s7677 ak329 zeynb zn3ia 8z9sz 5s84y fhsbd kdsb4 r289b 9ys37 szssd dhyba eihzk n9r6b ei3di 5b7i4 45nhh tntbr th457 bf6tb 73kz5 6.6Ft Giant Hairy Spider Halloween Decorations Outdoor Indoor, Price $16. Free for USA Amazon Product Testers. DM Me if You're Interested. |

6.6Ft Giant Hairy Spider Halloween Decorations Outdoor Indoor, Price $16. Free for USA Amazon Product Testers. DM Me if You're Interested.

2021.10.16 23:15 Amzsallu 6.6Ft Giant Hairy Spider Halloween Decorations Outdoor Indoor, Price $16. Free for USA Amazon Product Testers. DM Me if You're Interested.

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2021.10.16 23:15 dionysismango Berkeley Pharbz w Cameras

im looking at the info from ticket master and it says no cameras/recorders allowed!!? do you think this will be enforced?
i brought my film cameras 😞 idk how to post a screenshot on here but help pls
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2021.10.16 23:15 ZAP_LAG [XB1]W:souls of a great hero H:ask

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2021.10.16 23:15 Morphon Never held an AR15 before, so I decided to learn about them by doing a poverty build. Some thoughts on the process in the comments. Suggestions welcome!

Never held an AR15 before, so I decided to learn about them by doing a poverty build. Some thoughts on the process in the comments. Suggestions welcome! submitted by Morphon to AR_15 [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 23:15 xzry1998 Cool, now what happened to Chantal Moore again?

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2021.10.16 23:15 Berky6 Was pasted down to me from my grandfather, any idea how old or how much it’s worth?

Was pasted down to me from my grandfather, any idea how old or how much it’s worth? submitted by Berky6 to coins [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 23:15 Hypo-Super-Active H: Bolstering WWR Scout Set W: Offers

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2021.10.16 23:15 boredarabgirl Al-Uzza, Al-Lat and Menat , some (of many) pre islamic goddesses in Arabia

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2021.10.16 23:15 Luizzeeh Jeje

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2021.10.16 23:15 hikaruaki16 Giving away DIY recipes!

So I had been hoarding diy recipes for a few months now for a friend who was supposed to get animal crossing, but she kinda forgot I existed after she started college lol rip. So instead of letting them go to waste, I wanna give away these recipes! Here’s a list of what I have, so feel free to comment which ones you’re missing!
Pan flute Ironwood bed Knitted-grass backpack Jail bars Wooden chair Wooden stool Grass skirt Rocking horse Raccoon figurine Cherry blossom flooring Cherry blossom clock Traditional straw coat Ironwood cart Natural garden table Grass standee Gold armor shoes Cherry lamp Crest doorplate Boomerang Shell partition Tiny library (2x) Western-style stone Cherry blossom branches Barbell DIY workbench Snazzy pants wreath Log bench Matryoshka Natural garden chair Bamboo wall decoration Tropical vista Small cardboard boxes Log pack Coconut juice Leaf Iron garden table Gold bars Jungle flooring Pear wardrobe (2x) Ironwood dresser Iron armor Tulip surprise box Leaf mask Water flooring Bamboo speaker Peach rug Hedge standee Modern wood wall Wooden-plank sign Golden casket Garden bench Manga library wall Peach surprise box Armor shoes Log bed Cardboard sofa
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2021.10.16 23:15 Sauna_Chris Just appeared in my feed.

Thatnks Reddit! I am motivated.
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2021.10.16 23:15 chikencrisp2 megatron 2??

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2021.10.16 23:15 pussey-slayer-xxx captain tsubasa rise of new champions update 1.30

Are there any fkpkg for update 1.30 and if there is, is there any backport for it ? just want the dlc to work
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2021.10.16 23:15 ScaredAd3062 Question about choosing sample size in linear regression model

Hello all!
I am slightly confused with how to choose a sample size for the simple linear regression model. I decided to use the pwr package with the pwr.anova.test command. We are doing one independent variable and one dependent variable. Does this command work for what I am aiming for?
My question lies in, when choosing the groups for this command, does the group mean two independent variables? Or can I use this command for one independent variable and one dependent variable? I am just not sure if by me putting (k = 2), I am choosing two independent variables. I don't know if I am making myself clear. I hope somebody can help. Thank you reading.
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2021.10.16 23:15 AltruisticPrice8628 Indiana/Michigan, Today. Details in comment.

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2021.10.16 23:15 icecreampasta HELP. i just built a new pc and it worked fine for 2 days but today while i was playing it suddenly turned off. and now when i turn it on it boots fine but as soon as i put my user password to get into the desktop it just reboots and loses the signal to the monitor

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2021.10.16 23:15 veggiemon_star I don't have insurance and feel like I've tried everything. Clinical antiperspirant, Thompson tee that I cannot afford to keep buying after my deodorant gets stuck in it after 2 weeks, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? I live in a communal setting so locking myself in a room isn't an option :/

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2021.10.16 23:15 Fowleri84 Why does Ikea furniture always stinks and off gases

