n68bk hi3f6 tnz23 bf486 328rs dzrin s2fr4 y3bh7 75hts 8y23s tner5 ztrb5 5ysaa fy3i6 ye263 d4h5r 4k674 2tiby d7ey7 e5s6b knh9f [PC][2010-2015] A horror game played by John Wolfe somewhere around 2011-2014 where it takes place in an island |

[PC][2010-2015] A horror game played by John Wolfe somewhere around 2011-2014 where it takes place in an island

2021.09.27 04:24 throwaway9123764908 [PC][2010-2015] A horror game played by John Wolfe somewhere around 2011-2014 where it takes place in an island

It was a game where you are a sailor and you get stranded in an island and u visit some lighthouse and lots of severed body parts with blood fall from the ceiling like from the ceiling of the lighthouse.
Im not sure whether Im fully correct or not but I think the game is actually made by a Japanese developer since the characters were Japanese but I'm not too sure on this.
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2021.09.27 04:24 l33t_d0nut I parked my Jeep incorrectly

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2021.09.27 04:24 helenolai Dispatch audio indicates Moab officers were told Laundrie hit Petito before traffic stop

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2021.09.27 04:24 coberi Now entering: Rogue encampment Now entering: Rogue encampment

Now entering: Rogue encampment Now entering: Rogue encampment submitted by coberi to Diablo_2_Resurrected [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 04:24 Dubbs09 T-61 as a focused gunboat/DD hunter at T5?

Been eyeing T-61 for a while, Z35 is my most played ship, love the German DD's in general for DD hunting abilities with hybrid/no major weaknesses and sonar.
Thought T-61 could be my baby for T5 like Z35 is at T6, but most of the builds and videos make it seem like a torpedo boat.
I have Bey at 16-3, use 16-2 Sims and 15-2 Cunningham (some reload, but mostly turret turn) to really lean into gunboat. Hunt down DD, start a knife fight, use sonar when they smoke (or I do) and take them out for first kill many times.
Thought T-61 would be slightly downgraded guns with much faster reloading torps, so balances out.
What is the range on sonar?
Is it better to lean into torpedo boat, if so I may pass on it?
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2021.09.27 04:24 FoxbitGaming Hopefully I'm not breaking the rules, but here's a latex shark sans! (I'M SO SORRY, I CAN'T REMEMBER THE ARTISTS NAME)

Hopefully I'm not breaking the rules, but here's a latex shark sans! (I'M SO SORRY, I CAN'T REMEMBER THE ARTISTS NAME) submitted by FoxbitGaming to furry [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 04:24 ApocalypseThou There are so many things about the cosmos that are hidden from our perception

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2021.09.27 04:24 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 04:24 Hussein_ali_2000 rog 5 aeroactive cooler diagram ?

Hi i want to trick my rog 5 to think the cooler is installed but i don't have a diagram for it or the pinout i was trying to make my own cooler using thermoelectric and design my own custom button i have experience in electronics but i need a diagram can someone help ?
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2021.09.27 04:24 Serious-Boss-9197 Examining in-house options to replace Ben Simmons in starting lineup. In case the season starts without a trade, who gets the starting spot? Maxey Thybulle or Shake?

Examining in-house options to replace Ben Simmons in starting lineup. In case the season starts without a trade, who gets the starting spot? Maxey Thybulle or Shake? submitted by Serious-Boss-9197 to sixers [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 04:24 Bzlayer Don't do drugs kids

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2021.09.27 04:24 Strict_Salamander_17 First Bike, Project Bike, Basically a noob. What did i get myself into🤣

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2021.09.27 04:24 106BeatsPerMinute Ryzentosh Audio worked fine until adding GTX 780

