Go! Black dots all over the card some are small some are visible pack fresh |

Black dots all over the card some are small some are visible pack fresh

2021.08.01 18:31 kotegawah Black dots all over the card some are small some are visible pack fresh

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2021.08.01 18:31 linniepoes How to deal with negativity and drama of SOs family while living with them

My SO and I (mid to end twenties) have been together for 2+ years. We have been very serious from the start of our relationship and I love my SO very much. They are kind, caring and make me feel incredibly calm.
We met while both living abroad in the same country and pretty much lived together ever since we got together. We are from different countries and moved to my country for a while, but at the end of last year we decided to move to his country permanently.
We currently live with my SOs family. They are letting us live there to help us get started and I appreciate this a lot. They don't charge me for food or rent or anything (I offered when I came and also once I found a job, but they refused both times). My SO has trouble finding a job, especially since covid hit the economy pretty hard.
We have talked about moving out a lot and I know he really wants to move as well. My income would allow us to rent a place and all of that, but he's been holding it off as it would limit his chances for jobs. I understand this, as he would be limited to the city we move to and now the options are more open. However, I'm having a harder time living here with his family. (All family members mentioned below are SOs family, but I'm not going to specify this each time.)
The trouble started when the grandparents weren't doing well at the end of last year. The mother has been very stressed taking care of them and her siblings are pretty useless. There is a lot of family drama and I doubt there's one person in the family who still speaks with everyone (between grandparents, their three kids and the grandkids including SO). This has caused a lot of drama and the topic comes up at least once a day. All the negativity and gossip affects me and I do not like it at all. I try to ignore it, but I can't help it affecting my mood.
On top of this, sister has moved in too a while ago. We're five people in a smaller apartment and I work from home. It has been harder to work focused and the atmosphere at home has also gotten worse with sister here. I have to add that I sometimes feel pretty left out, because I don't speak the language well (working on that). I can't speak so well but I'm at a point where I understand a lot. On top of this, father sometimes makes mean comments I don't appreciate, like on my eating habits (I'm vegetarian). It's not really funny and it happens too often.
I really want to move and have a calm place to ourselves. We've been saying September for a while now, but I'm afraid that SO will keep it off if the current job options he's exploring aren't going to work out. I'm not sure what to do or how to handle the situation. My main issue is the toxic family relations and it constantly being a topic of conversation.
What would you do/how would you handle this?
TDLR: SO and I live with his family and there is a lot of drama. I want to move, but not sure how to handle it given the situation.
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2021.08.01 18:31 rsl12005 "Exposed" is a Pop Smoke x Central Cee Guitar Drill Type Beat. I'm trying to grow my Youtube channel/subs so I'm uploading on YouTube regularly. Any feedback, likes, subs & general support etc is appreciated as it helps with the algorithm apparently.

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2021.08.01 18:31 pinkgirl1234 Scored at five below!! 😍🥰 I went in for Dash and Aziza and the worker went in the back to get Dash for me. Stanley was my bff’s ISO!

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2021.08.01 18:31 alex_kasyan_artist Portrait painting in pastel I was commissioned and have just finished!

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2021.08.01 18:31 transigirthenight Pra entender melhor: covid entre vacinados e não-vacinados.

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2021.08.01 18:31 lilybeth Multichrome mani 🥰

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2021.08.01 18:31 Milanesso777 i made these

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2021.08.01 18:31 Lab_Objective Multiplay is unable to connect

As of recently my game has completely lost all online functionality. I am unable to access multiplayer or the workshop. I have tried multiple solutions like spamming reconnect and reinstalling my game. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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2021.08.01 18:31 Ali-G1617 Do you go through each line to make it better? (After first draft is done).

