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ApplyTexas missing prompts B and C for UT at Austin application?

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2021.08.01 17:29 Incepnizer1 ApplyTexas missing prompts B and C for UT at Austin application?

My question is mainly geared towards people in Texas applying to colleges via ApplyTexas. They opened applications today, so I took a look at the essay requirements for UT at Austin. The 4 short answer prompts matched up with what UT had already released, but the long essay prompts have some discrepancies. There should be three prompts (A, B, and C), which are listed below:

But when I checked ApplyTexas, I only saw Essay A as a choice. Did they change the essays, or is this a mistake?
Also note that the link to the Essay A prompt is titled "Essays for this application", which implies that there is more than one essay.
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2021.08.01 17:29 Rinnesha Just SWAPPED 60M OSRS to 384M RS3 , LEGIT FAST AND EASY

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2021.08.01 17:29 adamix244 Waiting patiently.

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2021.08.01 17:29 Chip_Dangerous Daily gifts/Raids/Raid help 0893 2614 7519

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2021.08.01 17:29 tactical_tree_troll Does anyone have resources for information on the Russian military?

I’m looking particularly for a list of all their aircraft and what role they use them for, as well as the branches and their main focuses. I’m also trying to find the answer to questions such as which branch would defend Russia in case of an attempted invasion?
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2021.08.01 17:29 MuhammadBSarwar Natural beauty og Norway

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2021.08.01 17:29 BlackRockTime $AMC #HODL #BanCitadelDarkPools #SuspendDarkPools #DarkPoolAbuse #AMCUndefeated

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2021.08.01 17:29 rugbymike1999 Dumbbells v Barbells: I’m thinking about switching to a dumbbell focus over barbells for bench and OHP for a few cycles of 5/3/1 BBB. Will this help or hurt with gains?

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2021.08.01 17:29 crypto_viking7 Hardware wallet support

Has anyone been able to transfer HERO to a hardware wallet? I don't like storing crypto on a hot wallet longterm.
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2021.08.01 17:29 JassoGraham [Gen 3] after 1 month of SR I got it.

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2021.08.01 17:29 jg379 Dunmer concept art from The Elder Scrolls Online

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2021.08.01 17:29 HeyBishop Large Basket + Deckpad on Radwagon 4, is it possible?

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2021.08.01 17:29 CrashxVanditt Is NH Locatelli the best CDM? (considering Stats + SB)

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2021.08.01 17:29 -TYRS- /spit being removed in PTR... what's next?

are /kiss /hug /slap /flirt /fart next? I don't consent to any taurens kissing me.
Should they remove PVP in the open world to prevent corpse camping/griefing which is the ultimate form of in-game harassment?
Where is the line?
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2021.08.01 17:29 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.08.01 17:29 cocochimpbob more fanwriting

This writing is about the daily life of a young saurosapient.
Me and my mom rode our human to my school, I insisted we get the faster non living vehicles but my mom loved tradition and insisted we use humans instead of the faster vehicles to travel. We rode in a carriage connected to the human, it was old and rusted but my mom wanted us to keep it too as it was passed down multiple generations. Soon we arrived at my school and we parked the carriage, my mom fed our human a fruit and dropped me off. I grabbed my bag and walked into the school. I walked in and was greeted by two best friends. We went to our first class of the day, history. Our classes included history, biology, math, geology, society, the arts, lunch (Ok that doesn’t count, I guess), Foreign languages, and more. I sat on my low level chair, designed for us lizards to sit and class began. We were currently learning about a war nicknamed “the war to end all wars” because it was when the three main factions were destroyed in favor of the one main faction, the progressive one who believed the qu could be defeated. We learned about great warriors from all three sides, the individual battles, and the weapons used. Some of these weapons were the armored cattle tank, a weapon that consisted of an armored human with a turret on their back and their rider. The weapon was used to invade places that vehicles at the time couldn’t go to. We learned of the scale breaking saber, a melee weapon used in silent invasions. We also learned of the weapon that was one of the biggest factors in the progressive faction winning the war. This weapon was a chemical weapon, a type of gas that was spread through the other faction, it wasn’t visible and worked silently, slowly killing off the sapien population of the other factions. This caused a food shortage for them and trouble transporting resources. The progressive faction used this great advantage to raid the different bases of the other factions, capturing soldiers and destroying the bases. Eventually the now crumbled factions surrendered and the world entered a new age. After class was over I went to biology class, in which we were learning about the different breeds and species of humans. We learned about the domesticated human, a small bipedal animal that acted as a companion for many. We learned of the different breeds of that species along with the different breeds of cattle. My favorite part was when we learned of the different wild sapiens. The quick goblin beast, the large tusked sapien, the semiaquatic mersapien. The species of our region amazed me. We learned of one of the most dangerous creatures in our region and the world, it is called, the death angel. It’s a flying nocturnal creature that goes for sleeping creatures, it uses its toxic venom to quickly weaken an already tired creature. They will then grab their prey and fly back to their home, they build homes out of pure instinct, and simply eat their food there. Death angels are one of the smartest sapiens, but still nowhere near as smart as our species. While I’m amazed by all the wonderful creatures of our world, it saddens me to learn that they were once like us, once filled with their own desires, dreams, regrets. Now left to be nothing but nearly mindless animals that operate just on pure instinct. For many, this could be considered a fate worse than death.
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2021.08.01 17:29 karishamr Adaeva Karina

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2021.08.01 17:29 Hairy_Ad_4220 If Brock Lesnar is not resigning with WWE. This is the first time Summerslam is headlined by currently active talents since 2015.

2015: Rollins vs Cena (both active) 2016: Orton vs Lesnar (Lesnar gone) 2017: Lesnar vs Reigns vs Joe vs Strowman 2018: Reigns vs Lesnar (See 2016) 2019: Lesnar vs Rollins (see 2016) 2020: Strowman vs Wyatt (Both gone) 2021:Cena vs Reigns (both active)
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2021.08.01 17:29 billyengland Leftist are hypocrites

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2021.08.01 17:29 Tangelo_Economy Health Tips for Foreigners Affected by Floods

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2021.08.01 17:29 pdboddy Help request: How do you rotate parts in the easy build mode?

I'm working on modifying the starting ship they give you. I want to put on some L shaped parts. How do I rotate them in the Y and Z axis, as the mouse scroll wheel rotates them in the X axis?
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2021.08.01 17:29 spikehancock Ten Transgender Voice Tips, Trans Woman Voice Training › Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex News

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2021.08.01 17:29 YMG_REAPER Snowrunner=horror???

So I just recently visited the whispering tunnel in alaska... am I crazy for thinking snowrunner is a horror game now or what?
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2021.08.01 17:29 papergavin1 Hey can I get a lil QC up in here ?

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2021.08.01 17:29 Rickroll_exe Hi, I recently found a 1997 British 50p coin, wondering how much I can sell it for, I've searched it up and it's around £100, and my family doesn't believe me. Confirmation please

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