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2021.06.18 22:02 annonys the man for hire

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2021.06.18 22:02 AScanlan93 Finished the big guy! KRAGNOS. Such an epic mini!!!

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2021.06.18 22:02 NoLxve202 🔥 Teen Paradise 🔥

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2021.06.18 22:02 littlegirlblue13 worried about prozac side effects

I have anxiety and depression and was prescribed prozac 10mg a few weeks ago, but I still haven't been able to work up the courage to take it. I have emetophobia and I'm so scared that I'll feel nauseous or throw up. How common are these side effects and how long do they generally last?
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2021.06.18 22:02 DraculaDaddy Let me hold you close and take care of you, shelter you from the world🖤🖤

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2021.06.18 22:02 GameGurusUS Darkest Dungeon 2 - First Preview! | Major Gameplay Changes, Classes Revealed, Early Access Release

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2021.06.18 22:02 Ezequiel1522 "Creep, You're under arrest for high treason to the Crown!" (Patch Notes 3.1.10 Update) (+ Darwing Duck Villain)

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2021.06.18 22:02 Darth_Dronus Another happy landing

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2021.06.18 22:02 throwaway4t7 Anybody override VP 2.0?

Hi! Does anybody have experience customizing VP 2.0 using Maya's Python API? I'm looking at one of the only example plugins provided by Autodesk in Maya's devkit, but that doesn't seem to work as described in their docs.
Are there any other examples I could take a look at?
I just want to be able to add some extra operations to the viewport renderer using its Python API.
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2021.06.18 22:02 hand_me_the_beans [XBOX][H] Fennec [W] 800 credits

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2021.06.18 22:02 sheusesredditaswell 23M - Almost have no friends after a falling out

I had a falling out with some friends so I barely have any friends, I'm looking to make new friends. I'm into gaming and music mainly, I want to go back to college for computer science. I play lots of games and listen to music everyday.
If you're interested in talking, hit me up
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2021.06.18 22:02 Turtle-slapper Why is it so perfect

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2021.06.18 22:02 tubarao_traidor Streak 5 : A volta ao mundo em 80 dias (sumário)

Boa tarde,
Cuidado que tem spoilers (talvez)!
Ontem acabei de ler a volta ao mundo em 80 dias escrito por Jules Verne um escritor francês.
A história começa curando um homem francês foi contratado para servir homem que tem hábitos bem regular. Os dias dele todos são o mesmo, acorda, come e tudo na mesma hora cada dia. Mas neste dia, enquanto ele estava jogando baralho com os seus amigos, eles fizeram um aposta que não é possível fazer uma volta da terra em 80 dias ( a história passa na noventa sigilo). Então a cara vai com o homem que ele acabou de contratar para ganhar a aposta.
A história segue o seu viajem pela mundo e ele encontra vários problemas que iam atrasar a passagem, mas com dinheiro e boa caricatura, o cara consegue arrumar coisas para continuar a viajem em boa tempo.
Talvez amanhã escrevo o que pensei do livro.
Muito obrigada :)
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2021.06.18 22:02 bs-arco_iris Homem em Londres é o que me causou curiosidade foi o primeiro sub de BDSM/kinks em português!

Quando eu vejo uma garota bonita que iria trabalhar lá e eu ouvi elas falando sobre não sei o que fazer. Eu sei que o meu ex terminou comigo dizendo que gostava de mulher e interpretava uma mulher trans, passa. Sou lesbica, comecei a namorar uma garota, e eu me sinto completamente confuso, e também frustrado por não conseguir reacender a relação.
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2021.06.18 22:02 BabyYoda398 Turnover facts and fictions

We are at 18.50FT (38.4% annual) PT 68.3% or (105.6% annual) So 10 clerks are hired while we lose 10 Many people say if we paid as much as this or that we would have no issues. In perspective corporate McDonald's pay $15 an hour and have issues still with hiring.. WalMart does about the same and also has hiring issues. .
Amazon which many ex employees in this sub allegedly work at pays starting $15
Guess what Amazons turnover is 150% For every 10 workers Amazon hires they lose (15). The net loss of workers is causing an issue that Amazon execs are freaking out about.
So what is it that is really driving people to stop working? It's not hourly pay? When you look at facts.
Meanwhile Target pays $8-$17 and can not stop getting applicants...
FedEx and UPS pays crap tons no one wants to work there though too much work and no AC.
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2021.06.18 22:02 ZoobBot 152886

This is the 152886th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.06.18 22:02 youngdeeer a small WIP i made today and would like to get tips / critique / thoughts on this? thank you!

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2021.06.18 22:02 ExtHD Israel's War on Truth - Paid shills and trolls underneath your comments

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2021.06.18 22:02 ThymeSkip A small Pokemon Sword and Shield League server. Battle against 8 unique Gym Leaders and win your way to become champion! More activities are also available such as trading and casual tournaments. So now you can enjoy the best part of Pokemon without Hop (We are currently looking for our Gym Leaders)

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2021.06.18 22:02 rocketp0wer Why did these two Jim Gaffigan jokes make me laugh out loud?

