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Thralls (part 7)

2021.06.18 22:29 notmuch123 Thralls (part 7)

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Grumiq woke up. After the grogginess slowly left him he turned to check the date half-expecting it to be a few weeks before what he already knew it was. It wasn't. He sighed, it was all unfortunately real.
"Let it go. You did what you could. No point regretting it now." he tried to console himself.
"Your highness, this being an exploratory mission I believe I would be the best suited for this." he remembers proudly saying to the queen.
Following that there was silence from Morguit. For the first time in what seemed forever. He remembered feeling a great sense of victory in that silence. Now all of it felt like a distorted mockery of himself to him. In the end Morguit would still arrive and this entire mission would be remembered as another one of his achievements anyway with Grumiq and all of his activities only remembered as a prologue to it all.
"After all of it, you still did it you bastard. After everything I tried its still your victory and not mine." he muttered to himself.
He shook his head and started to get ready for the cycle ahead. Mulling over things beyond his control while sitting here will not do anything. If he was going to be reduced to an assistant let him be the kind of assistant that will be remembered as one that acted as the linchpin for Morguit's victory. Even if Morguit would be the one remembered to have won this mission he would be remembered as the one that made it possible for the general to turn this mission into a victory. Even in his failure he wouldn't be forgotten. And the best way to do it would be getting more info on the humans. That way he will be able to provide invaluable insight to Morguit when he tries to fight them.
"And that starts at the lab. Lets see if Corpiteq figured that "electricity" thing out yet." Grumiq said while moving towards the lab.
A loud noise startled him. Several of the thralls moving along the passageway curled up into whimpering balls. He himself along with several crew members half fell down. After regaining his composure he realized that the noise came from the lab.
"As if things weren't already going wrong." he muttered to himself as he rushed towards the lab.
As he entered the lab a strong smell assaulted him. His vision was obscured by a viscous smoke.
After the smoke was cleared a bit he demanded "what is going on here ? Is everyone alright ?"
Several of his crew looked at him and then looked at a crouched coughing figure at one end of the lab.
"Ah sir...cough...I believe I...cough...have...cough...made a slight mess...cough, cough..." Corpiteq, the science officer slowly managed to say.
The crew members managed to get him off the floor.
"Are you alright ? What happened ?" Grumiq asked him.
"Cough...huff...yes, I...huff...believe...huff...I am alright now. Don't worry sir, I seem to have suffered no significant injury. That table and those equipment however weren't so lucky." he pointed towards the table after giving himself an overall glance.
Grumiq saw that a large part of the table had been burned off. Some scattered parts of unidentifiable lab-equipment could also be seen around.
"As to how this happened - I had managed to figure out what form of energy these storage units produce, at least one form of it I believe. That had made me so curious as to how it managed to produce it that I figured that I had to pry it open and see what components lay within it that made it capable of such feat. This accident you see is a result of that. Turns out that these units are very volatile when mishandled and contains quite a bit of energy. Good thing I had the idea to try to pry it open from a distance, otherwise i might not be in a position to talk about these things right now." he gave an awkward smile.
Grumiq shook his head "Listen, things have gone wrong already we can't have accidents like these on top of that...wait what did you just say ?" the full realization of what Corpiteq had said just now dawned on him.
"That I pried it open from a distance and that's why I..."
"No no no, before that !"
"I wanted to see what lay within it ?"
"No ! You said you managed to figure out what kind of energy it produced, didn't you ?"
"Ah yes. Yes I did. Or at least one form of it I think."
"And what form is it ?"
"Lightining, or a better way to call it: violent ionic discharge." said the science officer.
Grumiq was elated.
"Are you sure about this ?"
"Yes. In fact I can show it to you right now."
Corpiteq beckoned him after collecting another one of those units.
After hooking it to a strange looking wire apparatus he said "notice this gap here" and pointed to a gap in the wire.
Grumiq nodded. Corpiteq gently pushed a piece of metal with a stick of resin. Immediately a bright arc flashed in the gap that Grumiq was looking at startling him.
"What was that ?"
"That was a discharge from this unit." said the science officer while pointing to it.
Grumiq was flabbergasted. As always there was absolutely no ember emissions from the unit.
"Incredible ! A similar effect through ember manipulation would be enough to alert everyone within a medium sized assembly hall, and these humans managed to do it without making a peep !"
"Yes ! Exactly. Can you see now why I felt compelled to see inside ?"
Grumiq stared at the destroyed remnants of the exploded unit. It had produced quite a powerful explosion indeed. Doing something like that with ember manipulation would alert the whole ship. Yet this unit alerted nobody until it made the sound. This couldn't be cloaking since any cloaking would have been destroyed in the explosion and would have let out some ember at the last moments.
"Did you find out what lay inside these things ?"
The science officer chuckled "what can I tell from that destroyed unit ?"
"Can you figure out how to open it without destroying it ?"
"I can try but no guarantees."
"I am sorry to interrupt sir, but why don't we ask the humans ? They have been very accommodating so far and haven't seemed to notice our hacking attempt yet. They should be more than happy to help us given our story." suggested an officer from a side.
Grumiq hadn't thought of that. It seemed like it would work in theory. But it could also potentially backfire. Too much questioning and the humans might think that they were up to something. It had to be a delicate approach. The next time the humans approached them they might raise this issue.
"Or, I could use that communicator and try asking them right now ! Yes, we should do just that."
Grumiq was determined to figure out how human tech. worked. First this basic energy storage unit. From there to bigger things. Yes, he would make sure that they had an edge over the humans when general Morguit arrived with his army and the fight eventually started. He would make sure that his contributions were remembered.

