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My poco skills VS my opponents skills

2021.08.01 17:36 Catsaredumb23 My poco skills VS my opponents skills

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2021.08.01 17:36 Mirucago My tier list

My tier list
My tier list may be a little controversial but I honestly had the most fun with these maps in this order.
My most Controversial Picks and Why.
Lets start with DOTN. Recently Noah's list has made the rounds and one map victimized by it was DOTN. This list clearly shows my fondness of BO4 and Dead of the Night is no exception. I think it's Easter egg is one of the most puzzle based and challenging we have gotten to this day with. This coupled with it great atmosphere, incredible Wonder Weapon and a good selection of mini bosses makes this one of the most enjoyable not only high round maps but also Easter Eggs.
AotRT is very similar to DOTN in that it's Easter egg is challenging yet kind of puzzle based. Its boss fight is challenging but enjoyable and the IW mechanics in my opinion are phenomenal.
DE and SoE are self explanatory the maps are incredible in their own ways and manage to encapsulate exactly what Bo3 excels in.
Now ZNS is a map which i think masterfully exceeds what atmosphere in a map should be its Japanese swampy island vibes give off a beautiful scene and allow for the story to flow. The Easter egg is simple yet not to easy and my one gripe with the map in the boss fight which makes up for it by having story implications but also the map having the spider boss fight which is epic and super cool.
Finally in the god tier comes BotD a map which is extremely over hated. My love for Bo4 is shown no less than in BotD a map that is stupendous at storytelling with it having one of the most emotional cutscences in the series but also having a great and very challenging EE. I don't really understand the hate for the map and its overall underappreciation.
The Beast from Beyond is a little hard to comprehend in placement and while i do see people opinions on it when they put it so low something about the map always left me with impact and while it does have a short Easter egg the Mephistopheles boss is still my most memorable zombies experience.
Shaolin Shuffle is another one of those maps where location and atmosphere are perfected. The music, setting, ambience, enemies, weapons and boss all make the map feel like a real 1980s action movie. This accompanied with what is in my opinion another great puzzle EE puts it so high on my list.
Origins, Spaceland, Mob, and Gorod are all in my opinion acceptable locations.
Ancient evil is another that if you squeeze high enough deserves it spot.
But Voyage of Despair is one of the maps that cause the most controversy. I think it does a titanic map well while not perfect it definitely executes it pretty good. It's Easter egg while not the best poses a challenge which i enjoy when playing. It's WW is nice along with its upgrades and the boss is a cool challenge.
Alpha Omega's placement is another one that is completely due to my love for Bo4 the map has cool WW and an EE but the only thing in my opinion bringing it so low is the boss fight and my overall less enjoyment on the map.
Mauer and Firebase i think are good maps with simple easy Easter eggs and i think could be a bit better if they just had better bosses. I think the maps overall cant compare to some of the greats but do make good additions to the zombies collection.
IX is in my opinion the Bo4 map. It's Easter egg to me is the least enjoyable but what puts it so high for me is the survivability and replay ability when it comes to purely playing for rounds and such.
Revelations i also think is the weakest Bo3 map and i feel that its because its Easter is unenjoyable to me and its boss fight is extremely underwhelming.
In my Meh tier i think Nuketown just suffers from the perk system and Outbreak is just extremely boring. Die machine i think is super weak in terms of wonder weapon and EE.
Finally Moon i think is just a due of my personal taste and experience. I really didn't and don't enjoy this map. Trying to complete the EE was a pain because of the excavator but I'm sure if i gave the map more tries it would go higher.
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2021.08.01 17:36 Girlwhoshits My tegus schedule: Wake up Go on basking rock and sleep Dig for thirty minutes Go to sleep in moss. Incredible

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2021.08.01 17:36 Megatron_Griffin Wholesome Monkey

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2021.08.01 17:36 sportsfanatic61 Missouri senator didn’t disclose emails in reform school investigation, lawmaker says

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2021.08.01 17:36 Less-Feature6263 Advice on dilators?

