Go! Boss OD-1X Distortion - $90 ($90 + Free S/H) 73% |

Boss OD-1X Distortion - $90 ($90 + Free S/H) 73%

2021.05.10 22:50 pedal_deals_bot Boss OD-1X Distortion - $90 ($90 + Free S/H) 73%

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2021.05.10 22:50 downwhistle73 This post with an extremely exact and concise title getting removed for not having an exact and concise title

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2021.05.10 22:50 vvrrva How will you celebrate when Pap gets his first #1?

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2021.05.10 22:50 BusterKs21 H: leather coat W:be25 fixer

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2021.05.10 22:50 roosnaomi 20[F4M] Anyone for sexting? Upvote and get reward, Fun and dirty talk/sexting. I am down just hit me on my snap:. roosnaomi3

20[F4M] Anyone for sexting? Upvote and get reward, Fun and dirty talk/sexting. I am down just hit me on my snap:. roosnaomi3
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2021.05.10 22:50 Razor6654 [XB1] [30/32] Join a league with the Cardinals and Broncos still available!

In Week 7 of Year 2

Awesome league with a lot of cool people and chill commishes. Toxicity at a big low so that’s a plus. Sim style, all-pro difficulty, 8 min quarters, 48 hour advance

Teams remaining are the:
XF - Von Miller
SS - Jerry Jeudy, Bradley Chubb

XF - Chandler Jones, DHop, Budda Baker
SS - Jalen Thompson, Isiah Simmons, Kyler Murray, Nehemiah Hines

Join up!
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2021.05.10 22:50 Hythoom3 Enjoy buddies, an end of day laugh form our brothers

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2021.05.10 22:50 Wearing_human_skin Nearly every bit as beautiful as Emilia

