting ERC20 tokens.
Metamask Wallet - PC and Mac, Android and iOS Trust Wallet MEW Wallet Kanga Exchange Wallet - PC and MAC Atomic Wallet - iOS ERC-20 Token Wallet - Android
ICO Phases
They price on ICO phases is going up $0.01 for each new phase reached, and the amount of each phase size is going to increase to provide strong resistance and not allow price going down when listed on exchanges. The tokens that not selled up to 30 June will be burned.
Phase 1 to 22 - $100,000 each phase Phase 23 to 52 - $250,000 each phase Phase 53 to 94 - $500,000 each phase Phase 94 to 99 - $1,000,000 each phase Phase 100 - $1.704.503
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2021.04.20 10:45 Emreamameemeci Template işt

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2021.04.20 10:45 hyper44713 Hmm

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2021.04.20 10:45 PrincessFate suggestions for completed series

any suggestions for anything i should read while trying to escape the trap of fast passing i am spending way to much a month for something i could get free but do to not leaving my house due to covid i need suggesting for what to read during the next month of escaping fast pass
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2021.04.20 10:45 the_depressed_donkey Sent my yubo link on snap and not working

So as the title says I've sent it but its still not letting me add people. Wtf am I doing wrong
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2021.04.20 10:45 Agreeable-Abrocoma-4 sends love and hands of diamonds❤️💎

I know it's getting harder and harder to hold now that prices are going up so much but I want you to keep in mind how much you've spent and how much you are on now, if it dips you will still have more than you put in, it is important to be calm and hold, in the end everyone will be rich💎👋🏼🚀
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