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When Style Points Are Important Than Winning

2021.06.18 21:14 javychip_ When Style Points Are Important Than Winning

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2021.06.18 21:14 oliccs On this day we become legendary (ig @oli.cc)

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2021.06.18 21:14 Time_Somewhere3893 CUMpleaños 🥵

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2021.06.18 21:14 bassdudeboyguy nom nom nom

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2021.06.18 21:14 Thewatersnak3 Anybody else start at 60mg vyvanse?

So I used to take adderall 20mg XR but that was a couple of years ago and I stopped because the crash was just too bad for me, my doctor just prescribed me vyvanse to try out and she started me on 60mg and a lot of people are saying that’s a really high starting dose. I took it this morning and I definitely felt a massive come up and still sort of feel it now, I’m worried I’m going to crash hard. Anyone have advice?
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2021.06.18 21:14 brocephas T Chalaensis

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2021.06.18 21:14 crazy_artist805 I need help

I've never admitted before that I have a problem with my anger but today I punched a wall until I broke my hand. I definitely have a problem and don't know where to start
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2021.06.18 21:14 Creeperassasin1212 Made a few armors for my pack hope you like them.

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2021.06.18 21:14 Signal_Drop “Champagne spillin’, you should taste that...I’m so fancy” 😉🥂👸🏻

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2021.06.18 21:14 fabiodc (Help) (bl89) (OoK)

Password: thx
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2021.06.18 21:14 bjulez07 Warzone MW ISSUES

So, I downloaded warzone when I saw it was free to play. I was only able to play one match at a time though, as it would kick me out after every match was over. So I decided to buy full game modern warfare. I get home, pop the disc in and wait for it to pop up. It never does, only warzone loads and opens. It still says I need to purchase MW even though the disc is in my Xbox!?? I tried uninstalling warzone but when I hit uninstall it only uninstalled the ad on packs and started downloading "warzone" when I already have 88 gbs of warzone... So what is downloading? Why can't I just click on my MW disc and it install MW. Plzzz help me figure this out because I just wasted 40 bucks if I can't get it worked out. 😢
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2021.06.18 21:14 thatfiremonkey 'Historic': Belgium Court Says Inadequate Climate Policy a Human Rights Violation

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2021.06.18 21:14 Da_monster010 is there any way to make this spin with the thusters

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2021.06.18 21:14 SawyerGG Gragas Support Gameplay Commentary

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2021.06.18 21:14 RadiantMenderbug [Homemade] Cast Iron Pizza

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2021.06.18 21:14 HmmmmmmIt [FOR HIRE] Chess Lessons for All Levels - $20/hour

Hi 👋
Chess Coach - Eddy here. I am 2200~ FIDE - 2698 Lichess Rapid and 2500~ lichess Bullet.
My website is chesswitheddy.com
I charge $20/hour, $85/5 hour package and $150/houpackage.
Some reviews can be found at: https://trustpilot.com/review/chesswitheddy.com
I train all levels, I also have connections with lower rated coaches who are even more affordable but mainly suitable for absolute beginners, I can refer you to them - if I feel they are more suitable to you.
I accept BTC, LTC, ETH, Dash.
Contact me via Reddit or via Discord: EddyChess#6546
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2021.06.18 21:14 mrunknown1337 funny moment

this guy said he pulled my ip because i was talking about being on drugs and said he was talking to roblox admin and i would get banned because i suposedly broke 12 roblox rules and that i would get ip banned, but he didnt so idk
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2021.06.18 21:14 Gigglybitch04 This cat does not care

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2021.06.18 21:14 Zerknessss Cant run Benchmark

all my friends can run Benchmark in the display settings on R6 but its not letting me click the button
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2021.06.18 21:14 Concretejungle789 Jerk off buds in Queens

Anybody looking for a jobud in Jamaica queens dm me
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2021.06.18 21:14 ModadoveVendorReview Isn’t she pretty ...

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2021.06.18 21:14 darkside501st Pirate Ship Galleon on Thingiverse

Just wanted to share the Pirate Ship I made/put together. It is available to download on Thingiverse. Hope you enjoy!
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2021.06.18 21:14 altthrowaway09752 I exchanged nudes with somebody then panicked because and blocked them

Quite a while ago someone who was 16 messaged me on Instagram, I was really naive and still questioning my sexuality and they asked if we could exchange nude photos. I was 14 at the time and had it in my bio so I didn’t hide my age, we exchanged photos and immediately afterwards I really panicked that my parents would find out and that i had just committed a crime because I was under age. I told them I didn’t want my parents to find out and they said they understood so I blocked them and deleted the chat. They recently messaged me my new account and for a while hid that it was them then after a while accused me of using them for nudes to which I told them I didn’t and blocked them but since then I’ve felt so guilty and terrified of what happened and not a day goes by where I don’t think about it and think about how disgusting I am. Can someone please give advice on if I did use them for nudes and if it will pose a bigger problem in the future.
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2021.06.18 21:14 merryartist Mostly-Realistic Map?

Hi All,
Is anyone aware of, or custom-built, a hex map with at least a few real nearby galactic bodies (asteroid belts/planets/stars), including our solar system?
I know many have asked this before, but I can’t find a proper map. As u/evildrganymede mentioned in the linked post, 2300ad's star map has not been updated since the 80s. I did get Omer Golan-Joel and Richard Hazlewood’s Outer Veil setting map, but I don’t see how it matches up much (I still think the setting and map is cool though!).
Some others have linked to the raw constellation data or very complex 3D astrological map representations of that data. I love creating custom worlds but I lack the mental stamina to convert raw Nasa data to hundreds of stars. Which is pretty hypocritical of me.
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2021.06.18 21:14 SnooPineapples5190 3 days

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