Go! Painted a cute fluffy birb |

Painted a cute fluffy birb

2021.06.18 21:13 friedonion-sama Painted a cute fluffy birb

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2021.06.18 21:13 Karlislad Got this nice Ace Baby..

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2021.06.18 21:13 alwaysstrongza 21 [M4F] Evening chill with sport and music

Hi there! I'm looking for some conversation. As I work from home most of the week, I find that I sometimes miss just chatting to people. And I do enjoy talking to people from all over the world. So, here is a bit about me and if it resonates with you. Come say hi.
I'm watching the final few hours of the first day of a cricket test match between South Africa and the West Indies while sorting out my new gym playlist. I'm also getting ready for a lot more sport over the weekend. World's Strongest man results on Saturday and Sunday and it's going to be a big one. There's more cricket and also some F1 grand prix racing as well. I do enjoy a very wide range of sport.
I am also a lover of exercise and have trained and competed in many different sports and more to come. Yes, I do like talking about it. I also write blogs about training and fitness. I love what the human body & mind is capable of, especially when they are combined with goals and progress. Seeing the affect they have on each other. I enjoy seeing people dedicate themselves and seeing the results and how it makes them feel. Even if it's just for themselves. We should be proud of the work we put in.
I'm also a lover of cooking and eating thst food, discovering new recipes and drinks. I also write a little about food and enjoy doing my own spin on recipes. I don't have as many as I'd like but it's growing. I used to smoke weed but I'm taking a break, so I'm very accepting of stoners.
I am very LGBTQA+ friendly
I also love a good movie and I'm on a bit of a heist movie kick and watching new and old movies in the genre I haven't seen before. The last week I've been watching Guy Richie movies. My next category is probebly going to be a combination of other gangster heist movies.
If you like sport, training or any of the other ideas I threw out there, send me a message with a little intro. Let's see if we get along.
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2021.06.18 21:13 goessgoess Regigigas 6687 8279 2229

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2021.06.18 21:13 Icy_Organization_389 subjects?

will unis look down at me if i have two languages and eco at HL?
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2021.06.18 21:13 TonyTGD 2nd attempt to copystrike my channel failed

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2021.06.18 21:13 50centpoggers MoonEasy || SAFU || Just Stealth Launched || EasyArmy is Growing Get in Early || Rug Proof - LP Locked and Renounced

MoonEasy || SAFU || Just Stealth Launched || EasyArmy is Growing Get in Early || Rug Proof - LP Locked and Renounced
Based Dev Team with one goal - To take this token as far as possible , as safe as possible. No rugs , no honeys just a based team with great long term plans !!🔥🌑
Contract: 0x70fEb0b6b0C7233D85e4e391B82EC290d53c1C57
Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0x70feb0b6b0c7233d85e4e391b82ec290d53c1c57
Buy here: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x70feb0b6b0c7233d85e4e391b82ec290d53c1c57
MoonEasy is a project completely driven by it's Community, soon to be labelled the #EasyArmy and with a long-term plan to be the next breakthrough project on the $BSC.
MoonEasy Token starts by launching its token stealth and fair, but after its initial phase the team will be launching a V2 Website, an online merchandise store, farming website and the most advanced $NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain!
Alongside the above, and the potential influencers secured we believe the team are into something great here. Get in early, be rewarded and don’t miss out!
Be one of the first holders to be eligible for our founders edition NFT!
✅ Fast paced Marketing and aggressive Shilling Events!
✅ No Presale = Stealth Launch, everyone has equal chance to buy in, the earlier you are the more rewarded you will be.
✅ Liquidity Locked at Launch
✅ Contract Renounced at Launch
✅ Contract rennounced on fairlaunch!
✅ Highly Active Dev Team with big goals
✅ Giveaways and promos every day! You don't want to miss this Gem💎🔥🌑 !!
Each TX has a 7% Transaction Fee
💰2% Re-distribution to Holders
📣2 % Added to LP Pool
🔥3% Burn for an ever increasing price floor.
🥞Will be available to buy on PancakeSwap v2 11-13% slippage
V1 website to be launched at www.MoonEasy.co before launch
📲 Telegram Group : https://t.me/mooneasy
🐦Twitter : @mooneasytoken
Join the next safe trip to the moon!!! Let’s go #easyarmy!!!
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2021.06.18 21:13 No-Role-6777 u/skimaskthedad set-up

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2021.06.18 21:13 VisualNovel_Info Review: Highway Blossoms – Wenn das Mitnehmen einer Anhalterin zu einer Schatzsuche mutiert

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2021.06.18 21:13 RipperMagoo69 (19??) Jeep Comanche

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2021.06.18 21:13 strqberrie red hospitalcore demon mommy :D