Mrs Juniper had a well documented history of birthing ugly ducklings as she termed them. The first time little Andrew tumbled out of her womb, her face twisted into a sour expression as she inspected the crying baby in her arms, cold eyes lacking any motherly love while gazing upon her very own newborn son like a foreign object.
“Leonard?” she muttered to her husband who stood by her side, glaring at him with silent hatred in her beady eyes.
“No Margery, wasn’t me this time. Absolutely not. I may not be the best looker but even I couldn’t have contributed to making that,” he gawked at the baby.
“Well it can’t be my genes. That’s an inarguable fact,” she huffed.
“Who knows, maybe it’s your papa at fault. Sometimes the ugly jumps generations,” he sniggered, chuckling heartily, but awkwardly falling silent from the pointed look his wife gave him.
And that was the story of how little Andrew came to be, though of course the Juniper couple were very much not pleased with the first result, so naturally they tried again, and again, and again. With each consecutive year, out plopped baby Jaxon, Thom, twins Bella and Blaise, Luca--each of them apparently great disappointments to an inconsolable Mrs Juniper, lamenting over the fact that she couldn’t produce even one slightly beautiful child.
That all disappeared when finally baby Emilia arrived, making even the nurses in the delivery room gasp from her twinkly blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and tufts of sleek blonde curls erupting from her head. From the moment she was born, Emilia was destined to grow into the Juniper’s predetermined image of beauty.
And she did.
With a well endowed slim figure, dainty fingers, a sleek curtain of strawberry blonde locks, and fair skin, eleven-year-old Emilia seemingly outshone her older siblings; the golden girl.
May 17th was Emilia’s birthday. Her parents forgot the rest.
Mr Juniper didn’t even know the rest of his kids’ names, calling them “boy” or “girl” if he ever needed to acknowledge their existence.
At school nobody believed the fact that the lovely Emilia had the rat-faced-rascals as her siblings.
There were numerous other instances of mistreatment but the worst originated from their own mother. None of them had ever truly known what mother’s love was supposed to be; having had to watch Emilia steal all that away from them like a leech.
But today all that was going to change.
For the first time the five siblings invited eleven-year-old Emilia to one of their weekendly garden shed meetings. Usually the meetings were solely reserved for the outcasted siblings to bond together, talk kiddy shit, and play, purposefully excluding Emilia. Emilia was delighted to accept the invite. She’d always tried to be sweet, tried to treat her siblings as equals, but her brothers and sisters had been permanently jaded by her parents and the rest of the world convincing them they were lesser thans, and they loathed Emilia for it. She thought today could finally be her chance to amend things with them.
But as Emilia trod into the shed --the wooden door being shut and locked behind her-- the sight she was met with was of Bella hefting a shiny saw in her hands, Blaise dragging an iron shovel behind her, and Luca stroking the blade of an awfully big kitchen knife. The gang of siblings advanced on her wordlessly like stalking predators.
“He-hey,” Emilia mumbled weakly while stumbling backwards, “What’s all this guys?”
“We’re dead tired of you hoarding mama all to yourself Em,” Blaise blurted, “It’s plain unfair.”
“Yeah,” Bella piped after her twin sister, “We just want to share mama’s love among ourselves. You don’t mind sharing, do ya?”
“Wh-uh-I don’t understand,” Emilia stumbled over her words as her nervous eyes flitted across the menacing tools each of her siblings held, inching closer to her.
“You’ll understand soon enough,” came a sudden voice breathing down her neck. Emilia immediately recognised the voice: Jaxon.
Suddenly, Jaxon’s beefy hand clamped over Emilia's mouth, and her screams died within that muffling hand.
“Now Thom!” Jaxon shouted orders, and the pitter patter of Thom’s hurried footsteps soon sounded. He swiftly circled around Emilia, winding a thick rope around her body, criss crossing over her abdomen, snaking in and out her arms and legs. When the length of rope was nearly used up, he tied the final knot behind her back. Then came the duct tape, which Thom plastered over Emilia’s mouth after gagging her with a bunched up cloth.
Jaxon violently pushed a bound Emilia to the dusty floor, and she easily toppled down, and struggled about in her ropes in vain. The pack of siblings pounced upon her, working methodically, though a bit messily. It was a team effort really. Butcher knife in hand, Luca easily sliced up Emilia’s delicate fingers like chopping carrots. Bella sawed at all major joints of her slender limbs until she struck bone, before Blaise hacked away at that bone with the tremendous force using the side edge of the shovel, cleaving her body into distinct pieces. Using a pair of pliers, Thom firmly held Emilia’s pearly white teeth, and began to violently wrench them out, red nerves still attached to the teeth like weeds. Jaxon got to work with a razor blade on the eyelids and a spoon to scoop out Emilia’s gorgeous blue eyes. The razor blade was also put to use to scalp Emilia’s mop of blonde hair from her head.
The siblings weren’t exactly sure when Emilia died. They weren’t concentrating on her really. She eventually, definitely died though, rest assured.
Soon the siblings laid out all the parts harvested from Emilia, dividing the most prized parts amongst themselves, giddy with excitement for what came next.
All their life they knew they could never be as beautiful as Emilia, not even half as much. But once they were done with the transplants, they hoped to inherit just a fraction of her good looks. There was no need to be greedy for parts. There was certainly enough of Emilia’s beauty to go around.
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2021.05.10 22:50 SapphireRabbit She also wanted me to watch a crappy Netflix movie with the family instead of watching an old Disney movie

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2021.05.10 22:50 DriftwoodFever now that we have sword backblings that are also picks...

backblings like wolfpack and shiro should be made into picks! the wolfpack would look good with the batman zero and would also be a dope pick! what do you guys think?
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2021.05.10 22:50 1960TriumphTR3A Fuel pump relay problem

