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Who are these Cyborgs working for?

2022.01.17 07:58 CautiousQuake Who are these Cyborgs working for?

Who are these Cyborgs working for?
Has it ever been confirmed that the cyborgs were sent from Arasaka?
I mean logically it makes sense. Yorinobu didn't like Goro and his loyalty to the Saburo, he didn't want to risk that the captured person would tell Goro what truly happened and wanted both of them gone.

But maybe Yorinobu could have also just asked to "don't talk to him, don't contact anyone, and bring them to us" and execute both V and Goro, maybe with the help of Adam Smasher.
If you actually zoom in the Jacket the first cyborg you encounter, it says:
\"Restricted to Corporate(?) Enforcement Use Only\"
So according to this these units used to enforce corporate business. These units also appear to be the very first units made.
If this was Arasaka's controlled drones, wouldn't they have more units with starting numbers in Japan instead? These people just came to visit Night City because of Yorinobu's rebellion and selling Arasaka's corporate secrets.

These are brand new models, every unit having their own And because they are Cyborgs, they are easily dispensable and nobody is going to ask questions if things go wrong.

But why didn't Arasaka have these cyborgs defending the Arasaka main building in Night City?

Other thing to note is this part of the jacket.

What's the importance of that X?

It seems oddly weird that summer time when they released these steam point backgrounds titled Rogue AI that the skull of a demon (look at my other posts) also just happens to have a big X in the forehead.

Is there a connection there? Why don't we see more of these same people in the rest of the story?

I'd like to offer my theory/explanation, and that is that this attack was perpetrated by entirely different entity. It tried to get the data from the shard, perhaps to use that prototype as a way to brainwash people and start doing terrorist attacks (likely targeted at Arasaka).
When we attempted to help Jefferson Peralez, you get warned that whoever contacted you knows exactly who you are and what do you want.

But if this entity knows about V, why doesn't it do anything? This entity could stop V, harvest what's left of the technology and dump V. Or maybe the entity just gave up knowing the shard is damaged. Maybe there was a client in Victors clinic and asking questions about his previous client, where Victor could've said "he's terminally ill... but I can't go much further about it", so maybe this entity somehow knew to stop the efforts.
It could be that Johnny's goal on attacking Arasaka was at the heart of it all along, and maybe this was allowed to play out the way it does in the story, this entity knew you were going to attack, so it didn't try to stop you, which explains why you don't see these cyborgs defending Arasaka's base.

Just to make sure I don't talk BS, I watched a replay of someone elses gameplay, and indeed it was never confirmed who did the attack. We just assume it was Yorinobu because he obviously took out his father.

One of these guys carries this triangle logo on their jacket. So far I don't think I've seen this logo anywhere.
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2022.01.17 07:58 Kienan95 57 Golden keys, am I right to be feeling pretty lucky with that hall?

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2022.01.17 07:58 InstructionOld966 Alguém concorda?

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2022.01.17 07:58 DragonSlayerED What is true love, what does it feel like?

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2022.01.17 07:58 Ryoste Finally MAXED OUT the frost legend, an ice chad, the Big Chungus

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2022.01.17 07:58 jiggyqwq selling NR st bernard for rhd

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2022.01.17 07:58 Acertorix Keyboard Controls on PC

So....here is a fun question, which key is the select key on keyboard? There is an option in Rise on what the select key does.....so which one is that for keyboard?
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2022.01.17 07:58 NoHistory8511 Creating a NEET( a medical exam) rank predictor

So i have data for 2017 to 2020. The data contains marks, percentile and rank. We have to predict the rank for 2021 given percentile and the score the student thinks he will get. I have done some visualization and it shows some clear trend in score and rank as years are passing. I want to know how should i approach this problem.
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2022.01.17 07:58 PlusMann Imagine a would where Thomas was still a J23/50.

The E2 would just be lost to time.
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2022.01.17 07:58 dzordzh Steinberg UR12 external audio effects setup

Is it possible to set up an external effect loop through the UR12 audio interface? Or do I need an interface with more outputs?
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2022.01.17 07:58 iNTELL1GENZ curly beard day

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2022.01.17 07:58 HarleyArchibaldLeon Lmao.

