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[23M] Getting swellings in feet and hands

2021.09.27 04:16 TriZym [23M] Getting swellings in feet and hands

About four days ago it started tickling on my soles. They were a little bit swollen, but nothing too bad. Thought it was Athlete’s foot, although no rashes.
The next day, the top of my left foot started to swell a little bit. It was red, warm and sore.
The day after that areas in my hand started to swell. The tip of my longfinger, root of my thumb and middle of my ring finger. This gradually become worse to the point it slightly hurt at all times. Especially when moving any finger. The exact same symptoms as my foot. My foot was still swollen, but it was better.
At this point, I went to an emergency room to take blood samples. The doctor said the results showed blood clot positive and that my infection value was a little bit high. Worth mentioning is that I took second shot of the covid vaccine the day before (after the very first symptoms). A higher than normal infection value can show blood clot as a false-positive, so nothing is confirmed. Doctor told me to take medication against blood clot until a further upcoming investigation this tuesday. On the same night, after the visit, the root of my thumb on my left hand started to swell, but not too much.
The next day, today, all my previous swellings have decayed. Still a little bit sore but nothing visible. And now just recently it started to swell on the top of my right hand, even when taking the meditation for blood clot correctly.
There seems to be a new swelling everyday, and old swellings seems to decay in 30-35 hours.
Now, I wanna hear everybody’s thoughts of this. I can’t find anything like this from googling. I’m afraid it’s something serious, like cancer.
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2021.09.27 04:16 Clear_Evening_2986 He probably misses us too.

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2021.09.27 04:16 karaktor007 Verocell vaccinated US travel garna pauxan?

Aru verocell unapproved countries kunkun xan?
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2021.09.27 04:16 Reddit12347377 No me gusta nadie desde los 9 años

Estoy confundida es que cuando tenía 9 fue la única vez que sentí eso de "las mariposas en el estomago" con un chico pero de ahí para acá creo que estoy confundida, púes pensé que me había llegado a gustar otro chico hasta hace poco y resulta que no era eso, púes me dí cuenta que gustar es muy diferente ya que yo sólo sentía nervios cuando lo veía (mismos nervios que siento con la mayoría) más no esas dizque mariposas en el estomago. No sé siento que tengo un bloqueo emocional o algo así púes tampoco estoy sintiendo "nada" por nadie
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2021.09.27 04:16 macksulli Possible contamination? Help!

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2021.09.27 04:16 Accomplished-Bag-164 Baby FootBall Token | 10% BUSD Rewards | Doxxed Dev | Huge Marketing Budget | Chineese Whales already In | Launching Now

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2021.09.27 04:16 TypicalSadBoy my (17m) girlfriend (17f) complains so much

weve been together for 2.5 years and she recently started having problems at work and with school since it started and thats okay, its just that every day the only thing she talks about it negative things and she complains all the time. i dont know what to do or if im an asshole for even posting this it just makes me down when she complains so much. any advice is appreciated.
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2021.09.27 04:16 amalia_singer How many key changes are in this melody?

I counted 8 of 'em, but maybe I'm wrong! ->
Can someone confirm it?
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2021.09.27 04:16 MrPhoenix1130 Archeologist of reddit how does it feel after getting away from stealing some dino bones??

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2021.09.27 04:16 Actual_Try the staff are my favorite so i drew one

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2021.09.27 04:16 boxbloke642 Bought an Xbox series x off eBay for $340

I'm wondering about this. The guy is either an idiot or very nice because that's below market value. I looked over everything 4 times nothing is off
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2021.09.27 04:16 Adventurous_Box6434 You can remap potions from dpad to right analog stick by using steam manage controllers

For those wondering if its possible to remap potions button from dpad to right analog stick (Btw, I am using a xbox controler). Yes it it possible by changing the button lay out through steam manage controllers. Its so much easier to use potions while running now!
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2021.09.27 04:16 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 04:16 Tight_Watercress_267 Murphy had to come inside because he was misbehaving. What a drama king!

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2021.09.27 04:16 qwertyfanny 210927 Eunbi’s work for Rocket Punch’s Let’s Dance is now accredited and registered in JASRAC

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2021.09.27 04:16 SpazioCreativity "It's for your own good, buddy..."

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2021.09.27 04:16 morgana3simp Vm

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2021.09.27 04:16 HydraTower The Mongoose's back wheels float when its tires are blown off.

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2021.09.27 04:16 Reggie_Jr [For Hire] Hello! Headshot comission OPEN in this style for $20!

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2021.09.27 04:16 Joker_VEVO How xqc been looking recently gachiHYPER PagMan

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2021.09.27 04:16 icydata Recap: OTT @ WPG

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2021.09.27 04:16 Professional-Eye6102 چه کسانی از این بازی خاطره دارن

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2021.09.27 04:16 rryanchow Best way to get involved as a fourth year?

Hi guys!
I’m a fourth year and transferred in early last year. Unfortunately covid only let me have one quarter on campus so I’m super eager to be back. That being said, I only have like two quarters left. What’s a good way to meet some people and make more friends? I know CSA is a big thing, could anyone recommend that or similar clubs for Asian students?
Thanks in advance :-)
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2021.09.27 04:16 Waesh Baritone keeps swapping tools

Pretty much title. I recently installed baritone to mess with some friends, and I've been having some issues. I'm using the standalone version on 1.16.5 fabric, and am trying to set autoTool to false, as I've seen on the github usage page. However, I just keep getting a message that it is'nt a valid setting. Can anybody help me with this? Much appreciated.
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2021.09.27 04:16 justinoch17 Victoria Justice

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