Go! Kate Middleton pays tribute to her kids in a very subtle way while announcing new project: Daily People Royals - June 18, 2021 |

Kate Middleton pays tribute to her kids in a very subtle way while announcing new project: Daily People Royals - June 18, 2021

2021.06.18 23:18 redit202 Kate Middleton pays tribute to her kids in a very subtle way while announcing new project: Daily People Royals - June 18, 2021

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2021.06.18 23:18 PanPakapon Opinions on the balance changes revealed today?

(Does not include the new character, new skins, new event, or new game modes)
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2021.06.18 23:18 ghusted PC CFM - Fantasy Draft Starts in 40 minutes! 17/32 Teams

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2021.06.18 23:18 mylinux2 GNU/Linux Fedora 32 Boot Single User Mode Easy Guide

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2021.06.18 23:18 UnicornChief Choose holy sites for new religions

One thing I am missing from creating new religions is being able to pick your holy sites. I know in discussions in the past it would be too imbalanced if there were no restrictions. I think the flexibility should come your culture religions, and other base religions holy sites. For example: a Catholic could pick Constantinople as a holy site, or a Norse could pick Paris. Any thoughts?
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2021.06.18 23:18 thecooksaseal Changed Router - having issues

Hey everyone. Just switched from Sky to Virgin Media for broadband (in the UK). Connected UNRAID server direct to Virgin router, as it had been to the Sky router, but didn't shut down on restart server.
I can access the UNRAID GUI on home PC (via web browser as usual (on the new, wired Virgin network) but I can't see the shares, nor access them via another device, either over wireless or ethernet.
I am assuming I need to copy the IP settings from the Sky Router to the Virgin router to correct this? Anyone else made this transition?
Grateful for any suggestions.
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2021.06.18 23:18 Trashman56 Me irl

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2021.06.18 23:18 HoomAn-Person13 Here’s my fanart! Hope ya like it <3

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2021.06.18 23:18 qaisjp RIP Dubtrack

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2021.06.18 23:18 ReliqueOz Even if you don't watch Game of Thrones, this meme still makes sense right? 😂

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2021.06.18 23:18 ZookeepergameOdd2591 Are the old servers dead?I have 2 acc, one on server 251 and one on server 2, on server 251 the first guild is doing 600k activity points per week, on server 2the first one is doing 310k which is the same as the 6th guild on server 251, are all the old servers that less played?

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2021.06.18 23:18 Ultima_YT VCR/Wheels Appreciation Post (My Favorite off of bastard Its funny and its trippy as hell)

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2021.06.18 23:18 jokerthevirus [REQUEST][STEAM]I need Code Vein directly in my veins! (Currently 75% off: $19.99 CDN)

Hello there GoG comrades, I come before you today to tell a story, much in the same way users like u/makeshifttoaster02 have done in the past, though, I think my tale is somewhat more subdued.
My earliest gaming memory is the day my father brought home the original NES. I must have been maybe 3-years old or so, but I clearly remember us playing super mario bros, and not wanting to pick up the fire flower (we had no idea what it did, and it took us a while to even make it to the first fire flower in the first place). My dad took a quick liking to Duck Hunt, but, like many I'm sure, he developed a seething hatred of the dog.
Fast forward a few years, and my grand dad had bought the SNES soon after its launch. He mainly wanted to play Top Gear and Pilot Wings, but he still had Mario world. Whenever I would go visit them (they lived 2 hours away at the time), he would take me to the local video store to rent games. It was through this that I experienced the giddy highs of Mega Man X and Castlevania. These series still remain among my favourite to this day.
Years later, once the PSX era rolled around, my gaming education had somewhat stagnated. I had emulators and roms galore for the earlier days, but precious little experience in newer games. Eventually, after the console had been out long enough to see its successor, I managed to buy a ps1 (the smaller model). I dived back into my old franchises, looking for R-type, and Strider; Mega Man and Final Fantasy. I had no idea how immersive (at the time) it could be. And then, I found it.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Holy jumping tugboats, this was something special. I immediately fell in love with, what would come to be called, Metroidvanias (having not actually managed to get very far in Super Metroid when I was younger, I count this as my true introduction to the genre).
The mix of exploration, rpg mechanics, story, and the expansive number of places and things to discover, set my gamer's soul alight. I took in every example of the genre I could find over the years. I found gems like Axiom Verge and Environmental Station Alpha, and loved them to death. Playing ESA got me through a very tough time when I was working after university, as it gave me something to focus my anxiety and nervous energy on, rather than drinking.
Later, when I went to college, I was living by myself in a small apartment. I was dealing with a crisis of self image (I was 10 years older than my class mates, and my best friend had recently left the city, so I was pretty lonely). During one particularly bad snow storm, I trekked half a block to the local Used Game store in search of a diversion. I ended up buying, on the clerk's recommendation, Dark Souls. I had only heard about the punishing difficulty before, so I was sceptical.
I was so wrong.
Like SotN before it, I felt like a whole new dimension of gaming had been opened up to me. I remember spending a week (during Christmas holiday) working through the first few areas, trying different builds, and exploring for hidden areas and items. Souls-like held a place next to Metroidvanias in my heart.
Fast forward to earlier today. I was playing Hellpoint from a GoG (the other one) giveaway, and I stumbled upon a problem. My save file keeps disappearing and reappearing. It makes the game very hard to play. Disheartened, I saw that Code Vein is on sale for 19.99$ CDN. Sadly, we are not able to afford it at the moment, as money is very tight and I am still looking for work. That is where, hopefully, one of you kind redditors come in. I would be forever grateful to someone for gifting me this game. I feel it calling to me!
The game's steam page is here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/678960/
My steam profile is here: Https://steamcommunity.com/id/jokerthrvirus/
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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2021.06.18 23:18 invisiblefalcon Hol up

