Go! Does This Mean That My 4th Great Grandfather Was a White Slave Owner?! (Help) |

Does This Mean That My 4th Great Grandfather Was a White Slave Owner?! (Help)

2021.05.10 22:53 QueenofNile00 Does This Mean That My 4th Great Grandfather Was a White Slave Owner?! (Help)

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2021.05.10 22:53 ww-86 Exchange with Steam Support over Russia trolls

Message from you on May 8 @ 11:23pm | 2 days ago So today on the Saturday's Battlecup, I got again a team with basically 4 Russia trolls, and I suppose you can't really do anything about it, but I'll just try and report this problem by making this steam support ticket, even if it's useless. I still don't know if I can actually contact the steam support, or if I juts get some fake responses from the Russians, and it's more than likely that the responses I have gotten have been fake so far.
So all 4 players playing with me in this team are Russia trolls. That's all there is to it, and probably this is beyond what you can handle.Files attached: Screenshot 2021-05-08 232130.jpg
📷 Message from Steam Support on May 9 @ 12:54am | 1 day and 23 hours ago Steam Support does not have the ability to improve your match quality, but the Dota team is always monitoring game quality and interested in feedback from players.
The ultimate goal of matchmaking in Dota is to create a balanced opportunity for players to enjoy the game. The matchmaking system takes a number of factors into consideration when attempting to create this balance.
You can read more about the latest changes with this Ranked Season in the following blog post:
* Continuing Matchmaking Updates
If you think that matchmaking needs improvement and have ideas or constructive criticism, the Dota team welcomes feedback. You can post on your preferred social site where players are discussing Dota, or post on one of the more popular channels linked below. The Dota team reads these various social channels as it helps them understand and prioritize what issues are most important to the community.
Official Dota 2 Community Hub Dota 2 Subreddit
Cheers, Ollie
📷 Message from you on May 9 @ 8:47pm | 1 day and 3 hours ago ^ This has nothing to do with this
The problem is that I got into trouble with the Russian securit services. You know the ones that go by the acronyms FSB, SVR and GRU. This happened before I started playing DOTA. It has involved online trolling.
When I started playing DOTA, I started getting "Russia trolls" in the same teams with me. These "Russia trolls" are not necessarily from Russia. They can be from anywhere; Such as, Brazil, UK, United States, Germany, Canada, Romania, Sweden, Finland. They're civilians who the Russians have a grip on, and they just do these things because the Russians want them to do them.
You don't have the required expertise to determine that this is the case. I don't even know if this message reaches the actual steam support. The response I'm reading from you, might as well be a fake response, written by the Russians, to make it seem like, my support ticket is reaching the steam support.
The match making system itself is just fine. That's not the problem. The problem is that the Russians hacked it somehow, so that they can make sure, I get to play with Russia trolls *only*. This isn't about balanced match making. I get people trolling me in these games.
📷 Message from you on May 9 @ 8:56pm | 1 day and 3 hours ago Also in this match at least Shadow Shaman is a Russia troll, I'm not sure what country they're from, but that's in a sense irrelevant.Files attached: Screenshot 2021-05-09 205520.jpg
📷 Message from Steam Support on May 9 @ 9:29pm | 1 day and 3 hours ago Servers are organized by geographical region, not by language.
We provide a filter that allows players to specify a language preference to the matchmaker, but there is no guarantee that players on your servers will speak the same language as you.
You can share feedback about this design directly with the Dota 2 team at [Dota2Feedback@valvesoftware.com](mailto:Dota2Feedback@valvesoftware.com)
We also encourage you to share your feedback with the community, as we tend to make changes based on healthy discussions among players.
Cheers, Ollie
📷 Message from you on May 11 @ 12:46am | less than a minute ago You're clearly not reading what I'm writing.
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2021.05.10 22:53 tyw7 Ventilator destroying lungs and hospitals are paid to kill people via NNN

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2021.05.10 22:53 snipergang4L 3L,2L and 1L(idk🤣)

Can someone knowledgeable explain the history of the names of 3L and 2L. I also put 1L cuz I saw some guy throw it up on the sub, looks exaclty like when the surfers say radd and do the thing with their fingers(🤙). I just wanna know the history of how they came to existence, the creators n what not and what they represent. They all share similarities with, L, and having a number that probably represents something.
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2021.05.10 22:53 Alfreb_Einstime WIP My own fursona, called Alistair. It's my first one, hence why I haven't done limbs.

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2021.05.10 22:53 reeldancer08 New video on my gaming channel! Continuing on with my spooky little nightmares 2 series. Please check it out and consider subscribing if you like my content ☺️

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2021.05.10 22:53 moni_acnh Waiting for Gulivarr

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2021.05.10 22:53 Wild-Consideration-1 Did the upper class in Ancient Rome every intermarry since there numbers where so small?

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2021.05.10 22:53 truenorthindigo Crazy to think about selling after we list on Binance. Binance did its due diligence and listed us. Now HODL

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2021.05.10 22:53 Sweedsrv Purple Space Marines, also my first

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2021.05.10 22:53 gott_in_nizza Replacement Fork with Dynamo Routing, Bottle and Light Mounts?

