Go! MAKS Airshow ✈️ Russian Knights, Su-30SM Dancing in Overload!! |

MAKS Airshow ✈️ Russian Knights, Su-30SM Dancing in Overload!!

2021.08.01 18:57 RC4ever MAKS Airshow ✈️ Russian Knights, Su-30SM Dancing in Overload!!

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2021.08.01 18:57 fishmoley567 Paolo Ferrara & Lorenzo Raganzini - Sanitary Dictature

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2021.08.01 18:57 esequiel89 Uf

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2021.08.01 18:57 CALexpatinGA Bar Truths You Need Hear. Post Test Anxiety. It isn't your fault law school failed you

A lot of people are still thinking about the exams. Some are saying that law school didn't prepare you for the bar exam and others are blaming BarBri and other test prep companies. So is any one thing to blame? It's a theory and there is some data to support this but the biggest reason you felt unprepared for the bar is likely technological progress.
If you were born after 1983 the world to you is all technology. You look up things on your phone. You have had wifi in college or law school all the time. But before those born before 1984 if you went to college the only consistent internet was likely the computer lab. If you had a laptop it was luxury in undergrad and optional for law school. For example, my law school only had wifi in one classroom. Just one. In 2003 we still Shepardized cases in books. We were taught key cite. Westlaw was there and we had an attorney who worked for Westlaw to help us. But the focus was books.
The professors still used a socratic method. Brief your case before the lecture. Go to the lecture and if called you better know the case and the holdings and BLL. Outside of cheating. Not briefing your cases was a mortal sin. I mean we got pull points for not briefing and passing on responding.
So fast forward to today. Lots of law schools have shifted away from the socratic method. Lots don't even require certain classes such as property. So what's going on? The desire to be more immersive at the expense of memorizing has created a deficit. If you had to memorize things and didn't have technology then when bar prep happens the gap appears. You aren't being tested like the bar exam.
Great, you know more about property and how it relates to current events. Oh, you mean the bar examinere still want to know about mortgages and adverse possession and the statutory time frame to quiet title. Oh. Also, bar prep is not designed to teach you the law. It isn't. So if you know the rule and haven't applied it. Well. Harder. So on one hand law schools don't teach things that are similar to the bar. You are expected to fill the gaps. The ways to fill them don't lend them to doing that. You take the bar and are lost.
Put it this way. It would be like a med students talked about why heart disease hits black Americans higher than whites but didn't talk about how the heart works. Then you wikipedia about the heart. That's going on in law school and its hurting you.
And when you practice for real. There will be times you need to know the BLL. Just have to and you won't have the books, and your client will be counting on you. It happens. I've dealt with it.
Yeah yeah. Modern world. We need to deal with systemic issues. Blah blah. It's not the real world. Just isn't. And I do think the gap is going to get bigger. You shouldn't have to spend so much on bar prep to pass. You should know how to think on your feet. Memorize. And the people who use to do that are retired or dead. God help us.
As I said. Not your fault. Law school is failing. Needs to get back to basics. It will help. But idealist run the place and even if the bar is reimagined. A lot of places won't change. Again, a theory. Chime in
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2021.08.01 18:57 Goat114 Huge 2.5 inch all black fly, Google was unhelpful

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2021.08.01 18:57 masterown35 Audio Error Causing CTD Right Away

I keep getting a CTD right away with some sort of audio error regarding 'xaudio2_9'. I am playing with mods(just the SMART! mod) and the game still crashes with or without mods enabled. Tried a reinstall and verifying the integrity of the files, same issue. Kind of at a loss here for what it could be. Here's the full crash report, if anybody can help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it https://pastebin.com/PvpYSLkK
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2021.08.01 18:57 Zoloft_and_the_RRD Hand planing a door?

My front door is too tight. The top right has been smushed into the frame so much that it is burnished smooth. Can I just take it off the hinges, do some passes on the burnished areas with a hand plane, and hang it back up?
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2021.08.01 18:57 That_One_Random_Rose My first vroid model! What should I call her and what are some ways for me to improve

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2021.08.01 18:57 notliekthispls I5 9600k, only 4.8 oc with 1.4, crashes on using OCCT?

