Go! Martin Luther King Speaks! Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution. National Cathedral Washington, D.C. on 31 March 1968. |

Martin Luther King Speaks! Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution. National Cathedral Washington, D.C. on 31 March 1968.

2021.08.01 18:06 PrestoVivace Martin Luther King Speaks! Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution. National Cathedral Washington, D.C. on 31 March 1968.

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2021.08.01 18:06 Sam_Crypto123 Escrow Protocol

ICO & CROWD funding with Milestone based payment release & AI-DEFI MANAGEMENT OF ESCROW HELD FUNDS.
Website: https://escrowprotocol.app/
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2021.08.01 18:06 Furry_Foe Loki

What if we got a team of just Loki’s? If my memory serves me right, there’s regular Loki, sylvie, alligator Loki, young Loki, classic Loki, and Boastful Loki. Nobody uses asgardians anymore really, and they’d all be a fantastic addition to the mystic tag.
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2021.08.01 18:06 jarredmihalj Just put this video together doing some basics to clean up a beater sprinter I just bought!

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2021.08.01 18:06 nostalgiareloaded Onion Bread with mustard vinaigrette with Cheddar cheese, dried apricots and homegrown celery.

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2021.08.01 18:06 StolenSpirit Waterfall ft. Goatchy (Original Mix) - Tube & Berger (House) [2021]

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2021.08.01 18:06 Potential-Dish-5227 Every time

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2021.08.01 18:06 shot-up-karen Cursed_batman

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2021.08.01 18:06 TechnologyTalks008 iPad Mini 6 5G - New LEAKS, Rumours, Price, Release Date, Trailer !!!

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2021.08.01 18:06 WifeStealer99 can I transfer my shares from another broker to Ameritrade?

I have an account in Interactive Brokers and I have few shares there, I don't want to sell them, I'm opening a new account in TDA, is there anyway I can transfer all my shares from IB to TDA ?
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2021.08.01 18:06 HeftyCode Me and my buddy came across a intresting bug

Me and my buddy were looting on customs dorms for a while until we decided to leave and i saw something strange on his face and i asked, "are you wearing somekind of balaclava?" And he said no, and we stopped abd i saw thisthis bug and laughed a bit and tought to myself "that would be a nice addition to the game tbh"
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2021.08.01 18:06 SharadMandale UFO has landed.... (and turned into a mushroom)

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2021.08.01 18:06 cascadefive Is she right?? 😭

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2021.08.01 18:06 max_horizon 5 PARTICIPANTS RECHERCHÉS 🎓🍎French Chat Session with Teacher (google meet/Eastern Daylight Time - 19h00@20h00

Hello guys, Max again,
For newcomers, hi I am Max, I manage a small private college. Each week, we are giving out a Free Chat Session with our teacher Rébecca.
This week's subject: Sports
Here is our Eventbrite link where you can register. Limited spots.
If you register, please show up.. otherwise you are taking the spot of someone who could really learn. If you can't show up due to a reason please send me a message on REDDIT as soon as you know it.
Welcome aboard Learners.
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2021.08.01 18:06 FaceSouthern An eye for an eye

Makes the world go blind but Karma 4 Karma open your third eye
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2021.08.01 18:06 cpu5555 I’m struggling with misfortune. Some I caused but most were external causes. A paid apprenticeship lined up seems to be my only ticket out but there’re pitfalls.

I had so much misfortune that’s hard to overcome.

I have GI problems that cause frequent bathroom trips followed by extreme thirst, depression, sleeping too long by medical standards, brain fog. It interfered with my academic performance in college. I dropped and redid many classes, did not have a car on campus, graduated 3 semesters late, and nobody would hire me next to my school. I had a summer job in 2016 and 2017. No employment after that. My medications the psychiatrist prescribed no longer work and no GI doctor has found a way to fix the problems or their underlying causes.

After graduating college Dec, 2019, I had a temporary job lined up before the pandemic started. It got suspended before getting started so I did not qualify for unemployment benefits. I got a factory job and I resigned due to GI issues lowering performance. With a restaurant job I had this year, the GI issues caused excess bathroom breaks. My hours were cut until I was fired. The manager never disclosed everything wrong until I was fired. Everything was verbal.

I had an addiction I was spending money on that I hid from my parents. My parents found out after I blew part of a will I received then they wondered where the money went. When I confessed, my parents interrogated me. The addiction was my fault but still.

With and without employment, my parents paid for most of my spending minus the hidden addiction. This was before and after it got uncovered. I closed my old bank account and got a joint account made with my dad. Nothing I do can get me to assign budgets to time and money. I cannot follow a schedule even if I make it. I cannot make myself stick to a budget for money or even create one. The inability to force myself to set a budget is its own source of misfortune. Thus I’m bad with time and money.

My parents did some good things but also were abusive without realizing it. They would yell when angry and flare up over minor things. They talk down to me, insult me, threaten me, and refuse to listen at times.

I have a paid apprenticeship in cyber security that I may do. The program starts August 10 but I have a follow up phone call August 2. The Texas Workforce Commission is working with a group that helps people with disabilities (I’m autistic) get into cyber security. The problem is that people in the program keep putting things off to the last minute. The program may be in Round Rock, TX. The Texas Workforce Commission is offering to place me in a facility that specializes in helping those with disabilities. I find that insulting because I start most conversations I’m in, know how to take care of myself and cook, enjoy being around others including strangers, want to live with suite mates, and I want to invite guests over. I sent an email to my case manager at TWC after the last phone call concerning his offer. I’m a technical person but cyber security is something I’m less passionate about. My ideal job is creating critiques for product lineups, thinking and discussing pros and cons, and applying what I self teach. I have a BBA in Management yet I taught myself concepts in photography, computers, electronics, macroeconomics, and more. For solutions, I look at existing product ideas and papers in journals. Once I gain good experience in an innovative technology company, I’d like to create a startup to bring a few of my ideas to life.