5800x, 32gb 3200 CL18 Corsair Venagnce, B450 MSI Pro Carbon AC, ASUS GTX 780 Direct CU II, RM 650x
Hello, I made this build as a video workststion, which requires NVIDIA CUDA, and for audio production. The last non-ti NVIDIA GPU that's supposed to work fully with any MacOS. The audio MacOS side needs mojave or HighSierra. (As well as a UEFI GPU?)
What I've tried:[ Opencore 0.7, 0.7.1, 0.6.4 won't boot. Stuck at end randomseed and tried MinDate and one below to -1 and 0. Secure bootModel off and Default.
Added AMD Patches with 8 core hexidecimal, in three replace fields.
Tried Opencore 0.5.7 and 0.5.8
Changed platforminfo (iMacPro1,1 for polaris) I copied config and changed to iMac14,2(for Kepler and Maxwell)
HD 5850, HD 5770, & R9 290 (both need UEFI to boot with OC and FAKE ID guide for R9 doesn't work [on several different machines])
NI and Scarlett audio interfaces and internal, all stutter like buffering digital radio in tunnel
10.13 and 10.14
Internal audio
VoodoHDA Kext and patched in OC config
Generating SSDT-HPET from windows with dumped DSDT and patched in OC config ]
Haven't tried: [
RX 590 Polaris (however this machine needs NVIDIA for video apps) ] I'm using OC version 0.6.4 and version 0.7.1 won't boot even with SecureBootModel off.
Are there any patches/SSDT for fixing USB audio for Mojave/HighSierra?
Let me know if you want to know the kexts I used.
Thank you
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2021.09.27 04:24 IcyEstablishment4490 Am I a narcissist a horrible person or self astern issues

Before I(35) met my wife(33) there was a girl that I had been messing around with who was actually the reason my previous relationship ended.
When I met and started dating my wife(then girlfriend) I still continued an on and off sexual relationship with the girl I had been messing around with.
During the dating stage and now marriage I have been unfaithful to my wife a numerous times having slept with random women and even prostitutes. It has even gotten to the point where on 3 occasions I have brought women to our home and had sex with them in the home. There was an occasion where my wife and I had gone to a party/club and at the party met some random woman and ended up making out with her in the bathroom.
The only time where I “stopped” cheating was when we found out that my wife was pregnant. I remained faithful up until our son was 6 months. The relapse happed when I was at a club with friends and I met a random woman and ended up having sex with her in the club.
I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me. I love my wife and child and I do not go out looking for women BUT whenever I’m out it either seems that I’m either drawn to or women are drawn to me and I end up cheating.
I have made out with one of my wife’s friends and a couple have thrown themselves at me. With her former work colleagues it was the same thing. I know that if I was to pursue them I would sleep with them.
I think the worst thing i have done is when a group of us married couples went to a strip club and I went upstairs to have sex with a stripper whilst my wife was downstairs.
I don’t know what is wrong with me but what I do know is that I need help.
P.S I have never been caught before, maybe a part of me wants to be. I don’t know
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2021.09.27 04:24 kcucullen I just wanted to know more about Repentance f/ switch release date and this dude wrote their whole life story

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2021.09.27 04:24 babyinthebathwater Beautiful fenestration on the newest monstera leaf, AND my spider plant is blooming and making babies for the first time!

Beautiful fenestration on the newest monstera leaf, AND my spider plant is blooming and making babies for the first time! submitted by babyinthebathwater to houseplants [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 04:24 pathfindermp Entered my first tournament ever, went undefeated with my Custodes (including completely tabling a 3,000 pt Knights army) won Silver in the painting competition, and won the Hobby Exemplar award (the rewards for which included the Volkite and painting of Sanguinius)! For the Emperor!

Entered my first tournament ever, went undefeated with my Custodes (including completely tabling a 3,000 pt Knights army) won Silver in the painting competition, and won the Hobby Exemplar award (the rewards for which included the Volkite and painting of Sanguinius)! For the Emperor! submitted by pathfindermp to AdeptusCustodes [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 04:24 thomas2026 Entrusting Standard Order Cargo: Postboxes