I read for a few days before doing this and from what ive gathered these settings should be more than adequate, but i get crashes secoonds in to the stress test, this was my low ball as well, idk why it doesnt work
Mobo: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z390 UD
Psu: CORSAIR TX550M 550W 80 Plus Gold
Ram: 16gb corsair, 3200 mhz
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2021.08.01 18:57 Afreeman44 Yesterday at target

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2021.08.01 18:57 Veldron Tanker attack: Tensions rise as Iran and Israel trade accusations

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2021.08.01 18:57 Chichotas21 How does preodering a car work?

Hi I'm interested in the new 2022 BRZ and my dealership is taking orders for November shipments first. I was wondering how pre-ordering works. Do I need to put a deposit? Can I finance the car with my own bank? Should I expect to pay more than mSRP since pre-ordering?
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2021.08.01 18:57 DirectStock1805 EXAM

if I sit for l1 in Feb. 2022 , am I eligible for l2 in august 2022?
ps. if I clear
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2021.08.01 18:57 Xanderiscool1044 Remember these?

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2021.08.01 18:57 Winnermanner29 That’s doing a Mcfly

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2021.08.01 18:57 ContentForager Just wanted to share my latest hand drawn colored pencil drawing of Chipper 😎 (roughly around 70-80 hours for completion) (/r/baseballcards)

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2021.08.01 18:57 TradingAllIn Much Ado about Dosing: The Needs and Challenges of Defining a Standardized Cannabis Unit; Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids

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2021.08.01 18:57 sw33t_tooth Escape, Me, Coloured pencils

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2021.08.01 18:57 2002lotusEspiritV8 DS3 registering random inputs on left stick, several buttons don't work

Over a year ago I picked up this used DS3 from an auction on ebay, from what I can tell (haven't opened it up yet) the controller is legitimate, however upon plugging it into the console it is apparent something is very wrong. The d-pad doesn't work at all and the left stick seems to be jittering all over the place (it constantly jumps up and down on the XMB). The face buttons seem to work fine, as for the shoulder buttons I have no idea at all. I can also sometimes change the pattern in which the analog stick is jittering by pressing the Home or shoulder buttons, but actually moving the stick has no effect.
I contacted the seller about this back then and they told me that the controller was working fine for them so it probably broke during transit, I don't know if they are to be trusted but I did get a full refund so I'm not too worried about fixing this as I basically got this controller for free. Do you think there's a saving grace for this controller or is it some problem isn't worth the time/effort to fix?
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2021.08.01 18:57 idkanymorecauseno Is it just me or are girls insanely confusing?

I don't have any girls that are friends because either they switched schools or we stopped talking but I feel like I can't approach them without seeming weird and small talk definitely isn't enough. Now I'm even less likely of having girls as friends because I'm going to an all guys school.
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2021.08.01 18:57 PuddleOfStix CSI NY on streaming

Hey. I'm watching CSI and I will be watching CSI Miami afterwards, both of which are on Hulu. But can anyone tell me what streaming service CSI NY is on?
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2021.08.01 18:57 betrothtmg Books about girls discovering that their bisexual

I’d really like to read some books about teenagers, specially girls, discovering and learning about their bisexuality. I’ve only ever read books like this about boys, and would like to read it with girls as well.
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2021.08.01 18:57 Zookster87 Jim's missed opportunity.

He was able to teach, and encourage dwight to hype up a full room of people. He could have wrote a book or taught a class. He has no idea how successful his advice was lol. Can you think of any other characters from the office that have a hidden talent that they didn't know, and could possibly bring them success?
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2021.08.01 18:57 Childek Would love to do some custom objects for people

Would love to do some custom objects for people Heya! One of my favorite things to do when building is for sure getting ways to make custom stuff. And so I make em frome time to time on mine or someone else plot. If you want I can try my best to do some stuff! I can do some small details and big objects!
Some of my stuff. You can find more on my other posts or I could send you screens on idk dsc
Messy clothes
Board game
This lil dude in gym room
Game things
Lockers (Still working on them)
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