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So what should I do for class 12th?

The first month of a new job is often a nerve-wracking experience. There are new people. New customs. Abbreviations you don’t know. And, the whole time you are wondering if you are making a good ... What Should Danny Do? School Day. 8 stories in 1! In this follow up to the #1 Amazon Best Seller, What Should Danny Do?, you get to decide how Danny’s day at school will end! Children love being able to make all the choices and control the outcome of the book, while parents and teachers love the lessons the book teaches! Try to reach all 8 ... What should I do? Last Updated: 30d. If your game is not loading, it is important to try the following basic troubleshooting steps as they may help resolve the issue: Use the latest version of your internet browser. We recommend following browsers: Google Chrome (PC/Mac) Forgot the password for uninstalling and closing a Kaspersky application and configuring the application settings? There is a solution. This article explains how to disable the password to get access to managing the application. What You Should Do If You Lost or Damaged Your COVID Vaccine Card Published October 27, 2021 • Updated on October 27, 2021 at 7:42 pm NBCUniversal Media, LLC 'The Next Revolution' host slams companies who do business with U.S. economic rival, China, and says there should be a law to prosecute them under 'economic treason.' How do I find my vaccination site? Do I need a second dose if I got the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine? Is immunity from the COVID-19 vaccine stronger than the natural immunity from a COVID-19 infection? Fauci says U.S. should prepare to do anything and everything to fight the omicron variant Published Sun, Nov 28 2021 11:01 AM EST Updated Mon, Nov 29 2021 6:51 PM EST Jessica Bursztynsky @jbursz What should-I-do-if-my-account-is-locked - PayPal What should I do? July 31, 2017 05:00. The Afterpay payment option is managed by Afterpay directly, so we have no control over the acceptance or rejection of payments. Here are a few reasons why a payment can be declined with Afterpay:

2022.01.17 06:39 Communist_Mustache So what should I do for class 12th?

Which do you think would be better for me in 12th. I am currently in 11th aur har jagah ke form bhare jaa rahe hai, I have utterly wasted my 11th, and trying to recover whatever bits I can.
Plan to study hard in 12th, so I just wanna ask which would be better for my preperation.
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2022.01.17 06:39 KingWilliamVI One thing about the “Wolverine the End” comic that doesn’t make much sense to me.

In the first issue In that series we see Wolverine not attending but viewing Sabretooth’s funeral and one of the people there is Fred Dukes AKA Blob. Why is he there? I don’t recall them ever team up in the comics.
Any theories and/or headcanons?
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2022.01.17 06:39 pamelafan Finden Jungs das nice wenn der Hintern so weit raussteht und straff ist?

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2022.01.17 06:39 ForShurimaIGuess First Season I'm actually trying to climb ranks in Ranked, been really popping of on our birb.

First Season I'm actually trying to climb ranks in Ranked, been really popping of on our birb. submitted by ForShurimaIGuess to azirmains [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 06:39 WhiteWolfWannabe Best pillow

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2022.01.17 06:39 unavailabIe Is there a way a achieve animation similar to Mental Canvas?

Hi! I'm completely noob in animating. I wanted to create some scenes with effect similar to this app https://mentalcanvas.com/
Is there a way to do that?
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2022.01.17 06:39 diPBDeNVzxtYuDqw Add a title

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2022.01.17 06:39 jadegemx Who needs Karma? ✨✨

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2022.01.17 06:39 7th-Seventh-7th Genesect raid now 9394 6338 4750

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2022.01.17 06:39 cutiepiedaily l

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2022.01.17 06:39 erallinx8 🚨Some will sell their batman series 1 (Joe mads/Becky) from 2020 and then be upset when it gets 10k-15k or more soon.

I believe that series 1 is very very important and the fact that it is also Batman it is huge. Those statues are super scarce and hard to find in reality and are very appreciated by fans and collectors. These on veve being series 1 and even scarcer in number of editions will make them priceless.
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2022.01.17 06:39 imenialevy Tell Cersi. I want her to know it was me.

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2022.01.17 06:39 Necessary_Leg7468 Koji je po vašem mišljenju najgori studij u Hrvatskoj s obzirom na omjer uloženog truda i visinu prosječne plaće?

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2022.01.17 06:39 Cryptic_10vil Sultan Qaboos was deeply fond of Opera music. His legacy leaves behind a world class quality Opera house, first of its kind in the Middle East. He had personally overlooked the first Omani musical teams training as he had refused to hire foreigners.

Sultan Qaboos was deeply fond of Opera music. His legacy leaves behind a world class quality Opera house, first of its kind in the Middle East. He had personally overlooked the first Omani musical teams training as he had refused to hire foreigners. submitted by Cryptic_10vil to AskMiddleEast [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 06:38 xphlawlessx [HELP] what does the new option "get briefs" mean?

They added a new toggle to the seller "gigs" page, labelled "get briefs" and a box to set a "minimum rate"
What is this for?
I can't see anything in the blog, I've tried googling it....
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2022.01.17 06:38 abseykebabsy Black market purchase or cam up ships

I saw on a Reddit post the Ace is making brief appearance. I want the Graff Zeppelin because I enjoyed it's T6 counterpart. Or shall I can up my premium ships in port? What would you find more useful?
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2022.01.17 06:38 pokedark101 I wish every single person in the world became a furry except me.

