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Rukia (@luoluo123455)

2021.08.01 17:18 gouken64 Rukia (@luoluo123455)

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2021.08.01 17:18 532515633401357003 What’s your favorite sci-fi book and what makes it great to you?

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2021.08.01 17:18 2noame One government program cut poverty more than any other this year — and it’s ‘extremely unlikely’ to return any time soon

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2021.08.01 17:18 Entcune Prepare yourself for a comeback

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2021.08.01 17:18 Fabulous-Ad108 🚀🐕Shiba Inu Cake - 🔥🔥 PRESALE LIVE & AMA🔥🔥

🚀🐕Shiba Inu Cake - BUY-BACK FEATURE🚀🐕
✔️ Buy Back feature active
Shiba Inu Cake (token) is the newest BSC Gem on the market!
Shiba Inu Cake ($SHIBCAKE) is a proprietary, hyper deflationary token based on the Binance Smart Chain which rewards all hodlers with 2% of every transaction, at the same time, protecting the price floor of the token with the Buy Back feature.
💯Slippage: 11-14%
Tokenomics: 2% of every transaction will go to holders 3% of every transaction will go to marketing 6% of every transaction will go to liquidity and buyback feature
📌30% BURNED at launch.
🐕BscScan: https://bscscan.com/token/0x850ceD9E382cEfe44D8e844B5f419CC6847e3558
📝Contract: 0x850ceD9E382cEfe44D8e844B5f419CC6847e3558
🌏Website: https://ShibaInuCake.org
🌏Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShibaInuCake
🌏Telegram: https://t.me/ShibaInuCake
JOIN OUR PRESALE: https://app.unicrypt.network/amm/pancake-v2/ilo/0x1932F8914F45ac03d0670cc937f2c5840b02fA3a
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2021.08.01 17:18 Verdeant So much power that we live in an apartment complex with a bunch of other people that live in an apartment complex

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2021.08.01 17:18 crxv20 Crypto organizations say $28 billion tax plan in Senate infrastructure bill poses an 'imminent threat' to the industry

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2021.08.01 17:18 wailmd Exploring Odessa's Oldest pet Market Starokinny Rinok

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2021.08.01 17:18 BennieRoss558 Ryuko Matoi

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2021.08.01 17:18 theIntoxicatedarab Latifi with the new contract for 2022

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2021.08.01 17:18 BernitiaSlanders Curious, any fans of the podcast in Birmingham

That’s Alabama, not the UK. I have met some pretty cool people here but no one who listens to the podcast. I’m gay and live here with my partner. Gay community here seems very woke.
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2021.08.01 17:18 BigPapaPage716 750/month

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2021.08.01 17:18 DarrenSchuette anime_irl

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2021.08.01 17:18 Queen_Gambit I've been waiting at the beach all this time...

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2021.08.01 17:18 iamnobody331 Binance is in murky waters and it's harmful for people who do business with them and probably everyone else.

So Malaysia cracked back of binance just recently, before that they had troubles with Europe, and now India is cracking down on binance along with a local exchange called wazirX which is the most used in Indian (I'm not sure about this).
A lot of people might think India cracking down on Binance is good but honestly, it's not; When Indian government cracks down on something publicly available, it is to protect the rich. They're going to be introducing a CBDC, the government is corrupt and their money printer is wrecking havoc. Everything has become more expensive at an exponential pace, not to mention the discontinuation of legal tender in 2018 (Demonization) which essentially made 86% of India's cash worthless overnight.
While Binance and wazirx require KYC to use, the "investigation" says the otherwise.
As for the people who do use Binance, please proceed with caution. I don't know what the result of this will be, but the proceedings are slow enough to give people some leeway.
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2021.08.01 17:18 philiptrg From Asian Boy to Kardashian 😆

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2021.08.01 17:18 FelEmperorStan 2023 Senators by Political Ideology(provided its a red wave year)