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2022.01.17 07:58 Leather_Gap_1452 Based on Elon Musks latest "Grape" Tweet, "Grape Shiba" is going to Stealth Launch ! Experienced Dev Team and Huge Marketing to be done after launch! LP locked and SAFU

🟢🟢🔥Welcome to Grape Shiba ! 🔥🟢🟢    
🧑‍🚀 Owner doxxed privately to call channels owners.    
🔐 Liquidity locked.    
✅ 3 BNB Initial Liquidity    
✅ Initial MC $ 1.5 k    
✅ Experienced DEV Team on stealth/fair launches.    
✅ Biggest BSC influencers/call channels hired before launch.    
✅ Max buy and CD on transactions at launch.(Snipers Rekt)    
Grape Shiba is a meme community token born after Elon Musks latest Tweet. We aim to build a community of investors that make memes and money together. As the Token grows we plan to make Giveaway events where funds from the Giveaway Wallet are going back to our community. Join our community and be apart of this campaign!    
Great Team behind this project which has put together a strong marketing plan with experienced developers!    
It is just launching stealth and you can be the first to join! Big marketing is getting done and a lot of huge Influencers are lined up already for the launch.    
Total supply of 1 billion tokens    
90% burn before Launch    
Anti Whale, bot and dump system    
12% buy tax, 12% sell tax    
• 6% back to LP    
• 7% Marketing    
📰Rules of Group :    

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2022.01.17 07:58 Meddax Repeating task?

I have two tasks that are repeated every Monday. How would you deal with that? Is it better to use another app for that?
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2022.01.17 07:58 Baiz0n NO VALVE - Dota 3 / Open Source DotA / Crypto Dota / Community Governed Dota / Decentralised Dota

