Go! Anyone know what this coin is? About the size of a penny. Couldn't find anything online. I think its yuan not too sure though. | Google Libri

Anyone know what this coin is? About the size of a penny. Couldn't find anything online. I think its yuan not too sure though.

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2021.08.01 18:10 Potential-Spam028 Anyone know what this coin is? About the size of a penny. Couldn't find anything online. I think its yuan not too sure though.

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2021.08.01 18:10 AOMC43 Playing the game "properly" or "efficiently" isnt fun for me, but i try to wing it or adventure "naturally" , I feel like I'm wasting time.

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2021.08.01 18:10 TheRealScuffd this wet sponge block glitched when i tried to break it.

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2021.08.01 18:10 Dusty_Bs Lieutenant Jack, D.B. Smith, ink, 2021

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2021.08.01 18:10 beardedguitardad This funky colored vinyl record.

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2021.08.01 18:10 g4m3f33d José Mourinho says Fortnite is "a nightmare" and keeps his players "up all night" - Eurogamer.net

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2021.08.01 18:10 Voball SUBSCRIBE TO TECHNOBLADE

If you are reading this while Technoblade is between 8 and 9 milion subs;
imagine how funny will it be that Technoblade gets 1mil subs without an upload
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2021.08.01 18:10 vvixstudios [FREE] "SULLY" - DRILL Beat

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2021.08.01 18:10 yoloriverswag77 What strategies do you use?

I have been watching videos, reading books and doing my own trading over the past 7 or 8 months, I haven't made that much as I'm pretty young and I don't have $25,000 in my portfolio... I have been making 1% and 2% but also loosing 3% and 4% in a single week.. I have been looking at a few stocks and trading based on technicals.
I was just interested to see what other people do as I don't know if this stratagir is for me or even if technical analysis is a good strategy.
My goal is to by the end of the year have a strategy that I am happy with and comfortable using big amounts of money ( in my opinion) to daytrade for a side hustle. Any tips or advice??
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2021.08.01 18:10 Marksman-Warboy Do aviator frames look good on prescription glasses?

I know that aviator frames are known to be on sunglasses lenses, but I’ve always wanted one on my prescription glasses. My lenses are transitional, so I can (at times) make them be like sunglasses, but can I rock them in a normal clear state, much less as a guy?
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2021.08.01 18:10 Jc149788 Big one

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2021.08.01 18:10 richbear808 WFH Build. Ryzen 5900x Radeon 6900XT

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2021.08.01 18:10 Apollo-95 Unitymedia Academy Workshop.

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2021.08.01 18:10 lukmly013 Is there a ProtonVPN for Windows XP? Or some other way to use ProtonVPN on XP? The .exe file that downloads from protonvpn website doesn't work.

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2021.08.01 18:10 ArceusTheLegendary50 Why would anyone make this up?

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2021.08.01 18:10 ww2database 1 Aug 1942: German 1st Panzer Army captured Salsk, Russia.

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2021.08.01 18:10 Rapiof2 Should you follow the quests?

I don't remember if they are called quests or not, but i am talking about those "side missions" that have a green icon on them or whatever I am by no means a new hitman player, but I've always ignored them and went on my way to kill my targets And now that i am playing hitman 3,doing that feels out of place because its kinda easy? Idk how to explain this But i just feel like i am not playing the game right? Or are the first levels just somehow easy?
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2021.08.01 18:10 Elegant-Reflection-3 $15 worth of crypto when you trade $100 worth of crypto with Coinlist

