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2021.06.18 21:58 AttentionMediocre540 Tyga New Onlyfans Videos!

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2021.06.18 21:58 BabooFrik me_irl

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2021.06.18 21:58 arbaminim "Neo Tokyo by Leonid Afremov. Oil painting palette"

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2021.06.18 21:58 Re-Logicgamer03 If gay is another word for happy…

Then I’m very gay right now.
There’s so much more going right in my life now. I feel like my old self again, and I don’t want that to change.
Just to clarify, this isn’t meant to be an insult to any homosexuals on here. It’s just that I’m in such a good mood recently.
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2021.06.18 21:58 Adtrallday11 Peal Pro atomizer looks slightly chazzed after about 60 dabs, I dry qtip after each dab and make sure I dont dry hit my atty, and I clean the atty with 91 or 99 iso after it gets down to 200° and my stuff is from a dispensary

Peal Pro atomizer looks slightly chazzed after about 60 dabs, I dry qtip after each dab and make sure I dont dry hit my atty, and I clean the atty with 91 or 99 iso after it gets down to 200° and my stuff is from a dispensary submitted by Adtrallday11 to puffco [link] [comments]

2021.06.18 21:58 ares26_ Natalia Gutierrez manden msj para hacer grupo

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2021.06.18 21:58 wydot11 Regigigas on me 5677 6117 5717

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2021.06.18 21:58 ThoroughlyOrange [F4M][Adv. Literate][Longterm][Discord] What do you call a fish wearing a bowtie?

Well, I’m back. Lady looking for lads to write with. Just looking for someone with some free time, who won’t ghost. I would love to have a partner more dedicated and committed that if either of us get busy, I won’t just be abandoned for someone else!
Currently out of work, so I have a good bit of free time while I hunt for a new one! I don’t have any particular ideas, right now. If you do, I’d love to hear them! I love a good fantasy setting, historical setting, sci-fi, but I’m open to collaborating. Having a craving for something dark, maybe with vampires, or werewolves, demons, dragons, merpeople, or magic. You get the gist, I like mythical beings. I like you playing mythical beings. If that’s not your cup of tea, please still message me!
I’m just usually NOT into Slice of Life, modern settings, or Fandoms.
A little about me. I am 28. So please be around my age. I can’t be doing this with an 18 year old, sorry, be at least 24/25? You can be older, just don’t be too much younger. I’ve been role-playing on and off since I was about 14, so this isn’t anything new. I’m on the east coast of the US. Reply length doesn’t really matter to me, the longer the better, of course, but it’s quality over quantity. I tend to match my partner. I don’t really have any limits when it comes to quantity. I typically play female character, but I am willing to play side characters as needed.
As I said, I don’t have any specific ideas in mind, I’d love to hear anything! I can also work with you to come up with an idea, if you have none and I like our vibe. Oh! Also, I don’t want this to be just business. I’d like to also make a new friend, and occasionally have conversations outside the story. If that’s cool with you?
Well, I think that’s everything! I appreciate you taking the time to read it all! If you’re still here, and are still interested, please shoot me a message, maybe start off with a joke! Give me a bit about you? Maybe a writing sample? If you just say hi and not much else, I don’t think I’ll respond. I look forward to meeting you!
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2021.06.18 21:58 youwrite Addressing a subscript out of bounds error in gganimate

I'm making a gif of shootings in Toronto from 2005-2020, using a dataset of the incidents and a fortified shapefile. When I plot the initial map the code runs as normal.

plot code
The issue is when I run the code to animate the gif. The code saves as an object (z) but then I receive the to[[1]] : subscript out of bounds (to, is the shapefile).

gganimate code

error after running z
I have tried googling this error and have gone through 20 or so web pages but they are all either unhelpful or I cannot understand the advice. I tried filtering the data by year and found that only some of the years have the errors (i.e. filtering to 2005 makes a gif fine, but filtering 2016 causes the same error).

Does anyone know how to address this error? What's causing it?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.06.18 21:58 JohnJSal Does having an item that was held by a hacked Pokemon affect anything?

Last night during a Surprise Trade I received a Pokemon from poke flash.co, which is apparently a Pokemon hacking service. And the pokemon was definitely not normal.
I hate this kind of stuff, so I just released it. But apparently its held item (Ability Patch) was placed in my bag.
Does this hurt anything to have in my bag? Is the item itself hacked? Is there any way to get rid of it?
If I use it on a random pokemon just to get rid of it, will that cause any issues?
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2021.06.18 21:58 anarcho-hornyist is Yorkshire one county or three counties?

foreigner here, i just wanted to know if Yorkshire is one county or three counties
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2021.06.18 21:58 dogsnsweaters Should I repot my monstera?

