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Fishing Festival loot, (Plus all my gear/setup)!

2021.10.16 22:21 bootleg_waffles Fishing Festival loot, (Plus all my gear/setup)!

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2021.10.16 22:21 DukeWilliamStuart Auction house is worthless now

The recent buff to refining components from chests has ruined the economy. The cost of said refining components has went from 1g to .01g and would be lower if possible. Refining components touch almost all crafting goods which in turn dropped those prices. The market is now saturated and will become less and less used.
The Duke is not pleased.
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2021.10.16 22:21 dieandliveforever Seattle 11/02 ticket

I bought a ticket for this show nov 2 @ neptune theaterthinkng i was gonna go drive up there, but im in LA and plans changed. Anyone hmu if interested
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2021.10.16 22:21 ipod_Mike About to smoke a bowl out of this piece I just finished up! Been taking lessons for about 5 months now once a week so I’m pretty happy with this!

About to smoke a bowl out of this piece I just finished up! Been taking lessons for about 5 months now once a week so I’m pretty happy with this! submitted by ipod_Mike to glassheads [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 22:21 UltimaTR Original piece I recently recorded

I put this track together a few months ago and was just wanting to post it around in the hopes that I could get some commentary/feedback from guitarists (based primarily on the audio and general construction of the track as a video of me playing this doesn't exist lol), being one myself. It's heavily inspired by the sound of Pink Floyd/David Gilmour, being they've been my number one inspiration for music in general. I've been seriously playing guitar for going on give years now and only this past year have I gotten further into recording than an irig into my phone. This track is the only thing I've posted on YouTube so far but I do have a bandlab page with a number of other tracks, though this is probably the first that I feel is more cohesive overall.
What I infer by listening to it myself is that it could probably benefit from some rhythm guitar and bass throughout and that the general energy of the track does tend to slope off somewhat abruptly at the end (I'm just not sure where to go with it from here to be honest)
If anyone has questions about the plugins I used etc I can try to unearth the project file from the disorganized hell that has overrun my PC, but what I can currently remember without digging it up is that I recorded on Reaper with amplitube 5 and a few other plugins with a strat running through an Axe I/O Solo and an Arturia Keystep 32 through Analog Lab for the synth solo.
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2021.10.16 22:21 IHSFB [IIL] SOS - Timothy Fleet [WEWIL]

I heard this on What We Do In The Shadows credits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxm2aMq-3Zk. It is 80's synth pop. Does anyone recommend similar music made in the last few years?
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2021.10.16 22:21 lwxnfc HR be like.

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2021.10.16 22:21 Weezy-NJPW_Fan Sami Zayn: “Wtf is this?? This needs to be taken down. Nicky, we’re going to have a big talk at TV next week. The entire social media team needs to personally apologize to me.”

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2021.10.16 22:21 WithinTheWanderer Be a nerd and listen to some Greek mythology for 6 minutes

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2021.10.16 22:21 GravCast Need help figuring out two software issues

I am currently trying to use the Z Fold 3 as an AIO PC and phone/tablet when on the go. I have Andronix installed with Termux running Modded Manjaro however I have run into several snags.
The first one is I have been trying to get Audacity to work in Manjaro but it is not able to open the sound device to be able to output sound despite the fact that everything else works. There is no Android equivalent to Audacity (outside of MixPad but that sucks) so having this tool or something like it work would help greatly.
Secondly, Discord on DeX does not work correctly with plugged in headphones / mic setup. I have a Yamaha AG03 connected to a hub that works in discord until I join a call. When I join a call everything is instead routed through my phone, speakers for output, and the internal phone mic for input. I also cannot select audio output when in the call under DeX. Has anyone had any workarounds for this?
If anyone can point me in the right direction please do, I'm essentially making this phone my main daily driver PC :)
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2021.10.16 22:21 captainespinoza How’s your electronics transition going?

It’s that time of year? Are y’all hanging in there ok?
View Poll
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2021.10.16 22:21 lat3spr1ng so my BPD diagnosis may have just been PTSD and autism the whole time...

I’m having a really hard time processing this but after doing research on my own time, being out of my formerly abusive household, being out of DBT for a while (whoops), and talking with my sister who was diagnosed with autism as a baby, maybe I don’t have BPD.
the realization almost hurts in a way. I thought my BPD diagnosis was life finally starting to make more sense for me, but it really seems like I was misdiagnosed for what feels like the millionth time. I’ve been using BPD terms to describe my experiences for 2 years now and I don’t know what to do, but I guess this is my goodbye to BPD. it’s been real yall. thank you for the advice and the support.
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2021.10.16 22:21 sooshi_burrito Hey! Would you be interested in a wholesome, mature, and SFW Discord?

Are you looking to make long-lasting friendships, but are tired of the constant edginess and immaturity of chatrooms? If so, please consider checking out La Boulangerie!
We are a SFW and wholesome server. Actual friendly discussion is encouraged, and we are sure to include newbies as well. We also have plenty of events, including but not limited to: movies, video games, tabletop games, quizzes, and houses!
Average age range is early-mid 20s, but the server is open to anyone over 13. Server is mostly NA/EU based but we welcome friends from Asian and Australian time zones too!
I hope to see you there. Please PM me if you are interested!
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2021.10.16 22:20 KOTE-BOT KFPT Æmberminium vs Cross Channel Titan Mechanics

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2021.10.16 22:20 Zbakus88 PS4 H: Bloodied PA 1S MMG W: Your best Oil offer

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2021.10.16 22:20 DreamingZant You don't have to be a genius to understand the rules...

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2021.10.16 22:20 Ariel_ber $400 budget, what mods should I do to my 3.8 bk2?

I was considering the performance grounding kit, a throttle body spacer, and a drop in filter.
Any comments or suggestions are VERY appreciated <3
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2021.10.16 22:20 thepleasuresallmine 23[M4M] Looking to try flip fucking another young guy

I want to try topping and bottoming with another curious/bi guy. Please be ddf, under 26, in fair shape, and be able to host! Pictures on my profile. Send your stats and pics in your message!
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2021.10.16 22:20 James_townson I’ve had a lot of leavers lately. Why do you lose SR if it’s not you that’s leaving?

Why is it that You lose SR when you have leavers on your team? It’s really not fair. Especially when you stay until the match is over and try your best. It’s not my fault someone’s game crashed or they just left. And the other team sadly never cares enough, if anything they just come and spawn camp you… Blizzard should fix this for at least OW2, if not now. I’m sick of being stuck at my rank because I have leavers every other game.
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JOIN NOW https://discord.gg/etpVc7XAJU BEST SERVER FOR LEAKS
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2021.10.16 22:20 HockeyGod69 POV ur clicking through twitch dot tv

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2021.10.16 22:20 HollingsBreccia Why do so many boomers and up have no idea who Lovecraft is?

Millennial here. I have noticed most people below 35 are familiar with Lovecraft's works or at least the name itself and what it entails. I swear overwhelmingly most boomers and few Gen X even knows what a Lovecraft is despite being a writer before anyone who lives today's time.
Why is this?
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2021.10.16 22:20 AntSmith777 Beeping noise?

Anyone else getting a beeping noise on the ABC broadcasts? I noticed it during the Cincinnati game and figured they’d fix it but it’s still happening. I’m trying to figure out what the problem is. I have YouTube TV and don’t have that problem with any other channel.
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2021.10.16 22:20 Goldipop A Doll Comic: Melody and Friends

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2021.10.16 22:20 avivi_ Mumbai woman, raped and tortured with iron rod inside a Hindu Temple in Sakinaka, dies in hospital

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