If I build a Postbox, entrust standard order cargo that I accepted into, and then dismantle that postbox, will my entrusted cargo still be available for other players to deliver?
Big head scratcher here.
Here is what I have done: I entrusted a standard order cargo ( cargo from Thomas Sutherland to First Prepper) in a postbox that I made. I decided to dismantle it to free up space.
Everything in my Private Locker in that postbox appeared on the ground. So far makes sense. The cargo I entrusted was not there. However, the mission was still in my Orders as Current, and showed that it was entrusted.
Dismantling your own structure removes it from other players worlds. Shouldn't this order fail as there is nowhere for the players to pick up my cargo?
Hypothesis: the cargo I entrusted is in the abyss of the server and will appear at a nearby postbox or delivery terminal for others to pick up. If this is correct this is a convenient way to get rid of cargo and safe bandwidth.
If it is not correct, wtf? I could spend days thinking the order is still valid yet no one can deliver.
Hopefully someone knows :)
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2021.09.27 04:24 MyNameA_Borat Prescribed .5mg Ativan (Lorazepam) for anxiety. I forgot that I took a pill this morning and met up with some friends at the bars. I had approx. 6 beers. I feel okay, but am concerned solely due to what I've heard in the past. It has been 10-11 hours since the .5mg of Ativan.

Any advice?
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2021.09.27 04:24 jialop I am 27 years old, make $80,000 base, live in NYC and work as a Banking Operation Associate