Yes, I know that analyzing a joke takes all the funny away, but I've only recently started studying the craft of stand-up and I have this desire to analyze the jokes that actually make me laugh out loud. Here are the Jim Gaffigan bits:
"There’s different sections in hospitals. There’s the Emergency Room, the Intensive Care Unit. Which sound scary, but I don’t know why anyone would want to stay anywhere but the Intensive Care Unit. It kind of implies the rest of the hospital’s like, “Look, we care, but we’re not gonna be a spaz about it.”
And then...
"It’s wild. My wife was in surgery for ten hours. And before the surgery, the surgeon told me, he goes, “Half way through I’ll probably stop and get lunch.” I don’t need to know that. Why even tell me that? Was he afraid I was gonna run into him in the cafeteria?"
In the first joke, is it because of the contrast between "we're not gonna be a spaz about it" and the ICU? Like the "spaz" statement is usually used in loose, informal situations, like if you're telling your friend you need the car back by 2pm but no rush, I'm not a spaz about it.
And in the second, is it because of the image that's created in your mind, that awkward and embarrassing situation where a doctor sees his patient's husband in the cafeteria while he's supposed to be in surgery?
Call me annoying or say that I'm overthinking it or whatever, that's totally fine, I just can't let go of these two jokes.
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2021.06.18 22:02 AttentionMediocre540 theeprincessnatalie New Onlyfans Videos!

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2021.06.18 22:02 ThisGamingBoy Once you meet a Karen in a small town you will see the Karen always

Hi some backstory some I am 13 and live in a small place in Norway my English may not always be good but I hope it’s readable lol
Into the story: I have a basic life I go to school like normal but when I walk back from school I enter hell. I was listening to some music on headphones I recently bought and a (not real name)Karen(K) says to me a random f*ckin woman (I don’t even know who she is) says to me “your not supposed to wear that”
The conversation:
OP: what? (I didn’t hear)
K: your not supposed to wear that you deaf kid
OP: uhh… okay but I like this (I was wearing gaming things like CS:GO clubs etc.) and also I was listening to music
OP: you don’t need to be agressive
K: DID YOU CALL ME AGRESSI- ( me walks away thinking I’m done with this POS) WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING??!?!
OP: ….home?
The Karen tries walking after me and it looks like she was going to punch me but luckily other people noticed it and dragged her away
whew I think at least I’m over it now
Oh boy was I wrong.
2 weeks later my brother(8) has birthday and loves peppes pizza(a Norwegian pizza restaurant almost like Pizza Hut) so we celebrate at peppes pizza. And who do we have here it’s the f*ckin Karen
I immediately now this is going to be a bad b-day
The Karen sees me and walks over to me and says:
K: at least I know why you are so fat
OP: (I was getting mad from the last time so I say this) says the women that got rejected by a elephant on the circus cus she’s too fat
K: the children these days don’t respect the elderly (she looked like she was in the mid 30’s)
I walk away and inform my dad that a crazy lady is here and that he should be aware. I don’t wanting to eat with the kids my brother invited takes a pizza slice and sits somewhere else
The Karen sitting behind me screams:
Me being me taking some time to process it thinks lol there is cameras everywhere
A employee comes over to us and asks us if everything is ok and the Karen answer “no he stole pizza from me”
E: OP is this true
OP: yes of course it is I stole from her completely true 100% I can insure I DIDN’T JUST TAKE FROME BROTHER
K: see? He admitted it
OP: (thinking she got some real problems in life)
E: looks like everything is ok
K: no he stole from me call the cops!
E: he is a kid…
The Karen goes to the toilet and call the cops
some minutes later 5 police cars show up (didn’t know there even so many cops in the area)
I take my hands in the air and the police searches me
OP: what is happening?
PO1: we were called about a kid having a gun and robbing someone
OP: ooo… that must Karen
PO1: yeah PO2 is talking with her now
Karen walks to one of the police cars with handcuffs on her hands
Later I found out she got arrested for carrying a taser no idea how she got that…
Oh my brother likes police and the police saw that my brother had a party so they joined cool party ngl
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2021.06.18 22:02 melancholyjack What magic does Quandrix use?

