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Music to your ears 🎶

2021.05.10 23:53 ensluck Music to your ears 🎶

Drawings/ Auctions will open up at 6:30 PM EST. Check out the drop at niftygateway.com/collections!
Tonight's featured collections come from: Goldweard x Logan Nelson
Goldweard x Logan Nelson Goldweard and Logan Nelson have teamed up for their first collaboration of The Crystal Orchestra. Envisioned as the first major 'classical' music NFT, The Crystal Orchestra bridges together the performances of 15 live musicians together in the form of crystal instruments. These instruments, when layered with the rest of their section, form live ensembles with a conductor.
View the collection: Browse Auction
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2021.05.10 23:53 Eldestare Feels wrong

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2021.05.10 23:53 KyleTheWanderer We Explore an Island of Ice! New Pokemon Snap Game! The Adventure Continues! Come Join Me!

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2021.05.10 23:53 someguywhomakesart oh

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2021.05.10 23:53 ynews1953 I guess they're getting their own medicine the kids are getting a shot to go back and they're so desperate they need 12-year-olds cuz they get sent to the Matrix now they don't come back here

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2021.05.10 23:53 xKilianBx its a old project.. pls leave ur thoughts. i would be happy about some feedback :D

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2021.05.10 23:53 Savannahs_Feet Do you like this sight? 😉

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2021.05.10 23:53 timeforitnowright Two Factor Verification doesn’t Work

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2021.05.10 23:53 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,36W x 38H x 0D cm,Kevin Newton Abstract,Conceptual,Fine Art,Abstract ExpressionismAbstract. Contemporary,Modern,Acrylic,Expressive,Abstract

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2021.05.10 23:53 DocGWiz I hate this.

Ever since I’ve started community college it feels like I’ve been getting judged and seen as an idiot by a lot of people around me. I’m Indian and all the other Indians close to me value education highly so I mainly get looks from them and today I just found out I might have to stay one more semester to transfer even though I’ve been here for two years now and I don’t know if at this point I can handle more of their crap. I come from such an intelligent family that half the time I feel like such an outcast compared to everyone else. The required gpa to transfer for to my college is 2.75 and I have a 2.73 and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get As in my summer classes and it’s really killing my self confidence.
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2021.05.10 23:53 Available-Role-5490 fuck

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2021.05.10 23:53 www366 Great Piece

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2021.05.10 23:53 theforg123 Aparment Help

Just wondering if theres any good and safe aparments anyone has expirence in around the 900-1.2k range in the marietta area.
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2021.05.10 23:53 of__the__night Strawberries 🍓

I normally don't like strawberries as they're too sour, but they're keto friendly in moderation, and want to start eating them with almond butter. I can only enjoy them when they're way overripe; when they're almost purple, slightly mushy, and real sweet. Does this change their chemical/nutritional content? Does it make them not keto friendly in this state?
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2021.05.10 23:53 darkestshadeofblue21 a poem i wrote to process my feelings

context: i just recently was broken up with after like 3/4 of a year together. i'm autistic and very bad with social cues and pretty much everything necessary to move a relationship forward, and that combined with the fact that we are only in high school, plus the pandemic meaning we we had to social distance most of the time, plus the fact that we're closeted lesbians meaning we couldn't be public with anything, all together resulted in a very slow moving, kind of awkward relationship. i think i always liked her more than she liked me, because i still loved every second of it, but eventually she suggested we "move on". we're still really close (same friendgroup, still good friends) but i still love her and it really hurts. so yeah here you go, it's really long but i just wanted to put it out here.

You said it was overwhelming;
the nothingness of the last few weeks, of the last nine months,
my paralysis, our stagnation,
your unkissable lips,
and I asked you what you meant
because I didn't understand
how nothing can be overwhelming.
I didn't think it was nothing.
To me, and my routine texts of goodnight
it was caring
and you on my mind
all of the time
and I'm sorry that I didn't know how else to express it.
To my reddening ears when I stared into your deep brown eyes, frozen,
it was beautiful,
you were beautiful,
and I'm sorry that I couldn't kiss you like I wanted to.
And to my pounding heart and my awkward arm, wrapping around you for the first time,
it was adrenaline,
the good kind,
but it was danger, and I tried to be brave
and I'm sorry if I wasn't brave enough.
I didn't want it to be nothing.
It didn't feel like nothing
to me.
But now I know
what you meant
about the nothing being overwhelming.
I can feel it now every time you walk into the room
and I smile from instinct
and I push it down.
and I can feel it when I accidentally imagine you with me again
when I think about the future
and when I notice the little things you've given me still sitting on my windowsill,
and when I see things that remind me of you and stop myself from pressing send,
and I feel the nothing when I drive by the park where it all started
and know that it'll never be magical again.
You were right.
It's overwhelming.
It's palpable, and suffocating
and I'm sorry
if that's how I made you feel.
I'm sorry we were nothing.
I didn't know.
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2021.05.10 23:53 kckid23 Asking the real questions here

Would you rather fight one horse sized Greek Freak series 1 Rare or 100 duck sized Delon Wright Common Series 2s?
View Poll
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2021.05.10 23:53 Greyhound53 "Both sides are just as bad, in war there are no good guys and bad guys" and "Oh, is eren a good guy or a bad guy"

Holy shit, this is so not the case. The people of Marely never had to live in a dystopian landscape where you never knew who was going to die next. We literally see in the 1st three episodes how the people of marley are just chillin havin a grand old time. Paradise island is a direct cause of people of marley not being able to settle a grudge of like 200 years. How do you see the people of marley as anything but the bad guys????
Another thing that makes me mad is how people always say "Oh, idk if eren is a good guy anymore" lets take a look at erens life for a second. His mother is dead, his father the same story. Hannes? Dead. Levi's Squad? Dead, probably because of him. Losing that many people, having death become so common, and now knowing who is responsible? I really dont think anyone would care about "Oh but he killed innocent people!!!" in this situation.
Now i dont 100% understand all the lore of the series so correct me if im wrong, but holy shit fuck marley.
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2021.05.10 23:53 molinergutt Regarding progression across mac and windows versions

So I usually play BOI:Repentance on my PC, but recently I had to hand it in for repairs so I'm using my old macbook as a replacement. Obviously it doesn't have the Repentance DLC but does anyone know if the unlocks I get on my Afterbirth+-version of the game on the mac will transfer over to my Repentance-version, once I get my PC back?
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2021.05.10 23:53 Mommyxx4 Feeling blue

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2021.05.10 23:53 danielexavior Apartment Housing Application Question

Hi, I just wanted to ask a quick question about the housing applications. If a group of 3 people were to try to apply for a 4 person apartment, would the system fill the last spot of their apartment with a 4th person, would the last seat just be left unfilled, or would the application just be rejected entirely? Thank you!
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2021.05.10 23:53 Life-Sense-4584 This run had me sweating bullets

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2021.05.10 23:53 elenacarin97 I told my mom “That salad made me sick.” And she said “Good.” Wtf?

So I was eating some potato chips (they’re the good kind from Costco), and my mom told me to make a salad instead- so I did, and ten minutes later, my stomach feels sick. So I tell her “That salad made my stomach sick.” And she said “Good.” I hate her so much. I’m so upset. I want to leave home, but can’t. And I had psychosis and still have schizophrenic features. If she ever tells me what to eat again, I’m not listening.
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2021.05.10 23:53 10Flintlocke Drink the dips

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2021.05.10 23:53 KyleTheWanderer We Explore an Island of Ice! New Pokemon Snap Game! The Adventure Continues! Come Join Me!

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2021.05.10 23:53 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for aheadimply

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