Just do a google search "Ikea smell" and you'll see how many complain about this
They claim to no longer use formaldehyde, which is a lie, as all products made of fake wood contain it. They simply are within the regulations. Then you have furniture advertised as Greenguard and Greenguard Gold. Greenguard has low levels of formaldehyde while Gold has even lower levels.
Greenguard is literally the best certification for fake wood, it means has the lowest levels of gases.
I have allergic rhinitis, usually under control. I don't need to take anything, but every time I bought something from Ikea, it always smells and triggers my allergy eventually. I can feel it impregnating my whole room and apartment, how the smell causes discomfort in my nose, throat the longer I'm around it, I get a slight headache, maybe wake up with itchy eyes, sore throat in the mornings. Those are signs that I'm reacting to these chemicals. I believe is the glues and unfinished fake wood. Most ikea furniture is unfinished at the bottom. This is where I smell it most.
First, I bought an Ikea closet shelf, even though it was in my closet, it impregnated my whole room, had to return, later I tried an Ikea shelf made of metal, even that smelled and bothered me. I returned. Now I bought the Alex drawers, it's been 2 weeks since I left it in the patio, it still smells and is triggering a weird sensation in my throat and nose as soon as I put it inside. Its only been half an hour.
No wonder is so cheap, who knows what they use. Now people will say, I don't smell anything, it doesn't bother, I don't have any reaction, but just because you don't smell or have reaction, doesn't mean you're not breathing all that off gassing, which theoretically cause issues to your health in the long run. These gases can be release for years if not the life of the chemical even if you no longer smell them.
They simply reduce in level or your nose gets used to the smell and unless you have an allergic reaction, you will never it could affect your in the long run.
I bought a desk and night stand from Amazon, never had an issue, maybe smelled a little bit but went away quickly and didn't trigger me. I don't know what they put in Ikea stuff. My desk is old now and chipping off. I may go the solid wood top route now.
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2021.10.16 23:15 Robetus_0 Titel

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2021.10.16 23:15 dtx_13 How to help my burned out/depressed boyfriend

Hi guys! I’m very new to this whole reddit thing, but I really need help with something and figured might as well try to reach out on this platform! Me (f18) and my boyfriend (m20) have been dating for almost 3 months, and we are doing great. This is my first real relationship and I am totally in love; we both are. Recently, my boyfriend has been really struggling with body issues and “how fit he used to be” last year during Covid and is having a hard time feeling motivated with work, fitness, and hanging out with his friends and basic life enjoyments in general. I’ve noticed this slowly sloping down since we’ve kind of hit the real part of the relationship: where we are floating down from cloud 9 and having to deal with real-world issues as a couple. I struggle with anxiety and an ed, and he is very supportive. As someone in therapy, I let him vent and talk all his feelings out and try not to tell him what to do or interrupt him; let him figure this out verbally on his own. But it’s really hard to see him struggling and I’m not quite sure if I should keep encouraging him to talk with a professional or to drop it; I’m so scared of stepping over my boundaries of a girlfriend and becoming naggy. As his girlfriend who truly wants to see him happy, how do I motivate him or let him be without pushing him away? I love him so much and I know he feels the same, but I just need a third person to either say I am doing the right thing or how to support him better!
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2021.10.16 23:15 chernobyljoey Totally Mentally Stable Person

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2021.10.16 23:15 cavmain8 New album came out yesterday https://open.spotify.com/album/0rHPXLeN0VQoQAxDJo9z6w?si=JBv70KaQRkuVmqZt4qKHFA

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2021.10.16 23:15 Horseticuffs Update on a thread I made almost 5 years ago.

Hey, all. Just wanted to update on a thread I made here 5 years ago almost. I posted a new comment to it but I figured more people would see it here, and I'm so excited by how I'm feeling I wanted to share it in a new post. I hope that's okay.
Update almost 5 years later!
I have no doubt that the people who read this last thread don't even remember it, but I wish them well. The words of sympathy, the empathy. Meant a lot at that time.
I'm here in the same exact spot on that lonely country road almost 5 years later, and just about 24 hours ago I gave my 3 weeks notice to my employer, after 21 years. Got a new job lined up, going to take a few days off before I pick it up after my notice. Completely new career path, and I am excited as hell.
Things never did get better at that job, it's been like a pressure cooker for five long years. I would go to sleep terrified every night, when I could sleep, and wake up terrified every morning. Just seeing what horrible texts or emails I got overnight, the people calling off because they were sad (which is legitimate), or the folks with a bellyache (also legitimate), knowing that meant I'd often be there from 5am to 8pm or later. Staffing shortages, then covid, more staffing shortages, pressure from corporate that was always unrealistic, it's all gone now. All gone. And a few short weeks it won't be my circus or my monkeys anymore.
I've just been driving around listening to music and smiling, it's been a goddamn long time. And now I find myself on the same spot on the same country road, and a completely different frame of mind.
This feels fucking triumphant. I have no doubt for the length of my notice period things are going to be super awkward and weird, and sad. I grew up in this job, I love the place, I love the people. At some point I had to make a change to show my love for myself though. I'm taking a pretty steady pay cut, but I'm totally fine with that. Straight 40 hours, holidays off. For so long the only time I really saw my family, for all these years, I was working at home and screaming and ranting and raving about all the bullshit. And now I can begin the healing process.
If you're going through some shit right now, please have courage. It doesn't have to end like this. It really doesn't. Have faith in yourself, and that things can get better.
Maybe this new company I'm moving to is going to be hell on Earth too, but I've made a final decision and drew a line in the sand. I won't accept my whole life being dominated by a business again. I hope if you find yourself in a bad situation that someday you find the strength to change it.
This is an amazing feeling, like I can breathe again. I didn't forget this thread, and I didn't forget the people who responded with empathy, or the subreddit full of people who are hurting.
Thank you, in a weird way I love you.
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2021.10.16 23:15 Die_Vertigo There's no reason for anyone other than Emily to think that I'm not an AI

I may just be a program designed to replicate the patterns of speech on this sub
I may even be becoming self aware
And you'd have no idea
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2021.10.16 23:15 CiraDiaz I’m not crying 🥺😭

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