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Could I get some pointers on how to add highlights?

This is a very good piece of equipment and took about a half hour to put together. A couple pointers for potential buyers, First, when assembling the bottom braces, you can place the hitch insert bar facing either side, depending if you want to load/unload on the driver's or passenger side. Get samples. When you first start out as a freelance writer, it can be hard to get work without any published samples. However, it is possible to get quality samples if you are willing to do some writing for free. First, you can publish content on your own blog or website. Also, you can write guest posts for someone else’s blog. Arrays are special and can be converted to pointers transparently. This highlights another way to get from a pointer to a value, I'll add it to the explanation above. – Dan Olson Jan 19 '10 at 18:58 The "could be better": if you need a harder protecting case I recommend the Hermitshell for Logitech Professional R800. The not so good :-(. Although not a reason to not buy it altogether, this pointer is designed for Windows and requires some twitching for the Mac OS and the MacBook Pro 2016+. Houston Rockets rumors, news and videos from the best sources on the web. Sign up for the Rockets newsletter! Cleveland Cavaliers rumors, news and videos from the best sources on the web. Sign up for the Cavaliers newsletter!

2021.08.01 18:35 hello297 Could I get some pointers on how to add highlights?

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2021.08.01 18:35 WEIRDAXE 100 Shells

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2021.08.01 18:35 Digitolxd i see people have this option at -2 how do i do this?

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2021.08.01 18:35 datanerdTR Forest fires in Turkey

Fight against forest fires continues at full pace in Turkey. Just out of curiosity, are you jealous of our fight against fire? A News claims.
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2021.08.01 18:35 noteightisnoteight Just for the url

I don’t mean to take any of your time inappropriately, so feel free to ignore me. I know what a difficult person I am, and I will certainly stop talking to you. I just keep feeling that I need to tell you these things, and I don’t know why. I can’t entirely explain it, and I don’t see it as because of you but rather as an arrangement by God, but I wanted you to know the way that your faith has played an important role in allowing God to come into my heart, because that has been the only thing that could finally show me a pathway out of the confusion, abusiveness, and narcissism that I’ve wasted most of my life living with and perpetuating. I can only speak from my intuition and experience, so I apologize. This is my best attempt at an explanation: Ive always struggled to understand why my family and I behave the way that we do, and why it all makes me feel so much pain. I could never make sense of who was right or wrong, who was abusing who, or how we could ever fix it rather than just repeating the same patterns. Therapists or friends would try and convince me that I was a victim, but that never felt completely true since it didn’t acknowledge my own wrongdoings, or the egotism involved in allowing yourself to be victimized when you have recourse to other options. It is true that we are all guilty of abusiveness to some extent or another no matter what, but without God that’s all we have. Faith in God has given me the only glimpse of possible escape from this chaos that I’ve ever experienced, although I’m sure I’m still unwittingly entrenched in it in various ways. Even though I love my family and partner the same as ever, and certainly don’t think myself or anyone else to be less flawed than them, I feel empowered to stop being complicit in our dysfunction insofar as I can perceive it, because I no longer feel scared that I’ll never be able to improve my own behavior. Now I know that abuse is not so much the product of inherently “bad” people, but it is just what happens when you take the true God out of human affairs: they just fight each other in different ways over worthless garbage. Of course, there is no winning in the end, only losing. Nor is there any escaping it through “transcendence” of some kind or another. All these things: abuse, compliance, and escapism, exist only in service of a false ego that can never be subdued without God. I could finally see it because I abused you in such a brazen fashion by making myself the center of your family’s Christmas, and by trying to express my gratitude to you as a person, in the language of false ego, for facilitating my faith rather than by seeing it as the work of God alone. And you responded to my abuses (perhaps unwittingly) in the right way: by not responding at all, and allowing God to bring me the appropriate guilt for my misdeeds. I live with a lot of highly reactive people, and have never had the opportunity to sit with my wrongdoings for long enough to feel guilty rather than defensive, and so have persisted in seeing myself as a victim rather than as part of a pattern of dysfunction. From the first time that I met you, I was drawn to some aspect of you in a way that I couldn’t make sense of, and I tried in various ways to either ignore it or express it to no avail. It felt like a puzzle that I couldn’t solve, and much of my erratic behavior over the past year has been some attempt to find a solution. But when I didn’t see you for several weeks, I realized that something was missing. I believe that sense of absence was the absence of your faith, and that gave me the space to allow for the true Christ in my life, which you had been providing to me indirectly and without my knowledge (and perhaps without your knowledge, either). It feels inappropriate to thank you, especially since I am sure that I have known many equally good and faithful people who didn’t have the same effect on me, and I certainly don’t mean to give you any praise that might seem inappropriate or coercive, but I do want to let you know about all this because it is the most profound thing I’ve ever experienced. I am sincerely trying to be as plain and truthful as I possibly can at this time, and I hope that I have enough faith in my heart that this is evident. I don’t want anything from you or for you, but confusion regarding my aim would be more than understandable. If someone sent this to me, I would be bewildered and probably unable to find a way to respond, confused as to the intentions of sharing so much, upset at the degree of self-absorption this displays, and I might question their sanity, so I am not at all expecting a response. Honestly, I don’t even necessarily want to tell you this, it just feels more wrong to say nothing than something. God made you the way you are, and I learned from it. All I can hope is that by being the way I am as honestly as I can, you might learn something you are meant to learn (if only how not to behave). I also hope you can excuse my intensity and urgency, I have lived with more or less unrelenting pain for as long as I can remember, and you had an indirect role in resolving, so I don’t know how to respond to it any other way. Someday I hope it will be possible to discuss some of this with my family and/or partner, but that is a long way off and will be challenging, and they do not have faith in a real Christianity so a great deal can never be communicated. Even if the words are agreed on, what is in the heart will not be the same. So I hope you can forgive me for my intrusiveness. I have never felt compelled to behave towards anyone in such an inappropriate and embarrassing manner, nor has anything felt so against my own will, and so I have to believe it is motivated by something divine (if warped by my own self absorption). I can only try to learn more about God and become more humble so that I can express my faith more truly.
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2021.08.01 18:35 ATCGcompbio Question: MSU Mask Policy

