Go! Fr, this is Lil Nas Xs' description lmao |

Fr, this is Lil Nas Xs' description lmao

2021.05.10 23:32 Hijau_Ilmam Fr, this is Lil Nas Xs' description lmao

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2021.05.10 23:32 Immobilesteelrims The myth of dualism

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2021.05.10 23:32 Koruam Anachronism #56: Black Bart

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2021.05.10 23:32 squawk_kwauqs My stress is manifesting physical symptoms and the only pointers google has to offer me is to try and reduce my stressors which is cool and all except I LITERALLY CANNOT DO THAT BECAUSE I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER MY MAIN STRESSOR RIGHT NOW and I just want to know how to cope :/

My AP Statistics exam is on Monday. I have "high functioning" adhd which basically means that I got an A in the class even though I didn't do homework properly and immediately forgot everything once the class was over. And because I always got good grades nobody ever taught me how to struggle with school or how to study and I literally only got my ADHD diagnosis like 4 months ago so I have not had a lot of time to pick up strategies for dealing with ADHD. I have a lovely review course that's refreshing me on AP stats except I procrastinated and now I'm only 20% finished with it and only like 6 days left to study. Did I mention studying is extra hard because of said ADHD.
So everything is kind of stressful. It's thankfully only a temporary situation, but until it's over I literally cannot not be stressed about it. And if one more person tells me to try meditating or "you can't change the situation, but you can change how you respond and how it makes you feel" I'm going to burst into tears and lunge at them.
I've grown somewhat accustomed to the stress at this point. It's not causing me much psychological hardship right now, and I've been working on that side of things with my therapist anyways. The problem is that I have no appetite and I'm constantly getting stomach aches because of the stress. The ADHD meds also decrease my appetite, so it's a double whammy. Extra fun, the less I eat the more jittery the ADHD meds and caffeine make me :/ Anytime I'm hungry and I go to try and eat, nothing is appealing because I have like no appetite right now. Also I get stomach aches when I eat so that's pretty discouraging. Also the act of feeding myself is time consuming, but I have lots of ADHD and very little time. Also I have no idea what to make myself because I have no appetite. All I know is that if I eat one more entre out of my freezer I'm going to never have an appetite again. I can't stand junk food, but I have no motivation to make healthy food because it feels like too much work even though it isn't. This isn't a medical concern. I've talked about this with my doctor before. It literally only happens during extended periods of stress.
So here I sit. Studying. Hungry. With a stomach ache. Unable to stop wiggling. This is my life for 6 more days. I will never procrastinate on a review course again.
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2021.05.10 23:32 Wyodaniel What is Fixed Finance charge and how does it differ from APR?

Quote from the terms and details of my Chase card :

My Chase Plan Fee (fixed finance charge)
Monthly fee of 1.725 of the amount of each eligible purchase transaction or amount selected to create a My Chase plan. The My Chase Plan Fee will be determined at the time each my Chase Plan is created and will remain the same until the My Chase Plan is paid in full.
Can anyone dumb this down for me? Does this mean that if I go buy a $100 item, I instantly incur an additional $1.72 balance just for making that transaction, regardless of whether or not I've paid off that $100 before the billing cycle hits?
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2021.05.10 23:32 SuperHotUKDeals Lost Judgment [Xbox One / Series X / PS5] Pre-Order £39.85 delivered @ Simply Games

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£39.85 - Simply Games
Link to PS5
December 2021, Tokyo district court. Akihiro Ehara stands accused of groping a woman on a crowded train. A bystander’s video footage of his attempt to flee the scene and subsequent apprehension is all over the news, and public outcry demands a maximum sentence.
Three days ago, a dead body was found in an abandoned building in Yokohama. Have you identified it yet?” he proclaims as confusion cuts through the court room.
His defense lawyer, Saori Shirosaki, has no doubt that crucial details of the situation have been overlooked, as Ehara was not even tried for the murder. She contacts detective Takayuki Yagami to investigate this further.
How could Ehara have committed two crimes at once? Was the sexual battery just a cover up? Has Ehara gamed the entire justice system? As victims surface and Yagami digs farther into the truth, he is faced with a question: Defend the law, or enact justice?
From just a single stumble, one can become a monster…

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2021.05.10 23:32 bluetreeoval99 My friend sent me it. Can someone confirm if true?