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2021.06.18 21:13 majin_hendrix Bro what in the !%#: is that (Stream Highlights 6/17/21)

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2021.06.18 21:13 Kenny912 Crew color help

Can someone help me? Im trying to use hex codes to make crew colors and every time I type it in, it just deletes what I typed and goes back to a previous color. Please help!
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2021.06.18 21:13 Successful_Snow289 ⛔SEE Listed on PancakeSwap one Minute xx100 to day 📷

⛔SEE is the meme coin that will help dogos on its’ way to the moon!
Sit back relax and watch your holdings increase when you invest in ⛔SEE
CONTRACT: 0x6349dfd60a175c24f2172e73f09d296bd1b8a390
🚀 BUY PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x6349dfd60a175c24f2172e73f09d296bd1b8a390
L O W finite supply of 1.000.000,000,000! 🤯
Each transaction has a 5% fee:
- 3% is redistributed to hodlrs! ♻️
- 1% is burned 🔥
1% of the transaction fees are sent to a wallet that will be used to help a dog charity of the community’s choice by polling.
CONTRACT: 0x6349dfd60a175c24f2172e73f09d296bd1b8a390
🚀 BUY PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x6349dfd60a175c24f2172e73f09d296bd1b8a390
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2021.06.18 21:13 aarongatewoodx [Canon AE-1 50mm 1.4, Cinestill 800]

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2021.06.18 21:13 ReviewEquivalent1266 SHOCK: Biden froze more than $100M in military aid to Ukraine days before his summit with Putin. Biden previously threatened to withhold a billion-dollar loan guarantee if Ukraine didn't fire the prosecutor pursuing his son's energy company.

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2021.06.18 21:13 mwaambi I will do your homework, exams and online classes. DISCORD DMK#2294 WhatsApp +1 (563) 230-3347 email: topnotchintellectual@gmail.com

Hello students. I am an accomplished academic writer and tutor with vast experience handling different disciplines. It's not a secret, sitting down for long hours to work on difficult assignments sucks, especially if one has to juggle between school work and other life commitments. I am also aware of the difficulties some of you are facing attending online classes while trying to meet other unavoidable obligations. Mine is to offer support by working on your assignments. I will also attend your online classes and take all your exams and other assessments and guarantee excellent grades. I am a virtuous person and for that reason you will not only get value for your money but also record positive academic results. Fast approaching deadlines should no longer worry you, because I got you. Just send me a private message or email to [topnotchintellectual@gmail.com](mailto:topnotchintellectual@gmail.com).
List of Services

  1. Descriptive essays
  2. Analytical essays
  3. Argumentative essays
  4. Literature review
  5. Case studies
  6. Book/article summary
  7. Capstone projects
  8. Research proposals
  9. Discussion posts/responses.
  10. Chemistry/biology and physics lab reports
  11. Online classes and related quizzes and assessments.
  12. All other forms of academic projects/assignments, subject/discipline notwithstanding
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2021.06.18 21:13 Standard-Article7550 M20 im 5’10 so Idk if I’m short or the internet just taking a shiz

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2021.06.18 21:13 Mobile-Finish7844 HANGİ SÜPER GÜCÜ İSTERSİNİZ?