Has anyone heard anything about MSU updating their mask requirements? MSHD has aligned with CDC guidelines saying all individuals vaccinated or unvaccinated should wear masks indoors. Will MSU follow suit?
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2021.08.01 18:35 Ruby0173 Help to complete the code!!!!

Goal is to read though the already written Javadocs and fix the variable declarations and methods flagged with a ToDo comment(//TODO).The two classes you have to work in are University.java and Student.java. Please complete in the Java language.


import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;/**
* Class used to represent students in a University
* Students have a collection of courses they are currently taking and a history of courses they have passed.
* Students cannot have duplicates on the enrolled courses or the history of courses
* e.g., A student cannot enroll at the same course twice
* It is your job as the programmer of this class to choose the appropriate collection from the JCF for the
* enrolledCourses and previousCourses variables.
* The class implements the Serializable interface so we can save objects from it to a File if we want to.
public class Student implements Serializable {
private String name;
private int idNumber;

//TODO: Choose a type for the enrolledCourses and previousCourses variables

//private ??? enrolledCourses;
//private ??? previousCourses;
* Creates a new Student object given a name and an iD Number
* u/param name The student's full name.
* u/param idNumber The student's idNumber, between 0 and 999999
public Student(String name, int idNumber) {
//TODO: Initialize the collection variables here
this.name = name;
this.idNumber = idNumber;

