k784k 823ni h7ehi d9fah h6729 task6 5233r azb4a n98th hzfr2 s3tkk t6n9f f568s i8dk3 e32bh 8k7e4 tzsb9 5y5ey ank7i 6eh8s 9df2e I have always heard shucking is cheaper but looking at 18tb drives, it seems like that may not be the case? |

I have always heard shucking is cheaper but looking at 18tb drives, it seems like that may not be the case?

2021.10.16 21:09 jlyfshhh I have always heard shucking is cheaper but looking at 18tb drives, it seems like that may not be the case?

A WD easystore 18tb from Best Buy is $420 while a Seagate Exos 18tb from Amazon is $390. Am I just looking in the wrong place? Tired of incrementally upgrading my drives and just wanna go straight to full capacity.
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2021.10.16 21:09 jcolefan666 Why did Hitler want war?

One question that I still feel is unanswered is the question of Hitler's thirst for a war? It seems obvious that majority of the people around him knew that any agression would likely lead to an eventual 2 front war. His generals warned him time and time again that Germany was not ready for a war and couldn't self sustain during a war.
I guess the most accepted answer was his belief that ths germans were the master race and they needed more territory and that the jews were plotting against him and some other delusional theories he had.
One theory I have is that Hitler was not really doing what he claimed to the population and Germany's economy was collapsing and a war could cover all of that up, he was going to be revealed as a fraud and his position of power would than be vulnerable. Supposedly he was irate when the Munich agreement was reached because he had to delay the war.
Another theory I have is that Hitler was mentally deteriorating and could no longer think rationally. He believed that if Germany didn't become a world power before his death than they would never become one. He really saw himself as the savior to his adopted country.
My last theory is that he was truly evil. I understand that he was evil but the way I am putting it is that he wanted to cause death. One way or another. Plundering the world into a war was his main objective and seeing how long he let it go on and all the death that could have been averted had he come to reality is alarming. By time 1945 came it seems that he wanted Germany to be wiped off the map and even ordered a scorched earth policy.
I guess we will never know what really drove him and can only speculate. The only thing that is known is how many people in his circle warned him that Germany could not win a war of attrition yet he ignored them all and cut 80 million lives short. Reading his last will and testament is really shocking to see him trying to say that he didn't want the war when in 1939 he was the only one who did.
Anything he says could not be believed and for that reason so much around him is a mystery some 70 years after he ended his own life.
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2021.10.16 21:09 corporateballerina Etiquette in the Sub

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to take the time to point out a few issues that have been brought up to me regarding etiquette in the sub.
First one is very easy: when posting images of a reading, please orient them so we can more easily read them. This may involve rotating GT images on your phone. Otherwise, it’s difficult for people to give second opinions on your reading.
Which leads me to the second point: when asking for second opinions, they should truly be second opinions. You should put your own, detailed, interpretation in the body or comments immediately after posting. Interpretation requests without an earnest attempt at explaining your own thoughts will be removed. This is to orient the community towards building a solid understanding of Lenormand and not to provide a crutch or free readings.
Thanks so much, everyone!
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2021.10.16 21:09 RandomMoron42069 Who would win in a duel?

View Poll
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2021.10.16 21:09 PCDJ Does anyone else go through periods where you just fucking suck?

Good God, does anyone else experience this? You'll have a stretch where you're playing well, all your inputs are clean, you can read people's strategies, and you win a decent chunk of your matches, combo. Into brutalities..... But then also go through times when you're just the worst.
Your buttons don't come out, you're predictable, can't tech throws to save your life, can't put together a combo you've done hundreds of times, you miss easy punishes on opponents you already figured out. Like damn.
It's so frustrating. I don't feel any different, but I'm trash at the game when I've been so strong before.
Fucking love fighting and the competition, but occasionally the whole joy of it is just sapped from trash play.
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2021.10.16 21:09 xeronyxx Uh oh should i bring some truffle oil along too or what

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2021.10.16 21:09 SoftwareWaste1761 My earliest completing a bitlife challenge

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2021.10.16 21:09 kjmill25 App Glitch - Dash pauses for no reason

For the past few days, the app has been pausing me for no reason. I'll be on the road waiting for an offer to come in and all of a sudden the dash paused screen comes up.
I don't get any alerts that an order is waiting. I'm not declining orders. Its just random.
I called support and they said they sent me an email that I never say, but I got the dasher support survey email.
So is this happening to anyone else?
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2021.10.16 21:09 -mixzernfrombackthen VIP ticket to NFT.NYC (this it it!)

