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First Car for College Student

2021.06.18 23:02 OverImplement First Car for College Student

I’m starting college this fall (and summer job) and I need something to get me around doing mostly city driving. Ideally I want an SUV since I think the space will be handy and fuel economy is a priority. Used market is total trash right now so I am willing to fork over more for something new, somewhere in the range of $10k-$20k at most. AWD is a must here as the weather is a pain. Thank you!
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2021.06.18 23:02 SirtuinsAMPKmTOR Lightning "struck" a cow, perfectly timed photo captured by Freddy McKinney

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2021.06.18 23:02 taroicecreamsundae carpet making my feet really overheated????

this isn't even so much a stupid question as it is a weird one i guess, lmao.
i guess it's because it's the summer and carpet is meant to retain heat, but when i sit down to work in my room and my feet are on the carpet it feels like,, overwhelmingly hot for the bottom of my feet. like i have to lift them or they'll be soooooo warm and i have to touch other cooler stuff with my feet for relief. like i have my feet on a piece of paper right now so there's some kind of barrier and no literal wool trapping heat in my feet. like i would put down some ice packs but my family would think i'm insane lol. it's so distracting, what is this and what's a good fix for this?? i even googled about it and nothing came up
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2021.06.18 23:02 Key-Manner-2643 Regigigas raid 6719 2910 7063

6719 2910 7063
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2021.06.18 23:02 Rugie85 I HODL 8 coins/tokens total, Hoge being my largest.

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2021.06.18 23:02 nofeenews Man who sexually assaulted woman aboard flight from Chicago to Myrtle Beach gets max prison sentence - Fox News

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2021.06.18 23:02 flashmanMRP What year is this Rustang?

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2021.06.18 23:02 greyblake Inflation

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2021.06.18 23:02 WorldNewsinPictures What Raheem Sterling And Jack Grealish Are Seeing in Their Sleep Tonight.

What Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish are seeing in their sleep tonight. Harry Kane will be seeing this inside of Grant Hanley's pocket in his dreams.... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/sterling
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2021.06.18 23:02 NinjaDingo08 Have a guess... who won??

In my last post Rodimus Prime and Optimus Primal were ready to fight...but who won?
View Poll
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2021.06.18 23:02 kalypsovixen When you need some vitamin d but its raining😭😭

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2021.06.18 23:02 t0i6a *saddness noises

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2021.06.18 23:02 amiraisokish Tablet pen is not being detected

I have the xp pen 15.6 tablet and a couple days ago it stopped detecting my pen suddenly. The screen still works fine, and i have tried different usb cords. It just doesn't work.
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2021.06.18 23:02 TheSilentAvenger1 Time Off/Frustrated Rant

So today i found out why my 2 days of unpaid time off was denied, apperently were no longer allowed unpaid time off it has to be paid period. like wtf is that bullshit i have doctors, dental, medical stuff i need time off for and dont have sick time as im part-time, and all my holiday an vacation are set up right after it resets, like seriously wtf their making it so i have to revolve every waking moment of my life around this company, working 12 days in a row because my ssa has told me that they can break policy if the demands of the store need, being understaffed as hell, mentality and physical abused an all that, but its whatever were just a body lowes doesnt care about us, they dont care about the customer, they just want money so the shareholders, and managers can line their pockets with that green while squeezing blood from rocks staffing that bare minimum and working them to death.
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2021.06.18 23:02 butterscotchcandies {F29} Good Afternoon

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2021.06.18 23:02 dawhigit Eleven Of July - Tarantula [Wold Records]

Producer: Eleven Of July
Release Date: 2021-06-11
Cat. Number: WR86
Genres: Melodic House & Techno
Label: Wold Records

Eleven Of July - Tarantula (Original Mix)
Eleven Of July - Cassandra (Original Mix)

Download - https://audiofeel.org/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=32527
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2021.06.18 23:02 nyan_pop US Catholic bishops OK steps toward possible rebuke of Biden

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2021.06.18 23:02 Unlikely_Patient_770 Which cb shall I buy?

