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How to install a 2 ton trench box #shorts

2021.11.26 22:51 ForeignMRE How to install a 2 ton trench box #shorts

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2021.11.26 22:51 paracosmi Two Tokyo’s Revenge feat Trippie Redd songs just leaked, both prod. Steve Aoki

They’re available on leaked.cx, songs are called DOWN and AYO. Thoughts?
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2021.11.26 22:51 adim81019 should I go buy it?

I’ve never played a Far Cry game before but it’s only $35 right now and caught my attention. I’m a casual gamer mostly COD/GTA/RDR2 and sports games like 2k and stuff. Is it worth the $35? Thinking about going and picking It up before my local GameStop closes tonight. I’m seeing mixed reviews online so I thought maybe you guys would have a more informed opinion. Thanks
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2021.11.26 22:51 UwuGoneUwuw How to get ready for a betta fish

My tank is 40 gallons and all I really want is a betta and maybe some shrimp
My nitrAte is 20 NitrIte is 1 pH is 7 KH is 40 GH is 180 Tank is currently between 78 degrees F
My question is basically will I be able to get betta and shrimp to live in the same water conditions
And what can I do to get these current water conditions better? My tank has been cycling for about 4 weeks, one week with a carbon filter and the next 3 with a sponge
It’s currently inhabited by 1 snail, 2 anubias plants, 2 java ferns, baby tears and Monte Carlo groundcover, and duckweed covering about 2/3 or 3/4 of the top. There is also one in identified plant, a maroon colour with one stalk, 14 round leaves coming off of it. The new growth is green.
For hardscape I have lava rock (if you see my last post, I let it boil, then sat it in a bowl for a week and a half and the ph came back at an 8.5 (my tap water comes at a 9)), 1 large and 1 medium mopani wood branch, and aquarium gravel. There is a sponge filter, and one airstone in the corner that just keeps the surface moving but not too much (since my goal is a betta), and a small vertical heater
I have been adding plant fertilizer (Aqueon aquarium plant food) and stress coat (API, only to treat the water at the start). I did stop the plant fertilizer once I got the snail for risk of hurting him (it wasn’t planned, he was getting picked on in a friends tank so she gave him to me)
Any other tank recommendations would be great, as well as stocking options. I’m really afraid to keep schooling fishes since the stores in my area are constantly diseased (ich and swim bladder visible in nearby every tank I walk by), so I’m pretty set on just one betta (my favourite fish anyway). If you don’t think shrimp would do well in my tank, please let me know I don’t want to hurt anything no matter how pretty they are. Also the stores near me sell tiny shrimp that come in rainbow colours, about a quarter inch long, but I believe they’re getting cherry shrimp soon
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2021.11.26 22:51 galad2003 Condensing Eye of the World into One Season

It is tough to condense all of that material into one 8 episode season. A lot of material must be cut and plot lines must be accelerated. So what better what to do it then make up entire new scenes like where Liandrin kills a male channeler and the woman's circle shove Egwene into a river.
It also helps to go into in depth backstory of a minor character and make up new material that takes up to 75% of the time of episode 4.
Sorry but that last episode shows how full of shit Rafe is. If they are pressed for time that entire fucking episode could have been cut.
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2021.11.26 22:51 WolfboyRentaro IS IT TIME YET😀

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2021.11.26 22:51 toonervousrn Should I hide past jobs on my resume?

I'm a guy who worked at a daycare for 6 years, this is pretty much the only job experience I have. I'm worried about getting not getting an engineering job because some people don't approve of men in childcare, should I hide it?
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2021.11.26 22:51 DesertRobot111 Liars and story tellers of Reddit, what's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you?

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2021.11.26 22:51 Lord_of_your_face CAN I HAVE VBUCKS TO GET AXO AND KAKASHI PLEASE

Epic: Beast Mode403 email OwenPilbacka@gmail.com
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2021.11.26 22:51 MerlinGrandCaster However, Chromatic Orb, Dragon's Breath, and Glyph of Warding all allow you to choose from one of five types. I have not yet looked into many-typed spells above third level.

However, Chromatic Orb, Dragon's Breath, and Glyph of Warding all allow you to choose from one of five types. I have not yet looked into many-typed spells above third level. submitted by MerlinGrandCaster to dndmemes [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 22:51 DSmiththeSixersFan Why did Playboi Carti’s parents name him Playboi Carti?

It’s a very weird name for someone, wonder why they didn’t pick Steve or something.
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2021.11.26 22:51 Barley-Bou is your crush conventionally attractive? what makes u like their appearance?

bc my crush- i dont think- is conventionally attractive, but imo its exactly what makes him so much cuter and lovable. conventionally attractive ppl r kinda ugly to me ngl.
(heres the part, where i just wanna gush abt my crush) i love my crushes eyes, theyre such a warm brown and his eyelashes r so delicate, yet kinda girly. he has hella eyebags too lmao. i love how pale he is and how areas like his nose, around his eyes and his lips are this sweet pink. its so pretty. he has kinda thin lips, but its so cute like wtf. how can someone b this cute fr. i love his dark red-ish hair, that looks brown in dim light and red in the sun, its so adorable. and its long-ish too, he sometimes ties it up in a ponytail. fkdbkerid hes so perfect.
and now that i think abt it, hes got a baby face lol.
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2021.11.26 22:51 BonnieBlance1998 The Zonda.

