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Did Reddit update its UI!

2021.05.10 23:30 allaboutishaan Did Reddit update its UI!

Is it just me? Well I mean it is much cleaner. The comment section and posts are much cleaner now. What do you guys think?
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2021.05.10 23:30 whitebearpr Film Score Monthly - May Issue Released

Film Score Monthly - May Issue Released The May issue of Film Score Monthly features interviews with 'The Water Man' composer Peter Baert and Netflix's 'Jupiter's Legacy' composer Stephanie Economou, as well as reviews of their newly released soundtracks. The issue also features soundtrack reviews for: 'Mortal Kombat' by Benjamin Wallfisch, 'Stowaway' by Volker Bertelmann, 'Cherry' & 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' by Henry Jackman.
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2021.05.10 23:30 RuleTheMidnightAir Beach Road Crusuong

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2021.05.10 23:30 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Octane: Noooo!] [Saffron Ion] [Saffron Equalizer]

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2021.05.10 23:30 DrLudwig- Your own funeral

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2021.05.10 23:30 koalauren my item got removed for being counterfeit even though it wasn't, does anyone know how to fix this?

the item was a harley davidson tee, and i have a feeling this certain girl reported it since i wouldn't give her 10 dollars off for it, and then she got all pissed ab it. i responded to the email i got when depop told me that they removed my item, but i haven't gotten a response. anyone know what i should do?
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2021.05.10 23:30 StandUpTheSoryu- Ever wonder what it's like to be a Neo Nectar player?

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2021.05.10 23:30 gingerspicr Just wanted to share my gorgeous boy Tilly on his Birthday.

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2021.05.10 23:30 Zealousideal-Ad221 Apex pack rework idea

An idea that would make so many people happier would be to get rid of apex packs completely, and make crafting material packs, so instead of getting grays and blues that you don’t want, you can get enough crafting materials to make whatever you want, it can stay the same of level rng for rarity, but no one likes getting nothing out of apex packs
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2021.05.10 23:30 MeadowsBoy1977 Easy solution - I am not your mom or financial advisor

Clearly the token is being surrounded by fud & mistruths AGAIN - It has been like this since day 1. Eclipse has been targeted more than most, just look at the same characters posting about the DEVS selling from development wallets to further the project, something they have done since day one.
They have been honest enough to say the project needs funding, marketing starting soon(wages for the job being advertised) money to promote the coin, all things that are coming - It's not a shit coin & they don't want it promoting like that - The usage & the charts need to come first, they cannot promote nothing, they need the project and the usage to be the thing that get's promoted.
It is a business & as such they are trying to make it professional, people blocked on Telegram are usually asking about influences/wen lambo/wen moon/ & generally spreading shit. All business have to dip into the till to pay bills -
This is still very early days, less than 2 months - If you cannot handle a real usage coin & the time scale it takes to progress properly, then sell your stake & put it into a much riskier Shite coin where you may get your Lambo or lose everything.
Ignore the noise and relax this is a REAL project. Come back in a few weeks if you struggle with ups & downs of the price, it's what happens in the Crypto world from what I have seen in my limited time here.
Good luck
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2021.05.10 23:30 Kazhmyr1 Starting a relatively high paying job at a small MSP and I'm worried I'm under qualified.

I am starting at a small MSP soon, and even though they sought me out specifically, and I have worked with them before (they are the MSP for my previous job), I'm starting to feel unqualified. Maybe just the new job jitters? I have my A+, and a lot of "level 1 help desk" experience (I was the ad hoc IT guy for th office, if I couldn't fix it, then they called the MSP). I guess my question is, for long time IT pros, what was your education/ experience level starting out? Is there anything you recommended I learn ASAP? (I actually voiced my concern at my interview, but they said not to worry, obviously I am still worried).
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2021.05.10 23:30 Jekyllhyde A little time at the gym

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2021.05.10 23:30 _DogLips_ NSFW What would a four X movie contain?

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2021.05.10 23:30 _Ding_Dong_ Awesome Beach Day With Luna

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2021.05.10 23:30 curlygirlpsyc13 Moving into town!

Hi all. I am moving relocating to Pittsburgh for my graduate studies! This is a very exciting event in my life, however I am nervous about moving to a completely unknown area. What are your suggestions to live for students? I really loved Shadyside when I went to visit. What are some apartment companies you trust?
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2021.05.10 23:30 idoitabroad avant garde

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2021.05.10 23:30 duval1986 Lips a million

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2021.05.10 23:30 BigBallsOX A little bonus 7-leg parlay.

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2021.05.10 23:30 xo_kitten What could you never share with your therapist/family, but are fine telling internet strangers?

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2021.05.10 23:30 littleangelbabyxo I have posted and deleted this photo 1000 times because I always hate the photos I take 😭✌🏻🍓

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2021.05.10 23:30 SupportUseful The Diamond Coin - only 5000 tokens available - 3,5 million market cap - ICO - Dex coin - you better do not miss this

The Diamond Token - brand new ICO Dex Token - massive usecases - only 5 thousands Token available - less than 5 million market cap
The Diamond Token - brand new ICO / IDO Dex tool coin - you do not wanna miss this
Diamond Token is only a few days old and already made a 20x - now it’s coming back from a tasty 40% correction - if you want to have „the diamond token“ like literally - you can’t miss. This will go to 10k per coin in a few.
Marketcap below 5 million $
Like always DYOR
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2021.05.10 23:30 bugsbloods Has any freshman received the email for hybrid orientation yet?

I'm planning to do session 2 and they said we would get an email on May 10th but I haven't heard from them yet?
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2021.05.10 23:30 alphakid123 better photo of my roblox toys

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2021.05.10 23:30 dime_w Weird Vaginal Odor

i notice that sometimes i have a vaginal smell that smells like garlic/onions even though i do not have BV or any type of infection. it sometimes makes me insecure when people are going down on me. i am also very hygienic and i was wondering if there is anything i could do to get rid of the smell or is that just my natural scent?
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2021.05.10 23:30 hemandrugi SHEPHERD TOKEN [$2k Market Cap], 0 DAYS OLD, RENOUNCED AND LOCKED

Tired of getting rugpulled and scammed? You’re in luck today because Shepherd Token opened it’s doors for us all to enter.
Become one of the first early soldiers as we plan our trip to the moon on this fine Monday mooning, we’ve got the rocket ship ready we’re just waiting on you to keep us going.
This is a community-driven token - RENOUNCED OWNERSHIP - LP LOCKED
The goal is to reach at least 200k MC, which is almost x100 here!!!
Telegram: https://t.me/shepherdtokenn
Buy: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x039489e9d4332f6df2aa4a2ab1433109b9535748
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