GÖRÜNMEZLİK: Sadece bedenin görünmez olur, kıyafetlerin üzerindeyken görünmez olamazsın.
IŞINLANMA: Daha önce hiçbir insanın ayak basmadığı yerlere ışınlanamazsınız, başka gezegenlere de ışınlanamazsınız. Sadece bedeniniz ışınlanır, kıyafet, eşya, vb. ışınlayamazsın.
HİPNOZ: Söylediğiniz emir fiilli cümleyi söylediğiniz kişi yapmak zorundadır. Örneğin; kendine yumruk at, bana itaat et, bana aşık ol, vb. Her insana sadece bir emir verebilirsiniz. Emir verdiğiniz birine tekrar emir veremezsiniz. Karşıdaki kişi sizin verdiğiniz emri değil kendi anladığı emri yapar. Örneğin ingilizce bilmeyen birisine "be sick" (ingilizcede hasta ol demek) derseniz, durumu yanlış anlayıp sizi sikebilir.
GÖRÜNÜŞ DEĞİŞTİRME: Daha önce gördüğünüz her insana dönüşebilirsiniz, karşı cinse dönüşebilir ve onun cinsel organlarını da kullanabilirsiniz. Eğer kız bedenindeyken hamile kalırsanız erkek bedeninde hamilelik devam eder.
ŞANS: Şansa bak piyango size çıktı. O da ne Barbara sizi aradı ve yarın sizle ilişkiye girmek için Türkiye'ye geleceğini açıkladı. Şansınızın tadını çıkarırken ülke gündemine bakıyorsunuz ve o da ne Hadisenin ifşası çıkmış. Yuh derken televizyondaki haber dikkatinizi çekiyor. Haber: Reçel Tahin Er Soğan yaptığı tüm yolsuzlukları itiraf etti ve yaptıklarından pişman olduğunu belirtti - bir gecede 198 tane apk vekili tutuklandı - bir ay içinde erken seçim olması bekleniyor. Daha ne olabilir derken dünya gündemine bakıyorsunuz ve o da ne. Dünyadaki herkes parasını TL'ye çevirmeye başlamış sadece son 1 saatte 500 milyar dolar TL'ye çevrilmiş ülkeler rezerv olarak dolar yerine TL kullanmaya başlamış sebebini kimse bilmiyor. Aynı zamanda bir hayırsever Türkiye'nin tüm borçlarını ödemiş ve ülkede yabancılara ait olan tüm firmaları Türkiye adına satın almış. Bu gidişle bir ay içinde 1 TL = 3 dolar = 2,5 euro olması bekleniyor, buna rağmen asgari ücrete yüzde 25 zam gelmiş. Ekonomi aniden bu kadar hızlı geliştiği için tüm vergiler %90 azalmış.
SONSUZA KADAR GENÇ KALMAK: 25 yaşına geldiğinde yaşlanman durur. Hayat boyu kalp krizi geçirmeyeceksin ya da timür, kanser gibi bir hastalığa yakalanmayacaksın. Ölmenin tek yolu birinin(bu kişi sen de olabilirsin) seni öldürmeye çalışması.
View Poll
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2021.06.18 21:13 Additional_Ad_8912 Road trip - Muscat to Salalah

Road trip - Muscat to Salalah
Dear Omani's,
Greetins from Denmark.
My famile and I are planning to travel to Muscat and want to do a Road trip to Salalah during April (2022)
We want to see the coastal road - so we can see the beautiful scenery of Oman.
We are 4 persons with 2 children (12 and 9 years)
Please I need some advise:
1) what kind of a car do we need to rent? 4WD..? Is it possible to rent a car in Muscat and leave it in salalah..?
2) Which towns I should take into consideration to sleep during the trip. And any sigthts (wadis..?)
4) We want to travel on low budget, so any hostels you recommend or hotel alternatives? airbnb…
Thank you
Best regards from Denmark
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2021.06.18 21:13 ImpressiveCrazy1095 22 [F4A] LF Kalaro (PC Games)

Hi. I know it's pretty late pero I'm hoping I can find someone to play with rn. DM lang sige na! Weekend naman na :3
PS: May discord po sana. Ty
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2021.06.18 21:13 NRP_2021-Minecraft بدترین اتفاق ممکن توی ماینکرفت.

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2021.06.18 21:13 Knochentrocken_Nerd [GIVEAWAY] [STEAM] Chroma Squad

It's quite fun to bring joy to other people by giving them games. So I bought recently Chroma Squad.
To enter send me a YouTube video of one of your favorite songs. BUT it has to be a song/background music of a video game. You don't even have to like or own the game itself, it's all about the song here.
If you like to send more then one link, sure, go ahead.
I am gonna reveal the winner in the next 24-36 hours. Good luck all!
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2021.06.18 21:13 k1410407 Feral Brute Euchambersia

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2021.06.18 21:13 hakyonalover therapy isn’t really working for me

for a while i’ve felt like my therapist wasn’t the best one for me. this is the first time i’ve gone to therapy and i’m surprised how i’ve been able to convince my conservative parents about it especially since they don’t really believe in mental health struggles. my therapist is really nice and understanding but not super sympathetic and i feel like she doesn’t really give that great suggestions. most of the time she’s just listening to me ramble on but doesn’t really talk that much.
like today i confronted her and told her maybe it’s time for me to find someone else at their office but they didn’t have anyone available. i feel like i kinda hurt and offended her and things just feel so awkward between us now. like she said we can fit key meeting weekly which i agreed to, but if the office finds out i’m looking into other therapist they might close my case there. i’m not sure whether to continue with therapy or not, and i feel guilty thinking how things aren’t working for me when i know other people who need therapy more than i do but can’t get it for different reasons.
i feel like it’s also my fault in a way, like i haven’t been putting enough effort and not following her suggestions but i feel like i just really lack motivation and discipline. recently, i feel like there’s not many things i really want to talk about in therapy anymore but i feel like maybe it’s because nothing has happened so far but when something bad happens i might regret not continuing with her. i feel like maybe i just need a break from therapy but i can’t do that cause i’m my therapists office you’re required to meet weekly and if u can’t for 3 weeks then they close your case for good.
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