Go! 26m 4 mf never had a 3 sum been interested in trying |

26m 4 mf never had a 3 sum been interested in trying

2021.05.10 22:51 Enough_Sandwich95 26m 4 mf never had a 3 sum been interested in trying

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2021.05.10 22:51 Ayr909 News Analysis: Muslim Clerics demand accountability after security crackdown on participants of planned 'Grand Iftar'; Deputy Mayor apologizes

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2021.05.10 22:51 omgitsjonny Bulge in bottom case of MacBook Pro

Hi all,
I’ve recently noticed that my 2018 Retina MacBook Pro has developed a bulge in its bottom case. The bulge is located in the middle of the right side but extends to near the lightning ports.
There seems to be something wedged into the ventilation slot which is causing the bulge, but I am not sure if this is an external object that was accidentally inserted into the vent or internal hardware that has expanded. Does this look like a swollen battery problem?
Please see these images for reference: https://imgur.com/gallery/MgPyGjw
Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.05.10 22:51 not_havin_a_g_time I'm crying from excitement

I just received a scholarship that will cover travel, books, and more for my community college years, and I'm in a program to give me free tuition. I literally have 100% free college for two years. wtf :")
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2021.05.10 22:51 Turbulent_Tear_6660 Sub 4 sub

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2021.05.10 22:51 MarioKid1285 Danganronpa FNAF AU - Kirumi

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2021.05.10 22:51 Willlest Change my life plz

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2021.05.10 22:51 Porn-Lover3000 I’m (17M) starting to catch feelings for a girl (25M) I met on the internet and I don’t know what to do

So as the title probably already suggests, this situation is kinda fucked and I am on wits end as what to do.
I met this girl on the internet a couple weeks ago and shit led towards other shit so we started talking a whole lot, playstation party chats til 5AM, snapchat convos til late at night. Little did I realize I slowly but surely was starting to catch feelings for a woman 8 years older than I am and I know that’s kinda messed up seeing as I am 17 but I just dont know what to do you know?
I make her laugh and shit a whole lot and we can joke about a lot of stuff together but I think she views me as more of a little brother rather than an actual interest.
Would really appreciate any kind of advice!
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2021.05.10 22:51 ADDAeatery We're hiring - Join the ADDA Team

We're hiring - Join the ADDA Team
Show us your skills! Looking for a Manager and additional front staff for our Richardson Restaurant. Go to: www.theadda.io/hiring for more info.
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2021.05.10 22:51 DutchBrownie [Homemade] Spanish pork stew, prawns in garlic / white wine / butter sauce with bread to dip, olives and some home-brewed cider.

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2021.05.10 22:51 Ok_Sunshine79 What about the institutional ownership?

So, when citadel gets margin called, what would stop the institutions from paper handing at a lower ceiling price? Would they be able to sell all thier shares for say a profit of $5000 per share and ruin the whole MOASS? What would stop them from being able to sell all thier shares or anything... It's just something that I am not familiar with. Maybe a wrinkle brained ape can educate a silky smooth brained ape. Am I missing something? I'd really like to understand this...
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2021.05.10 22:51 Alexcritical9351 dead chat xd

On a normal Thursday, Chat was walking down the street to his workplace. He was on his last warn, so he decided to not risk going late he gone through the alleys. When he was in the middle of it, a team of 4 men or women jumped him. He was cooperative. He did everything the robbers told him. Until he recognises one of them. "Jenny!", he exclaims. Jenny says "Ah shit, well we have to do what we have to do." They proceed to stab him multiple times. The robbers scarce, he slowly bleeds out in an alley with no one to hear him, because he was working night shift, and it was night. Chat slowly died.
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2021.05.10 22:51 sorross Travelling for work

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2021.05.10 22:51 JudgeScorpio My $0 junkyard bumper

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2021.05.10 22:51 IMTOODRUNKTOPICK Summed up

What’s a good video I can show friends and family to sum up and explain what’s going on with AMC? I have a hard time articulating it to people.
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2021.05.10 22:51 TimMfromYA Do you miss overpaying for overpriced movie popcorn?

I really am looking forward to doing that again.
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2021.05.10 22:51 mainjet1 Rocks to Mud for Mothers Day Weekend

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2021.05.10 22:51 tidalgamingnews Call of Duty Mobile Masters 2021: Prize Pool, Schedule, and More

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2021.05.10 22:51 AASthrowacct PCT advice - HCG and Clomid

Coming off 150mg/wk test cyp, been on for 2 months. Before you roast me this isn’t a cycle I started trt and decided to stop.
Should I start hcg the day after my last pin? Or wait until the cyp ester has left my body in ~20 days?
Also is this protocal good, Ive never ran a cycle/PCT before so this is new to me:
350iu hcg subq every day for 2 weeks 25mg clomid every day 4 weeks
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2021.05.10 22:51 Hot-Issue Learning how to heal and forgive

This is not your typical ACA post.
My parents today are happy, healthy and stable. I couldn’t be more relieved and grateful; I don’t worry about them for the first time in my life. And I recognise how much of a gift that is.
This calm and stability has coincided with my own journey of healing. When I’ve come to terms with my own trauma. From ACA to EMDR, I’ve been unravelling the tight knot of dysfunction that has been holding me back from being me. And there is so much grief. And anger. Of what should have been done differently and what could have been.
After months of distance that I have created between me and my parents, focusing on everything that they’re not doing “right”, even today, and perpetuating this role of victimhood - I’m 36 btw - I have realised how off course I’ve gone.
It’s ok to be angry and to grieve. But it’s important to recognise when enough is enough. There is freedom in forgiveness. Compassion, really. Which is something I struggle to offer even though I know it brings me happiness. I have so much love in my heart and I wish it were easier to give. To myself. And to my parents. Because they deserve it. They did their best. And I’m proud of how far they have come.
As with a lot of these posts - I’m not sure what I was trying to accomplish - but I’m grateful for you to witness this catharsis and I hope my experience can help in some way.
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2021.05.10 22:51 crayfridge Will my refund ever go through?

I recently purchased Minecraft giftcodes for roughly $150 but they asked me to provide ID which I cannot do since I am away from home for another few weeks, so instead I asked for a refund. They said that a refund has been initiated to my account and that it may take a few business days. So far it has been four days if I'm not mistaken and I'm mostly wondering if anyone else here has had a similar experience and if they ever got their refund.
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2021.05.10 22:51 Corgi_Coach Recommendation led light for small round 4 gal tank

Looking for a clip on light ideally, but having trouble finding one.
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2021.05.10 22:51 ajlordi2011 Knockoff Dollar General moonball

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2021.05.10 22:51 StrattonOak2021 *Inset Steve Carrell gif*

Something is happening all I can feel it
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2021.05.10 22:51 under570 CA Written Test Transfership

Hi all - I plan to move to LA in June, where I’ll be transferring a car currently in Texas. I know in the past there’s been a written exam portion to getting a new CA license. However, a friend told me that apparently that exam requirement had been removed due to COVID. Is that true or are you required still to pass the exam? I have no issue with preparing, I just want to ensure I’m not missing something.
Thank you!
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