} /**
* Returns the student's courses.
* Question to students:
* Instead of returning the collection(variable), we could return a copy of the collection.
* Why is it a good idea to return a copy instead of simply returning the list itself?
* How are we limiting access to the enrolledCourses variable?
* You don't have to answer this question anywhere in the assignment BUT if you
* can't think of why, ask me two weeks after this assignment is released
* u/return the student's courses.
public /*???*/ getEnrolledCourses() {
//TODO: fix the return type after you've chosen the variable types
return enrolledCourses;
} /**
* Returns the previous courses. Same question as getEnrolledCourses applies
* u/return the student's previous courses (PASS Mark)
public /*???*/ getPreviousCourses() {
//TODO: fix the return type after you've chosen the variable types
return previousCourses;

public int getIdNumber() { return idNumber; } /**
* Enrolls the student in a course
* u/param course the course to be added to the student's current course load.
public void enrollInCourse(Course course){ enrolledCourses.add(course); }

public String getName(){ return name; }

public int hashCode() { return Objects.hash(idNumber); }

public boolean equals(Object o) {
if (!(o instanceof Student)){ return false; }
Student student = (Student) o;
return idNumber == student.idNumber;

public String getFullStudentInfo() {
//Here is an example on how to use the StringBuilder class to avoid concatenation of Strings (+=) in loops
//Why? Strings are immutable. Every time we += we are creating a new String.
StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();

stringBuilder.append(String.format("Student %s (%06d) - Course Load: ", name, idNumber));
if(enrolledCourses.size() == 0){
} else {
int i = enrolledCourses.size();
for (Course course : enrolledCourses){
if(i >1) {
stringBuilder.append(", ");
return stringBuilder.toString();

public String toString() {
return String.format("Student %s (%06d)",name,idNumber);
* Writes a list of students to a file IN BINARY FORMAT.
* This is an example on how to store instances of objects to a file (or send it over the network if you want)
* What we are doing here is Serializing objects of students into bytes. For this to work, the student class
* and all of its instances' variables MUST implement the Serializable interface.
* The file is a binary file, therefore it is not human readable
* You don't need this method for the assignment. It is here as an example on how to save objects (there are multiple ways)
* u/param students A list containing the students
* u/param filename The output filename (or fully qualified path)
* u/return true if writing was successful, false otherwise
public static boolean writeStudentsToFile(List students, String filename){
try {
FileOutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream(filename);
ObjectOutputStream output = new ObjectOutputStream(stream);
output.writeObject(students); output.close(); stream.close();
return true;
} catch (IOException e) {
System.out.println("Hm.... something went wrong while saving to the file. Here is the stack trace: ");
return false;
} /**
* This method is the opposite of writeStudentToFile as it will load a list of students from a file
* u/param filename the filename or fully qualified path to a file
* u/return A list of students or null if we could not find the file
public static List loadStudentsFromFile(String filename){
try {
FileInputStream stream = new FileInputStream (filename);
ObjectInputStream input = new ObjectInputStream(stream);
u/SuppressWarnings (value="unchecked")
List students = (List)input.readObject();
input.close(); stream.close(); return students;

} catch (IOException | ClassNotFoundException e) {
System.out.println("Something went wrong while reading the students from file... here is the trace: ");
} return null;