This is my first MD. I have read so many diaries time after time and I finally mustered up the courage and energy to write my first.
In college I worked a few jobs on my campus and I was pretty frugal. I was just putting my earnings into a savings account. I used to work for my campus library late hours and my shifts used to be 12-3am so I think at the time they paid me above the minimum wage as incentive. I sometimes worked on campus over the summewinter breaks with opportunities to have my housing and food covered on top of getting paid. I wished I knew about IRA’s, High Yield Savings Accounts and Investing back then but oh well. I lived and I learned. I started working in my field in 2017 and at the beginning of my career I was a temporary consultant at different firms so I never really had benefits and I used to be anxious on whether my contracts would be renewed. In Dec 2019 I was offered a full time role where the base is $80,000 with OT opportunity.
Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance (and how you got there)
Roth IRA Balance= $15, 970 Because I was never full time I opened a Roth IRA in mid 2019 and I regret not opening it sooner back in 2017/2018 when I first started working as a consultant or even in college.
Work 401K Balance= $20,355 When I first became full time I believe I was contributing 2-5% but during the pandemic I bumped it to 8% because I felt that my expenses where relatively lower and I needed to catch up for not having a retirement account when I started working. So from Dec 2019-Sep 2021 that's how much I accumulated and I believe my firm does a 2-3% match.
Savings account balance= $53,900
Regular Savings:$22,000+ $3,400= 25,400. As a first generation having a savings account readily accessible is important to me but it does not grow. This was initially to save for a down payment but NYC housing market is a bit discouraging at the moment. So now it is just for safety and emergencies. If something were to happen to my mother who lives in a very politically unstable country although I hate watching the money just sitting there, having the money present also brings me comfort that I could help her or a loved one at any time. Additionally, my sibling recently started college and again as a recent immigrant tuition was initially a bit higher and when the bill came I did end up helping last year. So this account is nice to know that I have it in case if I have to make large transfers the money is there. I could probably downsize and invest but I am honestly scared. The 3K account was initially to fund my traveling dreams but covid happened but my hopes are still there.
High Yield Savings:$28,500- Possible apartment purchase down payment in the near future.
High Yield Savings: $5,900- Not counted in my assets as it’s for my sibling. I started this account for when he’d go to college and I used to contribute to it after each paycheck but now it gets mostly funded by family gifts and me once in a blue moon. I’m waiting for him to get a job and become more financially responsible before passing it to him.
Checking account balance= $2500
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it)= $633
This is from various purchases. I mostly use it to buy food, entertainments and I moved about 3 months ago so I tend to purchase furniture on this but I usually pay it in full each month. My current credit score is 797 and it was 770 at this point last year.
Student loan debt (for what degree)= $29,393 I got my bachelor’s in economics. It started at around $54,000 and I started paying in 2017. I was pretty consistent at always paying more than I should have and now they have been on pause. At the beginning of the year I did make a $4000 payment. But now I pay based on my moods sometimes $100 sometimes $400.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in my field for 4 years, I was getting paid at hourly rates as a consultant and I got overtime. 🙈 I use turbotax to do my taxes every year and I think it's kinda bad and I am a bit ashamed but I'm honestly too lazy to change that. Feel free to give any suggestions but based on my taxes filed I made about 40,000=2017, 55,000=2018, 66,000=2019, 83,000=2020. I am kinda bummed about this last one because I was hoping it would be at least 85,000 especially because during the pandemic and WFH I definitely worked a lot more but it’s on me as I am actually terrible at doing my timesheets. I always end up doing them at the last minute in a rush and I don't know why I put in an hour lunch everyday but I do not take an hour lunch everyday so I always end up getting underpaid. I know I have problems, I know I need to work on that. Even the last one on one with my manager she said I feel like you work more than the hours that you put in.
Main Job Monthly Take Home= $4000 - Although it usually can be 4200-4600 with OT I try to make my monthly budget based on $4000.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home- None
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: $1620- $1600 rent I pay this online monthly from my checking account and they charge about a $2.95 fee + Renter Insurance $17
Retirement contribution: $700 I started contributing a bit low earlier in the year but now I have a bit more than $1000 left to contribute for the rest of the year this contribution will be a lot less.
Savings contribution: $600 automatically goes in my HYS. After my expenses I sometime transfer more at the end of the month.
Investment contribution: I want to open a brokerage account but the thought of doing the work to clear brokerage investments with my firm’s compliance seems complex and scares me a bit so I do not have one. Getting over this fear is one of my goal for the year.
Debt payments: Between when I feel like paying my student loans and what I usually pay for my regular credit card debt this usually ranges from $100-$700
Donations: $100 to some local churches
Groceries: $75-$100
Electric:$150 I recently moved into my 1st apartment on my own in June, my stove is electric plus the AC from the summer heat waves so far I have paid between $130-$160
Wifi: $75
Cellphone: $75 - I pay for my brother, dad and I.
Subscriptions: $1- $45 ($0.99 iCloud, $14 Prime now cancelled I use my brother’s student account, I have paid for bumble, tinder before but I don’t do it monthly)
