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What is the age in which your dick stops growing? 15?

2021.09.27 04:54 Weebooo3 What is the age in which your dick stops growing? 15?

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2021.09.27 04:54 hotandspicytaco Anybody got some tips to handle a roommate that might not like me or does?! Confused [chat]

Just want some clarity from people who have had a weird roommate ? Not sure if she is racist, psycho, reacting because she doesn't know me?
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2021.09.27 04:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 04:54 UncleEvilDave 6.5 grendel questions: use small rifle magnums or small rifle primers? What impact does that choice have on powder load sizes?

Two questions about the primers used in 6.5 grendel loads. I’ve seen both types used (heck I’ve seen factory use large rifle primers-S&B). Is there a standard? Also how would that shift your load data then? If you trade out for magnum a do I need to drop my powder? Thanks still a novice.
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2021.09.27 04:54 PerspectiveEmpty778 Bobby be like "I watched her take pictures of the van" after having himself an assortment of halloween wanks.

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2021.09.27 04:54 Azinu Skills Concepts: Eric SP - Skill Enchantment

Here the Original:
Eric SP (Gold Positioned)

 . SE1 . Advisor: Set Back - Raise all enemy cooldown by 2 If incoming damage skill miss when characters have vigilance. . Trigger Limited: Trigger once per enemies turn. . 1 orb skill . Redirect - Give self taunt for 3 turn and all allies Vigilance for 3 turn. If incoming damage skill miss deal 11250 damage and grant attacker drag. . 4 orb skill . Kinetic Setback - Deal 24000 damage to all enemy, give self 3 stack of Vigilance. If enemy have Drag add +3 on enemy Cooldown. If enemy have 3 stack of Drag deal 48000 damage. . SE2 . 3 orb skill (Any) . Velocity Impact - Deal 11250 damage to enemy. 30% chance to stun enemy for 1 turn. If enemy stun, grant Drag. . Passive: Drag - When attacker attack successful miss with someone with Vigilance and have attack, raise all enemy cooldown by the amount of Drag stack when inflicted with this debuff. Increase skill power by 10% per stack. (Upper Limit of 3) 
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2021.09.27 04:54 zhouse_org VA_-_Traxsource_Chart_By_Sam_Divine_-_Sams_Jams-WEB-2021 / ZHouse

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2021.09.27 04:54 jroocifer I was snowboarding with my chemistry teacher and asked is that sodium, bromine, and oxygen coming down the mountain?

He said Na BrO.
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2021.09.27 04:54 CuleroDelNorte ID please

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2021.09.27 04:54 Ragnabrock05 Anyone know what this red dot represents? Showed up randomly on my map.

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2021.09.27 04:54 tsleb Is Reserve Considered a Deathmatch Map?

I'm fairly new to Tarkov and have only recently started hitting the Reserve map during Scav runs in hopes of finding Gunpowder (Eagle), and three times now I've had other Scavs gun me down for absolutely no reason.
Am I just finding players that want more of a challenge and don't care about their Scav karma, or is Reserve an unofficial "shoot on site" map? On other maps as a Scav I'll greet others and get a response, lead them to PMC's with loot I didn't want, but here I'll just get shotgunned down for existing near someone.
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2021.09.27 04:54 Yuli-Ban What if Son Gokū met Caulifla during the Pilaf arc... somehow? | Don't think too hard about this one

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2021.09.27 04:54 _tehviktor2021_ got barOS 12 PRO!

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2021.09.27 04:54 Etheawesome The Freedom Eagle NFT Giveaway

1 RARE Freedom Eagle NFT (VALUED OVER $120)

  1. Join our discord server
Winner announced in discord in 5 days!
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2021.09.27 04:54 zhouse_org Mariner_and_Domingo-Inertia-(SA129)-WEB-2021-PTC / ZHouse

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2021.09.27 04:54 Dfess Guess something about me

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2021.09.27 04:54 Neior My personal homemade turbo morpher.

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2021.09.27 04:54 tovarish22 Any Dart/Flutter packages for chloropleth maps?

Working on a project using Flutter Web. One of the big parts of the project is a world chloropleth map where users can hover and/or click on a country to see a small info box with data populated from a backend database. There are a ton of javascript libraries that do this (like Leaflet: https://leafletjs.com/examples/choropleth/), but I can't seem to find anything for dart/flutter that does the same.
Any suggestions for packages I could use?
Alternatively, any way to use javascript packages for Flutter Web and mobile?
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2021.09.27 04:54 Adventurous-Elk0707 Regaining taste/smell

Hi guys, I just tested positive for COVID 4 days ago and I genuinely cannot deal with the fact that I have no taste or smell. I already suffer from anxiety and depression and I’m in recovery from anorexia. Normally, if I’m sad about something, I’ll eat some good food to lift my spirits. However, I literally cannot eat because I can’t even taste what I’m eating so I feel theres no point in bothering. I feel like I’m relapsing into my ED because I have an excuse to not eat, but I don’t really want to relapse. I want to eat so bad but I don’t see a point. When will my sense of taste/smell come back? Because if I’m being completely honest I fear that COVID will end up killing me due to a relapse in my ED. Im already so sad normally, this entire situation isn’t helping. If anyone can leave their experiences with having no taste/smell or provide some insight on when my senses will come back PLEASE DO!!! I appreciate it so much <3
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2021.09.27 04:54 coffeefandom Eastern Washington Sunsets

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2021.09.27 04:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 04:54 sapphirespins Fuck, Marry or Avoid?

