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Made a video introducing myself and my stream, check it out

The stream deck updates the Mic, Video, and Screen sharing status to match Zoom, but it is very slow to act when pressing a button. It took ~2 seconds for the mic to turn on or off when pressed, a little longer for the video to react and when I pressed the Screen sharing it took probably 15-20 sec before the window opened. Today at the SQL PASS Summit, Microsoft announced the scale out feature for Azure Analysis Services. With scale-out, client queries can be distributed among multiple query replicas in a query pool, reducing response times during high query workloads. You can also separate processing from the query pool, ensuring client queries are not adversely affected by processing operations. Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme broadcast by BBC One since 1963. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called "the Doctor", an extraterrestrial being who appears to be human. The Doctor explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS.Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, which was a common sight in Britain in 1963 ... Bought this as the more affordable alternative to all the other video doorbells. Easy install, good picture (even at night) and NO BATTERIES. Install took 20 minutes and paired with the ring chime, we're extremely happy with it. I even got to scare my wife when she came back from walking the dog. That alone made it worth every penny. Microsoft Ignite | Microsoft’s annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners delivered as a digital event experience this March. I was very disappointed, however, to find that YouTube flagged the quality of the stream from the Mevo as very weak, due entirely to my connection…..NOT the cameras fault. This made me think about the wisdom of embedding the streaming solution in an otherwise very cool remote control 4K video camera. Paste Music is home to the world's largest live-music archive, covering everything from rock and jazz to hip hop, country and pop. RuPaul's Drag Race RPDR Reunited season 13, ep 15. In this virtual reunion, the eliminated queens share music video performances, the Top Four answer revealing questions, RuPaul gets the backstage ... Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speakingfeatures two key themes. First it focuses on helping students become more seasoned and polished public speakers, and second is its emphasis on ethics in communication. It is this practical approach and integrated ethical coverage that setsStand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speakingapart from the other texts in ... 2. Set up Instant Articles and Connect to your site. For this step you go to the main page of your fan page and click on the option that says “Publishing Tools”.. Once you’ve done that, you will see the options for instant articles enabled for your fan page now. [1] You need to click on the option that says ” Configuration” and then [2] scroll down until you see the option that says ...

2021.05.11 00:03 electricsticky Made a video introducing myself and my stream, check it out

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2021.05.11 00:03 Fugaazzi 10 K shares, not selling! Stay strong longs and accumulate if you can!

Short term pain.
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2021.05.11 00:03 jacobull just a few left guy's !! let's flyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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2021.05.11 00:03 GreatNegotiation Anyone know what this is? Keep seeing them in my apartment...

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2021.05.11 00:03 ArcaneWarrior13 I'm Experiencing a Launch Issue

I'm Experiencing a Launch Issue
Hi, this error shows up when I click play on the game. Maybe of note that I am using Xbox game pass for PC. Any help would be appreciated :)
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2021.05.11 00:03 get_rickRolled__ What bad reviewed movie/show did you actually quite enjoy?

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2021.05.11 00:03 koffeelover420 [Positive] u/Otherwise_Ad1452

Purchased cards and got BMWT, communicative, pack securely. Great to deal with!
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2021.05.11 00:03 galaxychameleon Com eliminação na Emir Cup, equipe de Dudu encerra temporada e volta a atuar apenas em setembro

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2021.05.11 00:03 Aleo554life I remade my old Altrive Youtooz concept! what do ya think?