Regular therapy: $750 (It was $185 per session I stopped in August because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to balance my family being here from overseas, not having to much private time do actually do my sessions, and paying to to furnish my new place so I stopped. I did get back about $1350 from my work health insurance for claiming it this year, which upsets me because I did not claim a thing last year.)
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) so I fall into depression all the time. For the longest time in my life because I felt stuck. I was not full time at any company, the anxiety, feeling financially behind for my age and financial worries of job stability used to crush me and with constant low energy I couldn't do much or accomplish my goals. Therapy helped with having someone to talk to, see the clearer picture and set small manageable goals that I had to report my progress on and it helped me cope with my diagnosis.
Hair: $100 I budget this in for at least once a month so that I either go get my hair done or splurge on hair products as a form of self care.
Section Four: Diary
Day 1: Monday - $20
7:30 am - I wake up. This week I am covering for a colleague who is out on vacation and I have to do his tasks as well. He normally starts at 8am so I wake up early and get ready. I check my emails to see if there is anything urgent. I then log in to send out a report that I made last night on Sunday because I knew how hectic my day was going to be working my job and my colleague’s. I have cereal and a muffin for breakfast.
Morning - I am usually in a bunch of calls in regards to various projects in the mornings. Luckily my manager tells me I can drop off the 11am call since I am covering. Usually on those calls I listen in and try to get some of my work done on the side like doing some investigations and send emails to clients to fix or upload their transactions correctly so that I can perform various reconciliations.
Mid-Day - I train a new analyst that we will be helping in a daily process. I have some leftover pasta for dinner that I bought last week. I eat the rest.
7:00pm - I log off and have dinner leftovers from Sunday dinner from my Aunt. She lives 2 buildings down from me and she has been cooking dinner every Sunday since I moved. She has either brought me food or I usually go eat and take food to bring home. They can last me 2-3 dinners.
8:30pm - I'm scrolling through social media and found that an Afrobeats artist is having a concert in Brooklyn and it's free. I have been trying to go to those all summer but always made an excuse or was too tired. I decide that I want to go to this one since it will be the last one of the summer plus I like a lot of songs from the artist. I RSVP even though it's not even required to go and they ask for voluntary donations. I pay $20 in donations just to hold me accountable and ensure that I will make myself go. My family was with me for the summer so I did not really do much. With my depressive mode I do not have many friends so I tend to be solo dolo but I am trying to put myself out there and try to do fun activities. I am a bit worried how I will fare at a concert with MS but I only live once.
9:30pm - I log back in and do some tasks for my colleague and do some EOD reports. With my condition I should really sleep a lot earlier but I have the bad habit to log back in and work till 11pm.
11:00pm - I log out and go to bed.
Day 2: Tuesday - $250+ 48.50 wine tasting
7:45am - I woke up a little later today because I slept kinda late last night. I brace myself and do some tasks for my colleague. It’s another WFH day.
8:00am - I check social media and noticed that there is a hair fair expo with different hair brands happening this saturday. I kinda want to go but I am debating as I do have a wine tasting on Wednesday, a concert on Friday. I ask my friend who would normally go to things like this if she’s going and she said that she knew about it but is not going. So I decided not to go as I might be too much.
10:00am - I eat some yogurt and granola and I have another egg muffin. My mom was here for about a month so she bought these frozen egg mini quiches and they are really enjoyable.
12:00pm - I take a break and scroll through instagram and I also do some personal stuff looking at my personal emails and make sure some bills get paid. I also remember that an organization that my firm usually sends us to volunteer has a back to school wishlist. So I pick some items out of the wishlist and purchase them for $250.
2:00pm - I heat up a slice of pizza that I actually took from work last Friday. There was pizza for all the teams and since I had left the office at 6:30pm that day there was almost no one so I took 3 slices and brought them home last friday.
3:00pm - I have a wine tasting activity tomorrow. I paid $40 +taxes for it weeks ago but it kept raining so it got canceled but it looks like tomorrow will be a bit cloudy but no rain announced so it’s happening but i'm including it as it will be one thing I do this week. Praying that my wine tasting happens. This is another activity that I am doing by myself. I had asked a friend if she wanted to go but she did not seem to be into it. I have some chips and hummus and go back to work.
6:30pm - I finish working and send out my EOD reports. I also eat dinner the same as yesterday, leftovers.
7:00pm-9:00pm I prep my clothes, as I am going to the office tomorrow and I want to look decent since my manager will also be in and for when I go to the wine tasting. I make some sort of a matcha latte, put it in a traveling mug and put some oatmeal to soak overnight with some oatmilk.
9:30pm-10:30pm - I check some of the dating apps that I am on and see what’s out there and message a few people. I am trying to enter the dating world but I am terrible at it. I have the apps and I sometimes pay to see who likes me and just go through that list. I just do not have time to guess. Even when I match with someone I have a hard time keeping momentum and the convos going. Especially during the work days because I am so busy and at the end of the day I’m exhausted.
Day 3: Wednesday - $28
6:00am - I wake up shower and get ready to go to the office. I am rushing as I need to be in by 8am since I’m covering. I would normally try to be in by 8:30- 9am. I change the outfit I picked last night and changed into something else which is now making me a bit late. I put a bit of makeup on only because I am going to the wine tasting after work today. I heat up a waffle I had in my fridge. I grab my matcha latte and oatmeal bowl and head out and eat my waffle on my way to the train.