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2021.05.10 23:32 -tealeaves- 👩🏻‍🦲

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2021.05.10 23:32 erikag2369 Plz give me karma for return karma💓

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2021.05.10 23:32 gjiang987 10 mo Troublesome Nose Piercing Pls Help

I got my nostril pierced about last June/July (so abt 10 mo ago?) at a piercing shop with implant grade titanium and a nose screw. It was perfect for abt 3 months then developed an irritation bump from me knocking it on accident which eventually went away.
Around Feb/March another bump started forming so I did LITHA for abt a month but it just kept growing vertically. It was huge like really huge, I’d never seen or heard of anything similar so contacted a dermatologist and she just removed it and sent it off to a lab. Lab report said it was “inflammatory scale crust, impetiginized.” Derm had me use Neosporin + bandaid on it to keep it clean bc it was an open wound. Anyways, healed really well again, no bumps, no nothing, so I stopped using the neosporin.
But now I see some redness on one side and maybe a bump beginning to form again. I suspect it’s either bc I’ve been blowing my nose a lot from allergies, or the jewelry moving around too much bc it’s a screw. However, the piercing shops near me won’t change it bc they aren’t doing any consultations or piercings on under the mask areas. So I ordered an 18g 6mm threadless, titanium labret that comes in in about a week and a half.
Until then, is there anything else I can do to keep this bump from fully forming? I have some pictures coming up and I’d rly hate to ruin them with a nasty, unsightly bump. Plus I’m just so tired of this piercing having problems all the time. I was told this would be an easy piercing to heal LOL but it’s been harder than even my helix. Thinking of maybe retiring it? But I really really love it and I did pay a pretty penny for it.
Also not sure if maybe the angle of the piercing is causing problems?
Anyways, any advice or success stories would be greatly appreciated!! :(
Here’s some pics of the weird growth that was removed and the bump that seems like its beginning to form now.
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2021.05.10 23:32 EnchantedEnchantix Working full time while attending school full tome

Hi friends So I’m planning on taking somewhere between 21-27 credits next year but I also want to work full time to save money for an apartment. I’m going into my fourth year and I’m wondering how plausible this will be? Had anyone worked full time while in school? And how was your gpa/grades? I took 30 credits this year and ended up with mostly A’s and I need to keep that up to apply for teachers college so I don’t want to work ft if it means that I’ll lose that. I’m pretty organized and self disciplined and I’m not afraid to ask for extensions or anything. With all this in mind, how likely is it that I’ll be able to do both? Up to 35 hours a week. Thank you!!
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2021.05.10 23:32 CouponingLady_ Home Radon Detector $99 Shipped (Reg $140)

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2021.05.10 23:32 alonessbeats1011 An average Reddit post

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2021.05.10 23:32 tempuntilifindyou 48 [M4F] SF Bay Area (Berkeley) Let’s have a look at you this weekend next week or soon! It’s not creepy. I’m just appreciating a work of art. Maybe you’ve had a man notice you and you wish he didn’t turn his head away? Or maybe you don’t get noticed like you deserve to be? Hurry I’ll be 49 soon.

[PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't contact me if you aren't at least 18 years of age!!!@#%#&*?>!!!!]
It's not creepy. I'm just appreciating a work of art.
(Like this? https://imgur.com/NSb5JnZ )
Maybe you've had a man notice you and you wish he didn't turn his head away?
Or maybe you don't get noticed like you deserve to be?
Maybe you've wanted to tease a man and watch the hardness grow in his pants?
Maybe you like to wear skirts sans panties, and would stand over me?
Maybe you've wanted to cheat, sort of, without really, actually?
Maybe you've wanted to feel sexy, without sex?
(While we both have masks on. Double masks, even, because covid. Even if you're married.)
I want to find just one woman to, while in her chosen state of undress, would like a respectful and respectable gentleman to just be there close and observe... and moan and ogle and take in the beautify before him, while keeping his hands to himself.
Don't get me wrong, I really do like sex. And I'm not a prude. I just really like the feminine form, these are not times to be exchanging bodily fluids, and truth be told I wouldn't want to actually get physical with anyone I don't feel an emotional connection to first. (Yes there are men like that.)
Now, I realize a woman would be cautious about being so vulnerable with a stranger so I expect a lot of our initial conversations would be about placating your justifiable concerns. I'm all about that. A gentleman bears the burden of making a lady feel comfortable enough to proceed.
That said, based on experience with a similar post I tried from a now-deleted account of mine that brought no success, what I won't do is play games, converse with someone who won't tell me where she's located, engage in virtual play of any kind, or just answer questions while not being allowed to ask a few of my own. I'm sorry but I will block one-liners and incoherence.
About me: Not a creep! Really, women approach me in public to ask for directions and children approach me to help find their parents. I'm told I look "smart" and "presentable." I attractive enough to be noticed more when I don't have my ring on. Brown hair. White.
About you: No age limit either way. I guess I'm open to anything for this but in general I have been attracted to relatively more innocent appearances on the scale of things. As for race, I have mostly been attracted to Asian, Black, Latina, and white (in alphabetical order. And I suppose just because I haven't even been around a lot of Middle Eastern women?) Be at least somewhat attractive. If you're exceptionally attractive and you're used to men noticing you, or if you're not so sure and want the compliment of having me in a state of agonizing desire, this might be perfect for you. Especially if you're much younger or older and just want the appreciation with no contact.
Important: Obviously I don't mean just "check you out" while behind in line at the grocery or watching you jog by while you are wearing tight clothes, because I wouldn't need to post an ad for that. This would need to be in a private or semi-private space or some place that is so vast that we're so far from everyone that they won't wonder what I'm doing examining you so closely . Consider wearing nothing, yoga clothes, a swimsuit, underwear, etc. Just as obviously, I am not looking for an "online thing" or even talk about this with someone who isn't in the SF Bay Area or Northern California.
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2021.05.10 23:32 TSKnightmare People of Reddit, What makes you irrationally angry for no apparent reason?

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2021.05.10 23:32 Scatfetiche A giant brown anaconda sticking out from between my buttocks

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2021.05.10 23:32 MSahnger Week 17: Page 52 - Steamed Pork Balls

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2021.05.10 23:32 gobears-28 Soft pull approval business cards?

I know Amex usually will do a soft inquiry if you are already a customer but are there any other issues/cards that only do a soft pull to approve you for business cards?
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2021.05.10 23:32 SuperHotUKDeals Refurb Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) Adventure for £13.98 at Ebay/Music Magpie

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£12.80 - eBay
Jedi fallen order ps4 with free ps5 upgrade (due summer 2021)
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/3txhhCn
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2021.05.10 23:32 creepydan06 I dont know if this has been posted

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2021.05.10 23:32 Imperial__Walker M.2 SSD Died. Storage Drive (RAID) blank?

I have a Asus Nitro 5 laptop and a few days ago the M.2 SSD outright died. I ordered a new one, installed it, and installed Windows 10.
The storage drive is blank with only a dll and text file. The BIOS was set to RAID.
Is the storage drive actually blank? Is there any way to restore the data?
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2021.05.10 23:32 basskev In for $81. This is fucking crazy. I'm not pulling out until I can put a down payment on a house.

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2021.05.10 23:32 CouponingLady_ 6-Slice Toaster Oven Air Fryer $69 Shipped

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2021.05.10 23:32 FergyBoy23 Confused about Ruffians

Just started playing yesterday. Does the Ruffian allow you to perform an action EVERY TURN that it’s not at the same location as Ratigan.
For example: Ruffians was played at Big Ben while Ratigan is there. Next turn Ratigan goes to Buckingham Palace. During that turn, Ratigan is able to vanquish because the Ruffians are on Big Ben (giving Ratigan the option to perform 1 action on Big Ben).
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2021.05.10 23:32 lokikajaky2 Looking for 1600+ rapid players

Hi I’m a 1200 rapid player on chess.com and I want some stronger (1600+) friends to play games and pinpoint my errors with. Not asking for much just a few games every week or so. My chess.com handle’s LokiSassone. Thanks!
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