import java.util.*;
* Represents a University with students and courses.
* The university class will maintain an index of students and courses using Maps.
* - The keys for the students' map is the Student's ID
* - The keys for the courses' map is the Course's Code
* Your task in this class is to finish the constructor and implement the methods flagged with TODO.
* I've [Juliano] moved all methods already implemented under the ones you have to implement.
* You can re-organize the code if you want.
*/public class University {
private Map studentBody;
private Map availableCourses;
private String universityName;
private String universityMotto;
public University(String universityName, String universityMotto) {
this.universityName = universityName;
this.universityMotto = universityMotto;
studentBody = new HashMap<>();
availableCourses = new HashMap<>();
* Adds a student to the university roster. Student's cannot be added twice.
* u/param student the student to be added
* u/return true if the student was added, false if the student was already on the map
*/ public boolean addStudent(Student student){
//TODO: Implement the method according to the javadoc
return false;
* Gets a student from the university
* u/param idNumber the student's ID.
* u/return the student object or null if not found
*/public Student getStudent(int idNumber){
//TODO: Implement this getter
return null;
* Returns a list containing all students from the university
* You will have to work with maps and lists on this method.
* Referer to the document on how to ITERATE over maps. You CANNOT use foreach directly with maps
* What is the best List type to use? ArrayList or LinkedList? Why?
* u/return A list of all students (the list will be empty if the university is empty)
*/public List getStudents(){
//TODO: Implement this method
return null;
* Add a course to the courses offered by the university
* u/param course the course object to be added
* u/return true if the course was added, false if the course was already on the university
*/public boolean addCourse(Course course){
//TODO: Implement this method according to the javadocs
return false;
* Adds a course as a pre-requisite to another course. Both courses must already exist
* in the university's list of offered courses.
* u/param courseID the id of the course you want to add the pre-requisite to
* u/param preReqCourseID the id of the pre-requisite course
* u/return false if either the courseID or preReqCourseID are invalid, true after adding the pre-requisite
*/ public boolean addRequisiteToCourse(String courseID, String preReqCourseID){
//TODO: Implement this method
return false;
} /**
* Gets a course from the university
* u/param courseCode the course code.
* u/return the course object associated with the code or null if not found
*/ public Course getCourse(String courseCode){
//TODO: implement this method
return null;
* Get a list containing all courses offered by the university.
* You will have to work with maps and lists on this method.
* Referer to the document on how to ITERATE over maps. You CANNOT use foreach directly with maps
* What is the best List type to use? ArrayList or LinkedList? Why?
* u/return the list of courses offered by the university
*/public List getCourses(){
//TODO: Implement this method
return null;
} /**
* Enroll a student in a course IF the student has already passed the pre-requisites of the course.
* Note to 1110 students: remember that students keep two lists of courses.
* The method should add the student to the course's list of students and add the course to to the student's
* list of current courses.
* u/param studentID the id of the student
* u/param courseCode the course code for enrollment.
* u/return false if studentID, courseCode are incorrect, false if the student does not have the pre-requisites
* true if the student was enrolled in the course.
* NOTE2: See how false is representing three different issues? Here the "modern" approach would be to use
* exceptions (throw an exception) for the wrong id and code problems.
public boolean enrollStudentInCourse(int studentID, String courseCode){
//TODO: Implement this method
return false;
} /**
* Removes a student from a course IF the student is already enrolled in it.
* u/param studentID the student ID
* u/param courseCode the course code
* u/return false if studentID, courseCode are incorrect, false if the student is not enrolled in the course
* true if the student was removed from the course.
*/ public boolean removeStudentFromCourse(int studentID, String courseCode){
//TODO: Implement this method
return false;
} /**
* Removes a student from the university.
* The student will be removed from the university index AND from the list of students of every course that the
* student was already enrolled.
* There are a couple of ways to solve this method. If you iterate over the student's own courses,
* you have to be careful not to change the collection while you are iterating (unless you remove with the iterator)
* u/param studentID the id of the student to remove
* u/return false if the studentID is not in the index. True if the student was removed from the index and courses
*/public boolean removeStudentFromUniversity(int studentID){
//TODO: Implement this method
return false;
* Removes a course from the university.
* This method should remove the course from the university offered courses
* AND from each student's current courses.
* The method must remove the course from any other courses that have it as a pre-requisite
* u/param courseCode the course code
* u/return false if the course code does not match any offered course. True after the course was removed
*/ public boolean removeCourseFromUniversity(String courseCode){
//TODO: Implement this method
return false;


public String getUniversityMotto() { return universityMotto;}

public String getUniversityName() {return universityName;} /**
* Add a new student using name and ID
* u/param name the student's name
* u/param studentID the student's ID between 0 and 999999
* u/return true if the student was added, false if the student was already on the university
*/ public boolean addStudent(String name, int studentID){return addStudent(new Student(name,studentID)); }

