Go! Hey family, I want to help out anyway I can!!! |

Hey family, I want to help out anyway I can!!!

2021.05.10 22:19 brokenandtired1 Hey family, I want to help out anyway I can!!!

Hey lovely people of the world, fellow queer here and I just want to let everyone know that I've officially started my podcast "one time for a good time!" It's on all streaming services and it has its very own YouTube channel but first I want to tell you guys why I started this. Personally for the last eight years of my life, I suffered from depression, self loathing, insecurities etc. And with that, I knew absolutely nothing about self love, self worth or even happiness. A year ago I knew I had to change my ways or it was going to be over for me. So I started a mission of digging up all my skeletons and properly burying them where they belong and I just want to say this last year and a half have been extraordinary and I finally see the light. I no longer cry at night and I feel true happiness every day. But with mental health, depression and self harm, I knew I wasn't the only person out there in the world feeling these things and having these thoughts, so I decided to make "One time for a good time" because even through my roughest of time. I knew how good it would have felt to walk with someone through all of the darkness and I want to be that for people. The person people can come to in the darkest of times and get advice, laugh or listen to me tell a stupid story. There's too many people out there struggling with mental health and I want to do my part in the world by getting this podcast out there and saving others. I hope this can help one of you out there or Maybe you know someone you can send it too but life is too short and I think we should spend our waking hours having fun and living our best lives. Thank you for listening ♥️♥️♥️♥️
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2021.05.10 22:19 rockinsocks8 Vaccines for people with Sensory Needs

If you or a loved one have sensory or severe anxiety needs you can book a special vaccine appointment. By calling 811 and asking for a sensory clinic you can reduce the stress you or your loved one might experience getting a vaccine. My daughter has Down syndrome and is afraid of needles because she has had numerous medical procedures. We requested a sensory clinic. We went and were escorted to a quiet area where nobody else was. The lights were dimmed. There was no line. The nurse hid the needle. Poked her quickly within 2 minutes of us arriving in the room which is what I asked for over the phone. Then I filled out paperwork while we waited the 15 minutes to make sure there was no reaction. She even provided a juice box. 10/10 would recommend.
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2021.05.10 22:19 sma4a4io Sad Token Just Released 🚀🚀 $SAD Low MCAP :(

a heterogeneous multi-chain interchange and translation architecture which enables customised side-chains to connect with public blockchains

Gamified fundraising.

With all of the recent refocus in BSC as we enter the memecoin casino phase of the bull run (if anyone remembers this during the 2017 bull run on ETH memes, you know we’re still in for quite a treat) it’s refreshing to see some good come from all this wanton day trading.

Yes indeed, the recent run of charity coins is the absolute perfect application to all this gambling, and it honestly surprises me that it took crypto taking this turn for people to realize the opportunity in gamifying charitable donations.

Because as much as we all like risking our entire life savings for the promise of the monster gains of mass adoption, it helps to know that when we inevitably get financially ruined, well, at least some of it went to goodwill.



✅Verified Contract:https://bscscan.com/address/0xC10a0D7c2236Ff49Ef63AD36f2F40F50D3004478

✅LP Locked: https://dxsale.app/app/pages/dxlockview?id=0&add=0x4C2E771286c94D2d1a356e17832790aeBCE35168&type=lplock&chain=BSC



🚀 Launch Time: 05.10.2021

📱 Telegram: t.me/sad_offical

🌎 Website: Preparing / sadtoken.com

⚙️ $SAD Token ⚙️

❗️ Deflationary

❗️ Total Supply: 100000000000

❗️ Burned at launch: 20%

❗️ transaction fee 4%

❗️redistribution fee to all holders 2%

❗️ % burned on each tx: 1%
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2021.05.10 22:19 Mr_Dinamite13 recursive terry

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2021.05.10 22:19 metropolismaria What is this? It looks like a beetle

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2021.05.10 22:19 SkankHuntForty22 Bought 2 Shares Sublime Style

I bought 2 shares in the morning, I bought 2 shares at night.
I bought 2 shares in the afternoon. It makes me feel ape like.
I bought 2 shares in time of Ape and two in time of Moon.
I bought 2 shares before I bought 2 shares, and then we'll rocket soon. 🚀🚀🚀
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2021.05.10 22:19 alexpiercey Fire Escape Cast #2

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2021.05.10 22:19 YourAverageArtist07 What else would you expect?

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2021.05.10 22:19 zoewhithigh [actives] Been inoculating in mason jars for almost two months and they’re only half way finished and I haven’t seen much change in the past few weeks. What should I do?

