Go! discover incoming indie/alternative music // indie underground artists and more!! |

discover incoming indie/alternative music // indie underground artists and more!!

2021.05.10 23:58 alex17sosa discover incoming indie/alternative music // indie underground artists and more!!

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2021.05.10 23:58 Next-Significance599 Proof you can buy and sell ELON...

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2021.05.10 23:58 lss_bvt_and_01 LssTest-TextPost-2616

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2021.05.10 23:58 RoyalleWithCheese [H] Valorant Account Diamond 3 + Skins [W] 45 EUR Paypal

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/cxiixuj
Rank was diamond 3, 325 coins left + 95 radianite points.
Region is EU.
My rep from selling accounts: https://pastebin.com/GXqYHsAZ
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2021.05.10 23:58 shy_Voyer Brenda Song vs Karen Fukuhara vs Lana Condor

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2021.05.10 23:58 SexOffenderCERTIFIED aCtiVaTe wINdoWs

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2021.05.10 23:58 MammothControl May sale haul arrived! Happy to finally have Godzilla!

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2021.05.10 23:58 lexauraa Found in southern IL creek. Fossilized bone?

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2021.05.10 23:58 robertchapin Copy Rec Center??

Hey gang, I'm creating a contest video and I need to make a copy of the rec center room, or the ability to shoot laser rifles in there. Any suggestions?
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2021.05.10 23:58 hornse1710 pepeLaugh dont tell him

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2021.05.10 23:58 ECfeOwTOMV Tonight, it's warzoooone! 🤯 (f)

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2021.05.10 23:58 Artech2 Ya empezaron las declinaciones a favor de Samuel García.....

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2021.05.10 23:58 DieEwigkeit Streak 8: 例のつまらない日です。

今日は例のつまらない日で勉強以外何もしてなかったなので、言ったいことはほとんどありません。まあ、明日「東方LostWord 」 というガチャが世界的なリリースだからけっこうわくわくしています(擬音語の使い方がよく分かりません (-_-) )。ではまた!
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2021.05.10 23:58 DirectorDeclann BUTTERFLY 3000. JUNE 11.

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2021.05.10 23:58 phenyxbaby19 [XB1] H: QE15v fixer W: Offers

I’m interested in Vampire, Quad, Anti-Armor and Two-Shot Fixers/Handmade/Gat Plas and Flamers
If you have something high end we can work out a bundle if you tell me your interests.
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2021.05.10 23:58 edgenity Trader or buy🤘🏾😜

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2021.05.10 23:58 Cowardly_Squrrel average kay fan

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2021.05.10 23:58 what_-the-_hekk i wanna travel somewhere far away from this fucking city tbh

my parents have been all over the fucking country-- my dad used to bike around all over the place with his friends, and my mom's been to national parks and deserts and even to fucking europe and shit when she was my age
but me? i've just been stuck in the same damn city for my entire life and i'm fucking sick of it. literally the farthest i've been from my house is the upper peninsula of the same fucking state i've been in my whole life
it isn't fair how my parents got to travel all over the place when they were in their teens but i've just been stuck in the same fucking spot my entire life
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2021.05.10 23:58 lewisyext hmmm

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2021.05.10 23:58 dalex001 [CA-QC] [H] New Kon Momo (Base + Anti-Color + Arrows) [W] Paypal 170 + sh. (approx. 20$ for CA/US).

Price : 170$ + sh.
Everything is new and unmounted. Box is a bit damaged from shipping (pictures if requested).
You must have a trading history.
PM only, no chat (sorry).
Thank you and have a nice day.
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2021.05.10 23:58 MyNamesNotRobert Air plane poop

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2021.05.10 23:58 CNTOONP Just got this advertisement before a YouTube video. Do you think that this could be signaling a Tomodachi Life port or remake? Maybe it’d be announced at E3.

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2021.05.10 23:58 jcbenav76 [WTS] Spyderco Manix 2 Maxamet

[WTS] Spyderco Manix 2, Maxamet
Very lighted used Manix 2 with Maxamet blade with purple s110v manix 2 sclaes. New flytanium gold ti ball cage included. Blade shows some patina, but still very sharp with factory edge. Sweet action, blade favor clip side. Rated C due to mods and use.
SV $160
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2021.05.10 23:58 yongelee_ [Web] I made a free website generator that deploys to your Netlify account and has Gumroad integration. Looking for beta testers!

