Go! 0DTE SPX Trade - June 18th 2021 |

0DTE SPX Trade - June 18th 2021

2021.06.18 21:11 1PercentMax 0DTE SPX Trade - June 18th 2021

SPX Zero-Day Put Credit Spread / Vertical Bull Put Spread 1

Max Profit
$1.20 x 100 = $120 per Spread
Max Risk
(4150 - 4140 + $1.20) x 100 = $880 per Spread
Depending on the rate of depreciation of SPX/SPY and its components, may evaluate buying back both positions at 2.5x as Stop Loss, and consider selling another Put Credit Spread at lower levels to minimize loss. We found another opportunity to sell another PCS throughout the day:
SPX Zero-Day Put Credit Spread / Vertical Bull Put Spread 2
Max Profit
$0.80 x 100 = $80 per Spread
Max Risk
(4155 - 4145 + $0.80) x 100 = $920 per Spread
S&P 500 closed at 4,166.45.
Spread 1: Collected $1.20 on $8.80 collateral, for a 13.64% Return.
Spread 2: Collected $0.80 on $9.20 collateral, for a 8.70% Return.
Trade Review
Entered today's trades on another gap down in the markets, spooked by a flattening yield curve, with short-term bond yields spiking and long-term bond yields falling; 10yr sitting at 1.45%. All sectors across the S&P 500 opened and closed in the red, adjusting for fears from the hotter-than-expected inflation expectation by the Fed.
While there weren't any specific risk events happening in the markets today, volatility remained elevated, with the S&P now below the 4200 level, and Dow falling back to the 33k level, though the Nasdaq hovered near highs.
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2021.06.18 21:11 Holy-cheeseburger We’re not very cultured are we?

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2021.06.18 21:11 ExplicadorDeDarkrai Dark?

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2021.06.18 21:11 Head_Project5793 Technoblade teaches History to Dream (Roommates) | Dream SMP Animatic

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2021.06.18 21:11 themratlas Can't compete with the tool gun

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2021.06.18 21:11 nrshubham Pee Break

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2021.06.18 21:11 Pegasusv2 Mesjid

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2021.06.18 21:11 lil284 Music For When You're Stoned

Here’s a playlist for you… interstellar mode🌈🌠🚀🌌 https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5vZGIOt11QUHjGI4xH4WQI?si=_YNaZOX0Rka6ArCZHCaQxQ&dl_branch=1
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2021.06.18 21:11 chrls000171 Aggressive homeless couple outside apartment

Hello Reddit,
There is an aggressive couple outside the front gate of my apartment building. When I walked outside to head to work, I ask the man what he was doing to the gate and he said "Trying to unlock it". After that I asked them to leave immediately. The man said ok fine, however, the woman started going on a rant how the front of the gate is public property.
Hopefully they'll be gone by the time I get back but just in case...other than the police - is there another non-emergency mental health agency I can contact that is willing to deal with these kind of issue? Or for this specific scenario - the police is warranted due to the homeless man stating he was essentially trying to break in.
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2021.06.18 21:11 utgJoanie347 Malfunction! - NOT a charging Port! - Malfunction!

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2021.06.18 21:11 favpetgoat Bonnaroo Bracket Showdown Round #2-3 (4/4)

Bonnaroo Bracket Showdown Round #2-3 (4/4) Howdy Everyone! Format is the same 4 rounds a week, voting is open for 6 days and the winner will be crowned when we get to the farm.
Last week we had a close battle between Tipper and the Superjam with Tipper shooting ahead at the end to secure a matchup with Marc Rebillet. Loop Daddy has been knocking out second liners with ease but the Tipper fan base is definitely gonna put up a good fight. We also saw Lana and Jason Isbell knockout Uncle Acid and Mize without too much trouble so it will be interesting to see them face off.
Round #2-2 Results
On to Round #2-3
View Poll
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2021.06.18 21:11 nnabat1000 Hey guys link to solar light discord here!

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2021.06.18 21:11 ThePorko Odd ntp traffic all over the world

Does anyone see that on their firewall of Mitel phone and servers connecting to ntp servers all over the world? Here is some logs from Palo Alto

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2021.06.18 21:11 AbbreviationsPast772 RR

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2021.06.18 21:11 R0k1em Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Tarkus, Battlefield (cover)

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2021.06.18 21:11 RevHein Woodruff/East Side: Non-violent crime, etc.

Hey everyone - I just moved to Indy and it’s my first day here! I’d love any recent thoughts or tips on living here with my family. Specifically, how is vandalism/theft crime here? I have a couple outdoor items (grills, etc.), but our backyard is not gated in front or back. We do not have a garage. Should they be OK if they are chained up or do I need to worry?
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2021.06.18 21:11 tedi2701 Can we talk about how unfunny this game gets as you progress? People are using the same fucking decks every match and its so fucking boring and irritating

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2021.06.18 21:11 400par4 Interesting day in the shop today

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2021.06.18 21:11 shakewhenbad Just another week

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2021.06.18 21:11 Nethermite Who tf reads this??

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2021.06.18 21:11 GroundbreakingLynx14 $ACB Friday, 6/18/21 "Fear of Inflation Causing Sell-Offs"

Aurora Cannabis ($ACB)
Today's Range Closed Down Volume
$9.075 to 8.60 $8.71 $0.33 5.1 Million Shares
52 Week High All Time High All Time Low Record Volume
$18.98 (2/10/2021) $150.30 (10/16/2018) $3.71 (10/28/20) 461 Million Shares
Short Term Trend: Up/Neutral
Suspicious inflation news are scaring investors across the board. This gives the vulture short-sellers an opportunity to crush the market so they can buy and cover with big profits. But according to a recent poll conducted by StockLaunchers, most people believe inflation will help cannabis stocks to go up. Link to poll: https://www.reddit.com/StockLaunchers/comments/o1uojhow\_will\_inflation\_effect\_cannabis\_stocks/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3
Meanwhile, $ACB is being tested by fire, along with most other cannabis stocks. But the bulls are holding strong, as can be seen by the low amount of volume and large imbalance in the ratio of short sales vs total volume.
After today's sell-off, $ACB found underlying support at a Fibonacci retracement area of $8.61-62, where some short-covering found its way into an oversold condition. Today's low was almost exactly a 50% retracement of recent lows and highs.
Note: 50 day moving average is around $8.58
It is estimated bears went home short another, estimated, 658,000 shares of $ACB. That does not include the massive 34 million uncovered short sales reported last week.
In the long run, buying the dips will eventually pay-off.
You only lose if you sell without a profit.
Buy the dips!... Hold!... The best is yet to come! Invest wisely. Formulate your own plan and don't invest more than what you can afford to lose.
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2021.06.18 21:11 immabeokayiguess Jnew meme. Me playing Ys for my friend

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2021.06.18 21:11 Lily7578 Photoshopped lol

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2021.06.18 21:11 yevunedi ich_iel

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2021.06.18 21:11 I_hate_reddit_77 can i eat before using whitening strips?

i searched on google but every result was just for eating after using the strips, not before. so will eating before using whitening strips have an effect?
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