Go! I was explaining paragons to my online friend |

I was explaining paragons to my online friend

2021.08.01 17:07 AwsmAA I was explaining paragons to my online friend

I was explaining paragons to my online friend
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2021.08.01 17:07 yaw-poeple Netherlands unlikely to introduce compulsory vaccination. But you can't enter a restaurant/night club without a gentech injection

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2021.08.01 17:07 imallSevens ghost in the wall

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2021.08.01 17:07 hotdog6542M Bread Boy looks a like VS Swaggersouls look like

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2021.08.01 17:07 beastmodeChadF13 So this is the face I ended up with....

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2021.08.01 17:07 zombie_kiler_42 In the naruto verse, the math behind the tailed beasts is 1+2+3+....9 =10

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2021.08.01 17:07 thebum2-0 I am coming to Seattle for the week and staying in pikes places what is some place only local would know about that I should visit/see?

I(23M) am coming to Seattle on Aug 8 and staying for about a week. This is going to be the first time I am going on vacation completely by myself.So I really want to experience Seattle both touristy and non touristy places I am open to seeing anything. my hostel is going to be in pikes place so any night life suggestions in that area would be awesome. And I might rent a car for the day time just so I can try to adventure out into nature as well. But I would love any advice from the locals about where I should go would be amazing!
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2021.08.01 17:07 KingOfKingz6900 RIP ANOTHER TALENTED BROTHER GONE

Fuck all the lame fans and wanna be gangstas, trolls and suburban kids who use the internet to feel “hip” and tough. This post for real men.
Gang banging aside, the foul shit he said aside. He had kids(I believe) if not he did have a family. The streets take no prisoners. RIP another black brother, I’m sure he got killed for something senseless or something that could’ve been avoided.
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2021.08.01 17:07 SovietFrenchFries Black Liquorice is the best liquorice

Cant change my mine
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2021.08.01 17:07 CherryDefiant1805 How should you react when you see someone who badmouthed you?

I mentioned this in a previous post, but my ex (24M) who cheated on me with his (now) new girl, were badmouthing me after the break up. I was very hurt by this, because I trusted him.
My question is, next time I run into him should I say something or pretend I never found out?
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2021.08.01 17:07 Burglar_88 Season 2 mythic

When does season 2 ends? I could not find any information
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2021.08.01 17:07 Jon-Umber Haewall leg sleeve

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2021.08.01 17:07 LeThatch Glancing into the void.

To see into the void.
And to have the void look back.
To accept the fate that nothing is there.
No one is there.
To comprehend ideas that you should have left alone.
To think.
To die.
To cease.
To play in this endless game of tug of war.
To lose the game of tug of war.
To fall in the mud of defeat.
To tie that knot.
Confirming your fate.
To accept that you couldn’t stop it.
You could only bring yourself closer.
To step upon that chair.
To recite your final words.
Hoping that God will be forgiving or uncaring.
To slip.
To wake up.
And realize you failed again.
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2021.08.01 17:07 Twoweekswithpay Willie Nelson condemns the Texas voting bill as 'un-American' and headlines at the end of a four-day protest

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2021.08.01 17:07 doubtfulcookie My hand eczema is making me suicidal

Hello everyone. I know the title of my post may seem extreme, but I genuinely feel hopeless. My health has never been the best, and I’m a stubborn person so when people suggested ways to improve it as a kid, I never listened (I’m 19 now, by the way). Now my dad is blaming me for my current struggles because I didn’t listen to his advice of how to strengthen my physical or mental health when I was younger. He says all of my troubles have culminated in my hand eczema. And to be honest I agree with him. This probably would have never occurred if I had taken care of myself. However it’s too late now.
I worry about my eczema every single day and that certainly isn’t making it improve. I’ve gotten an infection once on my hands and had to take antibiotic pills. Just about a week later a new infection is appearing to begin. I can’t continue taking antibiotics for the rest of my life, but otherwise it seems like the infections will be recurring all the time. I will either die from the antibiotics ruining my system or an infection that can’t be cured anymore because the bacteria is now resistant to antibiotics. I would rather not exist before these infections take my life.
The worst thing is that I have no idea what is causing my eczema other than stress. I’ve been to doctors and they don’t help, they just give steroids which work temporarily. If I can’t get rid of my eczema I will never reduce the risk of infection because the broken skin affiliated with eczema is what causes that infection in the first place. I’m so stressed right now about the risk of never ending infections. I’m also stressed about the fact that I can barely do anything with my hands. It seems like literally any work with my hands makes it worse. So then the stress starts again and it never ends. My life is basically over because I can’t go to college with these constantly inflamed and infected hands. I won’t be able to do any kind of independent living. After all, my parents have been helping me with a large portion of my life lately and the infection is still starting. Obviously the risk becomes even higher when I’m in college and have to do things myself. I can wear gloves to avoid infection, but it seems like any type of work with my hands, even through gloves, causes cracks in my skin which allow bacteria to get in. There is basically no solution for my troubles whether I’m at college or not. This means I won’t be able to get my college degree, much less to to grad school or get a job afterward as my plans have been. It’s especially disappointing because I finally found a career I want to do. Basically just as things in my life career wise started looking up, I have taken a million steps back and will never recover. I will be a cripple with constant infections and it’s all my fault for not taking care of my health sooner. But now it’s too late. Now my only option is to stop existing by taking the matter into my own hands, before my body does it to me.
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2021.08.01 17:07 germanky Intuit: Experienced Tax Accountant - Remote

