Go! It amuses me greatly that as a norm this costs way less than just buying 2 wiimotes. |

It amuses me greatly that as a norm this costs way less than just buying 2 wiimotes.

2021.08.01 16:52 WesTech-Int It amuses me greatly that as a norm this costs way less than just buying 2 wiimotes.

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2021.08.01 16:52 Themudget H: ext e 15r fixer W: caps offer

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2021.08.01 16:52 alc59 It Was All Predicted By Southpark....

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2021.08.01 16:52 NotNichy Why do I look like the wizard from Clash Royale

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2021.08.01 16:52 Kurt_said_vroom21 Is it ok to put slightly more sealant than recommended amount?

I was going to put 4oz of sealant in a 27.5+ tire (2.8 Inch wide) but the recommended amount is only 3.4. So is it alright to put more? I’m assuming it is considering I’m not putting way more in but yknow worth the check anyways. Cheers
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2021.08.01 16:52 ludwig_eduard eBay Auctions - RTX 3090 $1890

Buy Price Name Best Offer Minutes Left Seller Name Reviews Rating
BUY $1890 [RECENT] EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 ULTRA 24GB GDDR6X Graphics Card (CARD only) False 59 toph_7286 16 90
Beep boop I am a robot
Join us on Discord for live alerts
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2021.08.01 16:52 Throwawayz911 New Austin Ranch discord

Would love to do raids and luring locally l so I've set up a discord for the area. Seems to be active here. https://discord.gg/sFnrptH9 ping me when you join
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2021.08.01 16:52 Mountain_Pin_4971 Fey Bargain/Feywild Adventure Modules?

I am looking for adventure modules from 5e or earlier D&D editions/Pathfinder with a focus on deals with fey and the impact of "fairy logic".
I will be running some adventures for a group that consists of some veteran players and some new players.
Considering the subject matter, I am planning on having a large portion of the this brief campaign set in the Feywild, and would also appreciate campaign setting or adventure module material suggestions that deal with the Feywild.
Are there enjoyable adventure modules or campaign setting resources that come to mind for the more experienced DM's and players on the forum when it comes to interactions with the fey and the Feywild?
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2021.08.01 16:52 Anotheryoma Anyway to reset the world brothers characters you can rescue on a level WITHOUT rescuing them?

So I’m trying to get the weapon trophy and gotten a lot of great tips. I only have a few weapons left and I’m trying to do it as efficiently as possible.
I’m to a point now where I’ll check the level for the characters I can rescue, and if I don’t need any, I want to restart and refresh the characters… well I just learned, that doesn’t work.
If you restart, they’re the same If you retreat and go back in, they’re the same.
Short of beating the level, has anyone figured out a trick to refreshing them?
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2021.08.01 16:52 iworrytoomuch4 Moving! Tips needed

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2021.08.01 16:52 SuccessfulWhereas FNA-XNA/FNA Released 21.08

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2021.08.01 16:52 Kind-Dragonfly7753 Lick it off

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2021.08.01 16:52 CaCtUs2003 Karen gets refused

15 minutes before closing time. I'm mainly just waiting to clock out and go home. Very tired after a long, busy day.
A customer pulls up to the speaker. She says she needs a moment and proceeds to continue conversating with her friend. About 2 minutes go by and my coworker gets on the headset and asks, "Ma'am, can we help you with anything?".
Karen: What the fuck y'all rushin' me for? I better go ahead and fuckin' order since they can't wait a goddamn minute. Gimme a number 8 you rude, impatient motherfucker.
At this point, I'm flabbergasted and I look to my manager and coworker who are both telling me to go ahead and refuse her.
Me: Ma'am, I'm sorry, if you're going to be rude, we can't serve you.
Karen: I'M THE RUDE ONE?!?!?! Your motherfuckin' boss gon' hear about this shit, bitch! Fuckin' gon' tell me I'm rude?! I'mma have ya ass FIRED!!!
After that, she bolts towards the exit while flipping us off as she drives by.
No lie, it felt kinda gangsta to tell her to get lost. Thing is, she could have changed her attitude and we would have served her but she chose to act like a toddler.
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2021.08.01 16:52 thebitcoinpartybot the importance of proof-of-work | visual explainer

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2021.08.01 16:52 OldAlaskanInTheUK Panty clad mushrooms. Dancing, dancing

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2021.08.01 16:52 Ashmarie34 Healthcare workers protesting the vaccine

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2021.08.01 16:52 RetiaAlice00 Sovetsky Soyuz Class Ship

I decided I want more firepower, have some planes, long range missiles and make the largest ship I can in game. Building this monster took hours and eventually my mouse pointer started to slow down as I dragged and snapped pieces together. I tested this and it destroys heavily armored ships in a click or two.
The Sovetsky Soyus battleship (still classified as a heavy cruiser in game) can reach a considerable distance on it's own fuel tanks and thrusters. It has 6 long range nuclear tipped missiles, 6 slots for any missile you'd like and 10 locations to put missiles for ship to ship combat. It can carry a complement of aircraft either for reconnaissance or long range strike runs. It has a considerable array of guns and enough anti-air weaponry to keep aircraft and missiles at bay. Layers of armor in critical areas make it capable of taking prolonged enemy fire. If you can afford its extremely high price and fuel consumption as well the long refuel times and high repair cost. It is an unstoppable behemoth.
This ship was so big I had to take two images of it and patched it together in Paint. It's also so big where it pushes other ships off the roster in the campaign. I've included a link of the png and .seria file so you can try it in your game.
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2021.08.01 16:52 niuz-bot VIDEO Premierul Israelului, Naftali Bennet, a transmis condoleanțe României, după ce un român a fost ucis pe petrolierul „Mercer Street” - [Articole]

În urma atacului asupra asupra petrolierului „Mercer Street” – deținut de un miliardar israelian – un cetățean român și unul britanic au fost uciși, săptămâna… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/video-premierul-israelului-naftali-bennet-a-transmis-condoleante-romaniei-dupa-ce-un-roman-a-fost-ucis-pe-petrolierul-mercer-street.html
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2021.08.01 16:52 DRC_Goes_PEWPEW Resurfacing the griddle - few questions…

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2021.08.01 16:52 brilliantcut Harman Kardon Soundsticks I bought at least 15 years ago from CompUSA. Currently on computer number 4, I can see it sticking around another 4.

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2021.08.01 16:52 DBRU00 (STARDOM) My photo of Syuri on her way to murder someone. 5 Star GP Day 2.

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2021.08.01 16:52 eightzap10 Silver on the road

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2021.08.01 16:52 LongLivePrinceJah 😳😳

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2021.08.01 16:52 Rah179 Available Funds

How much longer is it going to take until I can withdraw my money? Getting sick of this app, if I sold something Sunday and it’s still not available today… when will it be available?
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2021.08.01 16:52 disboi10 Fuck off u/awkwardtheturtle

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