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2022.01.17 07:24 Zhurakov Yeah

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2022.01.17 07:24 No_Fox_4581 small DLC Idea

Hey guys so I had a late night dlc idea for GTA online. What the Idea essentially is that with the people that you have in your in game contact (minus say the taxi people and merryweather as two examples) you could call a person up and ask if they would like to hang out. So for a few examples are calling your assistant up to go to the bar together to have a drink or two together, or you could call up pavel to go to a restaurant in Los Santos and go play some darts somewhere outside of the Submarine together. The main reason why I was thinking about this is that in other gta games and out side of online mode and in story mode proper you could hang out with people but you couldn't do so in online, and I get it, it would be weird to see multiple of the same characters in the same session but it would still be nice to go out with some of the people in your contacts so they dont feel two dimensional after the dlc is essentially over.
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2022.01.17 07:24 Lauladance These people don't even know that "in before" obviously means referring to someone else. The main sub is braindead

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2022.01.17 07:24 BeryUmbreon Omamori with Planeswalkers for Kamigawa prerelease events or packs in Japan. 30 designs in total.

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2022.01.17 07:24 jasconius1642 Alice

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2022.01.17 07:24 5chtief forsen bajs africa map

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2022.01.17 07:24 agorrupitcu Polkadex is having an AMA tomorrow with their CEO Gautham J and COO Deepansh S on twitter. The main topics will be Polkadex project, the PDEX Crowdloan and their parachain auctions. Pdex Orderbook is a non-custodial P2P trading platform that merges the benefits of both CEXs and DEXs in one product.

Polkadex is having an AMA tomorrow with their CEO Gautham J and COO Deepansh S on twitter. The main topics will be Polkadex project, the PDEX Crowdloan and their parachain auctions. Pdex Orderbook is a non-custodial P2P trading platform that merges the benefits of both CEXs and DEXs in one product. submitted by agorrupitcu to CryptoCrunchApp [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 07:24 TheLazyPanda06 My cute little Maggie

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2022.01.17 07:24 TrafalgarHawk I lost my Apple Pencil and I’m mega sad

During 2019, I didn’t have a lot of money. I spent almost a whole year saving up for an Apple Pencil from £2 a week. I decided to get it because I love digital art and I’ve always wanted to do it, so I got one when I had enough money. I’ve kept it nice and never scratched it - heck, I haven’t even lost the lid like most people. Yet, this week two years and more after keeping it nice, I lose it. I moved to a private school because of mental health and moving and I lost it in school. Of course, everyone is rich and doesn’t understand just how much I worked for it. Sure, I go to private school, but I’m not nearly as rich as some of my classmates. It’s made me really upset this morning and I almost cried first period Art. Fuck me.
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2022.01.17 07:24 THIRSTyLMON laterally me

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2022.01.17 07:24 justsomehorny What she sees when…

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2022.01.17 07:24 Teggo_kung blursed_Isabella Madrigal

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2022.01.17 07:24 Kanzir Gargantos or Shuma Gorath?

Why would they have a mere villain like gargantos in movie with several reality warping characters? That creatures details look way more like Shuma Gorath than Gargantos
What do you guys think, will that creature be Gargantos and be a small part of the story?
Or will it be Shuma Gorath and be a big part of the story like mind controlling Wanda?
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2022.01.17 07:24 hurfery Week of January 17th 2022 - How is your practice going?

How are things going for you on and off the cushion? What sort of triumphs and tribulations have you had over the last week?
Ask for advice or give advice. If you've never posted in this sub before, here's a chance to say hello to your new online sangha friends. :)
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2022.01.17 07:24 fryxellska привет я здесь новенькая где ты живешь?

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2022.01.17 07:24 pmol87 JPP quer "fiscalização apertada" ao Governo para desmantelar corrupção

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2022.01.17 07:24 TheSpeculator21 I should redraw these guys at some point.

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2022.01.17 07:24 FeatureAlternative1 $40 Free Bitcoin for $100+ deposit (BlockFi)

$40 Free Bitcoin for $100+ deposit (BlockFi) BlockFi is a great banking alternative which pays you interest for saving your crypto with them. Particularly, their 9% APY for stablecoins is just wonderful. If you sign up using my referral link and meet their deposit requirement, you get a $40 bonus in bitcoin. That is their normal bonus amount $10 plus $30 extra specially added if the person referring is a current BlockFi Rewards Visa Card holder, which I am. (Please see images below)
To get the $40 BTC bonus,
  1. Sign up using my referral link found on this page.
  2. Make sure referral code 1f7f2ee0 is entered when signing up for BlockFi.
  3. Go through verification steps.
  4. You need to transfer $100 or more in crypto or fiat to your account. This can be done by sending crypto from your wallet or exchange, or depositing fiat through bank ACH. Fiat deposit is valid for the bonus since your fiat gets converted to a stablecoin (I've checked this point with support) I recommend depositing $105 of crypto or fiat to account for market fluctuations.
  5. Bonus payout occurs every second Friday of each month. So just leave your fund and wait.
If you're not sure if your referral code is entered correctly, you can check on your "Referral" page in the line that says "Referral Code Used". If the code is missing, contact support via chat and ask them to add it manually.
I have noted some more helpful information about this offer on this page. For proof of my BlockFi Visa Card ownership, please see this video. Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions.
Thank you for using my referral, in advance!

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2022.01.17 07:24 svanapps Bitcoin payments decline as other cryptocurrencies grow

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2022.01.17 07:24 Standard_Active_6005 سوپر کلم🥦 پارت 6#

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2022.01.17 07:24 Genedide U S Labor History: Militant Unions, Red Scares, and Class Struggle

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2022.01.17 07:24 RandomUsername2047 Accessing Google Voice overseas

I’ve been using GV (using the GV app on my iPhone) so I can maintain an American number, but sometimes last year the app stopped working. I thought it was a glitch but when I opened it again today it says GV isn’t available in my country (Australia). Did something change? I’m not doing any forwarding; just voicemail and text primarily (used to use it for Intl calls but they’re so cheap these days not to mention a lot of voip apps).
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2022.01.17 07:24 gigglemash1337 Anyone wanna ask me stuff in the comments? No limits lmao. If you wanna do it though dms send me a message too

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2022.01.17 07:24 bagherathapantha Attila: Total War - improve AI Rome

I’ve been really enjoying a few different campaigns in this wonderful game. One thing that continues to bother me, why can’t Rome survive beyond 405AD? I really want to see Rome maintain its power beyond this early stage of the game.
I’m a huge history nerd so seeing both Romes collapse in on themselves before 410AD is really unsatisfying. Also because in all of my saves I rarely play as a Christian faction and therefore can quite easily dispose of the Huns.
For instance, in my Sassanids legendary campaign I wiped out the White Huns fairly easily despite my early armies quite literally melting when faced with their cavalry and better sword infantry. Im already ascendant and eastern Rome will not take back it’s lost territories in Anatolia, let alone their capital which is now in the hands of the Alans.
In my Saxons let’s play I just want the WRE to survive until the 440s so that it’s more historically appropriate.
Are there mods that help Rome survive in to the mid game?
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2022.01.17 07:24 markliew [LF] Bug Poster [FT] NMTs

Would anyone happen to have a bug poster I could please buy with NMTs?
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