7:00am - I refill my metrocard with $20 based on the activities I have this week.
8:15 am - I make it in and start working right away and get some of my daily tasks first this time around as I am covering. Sometimes I do my colleagues' reports first since they take me longer.
9:00am - I heat up my oatmeal and add some granola at the office. Our pantry has cereal,granola, coffee and tea. I have some cereal with my matcha latte.
10:00am-12:00am - I was filled with calls on this big project and my team had a deadline to meet given by regulators after we went through an audit.
12:30pm - The office has lunch catered to us this week and next are the first official weeks back since the pandemic. I got an Italian club sandwich lunch box with a cup of fruits and cookies. It;s interesting seeing people back at the office. It's like the first day of school for many but not me. I have been going to the office pretty much since September of last year in 2020. Yes, even with an autoimmune disease I would go and no vaccine back then. I would go in once or twice a week depending on what I had to do just to break out of my environment as I used to live with roommates, prior to my recent move so I was confined to my room to work, eat and sleep in. The office used to be a ghost town and I am going to miss how quiet and empty it was a bit.
1:30pm - I get some work done and eat half of my sandwich.
2:00pm - I have a one on one with my manager and we walk outside to starbucks. I get a dragon fruit refresher she pays and we discuss how we are going to be short staff and busy since someone will be going on paternity leave and how many projects are coming up. Although I am a bit scared I am excited to have many more responsibilities to show what I can do so I make sure to express my enthusiasm on that. She also mentions how she thinks I am being underpaid because of how I fill out my timesheet, I do admit to her how I am bad at filling it out everyday so I rely on memory to complete it.
6:00pm - I complete some tasks and head out to my wine tasting.
7:00pm - I get there and it is on the rooftop, unfortunately it’s not too suny. I take a seat and wait for the tasting to start. There is a group of older ladies there and they see me sitting alone and invite me to sit with them. Overall I had a good time and spoke to some older women. One of them asked me if I was even old enough to drink and I laughed, I said my age and she responded that she is what is considered a boomer and they were all retired so it was nice having conversations with them. We talked about the Met gala outfits, wine and celebrity news.
8:30pm - I have to get back home. The train I took to get me to the winery from work won’t get me home so I walk a bit to be more on a straight line and take a Lyft to a nearby train station with my local train $8. I had the cookies from my work lunch box in my bag and ate those on the train.
9:15pm - I get home and log back into work to finish some reports and double check on some tasks the person I was training did. I eat a hot pocket to keep me going till maybe 11:30pm
Day 4: Thursday - $0
8:00am - I wake up and start working.
9:00-9:30am - We have a weekly meeting with many teams in my division.
10:00am- I make some breakfast potatoes by cutting them in cubes, frying with some seasoning and some bacon. I am making them while I am listening to some calls.
1:00pm - I remember the pizza in my fridge and I heat up a 2nd slice for lunch.
3:00pm - While working I get some text messages from a friend who would like to celebrate her birthday but she lives Upsate so she proposes the idea of an airbnb. I look into the prices and wait on her other friends to decide what we can budget but one of her friends tells us that she is not really working right now. So I proposed to my friend to come to the city and stay at my place. Then we can find a place to all meet up and hangout. She agreed and I’m excited and kind of scared this will be my first guest other than my family.
7:00pm - I finish some work and eat dinner while watching some youtube videos. I'm having leftovers again.
Day 5: Friday - $60.55
6:00am - I have to go to the office again. We are doing a hybrid plan and I am obligated to go 2 days a week. I try to go on the days where I know I have an activity so that I can leave work at a decent time plus it is easier to leave and go most places from Manhattan. I got dressed again. I brought a bag with my shoes so that I could commute in slip ons and leave in my slip ons to go to the concert.
8:00am - I start working but I get hungry so I decide to go to starbucks. I end up loading the app and dedicate this amount for the month since I will be coming to the office more often and maybe having this amount only will help me control myself to not go overboard. I get a croissant and a honey oat latte $25
2:00pm - I brought the 3rd slice of pizza that was in my fridge but I feel ravenous and need more, especially since I am going to a concert after work. I need something to hold me for a bit longer. I decided to get a chicken and rice bowl from a place that sells Mexican inspired food. I also get chips and Broccomole. $21.78 Yikes that was a lot. I typically don't spend that much on lunch but I felt very hungry at the time, I think it was maybe the toppings in my bowls. I got corn, salsa and radishes which are supposed to be good for MS and I wanted my colleague to try the broccomole and chips.
3:00pm - I eat about half of my bowl and I still have some chips and brocommole even after sharing with a co-worker that there was a lot of food.
4:00pm - 5:00pm - I train the new person a bit more extensively. I need them to be well trained so that I can take vacation days. I have about 17 days left and we can only carry over 5. I try to finish many of my tasks but I have to leave to go to my concert.
5:30pm - I can't believe I'm still working because the venue opens their door at 6:00pm. I also wrap up the food I bought and the slice of pizza I brought from home and put in a bag with a note to not throw it away over the weekend. This will serve for at least 2 lunches next week and I go in twice a week. I also fold up and pack the bag of chips from my lunch I conceal with paper towels and extras masks in my crossbody bag in case I get hungry at the concert.