Basically the title. I am wondering if anyone has successfully replaced the stock fork with something that has internal routing for a dynamo cable, a crown mount for a dynamo light, and bosses for bottle mounts on the sides.
I was looking at the Enve Adventure Fork (https://r2-bike.com/ENVE-Fork-29-Adventure-Disc-Carbon-tapered-15-12x100-mm-Thru-Axle), which has all the features, but it looks like it’s the wrong size. I see it as 1 1/8th-1 1/2, while I see the Topstone frame as 1 1/8th-1 1/4 (https://www.cannondale.com/en/bikes/road/gravel/topstone-alloy/topstone-0-smu)
Any experience with the fork replacement? Am I reading the product pages correctly that fork and frame are not compatible?
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2021.05.10 22:53 InfiniteChard22 Free pics Becca Pires, LetsGab, Grazzi Mourão and others

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2021.05.10 22:53 JimmyJabra I just realized I have two copies of this. Whoever would like it, just comment first on this post and it's yours, free of charge. I can only ship in the US.

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2021.05.10 22:53 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Fennec] [Lime Mainframe] [Black Halo] [Lime Standard] [Black Stern]

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2021.05.10 22:53 xdeeman Nissan Frontier possible transmission issues. Whine on deceleration

I just looked at a 2008 Nissan Frontier V6 4X4 with 130,000 miles.
Overall the truck was in good condition. There is a known issue on these trucks with bad timing chains. The current owner indicated he honestly was not sure if the timing chain was ever replaced and they have owned it for 8 years. This is a bit worrisome - if they owned the vehicle when it hit 100,000 miles like I would assume this would indicate the timing chain was never replaced.
I've read where you can listen for a chain slap on startup indicating a bad timing chain. However, on start-up (confirmed cold engine) there was no noise. When I left the drive and pressed the accelerator I could deff hear some racket which I can assume was chain slap.
When I was able to give it some real acceleration I would hear the rattle from the engine until I left off the gas THEN I would get a horn like sound (closer to a sax or tuba vs. high pitch horn - it was low like a deep note on a saxophone). The engine rattle stopped after 3-5 minutes but I would ALWAYS hear the vacuum horn noise on deceleration. It never went away. I switched to the 4WD on the fly and it was still there and when I switched back to 2WD the horn whine could be heard immediately after switching from 4wd to 2wd.
I am pretty sure I will walk on this potential but wanted to get some advice on possible causes.
Thank you!
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2021.05.10 22:53 dumbTelephone ノーモラ女子もパパ活なのか?→J-CASTニュース: ファッション誌Rayが「パパ活」推奨?記事公開→削除

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2021.05.10 22:53 Peacockblue11 3-Layer Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

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2021.05.10 22:53 Murky_Train9718 0.001 come at us bro!

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2021.05.10 22:53 krispykrush [21] M4A Bi Top looking to get my dick sucked and maybe more

21 Bi top 230lbs 6ft Persian mix, 4.5"c. Looking for a bottom/tran/sissy type preferably around my age who enjoys sucking and having a chill time. I'm looking for someone to have a regular thing with if we vibe. Preferably you host but we can get a room or maybe carplay. I'm 420 friendly, tested clean and vaccinated. Live Near Katy area but can travel.
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2021.05.10 22:53 SpoonNoodles What type of wasp is this? These guys keep making nests by my windows and getting in my house. I'm allergic to wasps so I'm trying to find out how aggressive they are

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2021.05.10 22:53 Specialist_Praline What to do with rdp with 1700 megabits speed

Hello everyone!
I have a rdp with 15 gb ram and 100 gb storage for a limited time. I was thinking about what to do with it. I used it mainly for creating backups of my data. Do you have any suggestions about how I should use it?
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2021.05.10 22:53 putsa Atomic Wallet Staked Zil gone!

Hey guys,
I have been staking about $15k in zil for two months. I never check the app and I had just left the money there. Today, I signed in the app to check the rewards and saw that my balance was $0.
I freaked out and then I checked the transactions and saw that there was a transaction 7 days ago, where all my zil were transferred to a random address, and from there, split and sent to another one with thousands of Zil transaction happening all the time.
This is my address: zil1p4njsgk7h3grt5dsxv5jtpd443p42slujt207n
I messaged atomic but haven't responded yet. Do I have to accept that I lost all of my money or is there something I can do? Is this transaction perhaps some action of staking?
I would appreciate any help. I am seriously freaking out
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2021.05.10 22:53 barrywhitecc Realistic Market Cap Prediction for EOY 2021?

What is the most realistic market cap price prediction you guys think we'll hit for 2021?
Is 1 billion USD possible?
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2021.05.10 22:53 gishbot1 Second Chance for Bridgey McBridgeface, or other coordinated shitpost name: Senator Lena Gonzalez has posted her own poll, now with write-in goodness!

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2021.05.10 22:53 d_arthur Do you know either of these Distraction studies? (please help)

Im doing a nosurf related project and am searching hard for two studies I've heard on distraction but still can't find the original sources.
1: Once study participants were distracted once, they were more likely to be distracted a second or a third time (I don't remember where I read this but it was like x2 or x3 more likely to be distracted on subsequent occastions or something)

  1. From this talk by Patrick Winston (public speaking expert) where he mentions research that opening a phone or laptop distracts the people around you. https://youtu.be/Unzc731iCUY?t=223
Thanks for reading
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