Hi guys! I am selling my NFT.NYC VIP ticket ‘cause I am not being able to attend. Please DM me If you interested!
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2021.10.16 21:09 thekissxoxo Loop Kit - "MESSAGES" | Dark R&B/Trapsoul Sample Pack 2021 (Not Royalty Free)

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2021.10.16 21:09 mgbroda Beef stew, perfect for these cold nights ❄

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2021.10.16 21:09 TheNewMrToast Dixie Party Convention of 1869 | Destiny Of The Republic

Dixie Party Convention of 1869 | Destiny Of The Republic The New Democratic Party has waned in its popularity in the past few years, and this has brought the Dixie Party to prominence. It saw good results in the 1867 midterms, and have continued to win small elections across the country, but still hold no majorities in both houses of congress.
The parties ideology is not clearly defined, with both protectionists and free traders in the party, and with both Pro-Slavery and Anti-Slavery advocates in the party. Its likely who ever wins the nomination, shall help decide the parties future.
-James Longstreet
James Longstreet was a Lieutenant-General during the Civil War, and played a key role in the defeat of George Meade at Gettysburg. Since then, he has stayed out of the light, and has mostly stayed at his home in Georgia. But now, he has come out of retirement to run for the nomination. Longstreet's views are mostly unclear, but he has stated: "If elected, I will devote my energy to support Protectionism, States' Rights, and the southern cause", making him the only candidate who openly supports protectionism. Longstreet has been accused of harboring sympathies for African Americans and Civil Rights, and he has declined to speak upon his views.
-Alexander H. Stephens
Alexander H. Stephens is the Vice President of the CSA, but has cold relations with President Jefferson Davis, as he only narrowly stayed as VP, as Davis attempted to boot him from office. Stephens was a unionist before the war, but quickly sided with the South. Stephens used to be a member of the now defunct Whig Party, and this mild Tariffs. Stephens is a fiery defender of slavery, with him making multiple pro slavery speeches. Due his ties with President Davis, some are reluctant that he truly is opposed to President Davis.
-Henry S. Foote
Henry S. Foote is needless to say, an extremely controversial figure in Confederate politics. He is easily one of, to the most outspoken politicians against Jefferson Davis. Foote won election as Governor of Mississippi in 1865, and has served in that position since. He is known for his various fist fights, and his challenging of people to duels while Senator, Governor, and as a Representatives, in both the USA, and CSA. Foote used to be a fierce defender of the Union, until siding with the south during the Civil War, which has made many call him an opportunist. Foote is a supporter of the Gold Standard, the reduction of Tariffs, States' Rights, and has made some statements which seem to be vaguely Pro-Women's Suffrage.
-Robert E. Lee (DRAFT)
Robert E. Lee is the famous military general, who served during the American Civil War. He defended the South from Northern invasion multiple times, and led the attack on Gettysburg, which helped end the Civil War. Since then, Lee was elected Governor of Virginia as an independent. Lee's political views a vague, and he has only commented on a view. He has supported States' Rights, and mild Tariffs, but other than that, has remained silent on his views. Lee has chosen not to run for the nomination, as he is not even a member of the Dixie Party, but a large set of Dixie Party members wish to see him run, as they know he would surely win due to his immense popularity.
Ballot 1
Soon the results of the first ballot came in, and they were inconclusive. Lee and Longstreet were evenly tied, while Stephens and Foote were in a distant third and fourth. While Lee did not campaign heavily himself, he left supporters like Joseph E. Johnston, and "Stonewall" Jackson to campaign for him, while he conducted a small front porch campaign.
Ballot 2
The results of the second ballot soon came, and just like the first, the results were inconclusive. Longstreet had taken a narrow lead, and Foote and Stephens both lost delegates, especially Foote who went from 22, to 13. Though Longstreet took the lead, Lee was right behind him with 37.
Ballot 3
Foote and Stephens delegates knew what was happening. Many ditched their preferred candidates, and threw their support behind General Lee, who exploded in popularity, and he received 49 delegates, while Longstreet neither gained or lost delegates.
Ballot 4
Lee narrowly lost a majority on the fourth ballot, with Longstreet extremely close behind, since he had been endorsed by Alexander H. Stephens. Lee continued on however, and a private meeting with Henry S. Foote got Lee his wish.
Ballot 5
What was Lee's wish you may ask? Well, it was the nomination. Foote threw his support behind Lee, and many delegates knew what was happening, and they followed Foote and threw their support behind Lee, who won a majority of 60 Delegates, to Longstreet's 46. Longstreet then conceded, and accepted his loss.