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2021.11.26 22:51 algeriannationalist The World in 2100.

The World in 2100. First of all, the world sea level had risen by around 4-5 meters.
Canada has disintegrated, So has the United Kingdom, South Africa, The DRC, and most african countries.
The Europeean Union collapsed. It has come back however and is slowly federalising as Germany attempts to assert dominance over Europe, which has had the effect of both putting Germany back up into the spotlight yet has also pushed away more nationalist states like Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria.
Russia has reconquered the majority of it's old Soviet territories. However, they lost Outer Manchuria to conflict with China during Russia's crisis in the 2030's, where they experienced a political crisis after Vladimir Putin's Death.
Islamic Iran collapsed and the new Iranian state has now followed the ideology of Pan-Iranism, and idea where all Iranic People should be united. This has lead to the creation of the Iranic Federation, where they also conquered Turkmenistan after the country collapsed. They have also acted on creating many different independant Shia countries around the Middle East.
The Turkish State has been formed, coming out of the bloody wars that tore the Arab States in the MENA, leading to an easy and mostly unopposed Turkish conquest. However, as things settled, Anti-Turkish Arab sentiment has re-risen and the Turkish golden age has come to an end. The State is de-stabilising, and the surviving arab states are increasingly meddling in turkish affairs. The next war in the Middle East seems inevitable....
India has united with Pakistan and Bangladesh and formed a new Federation, one which united the subcontinent. The Indians are now expanding their influence across the world, especially with the "Indian Ocean Initiative", an alliance réseau which aims to put india as the hegemon of the Indian Ocean. This has come to the heavy displease of China and the East African Federation, as India's sheer population numbers and economic output put both China and the EAF's relevance in the region into an all or nothing situation.
The East African Federation formed after the catastrophic collapse of Africa and the need to unite to stay afloat. The East African Federation has thus set itself up as Africa's main trade partner, with the EAF spreading influence all over. The Collapse of the DRC and other states has propped up a countless amount of landlocked trading partners. They however face competition with India, and with The "Tigers of the Guinea", Kongo, Angola, Igbo, and The Fang Republic.
The United States Of America, having retracted from the world stage for many decades, has now decided to set itself back up as the king of the oceans. The United States has created, in a similar fashion to India, the "Two-Oceans Initiative", another réseau of alliances spanning the atlantic and Pacific. Though opposition in the Atlantic has remained mostly unchallenged. However, in the Pacific, a new Nationalist China has come to oppose the United States.
China has had a rough and harduous rise to world prominence. With the CCP's collapse in the 2040s, China found itself under a tough situation, having lost alot of influence, and with many countries out for revenge against China, it had seemed likely things were to get worse. However, the new Chinese government has played their cards well, and has managed to re-take China's very prominent Position in the world stage.
The Arab World found itself immensely humiliated in the last few decades. With the exception of Countries like Morocco and Oman, who even them, weren't truly spared from the misery the Arab World has suffered. Countries like Algeria and Tunisia experienced violent revolutions and the effects of climate change. Countries like Egypt and Sudan have experienced civil wars and even deadlier humanitarian crises greatly impoverishing and de-stablising both their respective countries and the entire mediteraneean. Countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Libya were torn to shreds from religious, ethnic, and proxy wars. However, in recent years, the Arab states have re-emerged, stronger than ever, and are now fighting for the freedom against the Imperial enemy, just like a century ago.
And Finally, i would be happy to hear some feedback on my map. Any questions about a certain country or event(although my answer might be a bit shallow for some) i would be glad to answer.
P.S: The Flooded Areas and the base Quarter-BAM map(no borders, no names, etc.) were all made by my friend DJJablonsky. It's only fair i'd link his DeviantArt account, it would be very nice if you were to check it out, he makes great maps. Finally, the map i used to make this was the Quarter-BAM map, here is the map thread.
Political Map
Government Types Map (Dark Blue = Full Democracy, Lighter Blue = Flawed Democracy, Orange = Hybrid Regime, Red = Authoritarian, Green = Monarchy(Constitutional OR Absolute), Darker Green = Religious Autority/Theocracy).
Wealth Map, the Darker the Green, the Richer the Country is.(Highest HDI= Iceland, Lowest HDI = Tuareg State) (Darkest Green = HDI 0.95-1, Dark Green = 0.85-0.94, Medium Dark Green, 0.75-0.84, Light Green = 0.65-0.74, Lightest Green 0.55-0.64).
Political Flag map.

The Quarter-BAM project | alternatehistory.com
DJJablonsky User Profile | DeviantArt
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2021.11.26 22:51 Stromne_ Super easy early game iron farm

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2021.11.26 22:51 Hay-Tha-Soe It’s Sickening

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2021.11.26 22:51 PhoenixKing14 Best game I've ever played

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2021.11.26 22:51 PercPopper1 Figure me out, but you can’t figure me out.

