Go! Under the Posts – Women’s Rugby News for May 31-Jun 13 |

Under the Posts – Women’s Rugby News for May 31-Jun 13

2021.06.18 22:46 scooterwe Under the Posts – Women’s Rugby News for May 31-Jun 13

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2021.06.18 22:46 ManuelDeLanda TIL that Shelly the "that's hip hop" dance instructor is based on a real person

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2021.06.18 22:46 wrexx0r Microsoft acquires ReFirm Labs, creators of Binwalk

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2021.06.18 22:46 ControlPotential Saxo Bank to become the first bank in Denmark to enable their customers to buy and sell bitcoin.

‘We have seen a great deal of interest in cryptocurrencies as the asset class matures,' says Saxo Bank
Saxo Bank will be the first bank in Denmark to enable the bank's customers to trade in cryptocurrencies. This is stated by the bank in a press release.
Here it sounds that it will more precisely be three different currencies that you can trade with via the platform. Initially, it will be Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin against the euro, dollar and Japanese yen.
Source: https://ekstrabladet.dk/forbrug/dinepenge/foerste-bank-i-danmark-nu-kan-du-koebe-krytpovaluta-he8641281
The above article has been translated from Danish to English.
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2021.06.18 22:46 artworkmusick Melodic x Soulful Type Beat STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS II (COMPLEXITY) Instrumental

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2021.06.18 22:46 CHL9 Uploading folders to iCloud without having whole iCloud contents on my hard drive

I'd like to upload some files on my MacBook, which are located inside folders with an intricate sub folder file structure, but I cannot upload folders to iCloud from web browser, only files. The other method would be to enable iCloud on this computer, and then place them in the iCloud drive. However, this requires that a complete copy of my iCloud contents will be kept locally on my physical drive which will take up all my hard disk (I have the 2TB plan). Any ideas on how I can upload folders to iCloud without having to keep an entire copy of iCloud locally? Thanks!!
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2021.06.18 22:46 skylss I haven't finished season 4 and I don't think I will be able to.

Right now I am almost done with episode 7 and have been so triggered that I broke down.
In general, there has already been so much slowly gnawing away at me throughout this season. Next to the lies, uncertainty, loneliness and untrustworthiness Rebeka has to face, I felt the demeaning comments Guzman makes about Samu and Benjamin makes about his own daughters begin to shape an incredibly dark "normal life" at Las Encinas. Whereas I still felt that Elite had a generally bright feeling due to the focus on how the students still bond (both romantically and especially friendship/loyalty-wise) before, this season seems to base itself around everyone's inherent untrustworthiness. Even among relationships that are obviously built upon genuine love (like Rebeka and Mencia or Benjamin and all his children), there is so much focus on their mistrust. In other words: it seems as though this season has forced everyone to act as individuals whereas in the past seasons, even when there was conflict between students, they were at least allowed to form alliances and important friendships.
Still, even after having a hard time with the lack of any relief from the general darkness of the show, I only met my first conscious breaking point in episode 6 during the montage in which Rebeka leaves the hotel meeting Mencia, and Cayetana almost enters the elevator with the other designer guy. As both a young woman, and a friend to countless young women, I felt as though I couldn't breathe. I could feel the anxiety and danger upon my own skin, the skin of my sister, friends, and any other woman I have and havent met. The helplessness was suffocating...
After taking a short break, I made the terrible decision to continue watching since I haven't ever gotten triggered by entertainment. The short scene of Ander writing a list (which I presume alludes to suicide) after talking to Patrick, and then the beginning of the car scene involving Cayetana and Phillipe afterwards left me feeling unresponsive. I managed to press the pause button before I broke down sobbing.
I dont know if this is just me but although I usually dont mind seeing bad things happening on screen, and actually think that older men praying on vulnerable girls (for example) is something that needs to be highlighted more, the sheer amount and blatant reality of it all is just too much for me. Its just so heavy.... There's the classism of Guzman, the loneliness and uncertainty in Rebeka, the naivety and loss of innocence in Mencia, the praying upon Mencia and Cayetana, the suicidal thoughts of Ander, etc, etc... I cant help but feel empty.
I just don't think I was ready to be confronted with such a raw and condensed performance of the general abuse and inequality of power (and it's effects) that I exist upon in real life too.
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2021.06.18 22:46 AVandalTookTheHandle Exiting and reentering the US after a year with an expired passport

