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German chocolate cake

2021.08.01 17:27 TigerUppercut08 German chocolate cake

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2021.08.01 17:27 Arbeitus [WTS] Holosun 510C HM3X Combo $375 [PA]

Has some salt - pretty much all on the top edges of the optic hood. $375 shipped with PayPal G&S.
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2021.08.01 17:27 knownuser007 my struggle to get free energy from my neighbor (free internet)

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2021.08.01 17:27 ElectronGuru Good read

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2021.08.01 17:27 Wide-Trainer-1163 Beh che dire........è vero

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2021.08.01 17:27 trentninfanart Pretty weight machine

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2021.08.01 17:27 SecCom2 Had to share this

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2021.08.01 17:27 bigskrrttt damn that six pack tho

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2021.08.01 17:27 StephanieAbigailAnn Add me! Need to level up

Please and thank you :) 4181 8097 1273
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2021.08.01 17:27 Dream3ater Laurel merchants need revisiting in 2021

There's small quality of life "wins" Anet could get between now and the xpac, and revamping the Laurel merchants seem like an easy one.
I'm a person who accumulates laurels until I remember they exist and check what I can use them on. And I can't be the only person who sits there looking at the options and thinks "almost none of this seems worth it".
For example, why are Unidentified Dyes in here for 5 laurels each, while a Heavy crafting bag is just one laurel. And an even worse example: WvW Trebuchet blue prints cost 2 laurels each and are literally less than 10 copper on the TP.
My point is the real value of the Laurel merchant item is extremely misaligned to the laurel costs in the year 2021. It's time for Anet to give a pass over the listed options and add new ones.
I think what it does well today are the options for Ascended items/recipes/LWS1 exclusives/LWS2 achievement reward items. And I'd love to see even more content from the past few years get added as Laurel rewards, like HoT, LWS3/4, PoF and IBS.
My last thought is why can't we purchase bundles of map currencies from LWS3/4 and IBS maps we've unlocked, for example? Or rarer Legendary components like Mystic clovers or the time-gated materials?
Laurels felt important back at launch but in 2021 they are an after thought for players now.
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2021.08.01 17:27 supertaquito My very first model train I bought myself as a grownup!

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2021.08.01 17:27 TaxSubject [For Hire] Character Artist Comms!

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2021.08.01 17:27 dick_fuckem GJ volvo

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2021.08.01 17:27 spartan9051 Be careful out there. Avoid them spoilers

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2021.08.01 17:27 sn0r EU response on NI protocol will depend on UK’s true intentions

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2021.08.01 17:27 BobandLindaBurger Brazeau Loop, July 23-27

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2021.08.01 17:27 Hobersimpson I feel like I live for others

I have never felt like I’ve lived for myself. I feel that since I was a kid, I woke up everyday trying to be pretty for boys and not myself. My internets were just things that others like that I got in to so that I could fit in. I feel like everyday when I go outside and talk to people I act and say things that I think they’d like. I have a boyfriend currently and I’m envious that he can just eat whatever and be himself. Whenever I’m around him I limit what I eat so that I’m not bloated and act in the way I think he’d like. I hate doing this and feel like I don’t even know myself because I’m just living for other people so if anyone has any advice I’d really appreciate it.
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2021.08.01 17:27 Puelro Majin Vegeta drawing i did 2 years Ago

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2021.08.01 17:27 KeenEyeglass321 BabyDoge Listing. KSwapFinance on Twitter

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2021.08.01 17:27 micky47519 Younger looking for older guys to chat on Snapchat

I’m 18 and really into older guys I done care how old really if you want to Snapchat PM me for my Snapchat.
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2021.08.01 17:27 jaspur69 OUT OF TASKS

OUT OF TASKS Maybe it's time to add tasks again.
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2021.08.01 17:27 karishamr Adaeva Karina

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2021.08.01 17:27 rob_cornelius With the right attitude there is no such thing as failure!

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2021.08.01 17:27 hug-a-cat Gay representation in sci-fi?

I'm a big ol nerd and sci-fi is one of my favourite genres. Can anyone recommend any sci-fi with gay main characters? I prefer TV shows over movies because my attention span is shit.
I'm aware star trek discovery has a gay couple which is awesome, but unfortunately I found the show so unbelievably shit I couldn't even get through the first season. My favourite show of all time is deep space 9 - in my mind, Garak and Dr Bashir were totally fucking but sadly Rick Berman thought otherwise lol.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Animation is fine but not preferred, I don't care about the language as long as there's decent subtitles.
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2021.08.01 17:27 Milazberry Two LOL SG/MY Anniversary codes

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