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2021.11.26 22:51 IPutTheRobinRobin Vibrating Clutch Pedal

I have an ‘89 Ford Taurus SHO and like the title says, the clutch pedal vibrates. The higher the RPM, the more rapid the vibrating becomes. In 5th gear it calms down to a light buzz.
Would appreciate any advice before I start looking for a new transmission
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2021.11.26 22:51 ogobeone New COVID variant adds uncertainty for a Fed in the process of slowing support

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2021.11.26 22:51 woahilikeit Anxiety on Assembly

Hey guys, newer tech here. I started about 3 months ago and have learned everything on the job and through self study ( no school).
So basically I’ve been noticing lately how many trays I send back to decontam. It feels like my coworkers (even newer ones than me) send way less. I struggle with the feeling like I’m not contributing my fair share to the department’s productivity, while also understanding I wouldn’t ever want something to slip by and end up in a room. When I can Ill bag it and write a note of what to look for.
My manager every now and then will compliment how I’m doing, but I see everyone else pop out trays and all I feel like is I’m doing something wrong somewhere.
Every other aspect of the job I’ve managed pretty ok so far. I try to help out where I can to compensate for doing less trays than others. Ive noticed they’re assigning me way less on it, but that could be because I said I actually like decontam and a lot of people don’t.
I dont know. Has anyone else experienced this? I worry about losing my job over them thinking I can’t perform basic aspects of the job.
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2021.11.26 22:51 Cool_French_Guy Cant purchase items in far cry 6

I was in the in game store for far cry six and I wanted to get that fire horse but I can never purchase it a warning always comes up. And yes I have the right amount of currency
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2021.11.26 22:51 Hermaphadactyl Leftover Sammie w/ pint of Guinness. Lovely.

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2021.11.26 22:51 Careless-Feedback-99 *Muffled vtec noise* "Bono i hear someone behind me"

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2021.11.26 22:51 cascadesxx I think I (20F) accidentally pushed him (19M) away...

Okay, let me explain that I realize that I was dense and honestly it's because I kept rationalizing things he'd do. Like when he asked me about my plans for having kids (do I prefer boys/girls, how many, how old do I want to be, what would I name my daughter) I thought, oh, he must be really future-oriented (we're friends, we have the same friend group) and is just wondering or making conversation. Then after a few times of doing that, I was like hm, interesting. Another time shortly after that, he was asking about my dating history, if I've ever kissed anyone, had a boyfriend, etc., then asked me what I do if someone is flirting with me, which, okay I understand that's a little iffy, but I thought he just wanted to know. Like I said, I'm not the best at picking up on these things.
Generally, he spent a few weeks coming and talking to me every day, sitting as close to me as he could, asking me tons of questions about myself, he told other people how much he liked talking with me and how it's so easy to converse with me. There'd be other things he'd say too (to our other friends while we were all together) like how kind I am, how great he thinks I am, and I just got embarrassed about it so I tried to repress anything it made me feel. He also had this thing about showing me tons of pictures of him when he was younger, his family (they're very important to him) and asking me to show him pictures of me, he'd randomly ask to see me at specific points in my life or to see my parents, etc., and yes I thought that was weird, but whatever.
I also love astrology and he definitely thinks it's not real, and even though he thought that, he'd still let me talk to him about it and called his mom to have her find his birth certificate so I could look at his chart, and said that even though he doesn't like astrology, I make it really interesting and he likes it when I talk about it. By the time he said that, I remember signs going off in my brain, like this guy is stubborn in his opinions, there's no way that wasn't meaningful in some way. And later that day, he randomly was playing some song and then played this very romantic spanish song and said that I should have someone play it for me (which, hm, hello, what am I supposed to say to that) so I said, oh okay, I'll tell someone to... and he said no, even though you wouldn't know what all the words mean, you deserve to have someone play this song for you, it's so heartfelt/sweet. And I was just kind of at a loss for words, I think I made a really stupid joke because I didn't know what to say.
That's all the things I can remember off the top of my head, but recently there was a situation where I surprisingly met part of his family, but I was extremely anxious and had a really off night because I wasn't expecting to meet them, and our friend who had met them before said they were being really quiet and strange, more like chaperones. At that moment I realized I may have severely messed up because I knew I was being more introverted than usual and I knew that if I were his sister, I would have thought that I was the furthest thing from interested in him. And then a few days later, I was really critical editing an essay of his and I think that it bruised his ego quite a bit because then he refused to show me any other essays he wrote unless they were "the best thing he'd ever written".
A little after that he's been extremely introverted and anytime I try to text him, I've gotten uncharacteristically short responses and when he passes me, I hardly get more than a "Hi ___". And I feel like, partially, the coldness with me (even our friends agree he's being unnormally cold with me) could have something to do with me being the way I have been. Which, let me make clear, I know was terrible, I am really working on not clamming up with other people, it's just difficult for me. And it's difficult because being around him made me really happy, I was just terrified and didn't know how to progress that, I also rationalize everything.
I originally wanted to give him space because I imagined something else was going on, but should I try to talk to him?
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