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2021.06.18 23:02 orangeocean12 I found the best DMT rig in the world 🤩

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2021.06.18 23:02 mushroomhats Laptop for the Sims 3

i'm planning on getting a new laptop for the Sims 3, can anyone tell me whether this will work well or not? https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/lenovo-ideapad-3-15-6-touchscreen-laptop-grey-intel-core-i5-1035g1-256gb-ssd-12gb-ram-windows-10-s/14716026?cmp=seo-14716026&cmp=knc-s-71700000055465140&gclid=CjwKCAjwiLGGBhAqEiwAgq3q_oaoTq8EkfIZ-F7jvyCT4StnePs1dZ-TtyLFI9mPgeIijJf0W1_RcxoC598QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
thanks !
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2021.06.18 23:02 EnvoyExtraordinary PGA Tour: U.S. Open 2021 Leaderboard

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2021.06.18 23:02 teenyverserick What can I say? I’m a neurotic fellow.

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2021.06.18 23:02 silphalion [US-NY] [H] DC Premiums [W] Paypal

I have the following DC premium steelbooks for sale. They are all sealed with no visible damage.

Only shipping to the US right now. Price listed includes shipping and is Paypal F&F. If you want to pay Goods/Services, add 4%. If you buy more than 1, I'll waive the Papal fee. Pics

HDZeta Shazam single lenti - $70

UMania Aquaman 3D fullslip - $50

UMania Aquaman 4K fullslip - $50

UMania Joker lenti - $130

Nova Media Batman v Superman lenti (loose disc) - $50

FilmArena Joker E2 lenti - $80
FilmArena Joker E3 double lenti - $80

FilmArena Shazam E2 double lenti - $70
FilmArena Shazam E3 lenti - $70

FilmArena Aquaman E2 lenti - $70

FilmArena Aquaman empty one click box - $20
FilmArena Joker empty one click box - $25
FilmArena Shazam empty one click box - $20
or take $5 off the empty FilmArena box if you buy one of the matching slips as well.
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2021.06.18 23:02 Shark_Shooter [Request] US Freight Railroad Electrification; How long would electrified trains be running to offset diesel cost?

This was discussed in a railroad-related forum, and I answered with the following. However, my maths skills are awful, so I would like someone who can do calculations to actually do it properly.
Essentially the question is this; Electricity is much cheaper than diesel. However, electrification has a high initial compared to the running costs of diesel. How long would a freight company (e.g. CSX) have to run electrified trains to offset the initial eletrification cost of their lines by not using diesel?

My answer, that I'm 90% sure is incorrect was;
> The cost of electrification (overhead catenary) is approximately US$1.5M per track mile. CSX owns 21,000 track miles. To electrify half of the rail network - to make it economical - (10,500mi), this would cost around US$15Bn. The Siemens ACS-64 "Charger" locomotive, used by Amtrack costs around $6.5M each. CSX owns 3,500 locomotives. To purchase half of this fleet as electric (~1,800), it would cost $11.7 Bn. Diesel, as of the US on June 18, 2021, $0.915 per gallon. One CSX GE CW60AC diesel locomotive does 492 Imperial Ton-Miles / Gallon. This adds up to $450 per Ton-Mile. The average train is 220 tons. This adds up to $99,000 per mile in diesel costs. Electricity is cheaper, but not free. At 1,848 trains per day, CSX's daily diesel cost is $182,952,000.
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2021.06.18 23:02 Positive-It-Hurts Am I considered queer?

I'm Heteroromantic but definitely Asexual, and when talking to a friend today, (I THINK) she referred to me as queer, idk if I misunderstood her meaning or something but if not that's the first time anyone had ever referred to me as such and it confused the hell out of me...
Ik labels dont actually matter but terminology does when having a conversation and I dont want to say something and then someone else get the wrong idea.
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