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2021.06.18 23:18 parawing742 So can I sleep overnight in my storage unit or not?

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2021.06.18 23:18 leonbitch 🍀🚀 $LEPRACOIN - UNIQUE UTILITY - 100X GAMECHANGER - Audit Completed - TRUSTED AMA HOST DEV - CERTIK rec implemented 🚀☘

🍀$LEPRACOIN recently launched on BSC & it’s going to explode! The newest real hidden gem that has all of the fundamentals & pumpamentals!
Here's WHY:
Amazing dedicated dev and team with a wealth of experience from marketing from marketing to development. Their innovative new dApp is going to explode this space. Introducing LepraDAO the first memecoin to give power to the people over tokenomic cycles! You choose, you vote!
First of all the project introduced something completely unique – the concept of tokenomic cycles ♻️
We believe a coin should be able to change to meet its users needs as they see fit, with our cycles the community can choose how and what they want. Until LepraDAO is unleashed this is how the cycles current configuration is set up:
♻️ Growth cycle - prioritising liquidity generation to establish a solid baseline for future growth:
1% burn
3% yield
4% liquidity
♻️ Rewards cycle - this cycle will use the growth achieved in the previous phases to reward holders:
1% burn
6% yield
1% liquidity
♻️ Charity cycle - this cycle is where the team gives back and shares its growth with those who need it most. A % of each transaction will be sent to a charity wallet for donations:
1% burn
2% yield
1% liquidity
4% charity
Buy (9-10% slippage):
https:// exchange.pancakeswap. finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xcA71DdB30ddC906048bcec5dF305683F289C8C40
🌐Website: www.officiallepracoin.com
📲 Telegram: t.me/lepracoin
📊 Dextools: www.dextools.io/app/pancakeswap/pair-explore0xcA71DdB30ddC906048bcec5dF305683F289C8C40
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2021.06.18 23:18 VerumVisand Ohio weather from this morning - via my brother’s TikTok @berusetvisand

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2021.06.18 23:18 vsandrei Stimulus, unemployment checks help child support debt collection hit new high

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2021.06.18 23:18 Viktorsasslohde Does anyone know where to get pinatas in growtopia

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2021.06.18 23:18 megmarie22502 [GTM] Yes Doctor

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2021.06.18 23:18 Due-Ninja-5611 علم کی فضیلت

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2021.06.18 23:18 Mandy_Ale Hello, new here and very 1st post :)

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2021.06.18 23:18 Desperate-Wasabi-715 Mount Auburn Cemetery

Spent a couple of hours there today. Low humidity. Walked right by two fauns eating. Got real close to a blue (or grey) heron. Surprisingly stumbled across a marker for Bernard Malamud. Some hawks, of course, and a nice view of Boston.
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2021.06.18 23:18 General_Cream8988 I made a list with the best country hits! Weekly update! Grab a cold one and enjoy!

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2021.06.18 23:18 Bad_Hombre_P sent bnb to presale before countdown ended for launch

I was trying to get into recent SONAR (PING) presale I aped in with 1.5 bnb to presale address, than I noticed there was a countdown still in process. My transaction went through for the 1.5 bnb how do I get the bnb back?
thanks in advance
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