Ballots: 1 2 3 4 5
Robert E. Lee 33 37 49 51 60
James Longstreet 33 39 39 49 46
Alexander H. Stephens 22 17 11 3 0
Henry S. Foote 19 13 7 3 0
Many names were put forward for the Vice Presidential Nomination, but two were the front runners. Henry S. Foote, and James Longstreet.
Henry S. Foote narrowly won out. He was thought of as, since Lee is aging and wouldn't be able to campaign as much as needed, Foote would be able to do the campaigning. Also, Foote is known for his extreme Anti-Davis stance, and that could also help the ticket.
Ballots: 3
Henry S. Foote 55
James Longstreet 51

General Robert E. Lee, the Presidential Nominee.
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2021.10.16 21:09 tommy-cc-1994 Paws symptoms


I'm a 27 year old male. I've been a weekend binge drinker for the past 5 years. In the past year, i have noticed that a few fays after drinking my mood is much worse than it usually is. I also noticed that i was no longer getting a 'buzz', so I decided to quit drinking for a long time to see how I would feel.

I quit 103 days ago, and since then its been well, hell.
Symptoms -

I'm wondering how normal these are. I'm probably depressed, too, but these symptoms are really intense and just seem relentless. It never seems to get better.
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2021.10.16 21:09 beccawattson Rules are rules

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2021.10.16 21:09 MonkeyGooch123 What a difference a year makes

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2021.10.16 21:09 Pibbles-And-Bits Taking My Pibbles Out For Photos Is One Of Our Favorite Activities

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2021.10.16 21:09 playboiimann 5$ 2tb mega cashapp dm me📲

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2021.10.16 21:09 nycqwop [Positive] for /u/Powerful_Bathroom_71 [seller]

Delightful experience with this buyer! Great communication, some of the best posts on /pmsforsale, and was especially accommodating when I requested including a note. 100% will buy from this seller again!
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2021.10.16 21:09 PanchoPistolas95 Que triste la verdad

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2021.10.16 21:09 Flame-FirE People of reddit, what Is a decision you regretted instantly after making ot, but after looking back to it, youre glad you made that decision?

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2021.10.16 21:09 chrismartin_18 Melvin Van Peebles - You Cut Up The Clothes In The Closet Of My Dreams

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2021.10.16 21:09 popsilolicle 10T 8cat (No TO's) h2h. Free competitive league. Drafting tonight!

We have a slot for one more manager. Draft is tonight at 11pm EST.
PM me if you're interested or join via the link below! https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/94698/invitation?key=480e79c0d457b84a&ikey=a8b780d062642961&soc_src=app-sh&soc_trk=lnk
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2021.10.16 21:09 JustPassingThrough53 It says it’s Yakuza 0. But I doubt it

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2021.10.16 21:09 dianchiiikkk Your thoughts? 24F

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2021.10.16 21:09 the-pixar-nerd1995 Was I the first to vote? Or did it just lag out

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