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Just let me send the normal one

2021.05.10 23:12 magstarkajak32 Just let me send the normal one

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2021.05.10 23:12 caughtyouredheaded Not here to debate the topic, but I’ve never heard of pooping an abortion.

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2021.05.10 23:12 APraxon [New] Pokemon TCG CO-OP Adventure Game (Phase I and II)

As we all know Pokemon cards are hyped really nicely right now and as fun as the original TCG is, it lacks co-op and the adventure feel of what I feel like pokemon is truly about. To compensate, I've developed this game with input from various people and have tested it for over 100 hours with it being fairly balanced. PLEASE KNOW this will never be for sale, I don't have any licensure or partnerships with Pokemon, nor is this an official game.
For anyone who's played pathfinders, this aims to bring over a lot of continuous components from that game. The game is made to be continued indefinitely (though a theoretical ending may be coming along with elemental trials in Phase III if there is sufficient interest). It's split into two Phases, Phase I will get you introduced to the basics and keep you busy for 4-6 hrs. Phase II gives guidelines on progression and challenges. Also ignore the watermark, it's only there until all changes are finished and Phase III is released all together without a Watermark and available freely.
Drive Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nGlOajjZhAntcAFoIJpxuN3OWQgt2kJI?usp=sharing
Game features:
Game Time: Unlimited (thought probably cap out around 200-250 hrs WITH Phase III)
Game Requirements: DnD Dice and Pokemon TCG Cards (preferably 1-2 decks per player would be ideal) and some friends
Supported Players: 3-10 (or more if you want but game may start getting unbalanced). You can also stop after each level and resume later with changes in the number of players as long as the new level is adjusted for difficulty (read Phase II).

I've put a lot of time and effort into this and would love it for everyone to give it a try. It is played best with a BUNCH of Pokemon and Energy cards while trainer cards will be less utilized. Please read through it and if you get to test it and have any balancing issues you notice please leave them below. Otherwise I just wanted to share this with you. If there is genuine interest, I might produce a how to YouTube video guide but that's pending. Let me know what you think!
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2021.05.10 23:12 Bigger_balls_than_u How can I get close to her?

We aren't really talking much but I want to get closer to her. I don't really know how I can do that.
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2021.05.10 23:12 ThrowRAartykid A girl has been going around telling people that I’m a pedo

Note: I live in a country with no covid cases, so universities are open.
So I (20m) have been in a relationship with ‘N’ (17f) for around 4 months now. For some context, we go to the same university- she has always been extremely smart and skipped a grade (and earned a scholarship), while I took a gap year before starting university, so she’s a first year and I’m a second year. We’re in the same major and have a lot of common interests so we instantly clicked. Its been going great, I really fucking like her. While she is a minor we are pretty much at the same maturity level and life phase.
Anyway now onto the drama: so last week, my friend, an acquaintance from a shared class (the girl in the title, we’ll call her ‘A’) and I went to a coffee shop just to talk and kill time for a bit before our next class. The topic of my gf’s upcoming birthday is brought up, and out of curiosity I’m assuming, A asked how old she’s turning and I answered honestly, 18. She noticeably made a face and I briefly explained what’s in that above paragraph basically, and after that we moved on.
Well, a few days ago I heard from another friend that she’s been going around calling me a creep/pedo for dating a minor. At first I just thought it was stupid and ignored it, but over time it’s been bothering me more and I guess I’ll admit I feel offended. I’ve never had someone say bad things about me behind my back (to my knowledge) and I think I just want validation that she’s unjustly taking this out of proportion. And rather than relationship advice, does anyone have advice on how to deal with ‘A’? I’m pretty sure any attempt to argue against what she’s been saying might just be useless or make things worse but idk.
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2021.05.10 23:12 mad8vskillz I AM SELLING A MIRROR TO OTHER FELLOW HUMANS

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2021.05.10 23:12 nguit98 What should I upgrade for PETG

I have a completely stock Ender 3 v2 and I’m planning on printing some car parts using PETG. I don’t know what I should upgrade before I try it or if stock should be fine. I haven’t had any issues at all but I’ve only been using PLA.
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2021.05.10 23:12 Ainsley-Sorsby An adult Gorilla intervenes to save an infant from a scuffle

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2021.05.10 23:12 hieronymus_donation What is the most important thing that ever slipped your mind?

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2021.05.10 23:12 Pretty-big-mess-rn Isn't it kinda hilarious how some of these girls can have huge inflated egos?

I get it tinder and every other dating app in the market makes it so that girls in demand. Your average girl cookie can easily have 100+ likes effortlessly within hours of making an account. That said there are plenty of average looking girls who let it get to them while becoming even more unattractive than they already are.
Like on some bro-unity shit, all of us guys should come together and delete dating apps. The current ratio on tinder is what 1 girl for 4 guys? We should make it 1 guy for 3 girls and let them fight it out for whatever crums are left on tinder.
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2021.05.10 23:12 Hadrian3711 Need some help with team building

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2021.05.10 23:12 Rotang-Klan Got my first Harley! 2014 FXDL

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2021.05.10 23:12 SirFeedalot1 Issue with Stronghold Warlords

I’m having a lot of problems when I try to move the mouse to the right side. It kinda stucks and it won’t let me move in that direction until I place the arrow perfectly.
Wanted to know if that is just my problem (maybe wrong settings) or if it is a general issue?
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2021.05.10 23:12 ChardeeMacDennis0526 Best shoes for DM Demar?

not sure about what takeovers will change because of it or anything, and I don’t currently have any shoes equipped
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2021.05.10 23:12 n2Otradamus_ Trying to determine if I should punish myself even more this year and go for my NP while also trying to invest in property in LA.

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2021.05.10 23:12 Napalm_Death1989 VPN For Improving Latency

Sup, so this may sound stupid or common sense to most of you with more experience. I use an 25mbps fibre ethernet line but still division 1 & 2 lags, at times it gets quite bad, will an VPN improve my latency? I saw an article that said it will if i put it to the u.s or something, i was thinking of using an free vpn like tunnelbear. I don't have the money for a paid one
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2021.05.10 23:12 Frontpage-Watch [#76|+6073|435] Electric cars ‘will be cheaper to produce than fossil fuel vehicles by 2027’ [/r/UpliftingNews]

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2021.05.10 23:12 EdibleTriceratops They're the same picture

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2021.05.10 23:12 Saucy-Sister Weekend challenge: April flowers bring May flowers (better late than never!)

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2021.05.10 23:12 MarrantValentine Need course work done for grade 11 & 12 chemistry

I am looking to hire somebody to Do my coursework from now until July28th. I will pay per piece of work done.
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2021.05.10 23:12 Gegenuebertragung hmmm

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2021.05.10 23:12 Mihicular Hey you! Yeah you! Touch grass!

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2021.05.10 23:12 asxoxo happy birthday lauren potter! ❤️❤️

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2021.05.10 23:12 travvypattycactus James Harden (hamstring) could return Wednesday

As u/wojespn reported on SportsCenter, the earliest date that James Harden may return for the Nets is Wednesday against the Spurs — that isn’t a certainty, but Harden is getting close to returning.
- Malika Andrews
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2021.05.10 23:12 Professional-Area-13 Bhai bura lagta hai yaar kasam se

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