I feel woc did a bad job of representing Quandrix magic other than summon fractal, make thing big. I can understand and visualize silverquill, lorehold, and witherbloom magic and I feel the cards do a good job of showing us examples of their magic but Quandrix is vague and just shows a bunch of shapes without the effect they actually have.
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2021.06.18 22:02 ComicBookGrunty [H] Fantacal Bento Bundle 4, Games, [W] Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach, offers, paypal

I'm interested in a copy of Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach from the current Humble Bundle. Trade or Paypal. Please leave offers in the comments.
I'm in the US for Paypal Friends and Family. Any fees on you. Games marked with a "*" are games I'm likely to keep so trade only.
Fanatical Bento Bundle 4
Title USD
Learn Japanese To Survive!(all 3) $0.50
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark $1.00
Synergia $1.00
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School $1.00
April Choice:
Title USD
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts $5.00
Shenmue 3 $4.00
Rock of Ages 3 *
Aven Colony $1.50
Simulacra $0.75
Simulacra 2 $0.75
Colt Canyon $0.75
May Choice: (* = trade only)
Title USD
Metro Exodus $10.00
Hellpoint $3.00
Cook Serve Delicious 3 $2.00
Level Head $1.00
Fury Unleashed $1.50
Size Matters $1.00
Morkredd $1.00
Family Man $1.00
Vane $1.00
Relicta *
Retimed *
June Choice (* = trade only)
Title USD
Secret Neighbor $2.50
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse *
Worms Rumble w/DLC $2.00
Going Under *
Panzer Paladin *
Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star $1.00
Ikenfell *
Paw Paw Paw *
Effie *
Disjunction *
Lego Bundle (* = trade only)
Title USD
Lego Ninjago $2.00
Lego Worlds *
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe $6.00
Lego Batman 2 $3.00
Lego Batman 3 Premium $5.00
Software USD
Corel Painter 2019 $15
Delisted USD
Infinite Air with Mark McMorris (Delisted) $40
Poker Night at the Inventory (Delisted) $45
(Prices good for 24 hours after post. Updated 6-18-21)
Full List with Prices.
Title USD
11-11 Memories Retold $0.50
12 is Better Than 6 $0.50
Ageless $1.00
American Fugitive $0.50
Amnesia™: Memories $0.75
Armoured Warfare E3 Pack $0.50
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation $1.00
Awe $0.50
Batman: Arkham Origins - Black Mask Challenge Pack DLC $0.50
Batman™: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition *
Beholder $0.50
Black & White Bushido $1.00
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend $2.00
Bone - Episode 1 & Episode 2 *
Boreal Blade $0.50
Broken Sword 5: The Serpents Curse $1.00
Call of Duty: WWII – Endowment Bravery & fear not packs $0.50
Caravan $0.50
Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy 6 $2.00
Cook, Serve, Delicious! $0.50
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! $1.00
Crawl $5.00
Crying Suns $2.00
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) *
Cyber Hook $0.50
Darksburg *
Darwin Project: Hunter Pack $0.50
Deadbeat Heroes $0.50
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders $0.75
Deponia: The Complete Journey *
Dragon Sinker *
Dungeon Souls *
Elex $5.00
Endless Space 2 – Digital Deluxe $5.00
Evergarden $0.50
F1 2011 $1.00
Final Station $1.00
Forged Battalion $1.00
Frog Detective 1: The Haunted Island $0.50
Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard $0.50
Gate of Firmament *
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy $5.00
Graze Counter *
GRID 2 $2.00
Grim Fandango Remastered $1.00
Guild of Dungeoneering $1.00
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload $0.50
Gun Rocket $0.25
Hector: Badge of Carnage $0.50
Husk $0.50
Immortal Redneck *
Impact Winter $0.75
Indivisible *
Iris and the Giant $1.00
LiEat $0.50
Loot Rascals Soundtrack $0.50
Lost Planet 3 Complete Pack $5.00
Lovecraft Untold Stories $1.00
Monster Truck Destruction $0.25
Moonlighter $3.00
Narcos: Rise of the Cartels $0.50
Octahedron: Transfixed Edition $0.50
Octahedron: Transfixed Edition $0.50
Odyssey: Winds of Athena $0.25
Overlord: Ultimate Evil Collection $0.75
Pac-Man 256 $1.00
Peaky Blinders Mastermind *
Pesterquest $0.50
PONCHO $0.50
Portal Knights *
Punch Club $0.50
Puzzle Agent *
Puzzle Agent 2 *
Puzzle Agent 2 *
RAD (Bandai) *
Ratz Instagib $2.00
Rec Center Tycoon $0.50
Risen 3 Complete Edition *
Rover Mechanic Simulator $0.50
Saints Row 2 *
Scribblenauts Unlimited $2.00
Sega Bass Fishing and Eastside Hockey Manager $1.00
SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell $0.75
Shoppe Keep $0.50
Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete $0.50
Sin Slayers $1.50
Soul Saber 2 $1.00
Still There $0.50
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People $2.00
Struggling $0.50
Sudden Strike 4 $3.00
Sudden Strike Gold $1.00
Super House of Dead Ninjas: True Ninja Pack $0.50
Tesla vs Lovecraft $0.75
Throne of Lies The Online Game of Deceit $0.50
Tiny Bridge: Ratventure $0.50
Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt $0.50
Tricky Towers *
Trine 4 *
Train Station Renovation $0.75
Tumblestone *
Vampire: The Masquerade – Shadows of New York $1.00
Werewolf Heart of the Forest $1.00
Windscape *
Wurm Unlimited $0.50
Youropa *
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2021.06.18 22:02 Travisblaze2 Had to throw some bongos on this song to catch the vibe

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