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2021.05.10 22:19 ONYXSnake1223 That was a close one

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2021.05.10 22:19 MasterKyodai Wie lange haltet ihr euer Silber?

Dumme Frage - wir hatten ja schon mal einen Thread wo ich meine Gedanken zur Exit Strategie und Peak/Rebuy Strategie niedergeschrieben hatte.

Jetzt wollte ich es mal von euch hören - wie schaut es aus - wie lange haltet ihr euer Silber? Bis die Unze "dreistellig kostet" (In USD oder Euro?)? Bis 500 USD pro Unze? Bis der Tod euch scheidet (Und die Kinder oder Enkel alles versaufen?)? Oder bis es zum Ferrari reicht? Oder bis der Geldspeicher voll ist (Dagobert Duck lässt grüssen!)? Versuchen am Squeeze Peak zu verkaufen und dann rebuy wenn es wieder billig ist?

Wäre einfach mal neugierig was hier jeder für Strategien hat. Oder habt ihr keine? Wäre ja auch ne Aussage. Bin mal neugierig. Vielleicht kann man hier ja noch was lernen.
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2021.05.10 22:19 icenjones Ass-hole… who pissed in your cereal…

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2021.05.10 22:19 trailer8k Subnautica Below Zero Official Trailer PS5 PS4 / AI Upscale 8k

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2021.05.10 22:19 TheWrinklyDog Celtic Shawl Pin, Looping Celtic Knots Scarf Pin, Sweater Brooch, Hair Pin, Aluminum Hair Slide, Gifts for Knitters Knitting Accessories by nicholasandfelice

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2021.05.10 22:19 FederalWallaby7513 Can anyone identify this coin?

I got this roman coin as a gift and was wondering if anyone could identify it. So far, I know that it's made of solid copper, and it might've had some text below the SC sign on the reverse. It has a resemblance to some Augustus Ceasar coins that I've seen, but it's pretty mangled so I'd appreciate any other suggestions.
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2021.05.10 22:19 A35821363 May 11. On this date in 1933, Adelbert Mühlschlegel wrote Shoghi Effendi about Bahá'í orthography, and later received the reply "it is a highly recommendable system of transliteration and this is why the Guardian is so emphatic about its univeral adoption by the Bahá'ís the world over."

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2021.05.10 22:19 FreddysDaughter Look at these cool photos I took at the aquarium

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2021.05.10 22:19 Sad-Soundcloud POOTY - IN MY NATURE

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2021.05.10 22:19 LOBATO-BR EDF 5 - MIssion Online - Wing Diver [7]

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2021.05.10 22:19 Stormfists Pure dip, not one incline today, sentiment will likely carry tomorrow, something is up with this stock.

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2021.05.10 22:19 PooperdaddyR Question about the movies

So i just finished the anime and i don’t know if the movies are canon or if i need to watch them so if anyone can answer that that’d be great thank you
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2021.05.10 22:19 setwrq91 🚀BOOST TOKEN [$2,0k Market Cap], [0 days old], 🚀

Tired of getting rugpulled, honeypotted, scammed, and losing all your money? You’re in luck today because Boost Token opened it’s doors for us all to enter.
🚀Introducing the brand new BSC Token: Boost Token 🔥🔥
Become one of the first early soldiers as we plan our trip to the moon on this fine Monday mooning, we’ve got the rocket ship ready we’re just waiting on you to keep us going.
This is a community-driven token RENOUNCED OWNERSHIP LOCKED TOKENS
Total supply: 1,000,000
The goal is to reach at least 200k MC, which is almost x100 here!!!
💬Telegram: https://t.me/boosttokenn
🥞PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xece68075bcb185a95d189660872e94102df509ab
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2021.05.10 22:19 KKishu-INU-Fan How can I buy KishuInu

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2021.05.10 22:19 TheTr4shMan Despair

Go check out battlefield and see their reactions to leaks on BF6. They have no idea what it means to thrive on leaks. Tragic things, they have no idea what it means to hollow.
Seriously, though, is this how jaded we’ve become ( i.e. having pissing contests about whose waiting is worse)? I try to be optimistic. However, it is alarming when I notice myself getting angry at other subs because they’re happy about receiving news. I feel like a crappy person wanting them to wait, too. That’s not fair to them nor is that a healthy way to perceive the world. It’s rather upsetting, you know? I suppose the best I can do is be positive and retain hope.
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2021.05.10 22:19 Prestigious-Wealth-3 Discrete Mathematics vs. Calculus II

Math people,
which one was harder for you, Calc II or Discrete Math?
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