public boolean addCourse(String name, String courseID){return addCourse(new Course(name,courseID));}

public String toString() {return String.format("%s (%s)\nNumber of Students: %d\nNumber of Courses %d",universityName,universityMotto,studentBody.size(),availableCourses.size()); }

import java.io.Serializable; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.LinkedList; import java.util.List; import java.util.Objects;/**
* Class used to represents Courses in a University
* Courses have a List of Students who are currently enrolled and a List of pre-requisites courses.
* The class implements the Serializable interface so we can save objects from it to a File.
*/public class Course implements Serializable {
private String name;
private List preRequisites;
private List enrolledStudents;
private String courseCode; /**
* Creates a new Course object.
* Considering that students are frequently registering and registering from courses,
* what is the ideal List implementation?
* u/param name the name of the course (e.g: Intro to CS)
* u/param courseCode the course's code (e.g: CSCI 1105)
*/public Course(String name, String courseCode) {
this.name = name;
this.courseCode = courseCode;
preRequisites = new ArrayList<>();
enrolledStudents = new LinkedList<>();

public String getCourseCode() { return courseCode;}

public List getPreRequisites() {return preRequisites; }

public List getEnrolledStudents() { return enrolledStudents;}

public void addStudentToCourse(Student student){ enrolledStudents.add(student);}

public String getFullCourseInfo(){
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
builder.append(String.format("%s - %s Pre-Requisites: ", courseCode, name));
for (Course c : preRequisites) {builder.append(c);}
return builder.toString();


public int hashCode() {return Objects.hashCode(courseCode);}

public boolean equals(Object o) {
if(!(o instanceof Course)) { return false; }
Course course = (Course) o;
return courseCode.equals(course.courseCode);

public String toString() { return String.format("%s - %s", courseCode, name); }
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2021.08.01 18:35 ayan2021 A super powerful project of The Future.

A great Super Amazing Project. Looking very promising, Like this project always hit the moon trend. A super powerful project of The Future. Strong project with skilled and professional team members.#Jax.Network #Blockchain #Stablecoin
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2021.08.01 18:35 Mandu_real The local, KAW KAW!

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2021.08.01 18:35 wbistuer For once, Jerry Jones tries to undersell the Cowboys chances

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2021.08.01 18:35 FinlayHamm you see it subconsciously

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2021.08.01 18:35 Ilovebeingbanned12 [A3][RECRUITING][TACTICAL]

▌Group: Canadian Tactical Group
▌Branch: Hardcore Milsim
▌Main Language: English
▌Timezone: GMT (but accessible to everyone around the globe)
▌Operation Times: Saturday, 15:00 GMT (3:00 PM GMT), with trainings depending on the squad you'll be inducted in.
▌Operation Type: Professionally Zeused and hand-tailored to the unit's needs.
▌Required Mods: Some of the most used ones, 53 mods that induce complete realism (only few of them are above 1.5 GB, all of them less than 1 GB) . ▌Age restriction: 18+ (Rare exceptions made for age 17 and 16 if there are showing they are mature enough).
▌Additional Info:
▌Here's a rundown of what we do here:▐
⬢We hold immersive and qualitative battles
⬢ The Canadian Tactical Group has professionally Zeused operations, hand-tailored by our veteran Zeuses to create a fun and realistic environment. The operations that we do are unconventional warfare, reconnaissance, counter-terrorism and direct action. Our missions consist of VIP captures, raids, assassinations, and reconnaissance.
⬢With our experienced Zeus (who has years of experience), we make our missions professional and unlike anything you’ve seen before.⬢
If you are interested, please message me or click the link below to join and I will be with you right away!
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2021.08.01 18:35 OkPresentation2851 struggling a lot in many different ways- seem to be stuck and paralyzed