Hello! I have a question about my immigration status. First some background. I’m on an F-1 visa and currently residing in the United States. My passport expired last year during the covid lockdown. Now I’m looking to travel back to my home country to renew my passport. Will I have any issues exiting the country with my expired passport? Will I have any issues returning to the United States with my renovated passport? I worry that they might not let me back in the country by claiming that I was living here illegally. Is that a real concern?
Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2021.06.18 22:46 Idonoteatass Guy at work got his thumb caught in the break bender. He threw it away and went home

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2021.06.18 22:46 KarsonSlaye Made a mistake: Spent a year unlocking JKR, GAS, DR, beskar mando… 4+ squads to gear

4.1m GP
Running galactic Rey in arena
Don’t feel like I’m contributing enough to TW and TB considering my GP.
Too focused on unlocking new characters, and I have nothing except resistance and padme up and running.
Unsure of what squads to gear up considering TB, rancor, JMK and TW
501 Rebel Empire Sith Jedi Mando
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2021.06.18 22:46 perkail AltSol’s Jack Herrer looking badass. New crop in finishing flowering now. This image is 144MP so zoom in and enjoy!

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2021.06.18 22:46 mattas01 Saw this bug? In upstate New York.

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2021.06.18 22:46 tinkagainlady My Nepenthes in MI during Summer.

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2021.06.18 22:46 Herzen_Roux Why aren’t we talking about farmers in India?

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2021.06.18 22:46 Spootniek Falcon Protocol - FALCON Already stealth launched | Ownership renounced | LP Locked | Holder rewards | 2k MC

🔥Welcome to Falcon🔥
Falcon is one off the newest degen project by anonymous owner of Falcon channel on Telegram
Join Falcon channel & Group on Telegram
🌐 Telegram Channel:
🚀 Falcon is a deflation token where each holder will benefit on every transfer, 10% fee. 5% is shared between all holders and 5% towards locked liquidity pool.🌙
🚀 Contract: 0x9bd12314cf1ccb83b5b85251b46a06c42b8d86f7
✨ Tokenomics✨
✅Name : Falcon
✅Symbol : FALCON
✅Supply :
✅Burn : 999.
✅ Stealth Launch : No presale
✅ Liquidity 1 BNB, 100% LP BURN🔥
✅ Contract RENOUNCED
✅ 100% SAFU
🚀 Falcon - FALCON
✅ Verified Contract
❇️ Ownership Renounced https://bscscan.com/token/0x9bd12314cf1ccb83b5b85251b46a06c42b8d86f7#readContract
🔥 100% LP Burn
🥞 Buy On PancakeSwap
📊 Price, Chart, & MCap
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2021.06.18 22:46 Call-me-gengu This parole officer has his hands full.

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2021.06.18 22:46 mosstinpowers Hello to all you cuties 😁

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2021.06.18 22:46 Xionik- Rogue Company Season 2 Tier List(IN DEPTH)

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2021.06.18 22:46 FoxaBeeNeeOwnYes Kitty and Lance smiling at each other in Shadow Dance after she asked him to the dance, which he accepted.

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2021.06.18 22:46 Plapplesaucy Regigigas 5310 2147 0135

5310 2147 0135
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2021.06.18 22:46 ADHDwonder *cough*

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2021.06.18 22:46 dylanbrow What would the state of the world look like (economically, socially, culturally, etc) if the continents were still together as Pangea?

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2021.06.18 22:46 NelsonEstebanOfMe Esteban is watching you.

Esteban is watching you.
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2021.06.18 22:46 olsharpshooter have not received anything it’s been 2 months…

I sent my renewal April 15, 2021..sent it overnight and they received it 4/16. I didn’t get a confirmation that they received it until weeks later via text. That’s it.
Since then I have not received the receipt notices that it says have been sent.
I don’t know if they need anything else from me because I haven’t gotten anything!
I’m really stressed and frustrated My daca expired in January 2021, couldn’t renew due to money
It’s been 2 months!
I tried to fill out the non-delivery of notice on the USCIS website but it won’t let me submit because their drop down menu of forms doesn’t even work!
Anyone else in the same boat?
When I check my cases they say they were received and that a “receipt or acceptance notice” was sent for both.. yet I haven’t gotten anything at all.
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2021.06.18 22:46 ThatOneGuy4206911 Emo Cr1TiKaL

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