Hi everyone.
I've created a website generator similar to Linktree or Squarespace but smaller scale.
I've added Gumroad integration directly into my product so you can create your own website that sells your Gumroad products directly on your website.
An example website is this - https://boring-noyce-a3c4ba.netlify.app/
That website was created with my app and as you can see, you don't need to leave the page to buy the Gumroad product. (This is a sample website I made from copying someone else's Linktree)
It's also free. I deploy to your Netlify account, which hosts simple websites for free. They create a (customizable) URL on netlify.app domain or you can connect your own domain for free as well.
I'm currently looking for user feedback on it but you can use it right now and create and deploy your own sites for free.
It's https://lancerprofile.com
So yeah, check it out and I would love to talk to anyone who uses it and hear feedback about how I can make it even better!
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2021.05.10 23:58 Thomas_Deadhawk [SF] ''Hyper-para-bolae'' -a very short mundanely strange and half purple _SCI-FI_ by the UNfamous Craig Thomas Muir

Chapter ONLY ( ordinary morning )
Awash in a sea of languor, indifferent to direction and devoid of gravity’s stricter edicts - borne naked and fearless in blissful meditation, gently carouseling through the ambient and lustrous sky. Vacant of memory and embraced in rapturous peace, I drift solemnly in warmth and joy.
I can hear the rain.
The pelting of countless tiny hooves assaults my auditory complex like an arrhythmic chorus of miniature equine dampness, sending conjurations of another miserable day to my mind’s averting eye. Cold dread of mud and toil are spawned thereafter by my instincts, and reality’s needs are re-combined in to coherence while my ego generates brand new hope. Hard facts soon distill from the jumble of thoughts produced by interacting chemical compounds in my brain, so that desire and need are refined in to action in my cerebrum, resulting in a state of alertness which now denies sleep. And so I am forced to awaken in to the world.
Its Monday 5:30 am and Susan is already awake - she yawns and smiles.
“’-mornin’ babe.” I say, and she plants a kiss on me.
“Still raining, I hear.” she says and cups a hand comically around her ear.
I laugh, and reply “Can’t say I noticed.."
Susan whacks me with a pillow and gets up to head to the head as I drift into a light snooze.
Wrapped in Eider, buried in folds of tiredness and silk while pillows stuffed wholesomely with care and love soften the onrush of sonic processes at work in the climate and geography beyond the confines of my drowsing, blanketed world. Bland of sensory input and careless of time I am swept in to the shallow waters of sleep by a weary tide, taken gently upon duvet surf to faintly remembered dreams, carried delicately in cotton embrace to the fringes of bliss and returned again with persistent nagging temporal concerns and a reminder from my biology of the requirements inherent in my extant form.
oh well...
Mondays are Mandatory, so I get up, and go about the business of morning ritual, then start breakfast, waffles this time, try to brighten a drenched day.
“Day Sixteen.” says Susan in an oddly robotic way over her coffee mug.
“Another lovely summer day on Venus.” I say, trying to sound like a TV parody.
“Yeh.” replies Susan, and likewise falls in to Journalese. “- with the usual meter of caustic mud lying steadily throughout the day – fairly normal for the time of year.”
Susan is much better at imitating TV people than I am so when she concludes her ‘report’ with “Blah-di-blah-blah-(hand gesture)-state the obvious–(point at the cloud graphic)-smile and lie.” we are both laughing like nutters.
Enravelled in the absurdity of mirth like joyous and oblivious kittens, caught in an omnipresent universe of tangled yarn we are tearfully, and tragically bound in the mockery of life and our own positions within it’s twisted web of confounded confusions. - For a while there is fun to be had, snagging with satirical claws and gnawing with feline incisiveness upon the various textured strands of being. Many smirk-worthy attributes are discovered in the woollen prison wherein we live - but as we mature in the universe of transient comedy, we begin to see the fun dissolve in to the truly embarrassing predicament in which our adult cats find themselves, bound up in the wooly noodles of being - and jaded by the corrupt and foolish reality of our world.
“Be careful today, Sam - there’s gonna be fierce winds, mind.”
“I mind, - If I’m a bit late, big Turner‘ll get the crane and I’ll be safe in the pit.”
“Slacker!” she laughs,then says “Big Turner‘ll think he’s got one over on you as well.”
"Aye." i say, smiling
“With luck it’ll stop teeming down by Thursday.” She then mused.
“Optimist!” I chided. “It’ll get worse till the day we leave then we’ll get the sunshine.”
“One more week…I daren’t think...”
“No, me neither...”
