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Yo theres a PSA from the un

2021.09.27 04:08 sinful-charlatan Yo theres a PSA from the un

By definition w.m.d's are designed to kill large numbers of people indiscriminately, they're usually categorized as nuclear, biological, or chemical. There's a new weapon of mass destruction. It's smart, adaptable, and deadly. It has killed thousands in the last decade
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2021.09.27 04:08 JohnBarronRDT Physics blow my mind.

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2021.09.27 04:08 BidDangerously I have friends who care but I still run away

I had everything until I didn’t and I just left a party that was for my wife but she wasn’t even there… I’m just sad
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2021.09.27 04:08 DJA1982 Original Rockstar. Not particularly a favorite, but hey, it was only $0.50 because the can was dented.

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2021.09.27 04:08 nmatt03 New to beglari

Like the title said, I just found a couple pair that I’ve gotten from being in the yo-yo community. While browsing YouTube found some tutorials but the question is my beglari are clacking every pass. Something I’m doing wrong? Also new to community so if not allowed sorry
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2021.09.27 04:08 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 04:08 RageshAntony Indians: Suggest some Mobile app development companies in South India?

Any Indians here ?
I am thinking about job change
I am Android app Developer with 4.6 yrs experience with good knowledge in modern jetpack components
I need a company with good Work Life balance, work culture, less stress and good perks
My priority is first Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and than Banglore (Karnataka)
I am asking this because 70 % IT companies in India don't have Work Life balance, 12 hours a day , no leaves when needed etc
I need your suggestions to find a better one
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2021.09.27 04:08 LightElf777 Nier Replicant - Kainé / Salvation Cover

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2021.09.27 04:08 amalia_singer NEW SINGING VID! L4L, F4F -> https://www.instagram.com/p/CUTpC57o7du/

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2021.09.27 04:08 brat_is_back This belongs here no shit

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2021.09.27 04:08 Positive-Marsupial-1 Yang Kai:

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2021.09.27 04:08 akillisebekeler Nesnelerin İnterneti (IoT) Nedir?

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2021.09.27 04:08 Key_Tea9892 should i forgive my ex?

my ex female broke up with me and then ran to her friends saying i cheated (lil back story i have 164 guys on delivered right now) she clearly made that up and everyone hated me for like a day but i didn’t know she said this until today we talked everything out about 2 weeks ago b4 i knew this and we’re talking again welp turns out she led me on the whole time and doesn’t like me anymore. if i ask her abt this she’s gonna tell me some lie and make me like her again and probably lead me on again. what do i do?
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2021.09.27 04:08 bulleruoy With the high wind warning?

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2021.09.27 04:08 Sheltie-Cat Introducing the next generation console: the Playkitty

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2021.09.27 04:08 sub-2-henwy roast me plz

sub 2 pewdiepie
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2021.09.27 04:08 27-KidsInMyBasement Weird fireball in the sky.

This happened in West Texas about a year ago. This is to my knowledge a true story (You'll see why I say this)
Last year there was a comet that was visible. I'm sure most of those in the US know what I'm talking about. I was a sophmore in highschool when this happened so I'm still probably the same maturity but anyways I wanted to go see the comet. My family, being my Mom, Stepdad, and 2 brothers at the time, and I live/work on a farm. It's all cotton, corn, and milo. So with this being a rural farming community we are almost out in the sticks. Certainly a good drive from town.
With lack of city lights we had the perfect view to see the comet. We would have all gone, but my mom stayed back with my brothers because they were 3 and 1, and it was about 1030 so if they woke up by chance someone had to be home. To make a long story short we go to the field, take out the binoculars, and have a good time. When we got home I trade with my mom and she goes to view. They were gone for ~20 minutes so nothing unnatural, but when they came back they were pretty creeped out. They said as they were driving to a field we call the Canal they saw this HUGE fireball in the sky. My mom explained that it hovered in a constant state, but it would sometimes move closer then back away. I'm not sure what she meant but she described that it stayed the same size? Like she could visible tell it came closer then backed off but was the same size. (Also described it similar to the sun.) That it stayed for about 5 minutes the just disappeared. Like *blink* gone.

With this being a rural farming community there are no oil fields here. Strictly cotton as it was the season. I don't think my parents would make it up because they have no incentive to, and while we can see the city lights from where we live it was the opposite direction. The road goes north and south and the fireball was due east, the city being west. We all together spent about half an hour researching. I googled fireball in sky, my stepdad looked up anything local in the news like an explosion or something, and my mom checked FaceBook but no one else had seen it. (or at least there were no other post about it) They still bring it up now and then, but as far as we know nothing ever came of it.

If anyone wants to do digging Ill PM the area this happened in, but yeah, as far as I know we have no answer to what this could be. My history teacher swears to god he saw a UFO around that time, (within the week) but I'm not say it was or wasn't a UFO because I don't know myself. The only thing I've ever found similar was when I was watching some paranormal TV show about UFOs and the mentioned a bright fireball in the sky. Again parents have no reason to fake this and if they did I dont know why theyd put so much effort into looking into it, but yeah. That's it.

TL:DR: Weird fireball in hovering sky over rural farming area with no oil fields, or fracking in area.
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2021.09.27 04:08 Darkwater64 Illinois Autumn

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2021.09.27 04:08 abolvpass4U Will She Resign?

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2021.09.27 04:08 LockeLin Looking for small (5 -8 cu. ft.) frost-free and garage-ready upright freezer

Frigidaire 13. cu. ft. seems to be the smallest frost-free and garage-ready upright freezer. But it's too big. I want a small one. The budget is under $600. Is there any recommendation? Plus, one question for putting a freezer in the garage. I saw some reviews that said their electricity bill is high if the freezer is in the garage because the compressor keeps running. Can garage-ready freezers solve this problem?
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2021.09.27 04:08 baratoni UW Job Flexibility

For students who have university jobs,
How flexible are the hours, really? Like how does scheduling work? I’m a pretty busy person, but I’d like to make some money when I can. Do you sign up for shifts on a bi-weekly or monthly basis? Are holidays required? How about weekends? I’m just looking for some general info on how flexible they are with shift length and scheduling. I’m specifically looking to work somewhere like a key desk or somewhere I can do homework when it’s slow.
Thanks a bunch!
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2021.09.27 04:08 chipdiggler22 Standing Room Only, Ticket Checkers Question

Hey all,
Wanting to buy a ticket for myself to a game on this last homestead, how lax are the ticket checkers around the ballpark. If I bought a standing room only ticket, would I be able to sneak down into a seat during the game? Every ballpark I've been to kinda differs on this, so just wondering what the general environment is. Thanks!
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2021.09.27 04:08 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 04:08 ianrussell0209 I really like that…

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2021.09.27 04:08 bethany1208 Any mountain biking near areas for camping?

My boyfriend and I would like to camp Saturday night-Monday. We just decided it. We would be driving from Duluth, Minnesota. We’d like to mountain bike if possible but I cannot find any trails on TrailForks. If not we will probably just camp along the north shore, we haven’t 100% decided. Regardless—where are the best places to camp last minute? I know most places you need to reserve in advance.
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