2023 Senators by Political Ideology(provided its a red wave year)
AL-Brooks, Tuberville AK-Palin, Sullivan
AZ- Sinema, Masters
AR-Boozeman, Cotton
CA-Padilla, Feinstein
CO-Bennet, Hickenlooper
CT-Blumenthal, Murphy
DE-Carper, Coons
FL-Scott, Rubio
GA-Osoff, Walker
HI-Schattz, Hirino
ID-Crapo, Risch
IN-Young, Braun
IA-Grassley, Ernst
KS-Moran, Marshall
KY-Satan, Paul
LA-Cassidy, Kennedy
ME-Collins, King
MD-Cardin, Van Hollen
MA-Warren, Markey
MI-Stabenow, Peters
MN-Klobuchar, Smith
MS-Wicker, Hyde Smith
MO-Mcloskey, Hawley
MT-Tester, Daines
NE-Fischer, Sasse
NV-Laxalt, Rosen
NH-Shaheen, Sununu
NJ-Menendez, Booker
NM-Heinrich, Lujan
NY-Schumer, Gillibrand
NC-Budd, Tilllis
ND-Hoeven, Cramer
OH-Brown, Vance
OK-Inhoefe, Lankford
OR-Wyden, Merkley
PA-Casey Jr, Parnell
RI-Reed, Whitehouse
SC-Graham, Scott
TN-Blackburn, Haggerty
TX-Coryn, Cruz
Utah-Romney, Lee
VA-Kaine, Warner
WA-Murray, Cantwell
WV-Manchin, Capito
WI-Johnson, Baldwin
WY-Barasso, Lummis
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2021.08.01 17:18 kurbisfeld He just looked like a lonely man who needs to talk

Hi all, sorry for the long story (And for my grammar)
As I recall, I was about 16 yo and my mother asked me to bring some things to work to my sister. It was in the early afternoon and there was not much movement in the streets. On my way back home I was going to the bus stop and I saw on the other part of the sidewalk a man touching the hair of a little girl (I assumed from the appearance about 50 yo and 10 yo). While I was waiting for the stoplight I realized that the girl was very uncomfortable and looking around frequently. I heard her say something like, "I’m looking for my grandpa" and he kept touching her hair and face and smiling, from a point of view he seemed like very supporting. Looking at him twice, I remembered him. Instinctively I took the little girl’s hand and started talking to her as if I were her relative with total spontaneity about returning to our grandpa, I greeted the man and I took her away. When I was a little far away I started asking the girl about her grandpa, where she saw him for the last time before getting lost, ready to take her somewhere safe like a Police Station after stopping in the areas she mentioned me. A few minutes later her Grandpa called her from a shop, he and the girl thanked me.
About that man, I had seen him several months before once. At first he was very kind and sweet, he stopped me asking me few questions about a bakery near my sister work and then started talking about his sad past. I was listening because I feeled in need to keep him vent and maybe that would relieve him a bit. But then during his monologue he started to approach me, touching slowly my cheeks and hair very closely saying things like "You remind me of my daughter", asking me if I was alone or I was expetcing somebody. And everytime with an excuse I tried to get away from his touch, joking to ease the situation. Then with his finger started to contour my lips. All of that was a big red flag for me. At first I glanced on the spot feeling really embarassed, panicked and grossed but then I said with a smile that I was cheering for his life and that I really needed to go. He tried to stop me standing in front of me, trying again to touch me and saying that he wanted to buy me a coffee and stay more with me because he liked my company, that I could have come home late because he was an adult and he eventually could take me home, but I quickly wave at him and went away. I didn't take the bus in the end, I preferred to take a different route, a very long one to return back home.
Some not quite different stories happened to me before much more younger, that kind of strange approach from people you don't even know or know a little... that kind of no-no vibes who keeps you istinctively to drive away from that person (Or because your parents gives you advices), also in some of those cases I was a minor, small in stature with a very shy attitude. This was many, many years ago, I know in that period he was seen approaching young women before and in the area he was kind of known and to avoid. I haven’t been to that area since so I don't know more about him.
You know when you start talking about experiences like this and some people (not many luckily) tells you: nah you just exaggerated! But to this day... I don't think so.
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2021.08.01 17:18 interiorcrocodiIe North Van meat packer to be fined $150,000 for misleading organic beef sale

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2021.08.01 17:18 The_Dank_Tortuga Wait, that's illegal.

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2021.08.01 17:18 Camilla2244 I feel like it's been a tough time on this sub this off season, so here's some much needed wholesome content to hopefully brighten your day a bit! Not that much hockey related, but can't stop laughing at the video

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2021.08.01 17:18 Ivan_the_Stronk Heartbreaker - my Viego Pixelart

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2021.08.01 17:18 sombertownDS So we all know about akward turtle right? Well i apparently have 2 followers

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2021.08.01 17:18 tramp123 Dialga Raid - 1795 0959 8219 or 2558 5269 4299

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2021.08.01 17:18 hootinanyhoss Do your mattresses slip?

We are thinking of the Thuma frame but cant really tell from the pics or any reviews if the lip on the frame is substantial enough to prevent the mattress from sliding around on the base. Would anyone comment on their experience with the frame and whether theyve encountered this or does the mattress stay firmly put?
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