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2021.06.18 21:58 Igordebor Chili Peppers tattoo

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2021.06.18 21:58 Cobras80 Stephen O'Donnell

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2021.06.18 21:58 lonesomechally Pro tip: if you want quality hats (not Fanatics), go to your local team’s pro shop.

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2021.06.18 21:58 Michael_Therami As a Favor to Their Billionaire Hedge Fund Friends, CNBC Started Today Off Interviewing Ultra-Interest-Rate-Hawk St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard to Cause Dow to Crash 450 Points So Puts Will Print Today (with $800 Billion in Options Expiring on Quadruple Witching Options Day ).

As a Favor to Their Billionaire Hedge Fund Friends, CNBC Started Today Off Interviewing Ultra-Interest-Rate-Hawk St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard to Cause Dow to Crash 450 Points So Puts Will Print Today (with $800 Billion in Options Expiring on Quadruple Witching Options Day ). submitted by Michael_Therami to WallstreetBreakers [link] [comments]

2021.06.18 21:58 ThePoliticalHat The Great Reset Comes for the Suburbs

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2021.06.18 21:58 ml_news_bot CFP: ECML/PKDD 2021 Workshop on Learning with Imbalanced Domains: Theory and Applications

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2021.06.18 21:58 KitsuneAmy H: Plans W: Weapon offers, Apparel offers, caps, flux, junk

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2021.06.18 21:58 bumper_reel Who is a critically acclaimed director you fail to enjoy?

Disclaimer: To enjoy, not understand. I feel like this is a common criticism where you don't get the appeal of something like "I don't get the hype" or "It's not for you to get". I get why people like (this thing) but I can't get into it.
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2021.06.18 21:58 ClosingPuppy Took my son to the theme park for the first time and feel like a terrible father.

Ok sorry for a long story but I just have to vent. So a little background, i'm a 30 year old dad and my eldest son is almost 4. He has never been to a theme park and my friend asked me if we should go with him and their eldest daughter who's about the same age but a bit taller than my son, this is important later on. Ok sounds fun, I knew the height limit to most of the rides, even the little ones is 100cm and my son is like literally 99cm but I honestly thought it's cool since we're talking about carusels, bumper cars etc that you go together with the child and not rollercoasters and such. Ok so I told my son we're going to the amusement park and hyped it up a bit, showed him some videos from youtube, he was beyond excited. He asked me so many questions and it made me feel like a great dad for giving all my attention to him. We met my friend and his daughter at the park, I asked what they wanna do first and they replied "bumper cars!". In this park the bumper cars are not allowed to actually bump into each other but it's still fun. We queued to get the tickets and then it occurred to me that they won't sell the ticket for my son because he's just under the 100cm limit, "very slightly but still under" they said. And every single ride in this damn park has a sign that says "100cm or over". Ok so the cashier explains that if I get the ticket for myself I can take him to some of the rides with me so I take it. The bumper car track is right next to the ticket booth and my son cant wait to get onboard, we head to it and then I see the sign: 100cm or over. My son is already in the line with the friends daughter and we go after them but I already know what is going to happen. The employee opens the gate and my son sprints towards one of the cars, but he's stopped and told he cant go. He looks at me "..d-dad?" and I ask the employee if its ok since im with him on the car, they wont budge. They ask us to leave the ride and my son is confused, I feel terrible and honestly I know the day is mostly ruined, we quickly find another ride that has these cars that go slowly on a track and the kids love it, hurray. But then we continue on and head into the "little rides section" of the park, there's a carusel that has helicopters on it, you sit inside the closed cabin with your adult and it spins around slowly and lifts like 5 meters in the air. My son LOVES helicopters and he's going for it, but same thing happens. He's asked to leave the ride. Basically this goes on until we try to save it by just hanging around in the arcade and check out some attractions. But the damage is already done, you know that feeling when your son is so full of pure excitement and joy and anticipation and then he's told he can't go but his friend can, and the disappointment in the child's eyes when he looks at you? After all we had a nice day but I think he was really badly disappointed every time he was not allowed on some damn carusel and he really does not understand why he cant go. And to be clear I really, REALLY do get it why they are so strict with the limits but tbh I thought some common sense would play a role, but after all it definitely was my fault. I took him there knowing he's just under the height limit but thought they would let him on some bumper cars with me. Now I feel so bad and ashamed, basically like a bad father for putting my son in a humiliating situation.
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2021.06.18 21:58 pimpbabyem crosspost!

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2021.06.18 21:58 No-Benefit5659 Weedswap.io - 600 Holders, less than 100k Market Cap, Decentralized Exchange on BSC - No whales 🐳True Gem💎

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2021.06.18 21:58 Fatorias98 Happy Birthday to the best girl of this season!

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2021.06.18 21:58 vrlndr Visual for The Honor Student at Magic High School coming in July

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