Hello Dota community
I think it's time someone should bring up the idea of migrating to a new official Dota game that is solely developed, maintained and governed by the community.
Before I get into the details I'd like to explain why this is needed, what is the problem that this solves.
Dota is not a typical game like Call of Duty that gets boring very quickly and has to be remade every year to keep its bluffed engine going. Dota is also not a game like Chess that never changes, but rather somewhere in between. Dota's changes are evolutionary while keeping its core unchanged but has that "ever greeness" to it like Chess. Meaning Dota never gets old and doesn't need sequels but rather small updates to break metas as well as improve and add gameplay experiences that make sense such as 5 couriers or a Roshan with no Dire advantage.
From here I'll break down the problems/solutions that a decentralised platform would have over a company like Valve in three categories - 1. Financials 2. Gameplay 3. Pro scene
Financials Problem Stuff like items, battle-passes, Dota plus and so on
A. Valve are making buttloads of cash from us for buying stuff that could easily be made and sold by the community. such as sets, map skins, announcers or chat wheel lines. I mean wouldn't it be frikking awesome to have a Dendi Announcer which he could make himself and sell? Or how about an exclusive SF set made by Team Tickles? It's just a great way for pros to actually make some money while devoting their time to improve without any job.
B. Official tournaments should be funded by taking a commission off of all sales in the game or just have it the old way where you buy to watch in-game while 100% of the money goes to funding the event and prize pool being disrupted in a way that the community votes and decides or the buyer himself respectfully.
Gameplay Problems This is the least problematic of the three as the game is well maintained and frequently updated, however there are still some problems and improvements to be made
A. There aren't enough servers, playing from my country to the closest servers causes to me have a 90-110 ping which puts me at a substantial disadvantage to other players. And my situation is still a lot better than many other players around the world.
B. Changes that are being made are not always rational to better gameplay. Valve dictates the changes to the game while the players have absolutely no saying what so ever. Wouldn't it be better to have the actual players have a saying or even deciding what heroes should be nerfed or buffed or just general changes in the game? Valve doesn't play as much Dota to actually know what matters and as a proof of this statement, do you all remember that recent patch that made everyone drop neutral items on the map? Also that damn mute button hasn't changed.
C. Official custom games are bound to what and when Valve decides to deploy them. I personally remember 2013 quite well, I was looking forward to Diretide but landed up with a "Not my best work" with a Lich image a month later on the Dota blog. It would generally be kinda cool to have community made custom modes that can potentially reward you with items for good plays or even a competitive scene in them? and just generally have seasonal official custom game modes and are voted by the community to be made official.
Pro Scene Problems I think many of us can agree this this is a major problem right and can potentially kill off the whole game soon as Valve is actively discouraging the devotion of pro players to the game.
A. Valve controls the MONEY. There is an enormous conflict of interests here, Valve wants to make as much money as possible, that means they are incentivised to pay the least amount possible to preserve the pro scene and we damn sure can all feel that. On top of that as I demonstrated in the financials, they do not distribute the money correctly.
B. Uncertainty of schedules, communication and Pro Circuit system. If you have not heard the recents news, winter majors are cancelled, and I think this is what broke the ice for me to create this blog post. Valve just spat in the face of the top division 1 teams who worked their asses off to get to where they are. If you are not aware, the majors is suppose to be a LAN competition where there is a respectable prize pool. Well that just went bye bye because someone at Valve just woke up in the morning and decided that. Please tell me, is there any better way to make pro players to quit? And what about TI10 being delayed like 5 times because Valve wanted a crowed? And still didn't get one BTW! One could write an entire blog post on how Valve neglects the pro scene and people do.
C. TI qualification needs to changed. I won't pretend to know how, or what needs to change. This is something we as a community can be decided and voted
So What's the Solution? as you guessed from the title, and I will go now a bit more into detail, it's an open source version of the game, made by the community. Due to licensing issues some names may have to change (maybe even the name of the game) but the mechanics and gameplay will not. The source code of the game will be available for everyone to download and compile as they wish and for the less tech savvy, it will available as an installable (EXE for Windows or something like Appimage/Flatpak for Linux) hosted by a volunteering "Dota Foundation" to deal with everything that can't be fully decentralised technically yet.
Financials Solution For some of you who don't know exactly how tokenomics work, it could help to first read a little about how Crypto smart contracts work, particularly ERC20 Protocol and NFTs but I will try to keep it noob friendly as much as I can. Dota will have its own ERC20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. This token will be used to buy and sell items and what not but may also be used to pay the Pro Players in official tournaments (will have to be decided laters by everyone). The token is important to keep the platform decentralised as there is no other way to move money from person X to person Y without a middle man, it's also important as the sales will be linked to a smart contract which will slash some percentage off of each transaction to fund tournaments, events and patches. I will go more in detail in the Gameplay solution section and the pro scene one.
A. No one will be making cash anymore off of sales in the game. Every penny will go straight back into the community's experience
B. Custom games will be available as they are now, however officials ones will be voted by the community every once in a while where it's decided to be appropriate.
Gameplay Solutions Patches will be developed by the community devs (anyone can be one) and are incentivised to do so via native token when their patch is chosen. When a patch is chosen it will be submitted to the Github repository and updated natively in the game. As a side note, this also allows players to play older version of the game if they prefer.
A. Servers will be run and maintained by the community. Anyone can run a server to host games, on top of that there will be a system where you can q for a match that's hosted by 1 out of the 10 players in the game, the one with the fastest connection will be to host the game, the only problem with this is that the ping / connection speed will not be fair, so a possible solutions is to elevate the ping of the host to match other players. I am not sure yet what the optimal solution would be.
B. All updates and patches will be decided by voters holding the native Dota token. The devs will be paid from the transaction fees from buying and selling NFT items in the game, and those fees will be decided by the token holders as well. Token holders will be governing everything related to changes in the game, from approving new NFT sets to official custom games. The reason we need item validators is to avoid copying someone else's work or changing the heroes so much that it gets too confusing in the game itself.
C. Custom game modes will be open for everyone to create just like they are now, however official ones, such as Diretide or Aghanim will be voted to be made official once a season or something like that, I'm not sure how frequently yet. On top of that, game modes or custom games that the community plays a really big amount will be made a regular game mode option for queueing to find a match, like the one where every time you spawn with a different hero until one team has 40 kills.
Pro Scene Solution What we need, is to incentives pros in the game to commit to it, because they are what makes the game what it is. I think one of the reasons we don't see so many NA teams as competitive as the Asia ones is because NA people cannot afford to play Dota 2 full time or competitively for that matter due to the lack of funding or proper distribution and opportunities to make a respectable living. This needs to change
A. No centralised entity will have control over the the money made in Dota, because all transactions will be in a decentralised token. The control over how much prize pool will be is unknown because there are a few possibilities, it could come in the form of transaction fees, just tournament spectating passes or by letting the community sell items while promoting that a portion will go to the tournament, there are a plethora of ways to find funding for tournaments.
B. I am not sure yet how tournaments should be structured, this can be decided later by the Pro Players themselves as they have to agree to participate. For the official TI, there could be a bidding system for organisers as the TI teams will vote on which organiser will be best to host the competition.
C. Who actually qualifies to participate is something I don't yet know how to structure, this should most definitely be decided by the community later on in the project.
Final Verdict Once upon the time Valve was a passionate company, they basically changed the gaming industry forever, creating new communities amazing gameplay experiences and great maintenance. However it feels like from around 2013 (and I used to play other Valve games too) they are on a linear down heal. I don't want to just let Dota die because the company is losing its ways, and the best solution is to make it community governed.
This post is by no means official in anyway, there are many things I have not talked or am wrong about as this needs its own platform of discussion to really go in depth on all details.
This post is an experiment, I'd like to see how far this goes and how much interests there is in a project like this. I'd be willing to take charge and lead out something like this if there is enough hype around. I'd need to see what you all think and what pro players think.
Who the hell am I? I'm a programmer and a student who has an interest in the Crypto space and Dota 2, I've played Dota since 2012 for around 6-7k hours.
What's in it for the initial devs? Usually in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) the developers keep around 10-20% and sell it in 3 stages to the public for early investors. Similar to how an IPO works.
If you are interested and know someone that could influence please share it with them, and please DM me if you have ideas or want to join the project, specially if you have relevant skills.
It's time we retire Valve from their "passion project" and take control of what's important to us as a community and not rely on a money hungry organisation to decided shit for us.
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2022.01.17 07:58 Sasquatch970 PC: H: Ber/E/15%CF The Fixer. W: Irradiatied Sugar bombs or Flux.