Coinlist offer $15 of crypto in total: -
Coinlist give you $10 of Bitcoin when you Buy or sell $100 worth of assets in a single trade within 90 days of completing KYC. There is a $20,000 monthly pool for rewards. Once there are no more remaining rewards for the month neither you or your referral will receive an award. Note that the rewards were used up very early in May (within the first 3 days) while rewards were still showing by the 18th June so it is not easy to judge when the rewards are used up). If you want to do this offer I recommend doing it as early as you can in the month.
Coinlist give you £5 of OXT for completing a short quiz.
CoinList offers a simple buy and sell tool – you must use this to qualify for the $10 of Bitcoin (you cannot use the CoinList Pro exchange).
Note that some withdrawal fees are high on Coinlist. https://coinlist.co/fees If you hold an account that supports ALGO (e.g. Binance) I recommend you buy ALGO on Coinlist which will cost 0.001 ALGO (less than 1p) to withdraw to Binance. Alternatively, if you hold an account that supports Filecoin (e.g. Gemini) you could buy Filecoin on Coinlist which will cost 0.01 FIL (approx 40p) to withdraw to Gemini.
CoinList charge 0.5% trading fee per transaction.
Non Referral Link

  1. Sign up using my Referral Link
  2. I recommend depositing $105 worth of crypto (to cover price fluctuations and the 0.5% fee). I bought Bitcoin on Gemini and withdrew to Coinlist. Gemini give you 10 withdrawals each month (Gemini cover the network fee) so sending your Bitcoin to Coinlist would be free. If you sign up to Gemini using my Gemini Referral Link you will get $10 of Bitcoin when you buy $100 of crypto.
  3. On CoinList’s website tap ‘Buy & Sell’ and carry out a single trade of $100 or more in any of the supported cryptos – (I bought Algo with my Bitcoin ) e.g. click ‘Buy’/ select ‘Algorand’ / select with ‘Bitcoin’ and tap ‘Max’ to exchange all your Bitcoin for Algorand.
Your $10 of Bitcoin will be credited to your BTC Wallet within 4 days.
  1. Watch this video and complete the 5 quiz questions (you get more than one chance to answer each question correctly) to get $5 worth of OXT.
  2. Buy e.g. ALGO/Filecoin with your bonus crypto and withdraw to e.g. Binance/Gemini where you can sell your crypto and withdraw your funds or exchange into another coin.
Refer your friends
Coinlist give you $10 of BTC if you refer a friend to CoinList and your friend buys or sells $100 USD of crypto (on condition that your friend was within the first 2,000 qualifying sign ups of the month).
I would really appreciate if someone could use my referral link. If you have any questions you can send me a DM
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2021.08.01 18:10 Capt-Crash Computing new position based on actual distance using only vector operations

I've been working on some inertial navigation code as a personal exercise and decided to try an implement a positional update algorithm but have run into a lack of knowledge and I'm not sure what would be a good resource for solving this problem. The system has an inertial position and a known station position. The objective is to determine the corrected position based on the observed distance to the station. The bearing to/from the station is computed using the inertial position of the station, no other bearing information is known.
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2021.08.01 18:10 funhaus2000 If you made it through at least one day without weed I’m very very proud of you and you should feel proud.

That’s a very very good start even if you start smoking once the next day hits (12:00 AM) you still made it to the next day that’s awesome.
Take it just one day at a time y’all I’m happy you guys are at least TRYING because trying is 100% better than nothing. Stay safe and remember you got this!
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2021.08.01 18:10 Hyperverse Remy showing off some tangled feetsies and beans

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2021.08.01 18:10 LeadingAstronomer69 New member here!!

Hellooo guys, looking out to participate in this community!.
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2021.08.01 18:10 studli3n14 Who should get a spinoff

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2021.08.01 18:10 Worldly-Memory9133 Can I get codecademy for free?

I am a broke college student this would really help me. Thanks
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2021.08.01 18:10 izzyS2005 [16F] looking for a quick chat, nothing long term if that’s fine, just bored n need some short term[chat]

hey :) i’m not rly on here to meet new friends or have anything long term if that’s fine, i’m mostly looks for something like 1-3 days is what i consider short term. so far with my chats on here a lot of them have been pretty enjoyable for the most part and i’m for sure up for more, also it’s hella addicting
also i’m from the US and i’m down to answer any of ur questions and kill my and probably your boredom. i currently am chilling in my bed rn n im hella bored, plz help :/
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