At the door our goodbyes are short and swift, going "out in it" is one of those things- just get it over with, y’know – 'Elastoplast Theory'.
In the wind I am a changed man, hunched and huddled in my bulky weatherproofs, grim and forlorn as anger fuels me and determination born of need mixes with rage against the elemental might. I am wading with tense power through the puddles of sulfurous slime, I am leaning like a sail of frail but angry humanity in to the face of howling gale.
Thinking naught of anything but only of getting out of this weather - I audibly growl - fury at my stupid decision to come here floods my body with adrenaline. I am ugly and twisted as I battle elements the like of which I was never meant to endure. Yet I am Man, therefore I am propelled, compelled and impelled by need and desire, and I am inspired to ignore fear and march onward, by learned and garnered wisdom.
The power of hope and dread alloy in to a physical and emotional metal which is armor for the soul. Besides, Earth didn’t breed her Humans weak of Heart or Mind, Man is still able to use his animal strengths - which is why the Martians died off, their's evolved out, or was filtered away by societal paradigms, and we think perhaps, that the Venusians fell through similar circumstances..
Terra-forming began seventy six years ago and Venus has a breathable but wild and still dangerous atmosphere. There are fifty three settlements and infrastructure is adequate, considering the climate of near constant torrential rain and high winds. Not many people live permanently on Venus and those who do live underground in the 'wintenight' but there is heaps of money to be made for the hard working and adventurous.
The discovery of 1100 year old alien artifacts, technology and records in a gold mine three years ago is why we came to this vicious planet still in the throws of climate engineering's side effects. Truth is no one is certain how Venus will end up, in fact I'm not sure they care, so long as it means they can farm and mine and the air can be breathed most of the time it's mission accomplished as far as the corporations are concerned.
Our little settlement squats in the mud about three miles south of the pit, it’s a ramshackle place of polymer fabric prefabs and a run-down shuttle port. 200 people live there and about 80% work at the pit. There are eight other settlements clustered around the pit and it’s an underground treasure trove of alien artifacts a mile square. It seems the Venusians were stockpiling weapons and data 80 meters deep and (according to the translations) they were collecting this stuff for eight thousand years- give or take a few decades.
So here is me, an Earthling, pushing on instinctively, and driven by fear and want yet cognisant to the point of knowing these forces are at work in my psyche and appreciating them for what they are worth. So head down, muscles taught, stride long and direct, as passions and needs combine with form and function I battle with the gales and rain for a good five minutes before I find shelter behind the supply depot.
In the lee I smell the bakery and despite breakfast my gut protests for sustenance. I whole heartedly agree with my instinct to eat and decide that a couple of donuts would be a grand idea and bluster through their door, when the Inner door sighs open I am high with the scent of fresh bread and newly mixed fondant.
“Aye, Jim.” I greet the baker and wave to Lillian, his wife. “Where’s Bertrand today?” noticing his apprentice is not there.
“He left for the factory in Attalhiem at the north rim, stupid little prick!” Lillian growls, she is the most direct of the couple and I have to grin at her gruff statement.
Jim is laid back almost to fault, his kindness has often been abused and he is too fair for his own good, Thank the stars that he has Lillian to punch heads on his behalf when necessary!
“There’s a night life over there, Sam - I get it, the lad’s young I’ll take him back when he sickens of it, He’s a good kid – ‘Not scared of a bit of a graft.”
“True words there, Jim.” I say, and continue:- “I’ll miss his donuts, you guys can't do them right!"
They both laugh genuinely, since it’s to their credit, being his teachers, that Bertie’s Doughnuts are the best
“Gimme two choc-y ones anyway." I say, feigning sullenness.
The Transport is already there when I arrive at the port so I head straight in and tether to the rail, nodding at a few acquaintances as I lean back in the alcove. Turner must’ve got on the first shuttle ‘cause there’s no sign of him as the pilot begins the take-off procedures - pushing switches and throttling levers, firing engines.
As the pilot adjusts for the wind our shuttle lifts awkwardly at first, then settles and begins to climb in a rather majestic arc. Rising at a somewhat graceful angle as the pilot guides us, skilled and accustomed, in a curving trajectory upon columns of fire in to the feral skies of Venusia.
© CraigThomasMuir2009.
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