5:40pm - I head out and luckily the train that I need comes and I rush into the last car of the train. I think for where I need to go it's best for me to be in the middle. So I move from one train car to the next until I reach the middle during the stops. I reach the middle of the train and I see a girl with a foldable park chair and I assume she is going to the concert. I don’t own a chair but I thought it was really smart. I sit next to her as we get close to the stop. I ask her if she’s going to that concert and she says yes and we have a brief convo she tells me she’s been to previous concerts at that same location so I ask her a few questions about it. Since she had been there already I asked her if I could tag along because I didn't know where to go and she had been previously, we introduced ourselves and we walked to the venue together from the train.
6:30pm - At the door the security looked at my bag and I said it’s just extra paper towels and masks. There were not many people but it had rained for like an hour earlier during the day so it could be that people got discouraged and decided not to come. I am kind of happy, less people means less chances for covid. The girl that I met tells me that this is her first big outdoor event since the pandemic and I tell the same for me too.
7:30pm - They are now starting and have some pretty good DJs and artists and more people are coming but it's still not too crazy packed. The girl that I met and I were able to stand really far back from the crowd and we could still see the stage perfectly fine. There are many people around without masks which is ok I guess but with my condition I kept mine on most of the time I’d pull it down to take a few breathers, show my face to the cuties a few times lol. I did feel like no one had their masks on so maybe at some point I did feel weird with mine so I pulled it down. After touching my mask so many times I step away, throw it away, sanitize my hands and change to a new mask, I came with at least 3 additional masks lol. I kept it on for the rest of the night and avoided touching it as my surroundings got a bit more packed with people dancing, drinking and smoking. One thing I love about the pandemic is that with many people wearing masks and sanitizing often I did get less sick because my immune system is already so low.
10:25pm - The concert ended and I had a great time. Now me and the girl part ways. I walk about 15mint to the train station. While walking I think that maybe I should have asked her for her contact but I did not want to seem weird. Anyhow she was really nice and I hope she gets home safe and sound. I was really happy to have met her because it made me feel that I was not alone nor weird to go to a concert by myself. I also munch on those chips I snuck into the concert while walking. Now I have to get home and finish working.
11:00pm - I get on my train and 2 stops in my commute there is a train stuck in front of us. The train operator tells us that we have to walk all the way to the first car and evacuate. Now this one is for the books. I had to get off trains before for various reasons, trains broke down, route changes and delays but I have always been at a stop or got dropped off at the next stop. This time we were near the next stop but most of the train wasn't. So we had to walk all the way to the front to get off on the platform. It looks like the doors of the train stuck in front of us won't open. This was kinda scary and weird because we got out and they couldn't get out of their stucked train. This looks like it might take a while and I have work to finish so I take a lyft, $13.77
11:30pm - I get home in time and I save the last few reports I need to save before the day ends and I work until a bit after midnight and send out a few last emails on day to day stuff.
Day 6: Saturday - $0
10:00am - I wake up but I feel kinda beat up. I stay in bed and watch movies, TV shows till noon. Today is a rest day because the week was lot.
12:00pm - I have some exercise and try to exercise this week. With my MS I should exercise constantly but with work especially when I cover I completely slack. So I try to get back on track, my exercise of choice right now is jumping ropes in my living room.
2:00pm - I took a nap and pretty much laid in bed for most of the day.
5:00pm - I have some left over from my aunt’s Sunday dinner.
6pm - I check the dating apps. I know it may be too early to give up but I already feel like giving up. I haven’t gone on any dates.
Day 7: Sunday - $25
8:00am - I woke up and exercised again today trying to be more consistent.
11:00am - I have some cereal and make myself a sandwich for breakfast and lunch.
1:00pm - I go to church because I want to give thanks for surviving the week. I am grateful to have gone to so many fun and different activities while also doing my job and my colleague’s job. I give $25 on the online collection during the service.
4:00pm - I log in to work to get a bit ahead of the coming week.
6:00pm - I go get dinner from my aunt, I eat there and take food to go.
Section Five: Summary
Food + Drink : $46.78
Fun / Entertainment: $68.50
Transport: $49.77
OtheDonations: $275
Home + Health: $0
Clothes + Beauty: $0
Total: $440.05
I think this was a bit higher than normal for me this week. The last lyft was totally not planned but I had to get home. On the bright side I do have my lyft account connected to a rewards program to get travel points. I also had the back2school charity donations. Also the fun activities were out of the norm and I may have done a lot more than I should have just to push myself. I don’t do this often if not ever so I am learning to take time out of my weeks. I may have gone overboard as I was trying to do as much as possible before summer officially ends. I try to eat at home as much as possible but I do like to eat out once in a while. The problem with that is when I do I tend to go overboard. I wanted to do this exercise because although I audit my weekly expenses and check on my spending pretty often I rarely look at the history of how I got here so this was a nice journaling experience for me. Overall there are many things I think I can do to improve my finances but am happy with what I accomplished so far. I have read many many diaries and am still learning from people in this community, books and youtube videos. So congrats and thank you so much for reading this far.
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2021.09.27 04:24 Maton40 Dear all!!! Please help me…I have a Bug and nobody technical support want to help.