Hi all. I need a place to vent a bit and I need advice. I'm 26, female and straight. In my teens I've tried penetration with fingers, something I've never tried before, but it burned a lot and I've shut down any other attempt at penetration because I was too afraid of the pain. For the longest time I felt like I wss basically sealed up down there and just the idea of trying to put something inside made me nauseated. I've never used a tampon or the menstrual cup and I'm even late for my Pap smear because I'm actually terrorized of it but I'm too ashamed to talk about it with my obgyn, so I'm not even diagnosed. At this point I'm even too afraid of actually getting in a relationship with some man because I would have to explain myself. However this last month with a lot of patience I actually managed to put a finger in and I'm so proud of myself because I honestly couldn't believe it was possible... However I feel like I'm sort of stuck right now and I was actually wondering if I should try dilators. What to you recommend? Is silicone better than plastic? Is there any set I can find on Amazon? Thanks in advance, I'm so happy I've found this sub because I really don't know how to talk about this in real life, it's nice not to feel alone for once.
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2021.08.01 17:36 dwinnit https://discord.gg/NJTbFuyJ join ASAP 🥵🥵🥵

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2021.08.01 17:36 el_wakim Audi Drives From 54th Place To Second Place At The Spa 24 Hours

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2021.08.01 17:36 lolsbot360 Are the colas in zombie random?

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2021.08.01 17:36 TheSlavicPenguin Hot take, Persona 2 is vastly superior to persona 5 change my mind.

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2021.08.01 17:36 Guilty_Pineapple_236 🌕⛏️WELCOME TO MOONMINER, sustainable BNB rewards!⛏️🌕

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2021.08.01 17:36 Oppsypoopy What volume

Im gonna start the novel and ive watched the anime ive seen different people say different volumes should i start at 8 then read the rest or start at a different place
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2021.08.01 17:36 sergenclsmz 110

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2021.08.01 17:36 Dtrinnie 💦 ASTRAX ⏰ 1 SECOND OLD ON BSC 🌟 Listed On PancakeSwap 🌟 Liquidity locked 30 DAYS

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2021.08.01 17:36 jed_homer 3-Dimensional Haar Wavelet Decomposition

Hi all,
(bit of a noob with respect to signal processing, this is for research in another domain! :))
I'm looking to implement a 3D Wavelet decomposition in Python, using Haar wavelets.
I have some code for the 2D transform, but I can't seem to find any literature for extension into 3D.
I expect my input, an array of shape (128, 128, 128) say, to be decomposed into an array of shape (8, 64, 64, 64). Here 8 corresponds to each wavelet coefficient in the decomposition.
Can anyone point me to any useful code or theory for getting this done? I have seen PyWavelets and PytorchWavelets but I can't find much about the underlying theory to help me extend this.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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2021.08.01 17:36 silver_fox_alt3 Whale hello there (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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2021.08.01 17:36 shh-nono Found near Williston, North Dakota

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2021.08.01 17:36 No-Recording9398 I believe this is what is happening today with the people who have been innoculated. They feel morally superior. Reminds me of the Joker quote,. " When the chips are down, these civilized people. They'll eat eachother ". We must be careful this mirrors 1937 Germany

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2021.08.01 17:36 AverageGuy404 🔥 $FENERBAHCE 🚀 FENERBAHCE SPORTS CLUB FAN TOKEN ! 5K MCap! Liquidity Burned🚀🚀



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2021.08.01 17:36 RceCntrlMjrTom RB fans tomorrow

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2021.08.01 17:36 mreggman6000 How durable is the modern macbooks? (Especially the display)

I'm planning on getting a MacBook Pro (Either the M1, or whatever they're releasing next). But I've seen a lot of stories of the displays just cracking because some debris was on the laptop while its closed. Are they really that fragile? I really don't want to have to spend hundreds of dollars just because there was some debris or maybe i accidentally left like a microsd card or something.
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2021.08.01 17:36 eurofox747 It would be cool to see Chinatown wars 2 on switch

Would it work as good as the first one did or is the game’s fans too old to enjoy it again
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2021.08.01 17:36 alsbricks Got extremely lucky this weekend, a lady backed into my week old ORP. Thankfully some guy on a forum told me to get the rhino hitch guard/step. The other car bounced off it and barely put a scratch in the bumper. Highly recommend.

Got extremely lucky this weekend, a lady backed into my week old ORP. Thankfully some guy on a forum told me to get the rhino hitch guard/step. The other car bounced off it and barely put a scratch in the bumper. Highly recommend. submitted by alsbricks to 4Runner [link] [comments]

2021.08.01 17:36 xHowdyxx Is this a Peruvian torch? It’s seed grown. Sorry for the noob question.

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