2021.08.01 19:17 50ShadesOfSpray_ JUST 72 THINGS '2 | QL HIGHLIGHTS

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2021.08.01 19:17 ludwig_eduard eBay Auctions - RTX 3070 Ti $925

Buy Price Name Best Offer Minutes Left Seller Name Reviews Rating
BUY $925 ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Trinity 8GB GDDR6X Graphics Card False 59 kurmicaande 81 0
Beep boop I am a robot
Join us on Discord for live alerts
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2021.08.01 19:17 mediocre-monochrome My first roll of Ektar 100, Canon Eos 700, 50mm 1.8

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2021.08.01 19:17 tbinus78 Aleve - The Race

So there used to be an Aleve commercial with a lady running some kind of race, like a 5K. I’m guessing this aired sometime between the late 90s to mid-00s. Anyway, this woman was handing out Aleve to her fellow racers to help with their aches & pains. She explains that she was such a hit with the crowd that, “By the end of the race, they were calling ME Aleve, like it was my name!” Then you hear someone in the background yelling, “Hey Aleve!” So hilariously cheesy on multiple levels. Has anyone seen this? If anyone has a link to this ad I would be eternally grateful 🙂
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2021.08.01 19:17 charliehutty How to run python script on BlueStacks android emulator

Just wondering if anybody knows how I can automate BlueStacks Emulator with Python. If there is anyway.
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2021.08.01 19:17 ImmaChallenger Why Simone Biles's Recent Actions Are So Significant To Black Women Like Me

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2021.08.01 19:17 Poseidonaskwhy Chisholm Jr thrown out by Gary Sanchez on a very questionable call

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2021.08.01 19:17 horny_on_main the mod he needs

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2021.08.01 19:17 DjValence You've never seen anything like this one! Lol

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2021.08.01 19:17 pkingidiots Splitegate Beta 2021 | Highlights | Funny

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2021.08.01 19:17 Mail4U Mail day + 2 insane pulls within 1 week!

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2021.08.01 19:17 RedonkieKong Looking for a hitting partner in Seattle

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are enjoying the Olympics! As the post says, I am looking for a hitting partner that lives around Seattle, WA. If this is the wrong place to post I apologize in advance.
I'm a 34 year old male that has only really started playing recently. I know it's not perfect but I would rate myself at about a 2.5 or 3. I can rally, hit backhands, forehands, and serve consistently. I would love to find someone that I could hit with once or hopefully twice a week so that I could practice and improve. Sex and age don't matter as long as we both can benefit from the practice.
As a bit more background about myself, I was D1 athlete in college but am not in the best of shape these days. I play occasionally with a lifelong friend who was on the high school tennis team. While he beats me regularly, I feel that I am quickly catching up to him in terms of skill but just really need to practice to get better. Please shoot me a message or reply to this post if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks for reading this far!
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2021.08.01 19:17 blumnblam Zeroed using martingale system in baccarat

8 straight baccarat losses where I bet ‘Banker’. Hurts. My initial play was only with profits, luckily, but got bit by greed. “This’ll be my last run…” and then 1, 2 losses in you’re pot committed and f’d.
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2021.08.01 19:17 jgraphic500 Is Heimler’s APUSH Ultimate Review Packet worth it?

Has anyone bought Heimler’s Ultimate Review Packet? I think I’m going to need all the help I can get for APUSH this year, so I wanted to make sure that for $25, the packet would actually help me. What did you guys think of it? Would you guys recommend it?
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2021.08.01 19:17 ImSoSadToday Gallant & Brandy - Dynamite. (Official Video)

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2021.08.01 19:17 Ihavenoidea0000 Uber stopped paying surge completely this weekend

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2021.08.01 19:17 johnrock001 30 Cute Loli Anime Characters - Top Loli Characters in Anime

30 Cute Loli Anime Characters - Top Loli Characters in Anime - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/30-cute-loli-anime-characters-top-loli-characters-in-anime/
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2021.08.01 19:17 tomdj1701 Was wondering

Been in town for a week and was wondering if any store around here sells/has a large selection of Anime DVD/blu-rays? Something like vintage stock if anyone is familiar with that chain. (Nearest one is over an hour away) Been to a few half price books already, selection lacking. Thank for any help.
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2021.08.01 19:17 Toyface19 [WTS][UK] Breitling 24mm Bracelet, Panerai 26mm Deployment, £10 Each Shipped

Hi all - looking to clear out a couple of straps - no good to me, but a crime to just lob them away, so I'm asking for £10 each including shipping anywhere in the UK. I will ship elsewhere if asked for, but would prefer to keep in the UK just for the ease, but can ship all over the world.