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2022.01.17 07:58 gameglaz Статья "Пространственный фактор в геймдизайне" (на примере MUD)

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2022.01.17 07:58 vtnews__ I worked really hard to meet my goal for Monetization. and now i am getting this error before activation of my adsense account. While fillling an Appeal form, it requires Publisher code i don't have. please help me if someone knows about it.

I worked really hard to meet my goal for Monetization. and now i am getting this error before activation of my adsense account. While fillling an Appeal form, it requires Publisher code i don't have. please help me if someone knows about it. submitted by vtnews__ to YouTube_startups [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 07:58 Magnatard kishimoto is ruining my life

this morning while i was at work i got a twitter notification on my phone, i saw that it was the leaks for the new Boruto chapter, as i was reading the tweet i was flabbergasted, how could kishimoto do such a terrible thing to Boruto-kun, i decided to take the rest of the day off, when i got home i immediately burst into tears, i was devastated about what i had read earlier, i decided to take a nap, when i woke up my Wife wanted to watch a movie on hulu, i thought that i had finally gotten over what happened to Boruto-Kun, so me and my kids gathered in the living room, after i sat down i saw that there was new boruto episode, i started having a panic attack, i picked up our glass table and threw it at our TV shattering both of them, my wife took our crying kids and said they were going to spend the week at a hotel, Kishimoto has ruined my marriage and everything that Kodachi worked so hard to build, Goodbye Boruto. I am no longer a fan👋
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2022.01.17 07:58 NevGuy This is the future the liberals want!!11

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2022.01.17 07:58 TSLAStarlinkALGO Would you rather have a separate token on Polygon?

View Poll
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2022.01.17 07:58 Ungeduld Book of Boba Fett seems low on gunviolence

This show has some really wierd directorial decsions, making me think they had production issus or managment made wierd demands they now have to work around.
We got so many wierd scenes. Im not focusing on that scooter chase scene, beacuse so many peopel already talked about it. But there are other scenes that rubbed me the wrong way
The show seems really low on gunfight action. I think Book boba from the current time hasnt even used his blaster once. He blew up that one parkour assasin with his rocket but thats it. That assassin fight is one of those wierd scenes, ike why make that assassin shield fight the way they made it? Why do ASSASSINS carry fucking SHIELDS in the first place.
Why not just let one assassin try and snipe boba with a blaster, his armour saves him but breaks a rip, fennec parkours after the assasin. On of the pig guards protects him against a second assassin who tries to kill him after fennec chases the first assasin. No need to have stupid expensive CGI Shields, less stuntpersonal to pay, same story, and makes the assasins look atleast somewhat dangerous.
The show seems super reluctant to show any gunfights in the current timeline and i dont understand why?
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2022.01.17 07:58 Sudden-Ordinary-916 Does anyone know what happened to Danpei after the end of ANJ?

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2022.01.17 07:58 TROLERFOX drip

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2022.01.17 07:58 omarnaser7777 [Koenigsegg Regera] Full carbon Fiber

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