NOW HIRING Intuit: Experienced Tax Accountant - Remote-https://gethiredinflorida.us/accounting-finances/intuit-experienced-tax-accountant-remote-3b0687/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.08.01 17:07 Oreshka Meme II

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2021.08.01 17:07 Ace_The_Great Alienware laptops aren't built to last, this is after about 3-4 years of use. The cheap plastic just started bending and breaking, the battery is also permanently damaged.

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2021.08.01 17:07 ranak12 PZ - the quest for nails

So, if I understand correctly, the latest patch has moved around loot and where it's stored. Since then, I've noticed that warehouses are now stocked with things like gardening needs, but have become scare when it comes to nails (which they used to be good for). I've been hitting hardware stores in Riverside and Dixie and have gotten a few, but no where near where they were before.
Do warehouses now have an abundance of a specific type of good (gardening for example) and it's just the luck of the draw as to what's there? Or do I just need to keep hitting hardware stores and hope I find the nails I need?
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2021.08.01 17:07 eric_alvin Your Candidacy has been withdrawn?

So my first day is supposed to be on August 5th, I had my pre-hire appointment on like july 11th, I completed the Mydoc forms all on july 14th and since then I've just been patiently waiting for my Knet email to arrive (from what the email said it should be arriving sometime soon before august 5th), but I just received an email that claims that' "my candidacy has been withdrawn because they haven't heard back from me in a while" they said that despite the fact that I've literally been unable to do anything but wait for the Knet email since the 14th.
Now thing is when I sign into Amazon force it still says my Day 1 appointment is august 5th, so my question is, is this withdrawal legit? Or am I still good to go? Or is there someone I can call to make sure?
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2021.08.01 17:07 Brytard Colorado battles over last urban open spaces

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2021.08.01 17:07 Joshua_TheExile How are we doing?

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2021.08.01 17:07 Most-Worker4488 American Reviews Milk Tea from the 80s

Wondering how strong this community is here..... I started a youtube channel that is essentially about milk tea with a comedic side to it. My original idea was to help out the smaller businesses in this time of need but sadly the latest wave of the pandemic has put a stop to that where I live here in Vietnam :( It is a great channel to learn some American English/ slang but also culture as well. If you enjoy it, please consider to SUBSCRIBE and hit the LIKE button or leave a COMMENT, too. I would appreciate any type of feedback, to be honest. I am using these platforms on REDDIT to try and get my name out there because why not. If it is not allowed in this group then I will take it down. Anyway, please check it out and tell me what you think!
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2021.08.01 17:07 svanapps r/BitcoinBeginners - What BTC Will Be Worth Calculator?

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2021.08.01 17:07 rooy_02 How can I be less jealous?

Basically, I like this guy, but we’re still not together (because we are not ready), and he’s also still friends with his ex-guy. I do respect that, and we’re quite comfortable having it free for both of us. But he has said that he is quite jealous, but that he likes it free for now. I am too, but one day, he sent me a resent picture of him. He never resent me pictures before, and I did get jealous, to which he said he sent it to himself, and that I shouldn’t worry.
I know this may be childish, and maybe a red flag too, but I just want to ask for advice on how to be more secure, especially in this messy thing.
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