Feel free to PM or ask below any questions. All pictures of straps available here: https://imgur.com/a/fmK7ey1
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2021.08.01 19:17 jonnyneedsmoney Looking for app to link moog filtatron to other apps

This gentleman in the video at 20 seconds in has such an app. Anyone know what it is?
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2021.08.01 19:17 Top_Location Moarsss is every i wanna hearrr 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.08.01 19:17 AlexxJordan93 Shiba Inu Cake - BUY-BACK FEATURE PRESAlE RIGH NOW ON UNICRYPT

Shiba Inu Cake - BUY-BACK FEATURE LIQUIDITY LOCKED UNTIL 2022 (funds SAFU) ️Buy Back feature active Shiba Inu Cake (token) is the newest BSC Gem on the market! Shiba Inu Cake ($SHIBCAKE) is a proprietary, hyper deflationary token based on the Binance Smart Chain which rewards all hodlers with 2% of every transaction, at the same time, protecting the price floor of the token with the Buy Back feature.
Slippage: 11-14% Tokenomics: 2% of every transaction will go to holders 3% of every transaction will go to marketing 6% of every transaction will go to liquidity and buyback feature
30% BURNED at launch. BscScan: https://bscscan.com/token/0x850ceD9E382cEfe44D8e844B5f419CC6847e3558 ️Contract: 0x850ceD9E382cEfe44D8e844B5f419CC6847e3558 Website: https://shibainucake.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShibaInuCake Telegram: https://t.me/ShibaInuCake JOIN OUR PRESALE: https://app.unicrypt.network/amm/pancake-v2/ilo/0x1932F8914F45ac03d0670cc937f2c5840b02fA3a
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2021.08.01 19:17 basedmeds WaterBOB alternative - Aseptic "bib bags" used in food manufacturing

I would like to share a bit of 'industry knowledge' which may help you get a more affordable alternative to the waterBOB.
The waterBOB is made out of a single layer of LLDPE ( linear low density polyethylene). This makes for a water storage solution that is somewhat reliable but overall flimsy, thin and translucent.
The waterBOB bags are also not certified as aseptic, whereas the food industry bags are.
The ones used in the food industry (commonly known as bib bags) consist of multiple layers of plastic (many of which have a mylar layer in between) which give it more abrasion resistance and overall durability.
I just wanted to post this here for those who are looking to buy more than just one "waterbob" - pick yourself up a decent siphon and get a carton full of food-grade bib bags. You may have to send a couple emails to some manufacturing companies, but with a bit of creativity you can get a lot more bang for your buck.
One production company I've found that makes these on US soil (SC) can be found here: https://www.blackforestmktg.com/bag-in-box/aseptic-package-for-fruits-and-vegetables
Are these readily available to your average joe? No - but with a bit of work, they can be. Ask for a quote to buy a smaller amount, or organize a group buy with family or other likeminded individuals.
If you were so inclined you could even turn this into a product to rival the waterBOB! Knowing that a LDPE barrel-bag that can hold about 220 liters (58 gallons for those of you who use freedom units) normally runs about 2 USD per bag in bulk straight from a chinese manufacturer, the waterBOB starts looking like a very bad deal. Especially considering the fact they are now made in China, as per their website.
I don't mind when companies turn a profit, but things like this can save lives - especially if more people have access to it due to a lower price.
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2021.08.01 19:17 Camlach777 Wrecking landscape to mine copper

So I just wanted to try how deep copper deposit go, I ended up pretty deep and got 110 copper. The landscape is ruined, sadly I decided to try near base so now I am asking myself, was it worth? maybe now I’ll level again the ground. Anyway very weird to mine floating pieces of copper…
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2021.08.01 19:17 Level_Ad_616 Need comment KARMA please help, will upvote you back

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