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2022.01.17 06:38 Odran345 any movies like "take the lead"?

do you know any movies where you have a bunch of teens that are in some sourt of a club just because they have to, then a new teacher comes and gives them motivation so they just go and give it all to it? like "take the lead "from 2006? because i loved the movie and i am pretty sure there are some more movies that have a plot like that
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2022.01.17 06:38 Mary-Arkham This thread is a real shitshow.

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2022.01.17 06:38 DemonDethchase Amy and Miles - A what if set in Station Square PART 61


After another week away from the Bear Essentials, due to the E-1000 attack, Miles finally gets to go back to the store and work along side his big sister, as well Roger having an idea to help him train up his tails for his tail swipe.
Part 60 https://www.reddit.com/milesprowecomments/s0js4x/amy_and_miles_a_what_if_set_in_station_square/
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2022.01.17 06:38 tilak_parikh THE ARRIVAL (3840X2160) made by me using my limited 3d modeling and rendering skills hope y'all like it.

THE ARRIVAL (3840X2160) made by me using my limited 3d modeling and rendering skills hope y'all like it. submitted by tilak_parikh to wallpaper [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 06:38 isabella_kiri_alt Trading mermaid 2020 halo for 1.15mli diamonds !

Yes I am trading mermaid 2020 halo for 1.15mli diamonds!
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2022.01.17 06:38 zerenad A League rant

Just pointing out things about the game and I wanna see what people think, what i say is true/false? Whats your opinion? :)

  1. The client doesn't work properly and never did even tho the game is around 13 years old. Match-history doesn't update properly, not always showing stats after the game, sometimes the client even crashes after a game.
  2. Multiple interaction bugs between champions and still releasing new ones even with 158 champions in the game, instead of sorting the old ones out. Alot of champions needs a rework or a huge graphic-update, some champions has also no skins while some has 10+ skins just because of some champions are more "meta".
  3. The community is so toxic they had to implement the ability to mute / report players in champion selection for various reasons too because team-mates bans your champion or trollpick just to hold you hostage until you dodge the game. People always mention the game is a "team-based game", but everyone recommend you to mute everyone in your team to not lose focuse, get tilted or reading toxic comments, even an option to turn off your allied-chat to not read what people have to say, just rely on pings.
  4. "Honor 5" is supposed to be showing that u ain't a toxic person, but u can achieve it by just never typing, if u however have been "Honor 5" for 10+ months you could have one rough game and type a proper bad sentence which will cause u to lose the honor down to 1 and not being able to get the reward of a victorious-skin. Just that though of being kind to your team for so many months and then risk loosing your reward due to one bad sentence in one game worries alot of people. Being punished for being toxic is one thing, but it's a videogame and we not in the church. Some companies does take toxicity very seriously, but considering how famous this game is for having a toxic community, i'm not sure it's working out for them that well even tho they punish people for every small thing?
  5. There is too much damage within the game, Toplaners can oneshot champions or easily one-combo them, especially ADC's, while still being able to act as the "Tank" / Frontline for the team as well and having the ability to also participate in every fight with Teleport. Supports usually goes damage-champions as well, just because how much impact the damage has during laningphase.
  6. The game has 158 champions and still releasing new ones frequently, but every season contains the same champions in the meta, some exceptions but overall the same champions are banned and played and people get flamed for not playing what's meta / S-tier / countering the enemies.
  7. The game changes drastically every season and becomes very different. Even every week-patch will champions/items sometimes get changed or even reworked, you need to read alot of patchnotes to keep up in this game without feeling "behind" in terms of the meta and how the game progress.
  8. The whole "smurfing" is just out of hand, people making/buying new accounts and ruins the experience for people that actually deserve that rank they are in, even if they appear in your team, most of them flame you for not keeping up and they get 20 kills and you have no idea how and you learn nothing from it. You also just get into higher ranks that you dont even deserve.
This game is very addictive just because it releases so much dopamine, you feeling good when you leveling up, stealing objectives, the rank, mastery points, status and the feeling of surviving, so even tho people quit, most of them actually returns eventually. For those who managed to leave the game permanently and not coming back usually feel a huge relief just because how intense the game and community is. Personally I gave the game/community too many chances and will most likely feel better without it, even tho a penta or a baron steal feels better than winning the lottery. Thanks for spending your time reading! :)
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2022.01.17 06:38 pookierawr Best general item loadout?

Had a few hundred hours in world, decided to have some fun with rise. I was wondering if there was any guides/suggestions on generic item loadouts. I couldn't find anything in the reddit search/top few hundred posts.
It's been a while since i've played world, so I only vaguely remember the some things, but I'm guessing rise might have introduced some new stuff as well?
I remember something like char related items: hp - stack of megas + crafting mats for more megas stam - i can't remember if the ez meat is enough ailments - herbal med + nullberry buffs - i remember you could stack tiers of the atk/def buffs (powders too?) utility stuff: capture - traps/trap mats + tranq bombs/tranq mats misc - flash/flash mats, dung/dung mats
Then i can add addition status cures/misc stuff based on the specific fights. Is there anything flagrant i'm missing?
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2022.01.17 06:38 Syllabub-Legal whats up with the ludens corki mythic

Strange. Or its just im behind bc the last time i played pc league is july last yr😅😭
Yes i know corki scales with ap bc of his passive but i dont get the ludens mythic 😅😅 ...
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