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2021.05.11 00:03 ayushb26 Physics may june

Anyone sitting for may june 2021 in a few hours?
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2021.05.11 00:03 East-Preference-525 Our rank on Certik is now #45 and our security score increased to an 87 🏋🏽

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2021.05.11 00:03 YungTrifes 3 man tandem of us - turned out nice :)

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2021.05.11 00:03 throwaway22406 my friends boyfriend is an ass

my best friend (we’ll call him alex) is gay and with a guy who i just think is an absolute ass. (we’ll call him evan) we were all part of a large friend group that i realised were shitty people when they kicked me out. my friends boyfriend is in that group. Alex and i get harassed by that group and they constantly talk shit about alex behind his back but whenever he brings this up with evan, evan denies any of that stuff happens when it very clearly does. today i was leaving school with alex when we saw evan who took one glance at him and went straight for one of his friends (we’ll call him Finlay) and put his arm round him, completely ignoring alex. it turns out that evan and finlay have a joke where they act like a couple, hold hands, put their arms round each other and call each other “daddy” and other shit like that and it really depresses alex, he’s brought this up with evan and asked him to stop, yet he continues to do it. alex is terrified of confrontation, so what should he do?
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2021.05.11 00:03 plantedinspacee Turning down a job after accepting

Hey everyone! I currently work at a very busy Ortho office and have been thinking about leaving. I love my team and patients but management just doesn’t care for us. I accepted a job today but while reading the paperwork I noticed “Saturday’s” and events. I would hate to work on Saturday’s and none of this was mentioned in the interview and I’m thinking of talking to management at my current job to see if we can work something out before I leave but I already accepted this job offer and feel horrible about bailing on it. I always feel super guilty about making decisions that’ll help me but leave others in a bind, I never take myself into consideration what so ever.
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2021.05.11 00:03 Tired-asf Sister Rosaria

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2021.05.11 00:03 PicNCL Sarcastic Sweary Tea-Drinking Englishman - Let's Be Friends!

- 18+ - No Discord Spam - No Romance - No Edgy Teens - No Nudes -
Hello wonderful folk of the internet! Nice to meet you, my name is Dan, I am a 32y/o dude from England.
I'm on the lookout for gaming pals, drinking buddies, music snobs, photography lovers and/or anyone who can hold down a normal conversation for more than 5 minutes.
Firstly: I am not looking for any romance. Period. I am a full time photographer from the UK, huge music lover and I have a bengal cat called Kiki (do you love me?) I listen to any genre of music other than heavy metal (sorry metalheads) and have huge ambitious travel plans for the next few years. I play video games (shock horror another redditor that plays games) very badly, on PS5 & Switch, and im down to play anything, as long as you don't take gaming super serious and all about the social aspect more than being the best. Happy to regularly hang out on Discord VC.
If you're down to hang out, serious about building a solid friendship, and can understand and handle some sarcasm, then shoot me a DM!
- 18+ - No Discord Spam - No Romance - No Edgy Teens - No Nudes -
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2021.05.11 00:03 Popcornbubblegum Kid bits

Why did wubby stop doing those weird kid intros? They cracked me up! I hope he pulls one outta no where some day. Does anyone else like them?
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2021.05.11 00:03 epic-yolo-swag What the fuck.

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2021.05.11 00:03 allhailzamasu94 [THANKS]

thanks for the healthy snack! its really, really tasty! I've wanted to try this one for some time and I'm so tempted to make it really unhealthy and eat it all. I really appreciate you so much. Thank you. I've had some of the worst days of my life lately I love you. u/merpderptwerp
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2021.05.11 00:03 Markiplier_Is_E gamers of reddit, what is a video game the the mere mention of its name brings your blood to a boil?

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2021.05.11 00:03 SewerAmazer24 H: 2* Anti-Armor/Explosive Lever Action Rifle W: Caps

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2021.05.11 00:03 bilbo_bag_holder How does Henri Bergson deal with the mind/body problem?

I'm specifically asking in regards to the chapter 'The Soul and the Body' in his 1920 work Mind-Energy.
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2021.05.11 00:03 M1904Trading M1904Trading's Daily Post - 05/10/21 - Difference a day can make - Broader Market Update

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2021.05.11 00:03 Nastification420 Gobbled up DaDip like..

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2021.05.11 00:03 Professional-Ebb9161 Follow for Guaranteed Follow Back!

Follow for follow www.twitch.tv/thenordicbiker
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