The runways of SUAA default Scenery airport was old because their head number were 18/36 and the new magnetic variation are 01/19.
So I charged a Custom Scenery was made it correct and I validate it with WED and is all alright and AIRAC was update with the last Navdata with Navigraph.
When I try to loaded the Procedure GPS RW19 in the Garmin 530 a bug report apper and said:
“Procedures cannot be loaded: Missing waypoint RW19. Missing runways should be reported to X-Plane Scenery Gateway. https://gateway.x-plane.com/bugs/autoreportv2/missing-runway/SUAA (async_proc_loader.h:50)”
I changed the apt.dat of resource/default scenery, thinking that was possible have a conflict information because have RW18 not RW19 and after did it the change GPS show me the GNSS procedures normally; but when try to activated or loaded them show me another bug report said:
"GPS Runtime Error: Invalid runway select plaese provide flightplan for bug report find it under output/preferences/fms-0.fml (basicgroupmanager.cpp:289)"
Don´t know why it happening or how to fix it. Laminar and Navigraph reply me that post the problema in a fórum to find the solution.
Somebody can help me please!!!! I spent a lots of time and Money in this.
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2021.09.27 04:24 CTxVoltage Why does Splitgate LFG require phone number..? Like sure I understand it's fine that you require it for the standard but I just want to find ppl to play with and can't because I choose not to pay for a cell phone a completely separate expense to this free game..

I mean I GET the idea but like.. Can we just unlock some channels that don't require this like literally NO other discords I use require phone registration, I tried to use an auth app but discord prevents this.. If not does anyone know any phone options that would be extremely cheap for someone who basically ONLY uses it for authenticators?
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2021.09.27 04:24 WattsonIsWaifu Dayz severs?

Looking for a Server (Non Official) thats both pvp and pve. Im tired of nothing but Deathmatch servers
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2021.09.27 04:24 AutoModerator Natalie's Statement on The Discourse

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2021.09.27 04:24 wjames16 [FREE Kindle] God's Promises in 8 Key Life Areas That Will Change Your Life Forever! FREE until September 29

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