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2021.09.27 04:54 throwawaywinnie73 Best Data Structure to simulate saving, reading and writing in a simulated file system?

This is an interview question I got from a friend that I've been thinking about. We need to select the best data structure for a simulated file system (i.e., the "file system" would just be an object in the code. We need to be able to read, write and save data in this "File system"
Obvious answer looks like trees since it's a file system, but that doesn't make sense since we actually don't care about directories and shit. I was thinking more along the lines of an array, or a hasmap? Any input is apprecitated, thanks! :D
[I'll be using C++ but language doesn't matter here]
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2021.09.27 04:54 throwaway8090123613 My (f25) best friend’s (f35) husband threatened me for spending too much time with her and I'm concerned at her response.

Throwaway for privacy purposes. CW: Abuse
My (f25) best friend (f35) and I have been very close for about three years. We clicked right away, share common interests, and love to travel. She and I are close, but my boyfriend, other friends and I have never liked her husband (let's call him K). He says things at group functions that make us uncomfortable, along the lines of, “women like to be controlled” and, “I wish my wife had C cups”. I recently told her about these comments and she seemed disturbed by them as well.
We usually avoid seeing K but love to see our friend (let’s call her G) because she is wonderful to be around. G and I see each other usually once a week for lunch or paddle boarding. Once every 2 months or so we’ll take a short overnight weekend vacation to paddle board or hike.
Recently, G’s husband has been getting upset about her seeing me and other friends so often, and not spending enough time with him and their daughter (f9). She told me and I expressed to her that I'm sorry he's feeling that way, my hope that they can resolve the issue, and that I'm there to listen if she needs to vent about it more. Otherwise, I don't see their marital issues as my business. Well, K's anger escalated and he asked if G was in love with me and having an affair. She talked to him and all seemed fine, but now he can’t seem to stop bringing it up and spiraling with it, even after multiple discusses and 'proof' that we are not having an affair or lying about our whereabouts when were together. It became clear that he is not mentally well by his level of rage and inability to let issue rest, even after working through it.
A week later, things seemed to keep getting worse and G confided in me that apparently he has been abusing alcohol for years without her knowledge and that K keeps telling her to stop seeing her friends. I believe he working to isolate/control her. A few nights later, he drunkenly called my boyfriend and said it was my fault he was having issues in his marriage. By the way he was speaking, it quickly became clear that this was an implied threat to stay away from his wife.
We quickly made it clear that we have been staying away and that they should continue to work through those issues together and we in no way are trying to "take his wife from him" and will continue to give them space. We were all very shaken. For context, I grew up in an abusive household and dealt with a physically and emotionally abusive partner in the past. I have worked hard to build a life for myself where I feel safe in my own home. I felt like with his threat, that peace and safety was taken away from me.
My partner, friend, and I were very upset after the call and genuinely worried for the safety of G and her daughter. We knew that he was unstable, under the influence, and in possession of several firearms. I messaged her asking if she was ok and she said she was. The next day I facetimed her and voiced my concerns for his mental wellbeing, her safety, and my feelings about the threat and having my household brought into this, because now we are involved. Vocally, she seemed to understand the severity of the situation and voiced her own concerns regarding his mental health. She saw how upset I was about being threatened by her partner. I also told her that I saw signs of abusive behavior on his end and she agreed and wasn't sure what to do. I sent her some therapists and told her to be careful. Overall it seemed like a solid conversation and that we were on the same page.
Well, the next night she posted pictures to social media of them on a date night looking like everything was fine. It upset me to see, because I felt like by doing that, it showed that she condones his actions. She hasn't checked in on my well being since the threat, aside from sending memes and acting like nothing happened. I know she has a lot going on, and we all (my boyfriend, friend, and I) spent a lot of emotional energy worrying about her based on what she said to me and the call that night. Seeing the date night post, made it all feel like a twisted 'cry wolf' situation. Coming from abuse, I understand that she may be too far in this world of toxicity, and unfortunately I can't help someone that doesn't feel they need it. But as a friend, I feel betrayed, hurt, and disregarded.
Basically, I'm just looking for some advice on what to do. Right now, I'm giving her some space so I can process my feelings. She knows if things get bad, I am absolutely there to help. I know she's going through a lot and up until this point, I was so worried for her well-being. After we became involuntarily involved by the threat, I realized should also consider my own well-being and reflect on my boundaries and what I need from a friend. Any thoughts on how to approach this are appreciated!
TLDR: My friend's husband threatened our household and instead of standing up for us, she endorsed his actions by pretending it didn't happen. I don't think she understands the severity of the situation, I'm hurt that she is seemingly ok with it. I'm not sure how to approach this with her.
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2021.09.27 04:54 BoredAFNavDad OG D2 player looking for groups!!

Just looking for people to run games with I’m in A3 normal now,
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