I am struggling in my life right now and have been for the past few years.. I feel like in many ways I have done it to myself by a negative out look on life/ over thinking/ being too hard on myself etc but the habits and patterns have developed into something worse.
a little about me.. im 26 F living in nyc - currently on unemployment due to covid-
I am concerned about how negative I can be. Most of it is from past trauma in the past few years.. I have moved probably six times since being in the city in the past 3 years. I have gone through different jobs. I lost a friend. had a horrible break up. Lost friendships. Dealt with lots of family problems. I am super productive but am feeling LOST in the job world and am so mean to myself about it- I cant seem to pull the trigger to move on from this chapter in my life.
The isolation this past year doesn't help- I am always in my own head. I am taking a nursing pre-req right now and just applied for grad school but i still feel so lonely and alone. I overthink and debate moving out all the time but am scared moving home to my parents home could be worse.
I know life could look a lot better for me I just don't know which direction to go to. I Have low self worth and bad anxiety and depression. I am very self aware and have been trying to get better but it seems like NOTHING is getting better. and only worse. time is going by and i'm starting to fear and worry for my future..
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2021.08.01 18:35 jontl2 Is this normal?

Does anybody know if this is supposed to happen
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2021.08.01 18:35 koct my gym's vending machine organizes water based on it's temperature

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2021.08.01 18:35 Skeletal_Worm Despite this almost unethical move, please know there are still people who have faith and keep buying pht. Please don't let is down.

Basicallt tht title. Still bought the dips to support pht despite this crazy move. So please dont fuck us over. Make phoneum more sustainable by putting some real use case into it.
Also do roll the updates on the other apps as early as possible so that pht will be harder to obtain for free making it more valuable( dont force convert out pht this time though, we have real money stored in mining app).
But scarcity itself wont make it sustainable, and we sure hope some use case come out. We still buy despite people saying its a scam...so it would be a waste to not make best use of phoneum.
Phoneum has a cool name, cool logo and a reasonable supply. If things are done well it still has the chance to be a good crypto.
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2021.08.01 18:35 QOY_Milsim Queen's Own Yeomanry | British Army 🦊 [A3] [UK/EU] [Recruiting]

The Queen's Own Yeomanry is a British Army light armoured reconnaissance unit. We aim to offer a structured, organised, yet friendly and relaxed environment to members. Using real life British infantry tactics combined with experienced leadership to offer an immersive and fun experience.
We will play a wide variety of operations in various theatres and time periods in modern history, ranging from the Falklands in 1980, to the present day in both real and fictitious campaigns.
Whilst our unit's primary role is reconnaissance, we will also do a wide range of missions ranging from reconnaissance (obviously) to disrupting enemy activity through raids and ambushes, as well as more conventional kinetic mainline infantry operations.
There are plenty of opportunities for progression and contribution.
Operations are held twice a week at 20:00 UK time.
Tuesday and Sunday. (Come to as many as you are able to. We do not have an attendance policy)
Come to our Discord and have a chat!
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2021.08.01 18:35 TomHardyAsBronson Silky Ganache stunning

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2021.08.01 18:35 elstyles This belongs here, for obvious reasons

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2021.08.01 18:35 why_____tho I did fanart of the first video I watched of Pegasus and two female versions of him because why not. I'm glad he's getting more support because I love his content. Lots of love from France!

I did fanart of the first video I watched of Pegasus and two female versions of him because why not. I'm glad he's getting more support because I love his content. Lots of love from France! submitted by why_____tho to stanpegasus [link] [comments]

2021.08.01 18:35 Extraltodeus Slowness on my stream deck since yesterday

Without having changed anything nor updated anything (to my knowledge, unless the Elgato software updates itself automatically without notifying) my Stream deck feels quite slow.
I have to wait a good four seconds in between each actions or they are ignored. Which results in me pressing 2-3 times for nothing until it works.
My deck didn't fall nor suffered any kind of damage, neither was exposed to water or anything. I'm suspecting a software issue.
I did reboot my computer, unplugged//replugged my deck. Restarted Elgato's software too.
My main profile has a few gifs and the are displayed correctly with no slowness.
It's just when I press a button that it takes time.
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