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I followed this tutorial:
and now that I need to connect my Sequelize ORM to it. To do this I need a username and password. I know the username but didn't find a way to set or know what my password is and I cannot connect my database to my application without this?

Anyone know any good resources/ had a similar situation in the past?

Thanks in advance
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So I've had my Focusrite 2i2 3rd gen audio interface for around 6 months now & when I first hooked everything up, it worked perfectly with no issues. After around 3 months, I booted up my PC, opened up discord like I usually do & was watching a friend stream a game on discord & my mic stopped working. It still worked when I was just talking. But then around a month after that, my mic completely stopped working. I've reinstalled both discord & the Focusrite software twice & have failed to get it working. I've also checked to see if my drivers were up to date & they were. I have absolutely no idea what to do now. This specifically happens on discord; my mic connected to my 2i2 works perfectly fine on OBS Studio
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I was recently on xifaxan and neomycin for 11 days. I was apparently allergic to xifaxan (rash, itching) but after discussing with my doctor I stayed on it because at the time we didn’t believe I was allergic to it.
I am now experiencing bright blood when I use the restroom. It is streaks on my stool and when I wipe.
I’ve never had hemorrhoids before and have been very healthy other than dealing with SIBO recently.
My doctor has ordered a c diff test and wants me to do a colonoscopy. I have been at the doctors at least once or twice a week for the past year trying to figure out/solve my issue with SIBO. I am exhausted from all of this. Is it necessary to undergo a colonoscopy? Can a doctor check for internal hemorrhoids in office?
Any other help and advice is appreciated
33F, 115 lbs, no smoke no drink, recently diagnosed with SIBO (I’ve been eating fairly low fiber foods so I’m hoping that this is the cause of the blood/hemorrhoids but I am not sure)
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2021.06.18 22:29 TheDarkBrotherhood7 Dear bi people

I freaking love you >:c you are bi enough. You deserve pride, you deserve to be recognized as part of this community. You aren’t ‘basically straight’ or ‘basically gay’. I love you, you’re all incredible and beautiful and I swear I will always love you all and you’re so amazing and I’m sorry for the selfish a-holes who believe you don’t deserve to go to pride or say you’re indecisive, who say it’s just a phase or you’re confused, who think you’re undeserving of pride. I love y’all >:c! Sincerely, a lesbian
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Producer: Spiritual Mind
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Cat. Number: STREP
Genres: Psy-Trance
Label: Sonitum Records

Spiritual Mind - Temple Of Dance (Original Mix)
Spiritual Mind - Iceolartor (Original Mix)

Download - https://audiofeel.org/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=32502
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