83 944 na, new fuel pump, new relay, new filters and strainer. With direct power the pump does work. It seems I am not getting power from my new or old relay to the new pump. I don't know what to test or check next. I have the front seat out so it's a little easier to see under the dash, but not much.
This all started as one of those projects. I'm still trying to figure out how much a free Porsche cost. I inherited a few old cars from my brother that were almost junk. I fixed a few of them and am now working on getting this 944 running. So far I have changed way too many parts already and have payed the Porsches tax a few times. I changed the clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, flywheel, flywheel sensors, water pump, timing belt balancer belt, oil cooler seals, rear main seal, trans axle seals, fuel pump, strainer, fuel hose, fuel filter, calipers, rotors, radiator hoses, intake and exhaust gaskets, injector seals, plugs, starter, alternator, intake boot, thermo valve, and a bunch of other stuff I forgot about and can't remember because my head is spinning still from the Porsche tax. No, really I'm still not too bad on the budget. I've shopped around and used some of the cheaper parts.
Back to my question. What should I test next? I'm thinking of checking continuity between the fuel pump (+pos) terminal and one of the terminals on the receptacle of the relay panel. I'm still looking at the wiring schematic right now. I think it is the blue/green wire. I'm kind of lost at this point. Could it be a bad DME not working? I've never had the car running yet so I don't know.
The engine cranks over fine. Just no fuel pump power. I might try to fully pressurize the fuel pump with direct power and see if it starts. I've never checked for spark yet because of the no fuel pressure.
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2021.05.10 22:50 gimmethatnectar i feel sick as fuck

yeah basically that's it
my head is killing me, my nose is blocked, my body aches and i feel like im boutta pass out.
okie bye
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2021.05.10 22:50 ilikespyro427 This dog toy on Amazon

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2021.05.10 22:50 Joshie2112 What is the most down bad subreddit?

I think it might be AOCIsSexy. What do you think is the most down bad subreddit?
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2021.05.10 22:50 gooooochie__man Mega Venusaur ending in five minutes join up 5825 6431 2222

Join fast
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2021.05.10 22:50 poopymcbumshoots Lotsa blush :)

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2021.05.10 22:50 ddulen24 Short info on ortex for everyone

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2021.05.10 22:50 horse_cum_in_my_butt Cool basslines with wah.

I recently bought a wah pedal, and i want to put it to good use. what are some good basslines that use a wah. besides early metallica
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2021.05.10 22:50 Krakuuus Web app hosting crash course for Sysadmin?

Anyone knows any good materials that would serve as introduction to web development / application hosting from administrative perspective? Not looking for courses on how to write the applications but more on topics like web server hardening and configurations (e.g. security baselines for .htaccess or web.config), common attacks, cookies, cross-site scripting, http headers etc, etc.
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2021.05.10 22:50 DUBLurTRUBL Tried drawing combusken ;-;

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2021.05.10 22:50 dust_pile People who gave birth and got hit in the nuts of Reddit, what did hurt more?

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2021.05.10 22:50 EditorExtreme672 Duralast brakes? Worth it?

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2021.05.10 22:50 CauseCertain Glad I found this Reddit

Im thankful I choose to join this subreddit because I was in a group on Facebook but it honestly would just induce more fear into me because the people their seem to be so hopeless and kinda negative. I get it honestly because it’s pretty rough dealing with what we’re dealing but the positive mindset is what’s going to push us thru this. Also it’s been easier to relate symptoms with people on here as opposed to that Facebook group.
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2021.05.10 22:50 tidalgamingnews Call of Duty Mobile Masters 2021: Format, Prize Pool, Schedule, and Much More

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2021.05.10 22:50 BoingBoingBoings Apex Ranked is utterly fucked and useless

Right now Ranked is useless because no rank means anything. Gold plays against Master and Dia all the time and Plat against Master and Pred. Why have ranks when they mean nothing unless you are a Master+ player? Why do I an average gold player face Players twice my skillevel all the time? I am nothing more than fodder.
And the problem is simple. Because Respawn decided to make ranks meaningless. They decided making a splitbased ranked league where all the rewards are given after the first split, yet the rank for the new season is decided on the last splits rank. Thereby there is no reason for anyone to play the second split atrifically decreasing their rank back by three ranks. The fix is so simple yet Respawn does not even consider it... Stop doing splits. Or decrese your rank from the average of your two splits or the highest split (like all rewards are given out for the highest split) . Alternatively they could split up the rewards for Ranked across the two splits so players don`t stop playing ranked as much as they do now.
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