I’m scared to start my first draft. Being a new writer, I know that if you put me up against like Steven King, and we both had to bust out a 100k word first draft, his is going to be SO much closer to being good than mine.
I’m okay with being bad, and trying to learn. But my question is: do you guys go back through your first draft line by line and make each sentence better? Is that just a part of writing a novel with lower levels of writing experience?
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2021.08.01 18:31 TesistaInAziendista Ricerca di Tesi in Azienda o di Tirocinio *Ingegneria Informatica*

Finalmente sto per uscire dal tunnel dell'università , volevo trovare un'azienda che proponesse una "Master Thesis" all'estero o anche in Italia.
La mia preferenza sarebbe estero, e oltretutto in italia ne vengono offerte pochissime, quindi le mie domande sono:
- Se dovessi trovare un'internship e non un'annuncio con su scritto master thesis, posso comunque dire all'azienda in questione che vorrei lavorare maggiormente su un obiettivo in modo tale da poi farci comunque la tesi su? Verrebbe accettato dall'università?
- Avete delle idee di buone aziende del campo (soft eng, ML ) da consigliare?
- Persone che hanno avuto un'esperienza del genere ce ne sono? vorrei sapere la vostra storia.
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2021.08.01 18:31 GearProfessional5828 Niantic hate their players bc of the Pokéstop double removal

So niantic hate their players we are still in a pandemic and niantic decide to remove the double distance for poke stop ? So? this proves that they don’t care about our safety and prove that niantic just want to mess you up and not be safe
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2021.08.01 18:31 SarahGiveaway 18 Colors Highly Pigmented Mirror Makeup Palette Shimmer Matte Shimmer Makeup Palette Daily Party Waterproof Colorful Eyeshadow Palette...price17.99$Free for amazon USA product testers Interested people DM me

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2021.08.01 18:31 nomadicnerdXD GregMat Vocabulary Set 30 (Quizlet Flashcards)

After procrastinating and lingering over quite a while, I finally made it.
GregMat Set 30
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2021.08.01 18:31 Few_Abbreviations931 If you have a time travel machine what would you do ?

I would go bqck in time stop chaiyo incident and stop all the rumor about ultraman Noa and make sure that there is no Noafanboy
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2021.08.01 18:31 tatertothots How do you contact facebook to get help with a deleted Instagram account?

No luck on figuring how to contact them, any help?
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2021.08.01 18:31 wlockd Not a lot of guys do OTF in general?

I’m new to OTF. Just being honest, I’ve been to 5 different classes, 3 being different times/days and I’m the only dude in the class and it bugs me. I’m not an athlete but I keep up with everyone that appears like they played sports growing up and they have way better form at free weight stuff than I do. I know it shouldn’t matter, but I really dislike being the only guy there. I feel like I’m invading an all girl’s hangout club and feel super out of place. Any guys relate or did I sign up for a membership that’s mainly all women?
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2021.08.01 18:31 simonisok What is everyone’s least favorite scene in the first manhunt.

Mine is fuelled by hate it just feels like drags on too long but that’s just me if you like it that’s fine just my personal opinion.
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2021.08.01 18:31 LegendsofLost [Little Witch Academia] Sparta Havana Remix (Remaster)

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2021.08.01 18:31 poppyflowe_12 how can a person get rid of their body spots?

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2021.08.01 18:31 Megabusterish Happy 1 year anniversary Kitchener!! Moving here was one of the best decisions of my life

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2021.08.01 18:31 jongenomegle What does determine how clear headphones sound?

I am looking for new headphones.
I dont want noice cancelling and i want a clear sound just within all ranges.
But i dont know how to know how clear one will sound.
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2021.08.01 18:31 ascaniart These 3 Factors Could Drag Ethereum (ETH) to the Bottom!

These 3 Factors Could Drag Ethereum (ETH) to the Bottom!
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2021.08.01 18:31 INeedProfessinalHelp Wildfires cant happen in Russia. Right?

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2021.08.01 18:31 thethisthat July Froggy Lottery Results!

Happy August everyone!
Thank you all for playing in July's Froggy Lottery! Due to an overwhelming amount of support from sponsors, we have three winners of various tiers!

1st Prize: 11 habitats of frogs - u/mood8693
2nd Prize: 5 habitats of frogs - u/derpy_rainbow
3rd Prize: 3 habitats of frogs - u/storyuntold

Congratulations to our winners! Frogs will be delivered momentarily.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the August Froggy Lottery, and may the frogs be ever in your favor!
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