I’m only doing the apprenticeship because it’s my only hope of getting away from my bad situation with my parents. It’s like how Cardi B became a stripper to escape an abusive situation. Not ideal but she had to escape. I learned from a job hunting course how to get a position before it’s advertised. The problem is that I took the course yet have not applied it.

Questions are:

-How do I get myself through my limited passion in cyber security considering how that’s my only ticket out?

-How do I make myself apply what I learned?

-How do I force myself to budget time and money?

-If I need an attitude adjustment, what do I do?

-How should I go about finding suite mates and apartments?

-What are places I can go to for meeting new people? How do ensure the follow up continues?

-How do I make myself follow the good advice?

What’s your general advice?
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2021.08.01 18:06 durinh0 :3

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2021.08.01 18:06 quarantsixetdeux I did 24 kms on a Pilsner today :)

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2021.08.01 18:06 Adelphia_ Eat More Ants. Ants…

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2021.08.01 18:06 hippysippingarbo Was recommended this sub. I think we might survive this.

My wife and I divorced after her having an affair. I was crushed. Broken. Called her names. But we had something amazing.
I know I didn't force her to have an affair, and that's on her. But I do know I contributed to an unhealthy relationship.
It's been almost 2 years since then. We started talking an saying we missed what we had but would need to do things differently. We would want to go to therapy and take things slow. Things have been going well and we're even planning on seeing each other sometime.
Recently she didn't want to disclose how many additional people she had slept with since the divorce. I told her it didn't matter I was just curious. And she was afraid of me responding to the answer negatively. She finally told me it was 3 and I just said okay. That's totally natural. It's been awhile and when we started dating she only had one partner before me. I totally get it. She didn't want to answer initially out of fear but I hope she sees that it's the honesty I care about more than the answer. I didn't call her names. Just said thank you, reminded her how awesome I think she is, and said I look forward to seeing her.
UPDATE: to address common themes and add some clarity:
I know her number is probably higher. I've accepted that too. During the divorce I was very mean and angry. And during the separation there was a time she wanted to work on it. She even went to see my family and just cried for hours. We both know and are willing to go to counseling if this is something we decide to pursue. We're in the very early stages of things. She still has fears of my reactions and nobody has belittled her more than I did. Her initial response was "I could say it's been one person and you would call me names." Which in the past, might have been true. I'm trying to get her to see that we can comfortably talk about our past and if I wanted something to be upset about u could just grab from the past. That I want to learn from these mistakes and I understand she's scared to open up about certain things, but she needs to give me an opportunity to prove that I'll react differently. And if it doesn't matter, then why should we hide it? I told her us starting brand new and sweeping things under the rug isn't something that can happen. And we will need to be able to talk about things, be open and help each other heal while acknowledging the issues and traits that brought us to where we are now.
Update 2: I've gotten a few DMs 1) thank you 2) no kids
I acknowledge our biggest issue right now is communication. That's what led to the affair in the first place. If she told me she wasn't happy and wanted a divorce before she crossed that line, no harm no foul.
Also, I was the one who reached out to her.
Additionally, she has expressed remorse in her actions. These are things we have talked about and had phone calls about. She was also seeing a therapist for awhile after everything went down.
Lastly, I believe her unwillingness to answer the question is rooted in guilt and fear. Based on my past colorful name calling and the guilt she felt from the initial affair and way she handled the divorce I think she's reluctant to tell me because she doesn't trust my reaction to this information. That's something I'm trying to get past.
I know she has communication issues. That's what I'm trying to work on now and show her. I'm standing up for myself and being adamant about red flags and triggers.
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2021.08.01 18:06 norfolkfoodie Had to delete my last post as I shared the wrong images. Here are the recipes! 💖

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2021.08.01 18:06 GalarGirlFreya LF: Any Safari - Got Dark Type Safari: Pawniard, Crawdaunt and Sableye

Hey everyone,
I'm looking to shiny hunt some more Pokémon and would love to add anyone.
My Safari is a Dark Type one and has Pawniard, Crawdaunt and Sableye!
I was originally told my safari was normal type, but thanks to a kind stranger on here I now know I have dark type! Sorry to those who added me expecting normal types, I'm really confused as to why I was told other wise...
My code is: 3282-5874-5364
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2021.08.01 18:06 RazJaze Large backyard renovation

Hey guys I need some advice and quickly since I just rented a bobcat for the day.
I have a rather large yard and I'm trying to think of the most cost efficient way to re-sod it. I was told to flip all the dead sod upside down (the entire yard), layer it off with 3" of loam, level it, and then add the new Sod on top.
My issue is: with all the chunks being torn out and turned upside down, how on earth would I level it with chunks everywhere? Will the new added topsoil just kind of fill everything in as we rake it?
Thanks for any advice and tips this is my first large project and I'm really just going off based on tips.
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2021.08.01 18:06 mad_gasser Deformed round-faced horse-like thing I don’t even know... YEESH!

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2021.08.01 18:06 Selina_240 Will you be using E10 fuel in your vehicle or switch to Super unleaded?

E5, unleaded is being replaced and is already in Sainsbury and Tesco. It's not good for older vehicles and the government are lying.
My car is fine because it's newish, my Yamaha is fine, but the Suzuki hates it, so I'll be using Super unleaded to avoid damaging the engine and prevent erratic running.
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